MagicMasters Trade Thread (Have Reserved Listed Cards and EDH Staples!)


I love to check lists but love it it even more if you have the cards I need. I have traded on many other forums, but they seem to have lost the active numbers, so I am coming over here to see if I have better luck.

Thanks for looking.


1. All the MTG Salvation rules apply.
2. I ship U.S. ONLY --Unless Prior Arrangements are Made. I will entertain shipping to Canada depending on the trade.
3. I will check lists, but please let me know if you have my wants first.
4. I ship all cards and an Ultra-Pro/DragonShield equivalent and a hard case. You MUST do the same. Failure to do so is an automatic negative. A damaged card is an unhappy card.
5. I do sell; Paypal ONLY, no gift. I will sell any card on my list for 10% lower then lowest listed card on tcgplayer of equal condition and set.
6. The majority of my cards are NM/M, or SP, with very little damage. However, I will make a point to let you know if a card you are interested in is damaged beyond that. I expect you do the same. I grade my cards harsh, please keeps that in mind.
7. Any trade involving high valued cards, or many cards with a high value, will REQUIRE tracking from USPS and possibly insurance.
8. Please ask questions as they arise. All questions are great questions.
9. I have been on the forums for many years and have done several trades that are not listed in the current feedback. I have also been on other forums and have excellent standing on each. Trade / Sell / Buy with confidence.

Current Trades:

Card list will be updated once trades are completed, please see above for any cards that are currently involved in a trade.

Thanks for Looking!



The below cards I will ONLY trade down for the original / non foil version with additional cards / value as they are in a deck, and I dislike foiled cards. The original printing of the card is required. I will also sell the below cards outright if you desire.

Updated as of 2101 EST 9/01/19

Thanks for looking!

Please be advised, that while I prefer NM or better cards, I will trade for MP or Damaged cards as long as they are playable. Please be honest and up front about your card condition as I will mine.

EDH Wants:
1x Mana Drain [Legends]
1x Intuition [Tempest]
1x Grim Monolith [Urza's Legacy]
1x Chrome Mox [Mirrodin]
1x Mox Diamond [Stronghold]
1x Mana Crypt [Media Promos]
1x Wheel of Fortune [Revised Edition]
1x Time Spiral [Urza's Saga]
1x Mana Vault [Revised Edition]
1x Volcanic Island [Revised Edition]
1x Misty Rainforest [Zendikar]
1x Bloodstained Mire [Khans of Tarkir]


Again, 10% lower then the lowest listed card of equal condition and set.

I will look at your list, but Please! Send me the link.



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