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Thank you for checking out my Trade List. I am a sucker for Mark Poole arts and anything even remotely related to Nicol Bolas story wise for my collection. I am only looking to trade cards, but feel free to make any offers. Please be clear about the condition of the cards you are offering as I will also do. I am not looking for foreign or foil versions of cards. Pricing with either TCG Median or Star City Games are both acceptable ways to value cards. Feel free to PM me or send a link to your list. I ship cards in penny sleeves with a top loader and envelopes to ensure they are safe.
Thanks again c:

Since the feedback feature has been down for some time I have had three positive trade feedbacks.

Just to throw it out there I also trade and collect old tcg's that never made it I am focused on trading world of warcraft and Neopets. I am willing to trade for those as well.





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