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1x Sword of Body and Mind [Scars of Mirrodin]
1x Sigarda, Host of Herons [Avacyn Restored]
3x Steel Overseer [Magic 2011]
1x Serra Ascendant [Magic 2011]
1x Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon [Scars of Mirrodin]
1x Phyrexian Obliterator [New Phyrexia]
3x Chromatic Lantern [Return to Ravnica]
1x Mogis, God of Slaughter [Born of the Gods]
2x Courser of Kruphix [Born of the Gods]
1x Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle [Zendikar]
3x Cyclonic Rift [Return to Ravnica]
3x Thassa, God of the Sea [Theros]
3x Parallel Lives [Innistrad]
3x Puresteel Paladin [New Phyrexia]
1x Laboratory Maniac [Innistrad]
1x Kjeldoran Outpost [Alliances]
1x Ezuri, Renegade Leader [Scars of Mirrodin]

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