Selling Merfolk deck or trading for Legacy

I've had a reliable Merfolk deck for a while, but now I'm looking to try something different and I have most of the cards I want for a different deck. If you haven't had a merfolk deck before but you also want something new, then this is your thread. I am mostly interested in selling the entire deck (in U.S. dollars), but I would also be open to a combination of trading the deck for specific cards.

Terms of exchange:
Most if not all the cards I provide are in LP-NM condition and double sleeved with Zendikar islands and surplus dragon-shield sleeves provided. I will pay for tracked shipping for my package and I would expect the other player to do the same for traded cards.

Possible Wants:
1-2 City of Traitors
1 Noble Hierarch
1-4 Thorn of Amethyst


Additional cards beyond 60 to account for variations that change with meta. The actual number of islands provided is 21.

Sale Price:

Cards for Sale



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