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Back after yet another hiatus! If I'm slow to respond it can be caused by one of two reason: 1) the email notifications on this site aren't working properly 2) I am just really really busy but will read them all.

My Trading Rules:
(Please read these)
* For communication, a PM is required. An additional post on this thread is nice but not required.
* If you initiate a trade with me, I would like you to adhere to my rules. If I initiate a trade with you, I can follow your rules
* I prefer to trade within the US but there will be instances where international trading will take place, though at this stage it will be rare.
* I would prefer to trade Standard for Standard & Legacy for Legacy. This isn't a 100% in stone rule.
* For shipping, I prefer to ship cards in a toploader in a padded envelope via USPS First Class Mail with Delivery Confirmation (and insurance if needed). On smaller trades I will still ship in a toploader inside a regular envelope via USPS First Class Mail. How you ship is up to you; my only care is that the cards arrive to me in a timely and safe manner.
* Most of my cards are NM or SP/EX but there are some that have wear. I don't have time to grade every single card (listing them takes forever too) so that is why you don't see much. If it's a new expansion, you should expect it to be as close to NM as possible. Before I trade any of those that are lesser conditions I will inform you (I too hate surprises) and will provide scans for any card requested.
* I can provide card scans for anything if requested.
* I will ship out within two (2) business days unless I let you know otherwise and I expect you to do the same.
* For shipping, I prefer simulsend unless you are either way higher than me or just starting out. The "stagged simul-send" works well too and it works like this: Trader A ships their cards and sends over the DC number. Upon receiving that DC number, Trader B will ship.
* I will leave feedback as soon as possible after receiving your cards. This not only helps you know that I received everything just fine but also helps give you a better trader rating in a timely manner.
* I ask you to do the same on feedback for me. If something doesn't go perfectly, please let me know and we can work something out. I will do everything in my power to make things right (same thing I do for eBay)
* If you send me a PM, I will respond, no matter what. It is a pet peeve of mine if people do not respond.

Mint: I don't believe these exist unless they are still sealed
Near Mint: The card has minor flaws that aren't apparent at first sight. It might have a little white knick(s) somewhere or a small scratch.
Slight Play/Excellent: If you look closely, you can see some basic wear or spots. There are probably a few little knicks around the edges and but the corners should still be good. Overall though when you put it in a sleeve the card looks like new. (Many cards I put as SP/EX people consider NM which bugs me because they have "spots" on them)
Moderate Play: Very similar to Excellent except there is a little more whitening around the edges and the corners start showing a little wear. There may be some whitening on the black borders or dirt on the white borders. It's obvious that there are some defects on the card keeping it from being ideal, but when put in a sleeve, it works just fine.
Heavy Play: There is a good amount of whitening/dirt on the borders and the corners are losing their crisp shape. When put in a sleeve, it should still work.
Poor: These cards look like crap. I don't have any and don't want them (unless it's very very old)



This isn't everything, rather it's just what I had in a pile in front of me. I have thousands of other rares/good uncommons from the beginning of Magic until now (I gave away all my C/U when I moved cross-country 6 years ago)

Newer stuff:
1x Day of the Dragons [Iconic Masters]
1x Keiga, the Tide Star [Iconic Masters]
1x Lord of the Pit [Iconic Masters]
1x Night of Souls' Betrayal [Iconic Masters]
1x Firemane Angel [Iconic Masters]
1x Hypersonic Dragon [Iconic Masters]
1x Damnation [Modern Masters 2017]
1x Summoning Trap [Modern Masters 2017]
1x Thragtusk [Modern Masters 2017]
1x Fiery Justice [Modern Masters 2017]
1x Zur the Enchanter [Modern Masters 2017]
1x Akroma's Vengeance [Masters 25]
1x Luminarch Ascension [Masters 25]
1x Vesuvan Shapeshifter [Masters 25]
1x Hell's Caretaker [Masters 25]
2x Plague Wind [Masters 25]
1x Ball Lightning [Masters 25]
2x Protean Hulk [Masters 25]
2x Brion Stoutarm [Masters 25]
1x Nicol Bolas [Masters 25]
1x Pernicious Deed [Masters 25]
1x Ruric Thar, the Unbowed [Masters 25]
1x Sundering Titan [Masters 25]
1x Rishadan Port [Masters 25]

1x Evra, Halcyon Witness [Dominaria]
1x Fall of the Thran [Dominaria]
1x Daring Archaeologist [Dominaria]
1x Dread Shade [Dominaria]
1x Lich's Mastery [Dominaria]
1x The Mending of Dominaria [Dominaria]
1x Verix Bladewing [Dominaria]
1x Marwyn, the Nurturer [Dominaria] - pre-release foil
1x Firesong and Sunspeaker [Dominaria]
1x Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain [Dominaria]
1x Jodah, Archmage Eternal [Dominaria] - pre-release foil

1x Axis of Mortality [Ixalan] - pre-release foil
1x Tocatli Honor Guard [Ixalan]
1x Search for Azcanta [Ixalan]
1x Deadeye Tracker [Ixalan]
1x Verdant Sun's Avatar [Ixalan]
1x Conqueror's Galleon [Ixalan]
1x Fell Flagship [Ixalan]
1x Bishop of Binding [Rivals of Ixalan]
1x Slaughter the Strong [Rivals of Ixalan]
1x Admiral's Order [Rivals of Ixalan]
1x Crafty Cutpurse [Rivals of Ixalan]
1x Silent Gravestone [Rivals of Ixalan]
1x Brass's Bounty [Rivals of Ixalan] - pre-release foil
1x Dire Fleet Daredevil [Rivals of Ixalan]

1x Anointed Procession [Amonkhet]
1x Approach of the Second Sun [Amonkhet]
1x Dusk // Dawn [Amonkhet]
1x Curator of Mysteries [Amonkhet]
1x Gideon's Intervention [Amonkhet]
1x New Perspectives [Amonkhet] - foil
1x Archfiend of Ifnir [Amonkhet]
1x Dispossess [Amonkhet]
1x Heart-Piercer Manticore [Amonkhet]
1x Prowling Serpopard [Amonkhet]
1x Bounty of the Luxa [Amonkhet]
1x Neheb, the Worthy [Amonkhet]
1x Oketra's Last Mercy [Hour of Devastation]

1x Captured by the Consulate [Kaladesh]
1x Madcap Experiment [Kaladesh]
1x Animation Module [Kaladesh]
1x Deadlock Trap [Kaladesh]
1x Electrostatic Pummeler [Kaladesh]
1x Multiform Wonder [Kaladesh] - pre-release foil
1x Scrapheap Scrounger [Kaladesh]
1x Battle at the Bridge [Aether Revolt]
1x Kari Zev's Expertise [Aether Revolt]
1x Quicksmith Rebel [Aether Revolt] - pre-release foil
1x Oath of Ajani [Aether Revolt]
1x Tezzeret the Schemer [Aether Revolt]
1x Inspiring Statuary [Aether Revolt]
1x Metallic Mimic [Aether Revolt]

1x To the Slaughter [Shadows Over Innistrad]
1x Anguished Unmaking [Shadows Over Innistrad]
1x Thalia's Lancers [Eldritch Moon]
1x Emrakul's Evangel [Eldritch Moon]

1x Lantern Scout [Battle for Zendikar]
2x Exert Influence [Battle for Zendikar]
1x Guardian of Tazeem [Battle for Zendikar]
1x Prism Array [Battle for Zendikar] - pre-release foil
1x Guul Draz Overseer [Battle for Zendikar]
4x Painful Truths [Battle for Zendikar]
1x From Beyond [Battle for Zendikar]
4x Bring to Light [Battle for Zendikar]
1x Noyan Dar, Roil Shaper [Battle for Zendikar]
1x Conduit of Ruin [Battle for Zendikar]
1x Shrine of the Forsaken Gods [Battle for Zendikar]
1x Call the Gatewatch [Oath of the Gatewatch]
1x Linvala, the Preserver [Oath of the Gatewatch]
1x Munda's Vanguard [Oath of the Gatewatch]
2x Overwhelming Denial [Oath of the Gatewatch]
1x Sifter of Skulls [Oath of the Gatewatch]
2x Jori En, Ruin Diver [Oath of the Gatewatch]
1x Mina and Denn, Wildborn [Oath of the Gatewatch]
1x Captain's Claws [Oath of the Gatewatch]

1x Dig Through Time [Khans of Tarkir]
1x Thousand Winds [Khans of Tarkir]
1x Grim Haruspex [Khans of Tarkir]
1x Retribution of the Ancients [Khans of Tarkir]
1x Ashcloud Phoenix [Khans of Tarkir]
2x Crater's Claws [Khans of Tarkir]
1x Trail of Mystery [Khans of Tarkir]
1x Butcher of the Horde [Khans of Tarkir]
1x Deflecting Palm [Khans of Tarkir]
1x Kheru Lich Lord [Khans of Tarkir]
1x Narset, Enlightened Master [Khans of Tarkir]
1x Rakshasa Deathdealer [Khans of Tarkir]
1x Rakshasa Vizier [Khans of Tarkir]
1x Sagu Mauler [Khans of Tarkir]
1x Sunscorch Regent [Dragons of Tarkir]

1x Curse of the Swine [Theros]
1x Meletis Charlatan [Theros]
1x Nighthowler [Theros]
2x Ember Swallower [Theros]
1x Arbor Colossus [Theros]
1x Reverent Hunter [Theros]
1x Triad of Fates [Theros]
1x Arbiter of the Ideal [Born of the Gods]
1x Eater of Hope [Born of the Gods] - foil
1x Fate Unraveler [Born of the Gods]
1x Gild [Born of the Gods]
1x Oracle of Bones [Born of the Gods]
1x Hypnotic Siren [Journey Into Nyx]
1x Harness by Force [Journey Into Nyx]

Older stuff:
Just ask if I have a certain card from Revised through Tempest and Zendikar through RTR (these are the eras I played actively and bought boxes of almost all sets). I have thousands and no time to list them.

Random stuff that's cool:
1x Magus of the Tabernacle [Planar Chaos] - Japanese
1x Tithe [Visions] - French
1x Thalia, Guardian of Thraben [Dark Ascension] - French
1x Loam Lion [Worldwake] - Japanese foil
1x Benalish Hero [Fourth Edition] - signed fbb Japanese
1x Armageddon [Portal]
1x Circle of Protection: Artifacts [Antiquities] - FBB Italian Renaissance
1x Voice of All [Magic: The Gathering-Commander]
1x Storm Herd [Magic: The Gathering-Commander]
1x Alliance of Arms [Magic: The Gathering-Commander]
1x Archangel of Strife [Magic: The Gathering-Commander]
1x Celestial Force [Magic: The Gathering-Commander]
1x Crusade [Duel Decks: Elspeth vs. Tezzeret]
1x Hour of Reckoning [Magic: The Gathering-Commander]
2x Loyal Sentry [Duel Decks: Elspeth vs. Tezzeret]
1x Steady Progress [Scars of Mirrodin] - Chinese foil
1x Exhaustion [Portal Second Age]
1x Exhaustion [Portal Three Kingdoms]
1x Cursecatcher [Shadowmoor] - French
1x Brainstorm [Ice Age] - Coldsnap reprint
1x Extinguish [Portal Three Kingdoms]
1x Aether Gale [Commander 2014]
1x Spelltwine [Duel Decks: Jace vs. Vraska]
1x Jace, the Mind Sculptor [Worldwake] - French
1x Leviathan [Beatdown Box Set]
1x Mahamoti Djinn [Beatdown Box Set]
1x Mind Control [WPN Promos]
1x Pain Seer [Game Day Promos]
1x Herald of Leshrac [Coldsnap] - Italian
1x Consuming Vapors [Rise of the Eldrazi] - Japanese
1x Ancient Craving [Portal Second Age]
1x Dakmor Sorceress [Portal Second Age]
1x Dark Hatchling [Magic: The Gathering-Commander]
1x Extractor Demon [Archenemy]
1x Fallen Angel [Magic: The Gathering-Commander]
1x Gatekeeper of Malakir [FNM Promos]
1x Hex [Magic: The Gathering-Commander]
1x Nefashu [Planechase]
1x Reiver Demon [Magic: The Gathering-Commander]
1x Rise from the Grave [Gateway Promos]
1x Sewers of Estark [Media Promos]
1x Browbeat [Judgment] - signed
1x Browbeat [Time Spiral "Timeshifted"] - signed
1x Browbeat [Premium Deck Series: Fire and Lightning]
1x Clickslither [Duel Decks: Elves vs. Goblins]
1x Comet Storm [Magic: The Gathering-Commander]
1x Koth of the Hammer [Scars of Mirrodin] - French Foil
1x Hammer of Bogardan [Premium Deck Series: Fire and Lightning]
1x Jaya Ballard, Task Mage [Premium Deck Series: Fire and Lightning]
1x Nalathni Dragon [Media Promos]
1x Raging Goblin [Portal]
1x Act of Treason [Magic 2010] - altered
1x Kamahl, Pit Fighter [Duel Decks: Heroes vs. Monsters]
1x Detonate [Mirrodin] - signed foil
1x Incinerate [Ice Age] - signed Coldnsap reprint
1x Swelter [Judgment] - signed
1x Earthquake [Magic: The Gathering-Commander]
1x Llanowar Elves [Fourth Edition] - FBB Japanese
1x Harrow [Magic Player Rewards]
1x Harrow [Zendikar] - Japanese Foil
1x Virulent Sliver [Future Sight] - signed
1x Overwhelming Stampede [Magic 2011] - Japanese
1x Revelation [Chronicles] - FBB Japanese
1x Terastodon [Worldwake] - Promo foil
1x Desert Twister [Fourth Edition] - FBB Japanese
1x Mayor of Avabruck [Prerelease Cards]
1x Daybreak Ranger [Innistrad] - Artist proof
1x Erhnam Djinn [Beatdown Box Set] - Foil
1x Gaea's Herald [Tenth Edition] - Elf deck version
1x Giant Badger [Media Promos]
1x Giant Growth [FNM Promos]
3x Hornet Queen [Magic: The Gathering-Commander]
1x Krosan Grip [FNM Promos]
1x Molimo, Maro-Sorcerer [Archenemy]
1x Spawnwrithe [Magic: The Gathering-Commander]
1x Symbiotic Wurm [Magic: The Gathering-Commander]
1x Master Warcraft [Magic: The Gathering-Commander]
1x Marisi's Twinclaws [WPN Promos]
1x Chorus of the Conclave [Magic: The Gathering-Commander]
1x Derevi, Empyrial Tactician [Commander 2013]
1x Malfegor [Magic: The Gathering-Commander]
1x Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker [Duel Decks: Ajani vs. Nicol Bolas]
1x Oros, the Avenger [Magic: The Gathering-Commander]
1x Veteran Warleader [Duel Decks: Zendikar vs. Eldrazi]
1x Spiritmonger [Conspiracy]
1x Roon of the Hidden Realm [Commander 2013]
1x Sharuum the Hegemon [From the Vault: Legends]
1x Teneb, the Harvester [Magic: The Gathering-Commander]
2x Victual Sliver [Premium Deck Series: Slivers]
1x Elixir of Immortality [Magic 2011] - Japanese
1x Swiftfoot Boots [Commander 2016]
1x Acorn Catapult [Magic: The Gathering-Commander]
1x Icy Manipulator [FNM Promos]
1x Phyrexian Processor [Duel Decks: Phyrexia vs. the Coalition]
1x Contagion Clasp [FNM Promos]
1x Plains [Seventh Edition] - Chinese foil
1x Forest [Seventh Edition] - Chinese foil
1x Vault of Whispers [Mirrodin] - signed
1x Mountain [Premium Deck Series: Slivers] - signed
2x Command Tower [Magic: The Gathering-Commander]
1x Temple of the False God [Magic: The Gathering-Commander]
1x Arena [Media Promos]

Cool lands
Anything A/B/U/AN

The most beat-up copy of:
1x Wheel of Fortune [Revised Edition]

One of the following:
1x Tarmogoyf [Future Sight]
1x Tarmogoyf [Modern Masters 2015 Edition]
1x Tarmogoyf [Modern Masters 2017]
1x Tarmogoyf [Modern Masters]

One of the following:
1x Kismet [Fourth Edition]
1x Kismet [Fifth Edition]
1x Kismet [Classic Sixth Edition]

These specific cards:
1x Mana Echoes [Onslaught]
1x Teferi, Hero of Dominaria [Dominaria]
1x Ancestral Vision [Time Spiral]

And your list.



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