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Majority of newer cards are in NM/LP condition and most older cards are LP unless noted otherwise; during the trade process, I'm happy to send photos of anything and photos and/or scans for higher valued cards. If you’re looking for a particular set version and it’s not listed, just ask and I’ll let you know. I have an extensive collection and very little free time, so I try to keep my 'Haves' updated with mostly staples/money cards, but I have multiple binders/boxes un-listed and I'd be happy to check and see if I have something you're looking for. I'm a pretty easy-going fella, but I do have a few ground rules:

I. TCG market prices are the gold standard for most LP/NM cards. Older cards or cards in less than LP condition can be negotiated based on a combo of TCGP data & recent eBay sold listings if there aren't enough data points available on TCGP alone. I'm 100% for negotiation and working out a fair deal that benefits both parties; if you're not happy with a proposed trade then please propose a counter offer.

II. Love looking at lists.

III. Zero tolerance for mail fraud/counterfeits. I use a loupe to inspect all trades, so think twice before sending a fake card. Also think twice before
attempting mail fraud, unless you don't mind catching a felony.

IV. Any trades > / = $25 are shipped in a bubble mailer w/ tracking. I ask that you do that same, but I understand if you cannot; just let me know
ahead of time and we can figure something out. We can discuss shipping costs for sealed product. For simulsends, swapping tracking #s first is preferred.

Please PM me with any trade offers/questions/lists/etc and I'll do my best to provide a timely response. I'm currently in med school and my schedule is pretty tight, so if you send me a PM and I don't respond immediately don't think I'm ignoring you; I'm most likely just busy studying and I'll get back to you ASAP. Thanks for looking!

**Wow, I've been away since Summer of last year and trade feedback is still broken... literally a full year now...
Trades since feedback has been broken: 17

  • Hansenation
  • Funeral of God
  • El Nino
  • Derby
  • OUtcryqq
  • Bugmage
  • Darthnuch
  • DWChang x2
  • Stormscape Master
  • Sleeper Agent2.0
  • Parax
  • AValkyrie [SCAMMER]
  • TreeFrog1976
  • Shriez
  • qhernan25
  • Enraptured



Higher End
1x Tropical Island (R)
1x Scrubland (R)
2x Plateau (R)
1x Savannah (R)
1x Sliver Queen
2x Sinkhole (U)
2x Stone Rain (U)
2x Yawgmoth's Will
2x Lake of the Dead
4x City of Shadows
1x Palinchron
1x Tolarian Academy
3x Marsh Flats
2x Bloodstained Mire (KTK)
1x Surgical Extraction
1x Noble Hierarch (UMA)
1x Tarmogoyf (UMA)
2x Arid Mesa
1x Bitterblossom (UMA)
2x Bloodstained Mire (ONS)

Ultimate Masters:
1x Tarmogoyf
2x Karakas (foil) x1 non
1x Emrakul, Aeons Torn
2x Engineered Explosives (foil & non-foil)
2x Fulminator Mage
1x Runed Halo
2x Gamble
1x Noble Hierarch
1x Young Pyromaster (foil)
2x Phyrexian Tower
3x Phyrexian Altar (x1 FOIL)
4x Eternal Witness
4x Lava Spike
2x Kitchen Finks
1x Bitterblossom
1x Glen Elendra Archmage
2x Vexing Devil (Foil & non-foil)
1x Maelstrom Pulse
1x All is Dust
1x Bridge from Below (foil)
1x Pattern of Rebirth
1x Sublime Archangel
1x Reya Dawnbringer (foil)

1x Ral, Storm Conduit
1x Finale of Glory
1x Dreadhorde Invasion
2x Niv-Mizzet, Parun
3x Sulfur Falls
1x Tamiyo, Collector of Tales
1x Mass Manipulation
1x Electrodominance
1x Experimental Frenzy
1x Dream Eater
1x Spawn Of Mayhem
2x Dovin, Grand Arbiter
1x Sphinx of Foresight (foil)
1x Hinterland Harbor
1x Skarrgan Hellkite
1x Vraska, Golgari Queen (foil)
1x Vaevictis Asmadi, the Dire
2x Grand Lord Radha (1x foil 1 non)
1x Priest of Forgotten Gods
1x Etrata, the Silencer
2x Mausoleum Secrets
1x Ajani's Last Stand
1x Charnel Troll
1x Gruesome Menagerie
2x Vivid Revival
1x Erratic Cyclops
1x Tajic, Legion's Edge
1x Swiftblade Vindicator
1x Mastermind's Acquisition
1x Hungering Hydra
1x Unbreakable Formation
1x Benthic Biomancer
2x Tithe Taker
1x Absorb
2x Hadana's Climb
2x Warrant // Warden
2x Frilled Mystic
1x Ral, Izzet Viceroy
1x Light of the Legion
3x Ethereal Absolution
1x Swiftblade Vindicator
1x Tajic, Legion's Edge
2x Zegana, Utopian Speaker (1x Foil ; 1 non)
1x Pelt Collector
1x Glass of the Guildpact
1x Repudiate // Replicate
1x Nikya of the Old Ways

4x City of Traitors
8x Wasteland
5x Ancient Tomb
8x Cursed Scroll
4x Thran Dynamo

1x Spellseeker
1x Land Tax
2x Thrilling Encore
1x Bramble Sovereign
1x Tavern Swindler (foil)
2x Kor Spiritdancer
1x Noosegraf Mob
1x Sentinel Tower
2x Evil Twin
1x Mind's Eye
1x Grothama, all-devouring
1x Centaur Healer (foil)
1x Canopy Spider (foil)
1x Trumpet Blast (foil)
1x Regna's Sanction
2x Apocalypse Hydra
1x Sower of Temptation
1x Magus of the Candelabra
1x Nirkana Revenant
2x Together forever
1x Regna, the Redeemer
1x Play of the Game
1x Goblin Razerunners
1x War's Toll
2x Krav, the Unredeemed
1x Nyxathid
1x Victory Chimes
1x Stolen Strategy
1x Pir's Whim
1x Stunning Reversal
1x Gwafa Hazid, Profiteer
1x Okaun, Eye of Chaos
1x Zndrsplt, Eye of Wisdom
1x True-Name Nemesis
1x Archfiend of Despair
1x Generous patron
1x Gorm the great
1x Virtus the veiled

1x Scorched Ruins Lp-Mp
3x Mana Vault
2x Wooded Foothills (KTK + ONS)
4x Peat Bog
2x Karakas (EMA) [foil + non=foil]
1x Tropical Island (Rev) - LP
3x Scrubland (rev) - MP/LP
3x Marsh Flats (Zen + MM17)
1x Arid Mesa
1x Polluted Delta
1x Flooded Strand
2x Bloodstained Mire (Khans + ONS)
1x Cinder Glade (foil)
1x Cabal Stronghold
10x Swamp (foil) - 1998 Arena Promo w/ Avon art
2x Rugged Prairie (Chinese)
1x Flagstones of Trokair
1x Shambling Vent
1x Concealed Courtyard
2x Brushland (7th ed & 6th ed)
1x Arch of Orazca
1x Eldrazi temple (foil) MM15
4x Dakmor Salvage
1x Botanical Sanctum (foil)
1x Blooming Marsh (foil)
1x Scorched Ruins
1x Alchemist's Refuge
2x Glacial Chasm
1x Graven Cairns
1x Woodland Cemetery (foil)
1x Mountain (BFZ full art foil)
1x Forest (BFZ full art foil)
2x Untaidake, the Cloud Keeper
4x Plains (Unglued)
5x Island (Unglued)
4x Swamp (Unglued)
2x Ancient Ziggurat (FNM foil + PDS foil)
5x Island (Portal 3k)
5x Plains (Portal 3k)
1x Inspiring Vantage
1x Rootbound Crag (foil)
1x Nephalia Drownyard (foil)

3x Talisman of Dominance
1x Desecration Tomb (M13)
1x Ensnaring Bridge
1x Trinisphere
3x Lotus Petal
1x Aether Vial (IMA)
1x Krark's Thumb
1x Krark's Thumb (foil)
2x Aether Vial (Darksteel)
1x Stone Calendar
1x Venifact Bottle
1x Temporal Aperture
1x Lifeline
1x Forebear's Blade
1x Engineered Explosives
1x Gilded Lotus (Foreign)
2x Grafdigger's Cage
2x Thran Dynamo
1x Spellskite (New Phyrexia)
1x Meekstone
1x Goblin Charbelcher (mirrodin)
1x Ashnod's Coupon (Unglued)
1x Sensei’s Divining Top (Portugese)
1x Crawlspace (Urza's)
1x Copper Gnomes
4x Quicksilver Fountain
1x Grinding Station (foil)
1x Lightning Greaves
1x Coat of Arms
1x Eternity Vessel
2x Winter Orb
1x Shifting Wall
1x Jester's Cap (ftv foil)
1x Shimmer Myr (foil)
1x Slate of Ancestry (ONS)
2x Ashnod's Altar (foil EM)
1x Eldrazi Conscription
1x Grinding Station (foil)
1x Blackblade Reforged
1x Weatherlight
2x Grinding Station (foil * non)
2x Blasting Station
1x Traxos, Scourge of Kroog
1x Howling Mine (M10)

1x Chromium, the Mutable
3x Baleful Strix
8x Bloodbraid Elf (various printings)
2x Anguished Unmaking
1x Vindicate
2x Sorin, Solemn Visitor
1x Countersquall (foil)
4x Swans of Bryn Argoll
1x Darigaaz Reincarnated
3x Countersquall (foil)
4x Atarka’s Command
1x Knight of the Reliquary (Conflux foil)
1x Reaper King
1x Mayael's Aria (foil)
2x Captain Sisay (Invasion) + FTV foil
1x Oloro, Ageless Ascetic
2x Beck // Call
1x Regisaur Alpha
1x Reparations
1x Eladamri's Call
1x Slimefoot, the Stowaway
1x Sidisi, Brood Tyrant
1x Primevals' Glorious Rebirth
4x Lightning Helix
4x Kitchen Finks
2x Aura Mutation (Invasion - LP/MP)

1x Regna, the Redeemer
2x Serra’s Ascendant
1x Play of the Game
3x Standard Bearer
1x Infinite Authority
1x Mirran Crusader (foil)
1x Worship
1x Lifeblood
3x Intervention Pact
1x Intervention Pact (foil)
1x Martyr’s Bond
1x Norn’s Annex
1x Elspeth, Sun's Champion
1x Tithe
1x Kor Spiritdancer
1x Terminus (foil) + x2 Non-foil
1x Kataki, War’s Wage
1x Flickerwisp (MM foil)
1x Condemn (M11 foil)
1x Always Watching
1x Reverse Damage
3x Ranger of Eos
1x Angel of Invention
1x Austere Command
4x Wall of Shards
1x Monastery Mentor
1x Enlightened Tutor
1x Pulsemage Advocate
1x Holy Light
1x Puresteel Paladin
2x Phyrexian Unlife
1x Harsh Mercy
1x Aurification
1x Path to Exile (Rebecca Guay promo)
2x Dawn Charm (foil)
1x Enlightened Tutor
2x Oblivion Ring (DCI foil)
1x Beacon of Immortality
1x Purity
1x Shining Shoal
1x Council's Judgement
1x Angel of Jubilation
1x Mirror Entity
2x Mana Tithe (Players Reward full art)
1x Condemn (Players Reward full art)
2x Stonehewer Giant
1x Magus of the Tabernacle
1x Elder Land Wurm (ITA Legends)

1x Runic Armasaur
1x Bramble Sovereign
1x Magus of the Candelabra
4x Aluren
3x Nourishing Shoal
1x Joraga Warcaller
1x Titania, Protector of Argoth
1x Life From the Loam
2x Oath of Nissa
1x Elvish Champion
1x Spike Feeder (DCI promo)
1x Forgotten Ancient
3x Melira, Sylvok Outcast
2x Fierce Empath
1x Heroic Intervention
1x Living Wish
1x Might of Old Krosa
1x Heartwood Storyteller
2x Steely Resolve
3x Duskwatch Recruiter
1x Nature's Will
4x Mwonvuli Acid-Moss
2x Chameleon Colossus (Morningtide)
1x Chameleon Colossus (foil)
2x Chord of Calling
2x Collected Company
1x Sylvan Safekeeper
1x Hall of Gemstone
1x Multani, Yavimaya's Avatar
2x Sakura-Tribe Scout
1x Marwyn, the Nurturer
1x Quick Sliver
1x Life and Limb (foil)

1x Tezzeret, Artifice Master
3x Chain of Vapor (LP)
1x Arcane Artisan
1x Deadeye Navigator (foil)
1x Jace, Memory Adept
1x Ethersword Adjudicator
1x Leyline of Singularity (foil)
1x Lighthouse Chronologist
1x Galerider Sliver
1x Wheel and Deal
1x Training Grounds (japanese)
2x Aura Thief
5x Voidmage Prodigy (Foil/non-foil/promo versions)
1x Unified Will
2x Mindbreak Trap
1x Archive Trap
4x Remand
8x Narcomoeba (4x FS & 4x MM)
1x Ancestral Vision (IMA)
2x Vexing Sphinx
1x Collective Restraint
4x Empress Galina
1x Twincast
1x Riptide Director
1x Supreme Inquisitor
1x Opt (DOM)
3x Overburden
1x Stitcher Geralf
1x Fatespinner
1x Blue Sun's Zenith
1x Trickbind
1x Statecraft
4x Remove Soul (players reward full art)
4x Sunder
4x Logic Knot
1x Stroke of Genius
5x Semen Visions (FNM foil promo)
2x Naban, Dean of Iteration
1x Phyrexian Metamorph

1x Cyclonic Rift

2x Shadow Rift
4x Spellstutter Sprite
4x Spellstutter Sprite (foil MM13)
1x Donate
2x Braingeyser (Revised)
1x Dream Halls
2x River Kelphie
1x Precognition Field
1x Cursecatcher
1x Exclusion Mage (foil)

1x Krav, the Unredeemed
1x Thrilling Encore
4x Attrition
1x Endless Ranks of the Dead
1x Spoils of the Vault
1x Necrogen Mists
1x Phyrexian Crusader
1x Gravecrawler
2x Decree of Pain
1x Guiltfeeder
1x Chainer’s Edict
4x Lord of the Undead
4x Undead Warchief
2x Surgical Extraction (foil + non-foil)
3x Street Wraith (foil) (MM)
1x Mindslicer
3x Street Wraith (MM)
4x Golgari Thug
1x Infernal Tutor
2x Demonic Tutor (revised)
3x Death Baron
1x Dusk Urchins (foil)
1x Mindwrack Demon (foil)
1x Smallpox (Time Spiral foil)
1x Phyrexian Arena
1x Nyxathid
1x Kazarov, Sengir Pureblood
1x Bridge From Below
1x Darkblast
1x Whip of Erebos
2x Doomsday
2x Tainted Aether
2x Tainted Pact
1x Cosmic Horror (Legends)
1x Black Market
1x Call to the Netherworld (foil)
2x Mind Twist

1x Okaun, Eye of Chaos
1x War's Toll
4x Pact of the Titan
1x Legion Loyalist
1x Past in Flames
4x Greater Gargadon
4x Skullcrack
1x Fault Line
1x Decree of Annhilation
1x Ash Zealot (foil)
2x Lava Spike
1x Game of Chaos
1x Jokulhaups (MP/HP)
1x Seize the Day
4x Sudden Shock (foil)
8x Faithless Looting
2x Sudden Shock
4x Gutshot
2x Seismic Assault
2x Koth of the Hammer
1x Rift Bolt (foil promo)
4x Tarfire (Lorwyn)
1x Dragonstorm
2x Red Elemental Blast (Beta)
4x Blood Moon (in exchange for Spanish editions)
2x Chandra, Flamecaller
2x SImian Spirit Guide
1x Stigma Lasher
1x Thieves' Auction
1x Goblin Game
1x Goblin Rabblemaster
1x Moggcatcher
1x Risky Move (foil)
1x Chance Encounter
1x Burning Sands (foil)
1x Burst Lightning (foil)
2x Kozilek's Return
1x Dwarven Recruiter (foil)
1x Strategy, Schmategy
1x Mass Hysteria (foil)
12x Atog (Antiquities)
1x Heat Stroke

1x Palinchron
2x Ertai, Wizard Adept
x1 Lifeblood
8x City of Shadows
8x Rainbow Vale
2x Yawgmoth's Will
1x Tolarian Academy
1x Sliver Queen
2x Mind over Matter
2x Undiscovered Paradise

Numerous tokens from Unglued/Unstable
Unglued/Unstable lands
Misc Unstable cards

Gold Bordered:
x99 Blanks
x4 BoP
x4 Ancient Tomb
x4 Force of Will

1x Selesnya Guild Kit
1x Orzhov Guild Kit
1x Iconic Masters booster box
1x Fate Reforged booster box (Spanish)
1x FtV Lore
1x Commander 17 decks (misc)
1x Commander 16 decks (misc)
1x Commander 18
Fat packs: Eldritch Moon, Amonkhet, Ixalan

**Love to look at trade lists! Always looking for Urza's reserved list cards, fetches, filter lands, expeditions/masterpieces, & various sealed product.



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