Selling my entire collection

All serious offers considered. The TCG Mid for the whole collection is ~$4700.

Will be glad to use an online escrow service to protect both me & you. Contact email is [email protected]

Selling my collection of 8200+ cards from the early ‘90’s. They are from: Alliances, Antiquities, Chronicles, Fallen Empires, Fifth Edition, Fourth Edition, Homelands, Ice Age, Mirage, Revised Edition, Stronghold, Tempest, The Dark, Visions, and Weatherlight, as well as a few foreign black border Revised and Legends. I have them all in an excel sheet. They are all pretty much in mint condition, the majority of them were never played and they have been sealed in plastic boxes.

I live in Houston, TX (a local buyer would be awesome) however, I will ship them - buyer pays actual shipping cost. The whole collection weighs about 40 pounds, so shipping will be somewhat expensive. I will ship via the most inexpensive means possible to save you $$.

You can see the entire collection here:

You can see pics of the front and back of the most valuables and an Excel spreadsheet of the entire collection here:

Cards for Sale

These are the most valuable cards in the collection:

1x Volcanic Island -Revised Edition
1x Tundra -Revised Edition
1x Lion's Eye Diamond -Mirage
2x Mishra's Factory (Spring) -Antiquities
2x Force of Will -Alliances
1x Lake of the Dead -Alliances
1x Goblin Wizard -The Dark
1x Wasteland -Tempest
2x Land Tax -Fourth Edition
1x Phyrexian Dreadnought -Mirage
1x Gaea's Avenger -Antiquities
1x Scroll Rack -Tempest
2x Mana Vault -Fourth Edition
1x Forrest/Plains - Misprint (Revised)-Foreign Black Border
1x Blood Moon -Chronicles
1x Shallow Grave -Mirage
2x Sylvan Library -Fourth Edition
4x Strip Mine -Fourth Edition
1x Tithe -Visions
1x Concordant Crossroads -Chronicles
1x Grave Pact -Stronghold
2x Worldly Tutor -Mirage
2x Serra Angel (Revised)-Foreign Black Border
1x Hall of Gemstone -Mirage
1x Chain Lightning (Legends) -Foreign Black Border
1x Ashnod's Altar -Antiquities
2x Kjeldoran Outpost -Alliances
2x City of Brass -Chronicles
1x Will-o'-the-Wisp (Revised)-Foreign Black Border



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