Swapping older common sets for more modern

Hello - returning player here, haven't played since the 90s. I've sold some old cards to fuel some new purchases, and I've bought some Commander's sets to ramp my collection back into the modern world (I'm almost all casual play, so not really interested in competitive or having "standard" only), but actually am interested in acquiring some commons for more varied and fun builds. On the trade sites, commons usually go for a somewhat inflated price (15 or 20 cents). Rather than buy the inflated price, I'm looking to swap someone who has lots of mid/newer cards, and might be interested in getting some older cards - for fun, collection, or play.

I bought a handful of boxes of sets back in the day, and am looking to trade the commons of each set for the commons of more recent (or even not so recent sets). I'm looking to just trade the "regular" commons, the ones that have some outsize value we can leave out (say a 50 cent or a dollar or more in value). I can't promise that I have 100% of every common, as some were traded away back in the day, but most I have - of course, if interested, we can both share a more detailed inventory to make sure we are roughly equitable.

I have (these would all be "legacy" era sets):
Fallen Empires
Ice Age
(I had Homelands too, but it was so bad, I think I literally threw the shoebox away that had the commons Smile

Looking for anything interesting, but some sets that draw my attention:
Ravnica block
Mirrodin block
Zendikar block
Urza's block (saga and legacy)
Lorwyn/Innistrad - actually, I'm pretty open to just about anything that wasn't a "dud" set

Hit me up if interested, and open to any suggestions of other ways to get commons (or uncommons) of "middle age" sets without forking over inflated prices. Thanks!
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common sets
common sets



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