1126  itrader H: lots of various cards updated 11/7/19  W: trades , where is everyone???

Welcome Traders & Collectors!!!!!!!! Glad to be here with you all!!
Updated as of: 11/27/19
Will trade internationally if trade value is over 15.00 to make it worth shipping costs
No rippers, I will file mail fraud claims
No fake cards, gold-border, collector’s edition, proxy, etc.
Pm preferred or post w/ possible trade offers
If you want to put prices on cards prefer to use starcitygames.com, but whatever will do
MANY Refs here.... see all the 1090+ positive feedback left!!

my needs are at bottom of thread!
Lots of cards listed-Please take time to look!!!
no trade is too big or small.........

owe feedback to and from
Dr. Shades
bringer of terror
funeral of god x2
sleeper agent 2.0
Dr. Shades
Dr. Shades

2019 trades
Dr. Shades
Dr. Shades
Dr. Shades



Thrones of Eldraine
Hushbringer Extended Art Foil x1
Stole by the Fae Extended Art Foil x1
Hushbringer Extended Art Nonfoil x1
Korvold, Fae-Cursed King Nonfoil x1
Chittering Witch x1 brawl deck
Gluttonous Troll x1 brawl deck
Mace of the Valiant x1 brawl deck
Clackbridge Troll Foil x1
Silverflame Squire Alt Art Foil x1
dwarf/food token foil x2
lucky clover foil x1
seven dwarves foil x1
smitten swordmaster Alt Art x1
lonesome unicorn Alt Art x1
Reaper of Night Alt Art x1
Garenbrig Carver Alt Art x1

M20 haves
Bag of Holding x2
Temple of Malady
Masterful Replication

modern horions
Wrenn and Six + emblem (not looking to trade down)
ayula's influence
ayula, queen of bears
crashing footfalls
deep forest hermit
marit lage's slumber foil
reap the past
force of virtue
sisay, weatherlight captain
unsettled mariner
bazaar Trademage
snow covered lands x7 of each except mountains/islands uncommons and commons just ask
squirrel nest foil
squirrel token foil x1
elephant token foil x2
rhino token foil x2

War of the Spark haves
Ajani, the Greathearted
Fblthp, the Lost
Oath of Kaya
Bioessence Hydra
Dreadhorde Butcher
Tolsimir, Friend to Wolves
Silent Submmersible
The Elderspell
Mobilized District x2
Chandra, Fire Artisan
Tamiyo, Collector of Tales
Ravnica at War
Storrev, Devkaarin Lich
Casualties of War
Single Combat x2
uncommons and commons just ask

Ravnica Allegience
Tithe Taker
Rix Maadi Reveler
Immolation Shaman
Judith, the Scourge Diva
Priest of Forgotten Gods

Guilds of Ravnica
Tajic, Legion's End
Underrealm Lich
Deafening Clarion
Firemind's research
Izoni, Thousand-Eyed
Emmara, Sou of the Accord
Charnel Troll
Hatchery Spider
Experimental Frenzy
Omnispell Adept
Bounty Agent
Erratic Cyclops
Gruesome Menagrie
Chamber Sentry
Citywide Bust x2
various uncommons/commons just ask

Demon of Catastrophes
Infernal Reckoning
Dismissive Pyromancer
Dark-Dwelling Oracle
Open the Graves
Spit Fire
Alpine Moon
One with the Machine
metamorphic Alteration
transmogrifying wand (1x ox token)
banefire x3 mm2
Hungering Hydra

Fall of the Thran x2
the Antiquities War
two-headed giant
the first eruption
evra, halcyon witness
daring archaeologist
territorial allosaurus
kahmal's druidic vow
yawgmoth's vile offering
the mirari conjecture
naban, dean of iteraton
Lich's Mastery
Primeval's Glorious Rebirth
Rite of Belzenlok
grand Warlord Radha
Squee, the Immortal
Precognition Field
various uncommons/commons just ask
rat colony x4

Rivals of Ixalan
Sphinx's decree x2
Vona's Hunger
Blood Sun

Bloodcrazed Paladin
Dowsing Dagger
Deep-root Champion x2
Waker of the Wilds
sword-point diplomancy x2
Shaper's Sanctuay
Burning Sun's Avatar
spell swindle
legion's landing
dire fleet ravager
arguel's blood fast

Hour of devastion
bontu's last reckoning
oketra's last mercy
apocalypse demon
hostile desert
Imminent Doom
ammit eternal

hazoret's favor x2
throne of god-pharaoh x2
curator of mysteries
plague belcher x2
disposses x2
harvest season
liliana's mastery
throne of the god-pharaoh x2
curator of mysteries

Aether Revolt
Spire of Industry
Pia's Revolution
Lightning Runner
Indomitable Creativity
Greenbelt Rampager
Rishkar's Expertise
Baral's Expertise
metallic Mimic
Kari Zev's Expertise x2

Wildest dreams
Animation Module
Smuggler's Copter
Deadlock Trap
Fateful Showdown x2
Metallurgic Summonings
Aetherworks Marvel
Architet of the Untamed
Dubious challenge
Dynavault Tower
Bomat Courier x2
key to city
Oviya pashiri, Sage Lifecrafter
Marionette Master
Lathnu Hellion
Bristling Hydra
various uncommons just ask

Modern Masters 3
Zur the Enchanter
Grafdigger's Cage
Sever the Bloodline
Summoning Trap x2

end of 11/7 update more to come soon

Higher end older cards -
through the breach foil (towards masterpiece/nice foil)
Grim Tutor- MINT
Jace Beleren (jace's spellbook)
Threads of Disloyalty (jace's spellbook)

Iconic Masters
Firemane Angel
Savageborn Hydra
Serum Powder
Day of the dragon
Austere Command

Fog bank
wing shards x2
Sandstone Oracle
Sanguine Bond
Trepanation blade

metalworker x3 gold bordered
grim monolith x4 gold bordered
squirrel mob x2
squirrel farm x2
deranged hermit
planar portal
urza's incubator
concordant crossroads chronicles
saproling symbiosis x3
death pits of rath
soltari champion x3
braingeyser x2 revised
elvish spirit guide x2
pattern of rebirth urza's
parallel evolution x3
nevinyrral's disk x3 4th
ball lightning x2 4th
hell's caretakeer x4 4th
vernal bloom x1 urza's
nether shadow 4th
howling mine 6th
horn of greed stronghold
thran dynamo japanese ura's
krosan beast foil
masticore x2
infernal spawn of evil
root maze
darkness x2 (LP)
b.f.m. (both sides) unglued
aura thief x2
baron sengir
collective restraint
ramirez depierto (for those who running pirate decks// foreign language)
lord magnus
lady caleria
rasputin dreamweaver
lady orca
reya dawnbringer
heart of yavimaya x2
wasteland tempest
radiant, archangel
oath of druids exodus
desertion 6th
temple garden ravinica

need additions 7/28/18 for you commander players
mana web
bubble matrix x2
root maze
nemata, grove guardian x3
deathbringer leige
jace beleren (spellbook version)
counterspell (spelbook version)
Bone dancer
Goblin Bomb
Infernal tribute
cirle of despair
grim feast
hall of gemstones x4
lure of prey x4
teferis isle
balduvian trading post
lord tesserhorn
ritual of the machine
guiding spirit
sands of time
jester's mask x3
illsuions of grandeur
ancestral knowledge x2
corpse dance x3
wall of nets x2
thalakos deceiver
taintnd aether
second chance
multani, maro-sorcerer x2

good uncommons/commons
mishra's factory 4th x3
swords to plowshares x5 ( IA/ 4 X 4th)
tinker x2
brainstorm x2 ice age
gobin ringleader x4
lightning bolt x7 4th
priest of titania x3
gempalm incinerator x4
goblin matron x3
summer bloom x4
Urza's mine x 4 chronicles
Urza's tower x4 chronicles
Urza's power plant x4 chronicles
aura of silence x1 weatherlight

Eternal Masters
Foil Goblin Trenches
Foil Ghitu Slinger
Foil Jetting Glasskite
Foil Thunderclap Wyvern
Foil Sprite Noble
Foil Kird Ape
Foil Carrion Feeder
Foil Dismal Backwater
Foil Bloodfell Caves
Foil Blossoming Sands
Foil Wind-Scarred Crag

uncommons: Eternal Masters---non foil
Faith's Fetters
Swords to Plowshares
Wirewood Symboite x2
Wall of Omens
Worn Powerstone
Gaea's Blessing
Armadillo Cloak
Sengir Autocrat
Mishra's Factor

common eternal masters non foil
elite vanguard x3
kird ape x4
mogg war marshal x4
firebolt x5
nimble mongoose x4
nature's claim x5
werebear x5
peregrine drake x3
phantom monster x3
memory lapse x5
counterspell x3
deep analysts x3
innocent blood x3
duress x3
carrion feeder x3

Tokens Eternal Masters
Elf Warrior x3
Elemental 1/1 x1
Goblin Soldier x2
Goblin x 4
Carnivore x2
Wurm x2
Serf x2
Dragon x2
Soldier x4
Elephant x2
Wall x1

+ these below are original printings & pre-eternal masters reprints of the original printings for those of you that want these older/ original printings/artwork of these cards?? if you cant get hands on/afford this Eternal Masters set!

stingscourger x6 ( 3 planar chaos/3 modern masters)
beetleback chief commander
mogg war marshal x2 MM13 and Timespiral
pyrokinesis x4 alliances
ghitu slinger x6 ursa's legacy

Wasteland ( to be put towards an EM Wasteland)
Karakas Legends (towards EM Force of Will)
juggernaut x3 revised
prismatic lens timespiral
nevinyrral's disk 4th
ashnod's altar x3 ( 3 chronicle/1 6th)

extract from darkness conspiracy
armadilio cloak x6 (5 invasion/1 duel deck)
void invasion
wee dragonauts x2 duel deck

control magic x13 (4 revised/9 4th)
merfolk looter x2 ( 1 stronghold/1 7th)
counterspell x12 (2 revised/2 x4th/ 1 5th/ 6 x Ice Age/ 1 tempest)
brainstorm x6 ( 5 x ice age/ 1 masques)
wonder x2 judgement
man-o-war visions
memory lapse x2 (1 homelands/1 mirage)
future sight duel deck
serndib efreet ftv
diminishing returns allainces
prodigal sorcerer FOIL 7th

nimble mongoose x8 odyssey
werebear x6 odyssey
silvos, rogue elemental x4 onslaught
llanowar elves x6 (2 revised/ 2 x m10/ 1 beatdown/1 6th)
brawn x2
wirewood symboite x1
gaea's blessing x1 weatherlight
yavimay enchantree x5 ( 4 urzas/ 1 8th)
fog x2 mirage
invigorate x1 masques
ancerstral mask x1 masques
lys Alana Huntmaster x2 lorwyn

vampiric tutor x2 ( 1 visions/1 6th both M)---for EM Vamp tutor only
animate dead x2 revised
carrion feeder x3
nekrataaal x3 ( 1 commander/1 visions/ 1 8th)
twisted abomination x2 scourge
twisted abomination x2 FOIL scourge
victimize x3 ( 1 saga/ 1 conspiracy/ 1 commander)
duress x1 saga
annihilate commander
visara the dreadful onslaught
tragic slip
hymn to tourach x4 fallen empires
necropotence x1 ice age
innocent blood x2 odyssey
innocent blood FOIL odyssey
Necropotence IA

soulcatcher x4 odyssey

Pyromancer's Gauntlet
Dark Tutelage
Knotvine Paladin
Psychosis Crawler
Divine Reckoning
Myr Welder
Incandescent Soulstroke (lorwyn)
Boggart Mob
Shape Anew
Last Laugh
Reverberate m11
empty the catacombs
Harvestor of Souls
Lord of the Void
Eater of Hope
Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis
Carnifax demon
Leige of the Pit
Extractor Demon x2
Woebringer Demon
Yawgmoth Demon
Kuro, Pitlord
Demon of death's gate
Hellcarver demon
Herald of torment
Demonic Rising
Defiler of Souls
Earwig Squad
Erhnam djinn judgement
Knotvine Paladin
Goblin Goon
Shrieking Mogg
Wheel of Fate
Elemental appeal x2
Shared Triumph
Southern Paladin 7th
Beacon of Destiny
Kami of Crescent Moon
Cackling Counterpart
Jalum tome 7th
Colossus of sardia 10th
Magosi, the waterveil
Oran-rief, the vstwood
unstable mutation- timeshifted rare
orcish librarian--timeshifted rare

Promo/ FTV/ Beat down/ Duel Deck/ FNM/ DCI/ PDS/ Buy a box---FOILS
Scourge of the Fleets (Journey into Nix prerelease)
Fungal Shambler (prerelease apocalypse foreign)
Laquata's Champion (foreign Torment prerelease)
Silent Specter (Onslaught prerelease)
Feral Throwback (Legions Prerelease)
Soul Collector (Scourge Prerelease) x2

Shivan Gorge FTV
Burning Of Xinye FTV
Serndib Efreet FTV
Char FTV20 x2

Erhnam Djinn Beatdown Foil
Sengir Vampire Beatdown Foil

Frenzied Goblin FNM
Curse of the Bloody Tome FNM
Rhox War Monk FNM
Bile Blight FNM

Lord of the Pit a vs d Duel Deck Foil
urza's rage x1 p vs c Duel Deck Foil
phyrexian negator x3 p vs c Duel Deck Foil

curse of wizardry x2 dci
slave of bolas x2 dci

fire servant f &l
tettering peeks f & l x2
jackal pup f&l
spark elemental f & l x2

spined sliver PDS

Cathedral of War M13 BaB Foil

Uncommon foils
Ancient Ziggurat x2
quest of gemblades
racecourse fury
llanowar mentor
sludge strider
call to mind
boggart harbinger
sludge strider
pierce strider
fire servant m11
vengeful rebirth
unbender tine
algae gharial
spore burst
kiss of amesha
sigiled paladin
rival's duel
shrine of limitless power
vulshok battlegear
fodder cannon 8th
ensouled scimitar
obsidian battle-axe
skull fracture x3
strands of night 7th
slith bloodletter
razorjaw oni
painwraker oni
gutwrencher oni
oni possession
mark of the oni
plague spitter
grave consequences
wren's run vanquisher x2
piper's melody
nature's spiral m10 x2
beloved chaplin
white shield crusader
paladin of prahv
stromcloud djinn
frenzied goblin
spitfire handler
goblin clearcutter
goblin archeologist x2
ghost-lit raider
goblin assassin
goblin ruinblaster
kindle the carnage
ember hauler
flamekin harbinger x3
lava blister

common foils
Etherium Sculptor (shards)
Zektar Shrine Expedition x4
Knight of Cliffhaven
Dreamspoiler Witches (Modern Masters)
Elvish Warrior
Winnower Patrol
Naturalize x2
Nath's Elite
Holy Day
Blind Hunter
Raging Goblin
Act of Treason x2 M11
Krosan Drover
Colossal Might
Lightning Talons
Cerodon Yearling
Maniacal Rage
Soul Manipulation
Highborn Ghoul
Recover 10th
Quenchable Fire
Wandering Goblins
Goblin Mountaineer
Burning Inquiry
Naya Panorama
Bant Panorama
Jund Panorama
Esper Panorama
Saprazzan Skerry
Bog Witch
Vesper Ghoul
Fledgling Imp
Faceless Butcher
Highway Robber
Grim Discovery
Sleeper's Guile
Zombie Goliath
Wirewood Guardian
Glory Seeker
Aven Cloudchaser
Knight of Sursi
Order of the Golden Cricket
Demonic Appetite
Reclaim 9th
Spikeshot Goblin
Goblin Sky Raider
Skirk Prospector
Echoing Ruin
About Face x4
Seismic Spike
Defender of Chaos
Goblin spelunkers
Brightstone Ritual x1

Human 1/1
Bird 1/1
Cat 2/2 m13
Angel 4/4
Soldier 1/1
knight 2/2
rhino 4/4
ooze */*
assassin 1/1
germ 0/0
saproling 1/1 planechase
saproling 1/1 m12
saproling 1/1 g vs I
tuktuk the returned 5/5
Goblin Rogue 1/1
Human 1/1 red
dragon 5/5
elemental 7/1
centaur 3/3
homunculus 2/2
wolf 2/2
wolf 1/1 black
Beast 3/3 m12
golem 3/3 scars
golem 3/3 new phyrexia


Eldritch Moon
Splendid Reclamation
Soul Seperator
collective effort

Shadows over Innistrad
cryptolith rite
Odric, Lunarch marshal
Second harvest
Brain In jar x2
From Under the floorboards
ever after
sin prodder
soul swallower x2
fevered visions x3
forgotten creation x2

Oath of the Gatewatch
Oath of Jace
jori en, ruin Diver
stoneforge Masterwork
Deceiver of forms
Oath of Nissa
eldrazi mimic

Battle For Zendikar
Barrage Tyrant
Zada, Hedron Grinder
Gruesome Slaughter
Sanctum of Ugin x2
painful truths
oran-rief hydra x2
bring to light
endless one
dragonmaster outcast

Talent of the Telepath
tainted Remedy
Flameshadow Conjuring
Displacement Wave
Infinite Obliteration
Sylvan Messenger x4 (apocalypse)
Lightning Bolt x8 (4th)
Nightmare x4 (3rd and 4th)

Dragons of Tarkir
Dragonlord's Preogative
Stratus Dancer
Radiant Purge x2
Damnable Pact x2
Mirror Mockery
surrak, the hunt caller

Fate Reforged
Torrent Elemental x2
Ataka, World Render x2
Mob Rule
Crux of Fate x2
Crucible of Spirit Dragon
Wildcall x2
Dragonscale General
Outpost Siege
Shaman of the Great Hunt

Kheru Lich Lord
Mindswipe x2
Icy Blast x3
Crackling Doom
See the Unwriiten
Anafenza, kin-tree spirit

Commander 2014
Spoils of Blood
Necromatic Selection
Demon of Wailing Agonies
Xathrid Demon
Promise of Power
Reaper of The Abyss
Pestilence Demon
Nantuko Shade
Liliana's Reaver
Magus of the Coffers
Pontiff of Blight
Dregs of Sorrow
Aether Snap
Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief
Crypt of Agadeem
most uncommons & commons from black c14 deck--ask
Scrap Mastery
Bitter Feud
Incite Rebellion
Bosh, Iron Golem
Tuktuk the Explorer
Word of Seizing
Tyrant's Familiar
Volcanic Offering
Junk Diver
most uncommons & commons from Red c14 deck---ask
worn powerstone
commander's sphere x2

Misc C14 Cards
Domineering Will
Stitcher Geralf
Intellectual Offering
Hallowed Spiritkeeper
Strata Scythe

Commander 2013 Haves (all older/original printings not c13)
deathgrasp ( S vs T)
Jace's Archivist
echo Mage
greed x3 (1x 6th/ 2x 7th)
phyrexian delver x5
Rubinia Soulsinger (chronicles)
spinal embrace x3
stronghold assassin x2
Phantom Nantuko
Silklash Spider

crosis charm x2
dromar's charm x2
fires of yavimaya x4
krosan warcheif x3
washout x2
lim dul's vault x2 (alliances)

m15 haves (misc sets)
Necromancer's stockpile
soul of new phyrexia
return to the ranks
master of predicaments
Avacyn, Guardian Angel
spirit bonds x2
soul of theros
torch fiend x4
tormod's crypt x2
back to nature m11
darksteel citadel x3 (darksteel)
circle of flame x1 m12
sign in blood x2 m10
evolving wilds x4
mind sculpt x2 m13
naturalize x4
peel from reality x1 m15
caustic tar odessey
cone of flame planechase
invisibility x2 revised
gravedigger x2 portal
ornitropter x4 revised
frenzied goblin
congregate x7 ( 1 planechase/ 6 x saga)

Journey to Nix haves
Launch the Fleet
Hall of Triumph

Born of the Gods Haves
Gild x3
flamewreathed phoenix
perplexing chimera x2

Theros haves
mistcutter hydra x2
steam augury x2
nylea, god of the hunt
curse of the swine
grey merchant of asphodel
mogis's marauder x2

m14 (misc. sets)
Grim return x2
Liliana's Reaver
Savage Summoning x2
ogre battledriver
vastwood hydra
mindsparker x2
Burning Earth
blessing x2 (3rd/4th)
Cancel x2 (timespiral)
vial of poison x4
act of treason m10
Chandra's Phoenix x2 M12
shiv's embrace (saga)
ring of three wishes

Dragon maze haves
Melek, Izzet Paragon
Sire of Insanity

syncopate x6 (odyssey)
blast of genius x2

Gatecrash haves
enter the infinite
gyre sage
nightviel specter
Whispering Madness
Rubble Hulk
Biomass Mutation x2
Signal the Clans x2
realmwright x4

Return to Ravinca
Martial Law
Guild Feud
Palisade Giant
mana bloom
desecration demon

m13 (various sets)
Hellion Crucible
primordial hydra promo nonfoil (alt art)
ring of thune
ground seal (odessey)
clone 3rd x3
revive x2 masques
sleep m11
reverberate m11
war priest of thune m11
prey upon foil innistrad
jayemdae tome 4th
blood reckoning x2
ring of kalonia
gem of becoming
ring of valkas
ring of evos isle
arms dealer x3 ( 2 x m13/ 1 masques)

Throne of Empires
Volcanic Dragon m12
manabarbs x2 4th
doubling chant
sutured ghoul m12
goblin gernade x2 FE
incinerate xX Ice age/tempest

m11 (cards from various sets)
overwhelming stampede x2
necrotic plagiue
twincast m10
lightwielder Paladin m10

terramorphic expanse x2 (timespiral)
call to mind x2
goblin ballon brigade (unlimited)
unholy strength x3 (3rd)
mass polymorph
Nature's spiral (m10) x2

Izzit vs Golgari
Prophetic Bolt (alt art)
Invoke the firemind
Djinn Illuminatus
twilight's call
Life/Death x2 (alt. art x1) + 1 apocalypse
Feast of famine (alt art)
-ask for any of the other uncommons/commons if interested?

Bosh, Iron Golem
Ivy Elemental
Relentless Assault
fires of yavimaya
soul warden
-if you want any of the uncommons/commons lmk

Planechase 2
armored griffin

Phyrexia vs coalition
Phyrexian Colossus
puppet strings
priest of gix
-if you want any of the uncommons/commons lmk

Dimir Doppelganger
Academy Elite
Plea for Power x2
Realm Seekers
Silent Arbiter

explorer's scope

Commander 2013 cards all c13
Shared Trauma
Alliance of Arms
Tempt with Immortality
Tempt with Glory
Tempt with Reflections
Tempt with Discovery
djinn of infinite deceits
Serra Avatar

prosperity c13
curse of predation
vision skeins c13

Misc Vs Sets
promise of Power
ancient craving x2
underworld connections x4
Reiver Demon
magma jet
Figure of Destiny x3
death grasp
dark ritual

Modern Masters 2013
Meloku the Clouded Mirror
Jhoira of the Ghitu
Pyromancer's Swath

Warren weirding
Empty the Warrens
Peer thru Depths x2
Type 1 thru extended/modern stuff

Restricted Type 1 Cards
Minds Desire x1
channel x2 (1x rev 1x 4th)
zuran orb x2
fastbond x2
black vise 4th x1


Unlimited (all MINT /nm)
copper tablet x2
Black Vise
Orchish artillery
Shatter x4
frozen shade
psychic venom
raise dead
goblin balloon brigade
grizzly bears
shandolin dryad
healing salve x3

Foreign cards (various asian languages if not listed or Ive listed language if know, all original pics & Black bordered)
dark heart of the woods (Portugese)
shatter (beta pic)
Witch-hunter (Korean)
rhystic tutor
contested war zone
wall of vapors
rune sword
goblin digging team
plains #233 scars
cyclopian mummy (german)
shackles (german)
pit scorpion (german)
immolation (german)
vampire bats (german)
amulet of kroog (german)
giant strengh (french or italian)
land leeches (german)
marshviper (german)
millstone (german)
battering ram (german)
blue mana battery
deathspeakers (French)
Solkanar, the swamp king
eron, the relentless (French)
doom blade m11 (French)
blackcleave goblin (scars)
instill infection (scars)
moriok reaver (scars)

infernal medus
Walking Dead x4
Holy Day x3
Blazing effigy x4
venarian gold
demonic torment
touch of darkness
devouring deep
pyrotechnics (german)
life chisel
mountain stronghold
ichneumon druid
psychic purge
zephyr falcon
indestructible aura
divine offering
enchanted being
clergy of the holy nimbus x2
giant turtle
shelkin brownie
aisling leprechaun
erosion (german)
moss monster
puppet master
the brute x2 (french & italian)
Ramirez DePietro
Evil Eye of Orms-By-Gore
Pit Scorpionx2
Syphon Soul x4

Arabian Nights
Desert Nomads
moorish cavalry x1
Desert x2 (1 HP)
brass man

artifact possession
clay statue
amulet of kroog
tablet of epityr
artifact blast
Argivian Blacksmith
Artifact Ward x2
Phyrexian gremlins x2
priest of yawgmoth
yawgmoth demon
staff of Zegon
Urza's Chalice x2

The Dark-
Goblin caves x3
Darkheart Woods x4
Festival x4
skull of orm x2
marty's cry
sunken city
bog rats
scavenger folk
bog imp
drowned x3
ghost ship x2
giant shark x2
miracle worker x7
dust to dust x2
goblin shrine x3
goblin rock sled x3
deep water
angry mob x3
the fallen x2
knights of thorn x2
tower of coireall
standing stones x2
land leeches
marsh goblin x3
scarwood goblin x2
ashes to ashes x3
wand of ith
scarwood hag
morale x2
holy light
goblins of the flarg x3
mana clash
fellwar stone
reflecting mirror
gaea's touch x3

Portal/Portal 2
wall of swords
talas warrior
raging goblin x4 (1 portal 2)
Time ebb
hand of death x2 ( 1 portal 2)
anaconda x2
rowan treefolk
soul shred
vampiric touch
muck rats
craven knight
bog raiders
skeletal crocodile x4
regal unicorn
armorer Pegasus x2
warrior's charge
warrior's stand
renewing dawn
sacred nectar x3
willow dryad
untamed wilds x5 (1 portal 2)
mobilize x2
wild ox
pantar warriors
fruition x2
plant elemental
grizzly Bears x2
volcanic hammer
minotaur warrior
lava flow
fire snake x2
desert drake
raging cougar
raging minotaur
mountain goat
elite cat warrior x2
needle storm x2
monstrous growth x2
defiant stand
snapping drake x3
ingenious thief x2
command of unsummoning
withering gaze
path to peace
cloak of feathers x2
tidal surge
mystic denial
coral eel
assassin's blade
final strike
venerable monk
winter's grasp
treetop defense
starlight angel
angelic wall x2
stern marshal
seasoned marshal
sacred knight
keen-eyed archers
spotted griffon x2
blinding light
Basic Lands Portal 1 & Portal 2

Revised, 4th-9th Edition rare
Kudzu x2
Island Sanctuary
Living Wall
Erhnam Djinn x4
Granite Gargoyle
Winds of Change x2 both 5th
Power Surge x1

Fallen Empire
Nightsoil x2
Breeding Pit x3
Soul Exchange x2

Ice Age
binding grasp
hymn of rebirth
lhurgoyf x2
jester's mask x2
tinder wall x2
diabolic visions x2
essence vortex x2
dreams of the dead
orchish lumberjack x3
stench of evil
justice x3
fire covenant

shield sphere
Fatal Lore x2
Sustaining Spirit
rogue skycaptain
scars of the veteran x3
Floodwater Dam
Pyrokinesis x4
Phyrexian Portal x2
natue's blessing x2
royal decree
surge of strength x3
ritual of the machine
diminishing returns
gorilla shaman x3
lim dul's vault x2

Mirage/Weatherlight/Visions -
tombstone stairwell
roots of life
reign of chaos
mind harness
bazaar of wonders
chaosphere x2
grim feast
mind bend x3

Maraxus of Keld
noble benefactor x4
strands of night x2
empyrical armour x5
argavian find
urborg stalker
bosium strip x2
gaea's blessing
dingus staff
infernal tribute x2
bone dancer

sissay's ring 7th
vision charm x2
river boa x2
sands of time
impulse x2
lightning cloud
kaerevek's spite x2

Tempest/Stronghold/Exodus Block-
Oracle en-vec
knight of dawn x2
legerdemain x2
Legacy's Allure
Thalakos Dreamsower
Dread of Night
Soltari Priest
starke of rath
unstable shapeshifter
dirtcowl wurm x2
booby trap x2
boil x2
echo chamber
minion of the wastes
soltari crusader
death pits of rath x2
light of day
chill x2

Wall of Tears
Crovax the Cursed
Dauthi Trapper
pursuit of Knowledge
reigns of power x3
wall of essence
primal rage

oath of ghouls x2
volrath's dungeon
high ground
spike cannibal
carnophage x3

Urzas Saga/Destiny/Legacy Block-
sleeper agent
fault line x4
citanul flute
hibernation x6 ( 2 x 8th)
douse x6
planar void x4
arcane laboratory x5

body snatcher x2
false prophet
apprentice necromancer x2
storage matrix x3
thran golem
might of oaks x2
phyrexian negator
pyromancy x2
rack and ruin
rebuild x2
engineered plague 7th
plus most uncommons/commons from saga---just ask I can dig those up no problem

Mercaidian Masques/Nemesis/ Prophecy Block-
ivory mask
crackdown x1
reverent mantra x2
karn's touch x2
bifurcate x2
cornered market
story circle
snuff out

rhystic tutor x2
searing wind
plague wind
magenta the lion
vitalizing wind
chimeric idol x4

saporling burst x2
avenger en-dal
kill switch x3
rootwater thief
eye of yawgmoth x3

Invasion/Planeshift/Apocalypse Block-
aura mutation x2
artifact mutation x4
harsh judgement x3
barrin's spite x2
marauding knight x2
sabertooth nishoba
mana maze x3
spreading plague
do or die x2
tsabo's decree
psychic battle
vile consumption
yawgmoth's agenda x2
keldon necropolis x2
skizzik x3

march of souls x4
tahngarth, talruum hero
meteor crater x2
phyrexian tyranny x2
planewalker's fury
urza's guilt x2
skyship weatherlight
dragon arch
wild research x2
guided passage x3

Odyssey/ Torment/ Judgment-
kirtar's wrath
tainted pact x2
holistic wisdom x2
shifty doppelganger
cultural exchange
aegis of honor x2
divine sacrament x2
ghastly demise x3
nimble mongoose x4

laquatus's champion
last laugh x3
skullscorch x4
retraced image
dawn of the dead x2
turbulent dreams x3
obsessive search x2

breaking point
lightning surge x4
death wish x2
balthor the defiled
brawn x2
riftstone portal
krosan verge
hapless researcher x3

Onslaught/Legions/Scourge Block
biorhythm x2
strongarm tactics x2
cover of darkness x3
words of war
slate of ancestry x2
weird harvest x2
steely resolve
blistering firecat
silvos, rogue elemental
read the runes x2
cryptic gateway
true believer
elvish vanguard
explosive vegetation x3

mistform ultimus
dreamborn muse
tribal forcemage x2
bane of the living x2

ambush commander
decree of savagery
raven guikld master
primitive etchings
final punishment
lethal vapors
alpha status
fierce empath

Mirrodin/Darksteel/Fifth Dawn Block
nightmare lash x2
leonine sun standard
temporal cascade
glissa sunseeker
war elemental x2
spellweaver helix
loxodon warhammer x2
talisman of indulgence x3
seething song x4
cloudpost x2
myr enforcer x4
frogmite x4
thoughtcast x4
vault of whispers x4 (1x planechase)
skeleton shard (planechase)

shriveling rot
lich's tomb
coretapper x2

razormane masticore
relic barrier x2
auriok salvagers x2
krark-clan ironworks

Champions/Betrayers/Saviors Block
cranial extraction
kusari-gama x2
initiate of blood

kaho, minamo historian

yukora, the prisoner
patron of the akki
mark of the oni x2
genju of the spires
genju of the cedars
cunning bandit

Ravinca/Guildpact/Dissension Block Rares
scion of the wild
tunnel vision
shadow of doubt
mindmoil x2

stitch in time
leyline of lightning x2
wild cantor

Futuresight/Planar Chaos
Groundbreaker x3
magus of the arena
essence warden x2
Rough/Tumble x1
Sulfer Elemental x2
Nacatl War-pride
new benalia
mama tithe x2
rebuff the wicked x2
dash hopes x4

paradise plume
Urzas factory x2
knight of holy nimbus x2
griffon guide
truth or tale x1
grapeshot x2
+ other uncommons lmk what ya need/looking for

primal beyond x2
Ashling's Prerogative
auntie's hovel x2
savor the moment x2
godhead of awe
dramtic entrance
leechridden swamp x3
obsidian battle-axe
stinkdrinker bandit x2

aven mimeomancer x3
extractor demon x3
voracious dragon
archdemon of Unx
unstable frontier
soul's majesty
volcanic fallout


pathrazer of ulamog x2
suffer the past x3
pawn of ulamog x4
not of this world x4
evolving wilds x4

mordent dragon x1
quest for the nihil stone x2
chain reaction x3

refraction trap
quest for renewal x2
bojuka bog x4
halimar depths x4
quicksand x1
explore x4

crypt of agadeem
Eternity Vessel
elemental appeal x3
halo hunter

goblin ruinblaster
runeflare trap
nissa's chosen x2
quest for pure flame x2
quest for gravelord x2

Avacyn Restored
demonlord of ashmouth x2
slayer's stronghold x2
riders of gavony x2
divine deflection x2
dual casting
devastion tide x2
demonic rising
thunderbolt x4 (weatherlight)

Dark Ascension
curse of bloodletting
zombie apocalypse

diregraf captain x3
angel's tomb
thunderous wrath x2

heretic's punishment
runechanter's pike
grimoire of the dead
cackling counterpart

forbidden alchemy x4
ancient grudge x2 timespiral
midnight haunting
khalni gem x4

New Phyrexia
hex parasite
phyrexian unlife
geosurge x4

Mirrodin besieged
knowledge pool x2
decimator web x2

gruesome encore x2
pierce strider x2

scars of mirrodin
cerebral eruption
dissipation field
shape anew
carnifex demon
silver/gold/iron/lead/copper myrs (mirrodin)

My wants--
Special---can trade 150 black or clear ultra-pro sleeves for 100 of any colored sleeves (as long as they match obviously) no pictures on sleeves Please, solid colors only, metallic color/shine ok. Will take any with MTG mana symbols or color wheel (back of card design) as well

I Like Foils.. so if have any of my wants in foil please lmk Thank You

Modern Horizons Wants-
Giver of Runes x1
Ranger-Captain of Eos x1
Force of Negation x1
Mirrodin Beseiged x2
Urza, High Lord Artificier x2 (HUGE WANT)
Tectonic Reformation x1
Hexdrinker x1
Collected Conjuring x2
Mox Tanatalite x1
Scrapyard Recombiner x1 (foil only)
Cave of Temptation x1
Sunbaked canyon X1
Silent Clearing x1

Goblin Matron x4 FOIL Only Wil trade well for (Huge Want)
Llanowar Tribe x1
regrowth x2 (foil ony- any version is fine)

War of the Sparks Wants
Karn, the Great Creator foil only x1
Ugin, the Ineffable x1 foil only
Finale of Glory x2
Gideon Blackblade x1
Gideon, the Oathsworn (planeswalker deck) x1
Krenko, Tin street Kingpin (foil only) x1
Neheb, dreadhorde Champion x2
Blast zone x2
teferi, Time raveler x1

the wanderer x2
Gideon's company (planeswalker deck) x2
Flux Channeler x1
Jace's Projection x2 (planeswalker deck)
Tibalt, Rakish Instigator x1
Evolution sage x2
Nissa's Triumph x3
liliana's trimph x1
Firemind Vessel x2
God-Pharaoh Statue x1
Kiora, behemoth beckoner x1
Ob Nixilus, the hate-wisted foil only x1
saheeli, sublime artificer x1
narset, parter of veils x1

prismite (foil x1 only)

Ravncia Allegiance Wants
Smothering Tithe x1
Benthic Biomancer X2
Sphinx of Foresight x2
Pestilant Spirit x3
Mirror March x1
Biogenic Ooze x1
Growth Chamber Guardian x4
Incubation Druid x1
Captive Audience x1
prime Speaker Vannifar x1
Revival/Revenge x2
Thrash/Threat x1
Blood Crypt x1
godless shrine

Essence Capture x2
Biogenic Upgrade x1 Foil only
Trollbred Guardian x1 Foil only
Incubation/Incongruity x2

Persistant Petitioners x4+
Rubble Reading x1 Foil only
Open the Gates x1
Sauroform Hybrid x1 Foil only
Titanic Brawl x1 Foil Preferred
rafter demon Foil Only x1
Spirit Token X2
Zombie Token x1

Ultimate Masters Wants
platnium emperium foil only
fauna shaman x1

Anger x1
artisan Of Kozilek x2
Desperate ritual x3
Rogue's Passage x2

C18 Wants
Ancient Stone Idol x1
echo Storm x1
Enchanter's bane x2
Everwatching Threshold x1
Magus of the Balance x1
Nesting dragon x1
Reality Scamble x2
Sower of Discord x1
Vedelken Humilator x2
Sharding Sphinx x1
Avenger of Zendikar x1
Shaali, the Gifted
Centaur Vinecrasher x1
crash of rhino beetles x1
emissary of grudges x1
prototype portal x2
scute mob x1
treasure nabber x1

Forge of Heros x2
Portent x2
loyal unicorn x2
loyal guardian x1
loyal drake x1

M19 wants
Teferi, Artifice Master x1
Metaorphic Alteration x3
Apex of Power x2
Graveyard marshal x1
Infernal Reckoning x3
Liliana's Contract x1 foil only
Liliana's Spoils x2 (planeswalker deck)
Sarkan's Unsealing x1
Viven Reid x1
Viven of Arcbow x1 (planeswalker deck)
Vaevictis Asmad, the Dire x1

Mirror Image x2
Guttersnipe Foil Promo x2
Thud x1
Stitcher's Supplier x2

Elvish Rejuvenator x2
Gearsmith Guardian Foil Only x1

Battlebond Wants
Archfiend of Despair x1
Greater Good x2
Krav, the Unredeemed x1 Foil Only
Sower of temptation x1
Spellseeker x3
Virtus, the Veiled x2
Regna's Sanction x1
Toothy, Imaginary Friend x1
Archon of Valor's reach x1

Decorated Champion x2
the Crowd goes Wild x1
Inner Demon Foil Only x1
Veteran Explorer x1

Dwarven Lightsmith x1 foil only

Dominiaria Wants
Karn, Scion of Urza x1
Demonlord Belzenlok x1 Foil only
Mox Amber x2
Forebearer's blade x2

goblin barrage x2 (foil a bonus)
damping sphere x2
howling golem x2 foil only
Icy Manipulator x1 FOIL ONLY- set specific on this
Jaya emblem x1
The Flame of Keld x3

divest x2 foil only
vicious offering x2 foil only
skirk prospector x2 foil only
broken bond x2 foil only
llanowar elves x1 foil only- set specific

construct token x1
knight token x2 (stained glass version)

Ensnaring Bridge (M25 only)
Gisela, Blade of Goldnight (any printing)
Magus of Wheel FOIL only x4 (have nonfoils if needed)
Triskaphobia (foil only) x1-2 any printing

curse catcher x4
Fierce empath x2 foil only
goblin war drums foil only x1
kor firewalker x4
promise of the bunrei x2
spike shot goblin x2 m25 only

dark ritual x 2 foil only
Frenzied Goblin x1 foil only
ruthless ripper x1 foil only
vessel of nascency x2

FTV- Transform
Delver of Secrets x2 (have foil innistrad version if ya wanna art swap?)

Iconic Masters
Mana Drain x4 (will trade well for)
Thoughtseize x2 (art swap only have 2 with Theros art)
Ryusei, the Falling Star Foil ONLY x1
Kokusho, the Evening Star Foil Only x1
Bladewing the Risen x1 Foil ONLY
Thundermaw Hellkite x1
Abyssal Persecutor x1 foil only
Graven Cairns x2
Nimbus Maze x3

Mishra's Bauble x4
Windfall x2 (art swap have urza's version) foil would be sweet

Draconic roar x4 foil only (common)
Evolving Wilds x1 foil only (common)
Mindstone x1 foil only (common)
Star Compass x2 foil only (common)

Merfolk vs Goblins Duel Deck
Warren Instigator x1 foil alt art
Master of the pearl trident x2

Rivals of Ixalan
The Immortal Sun x1
Deeproot Elite x1
Mastermind Acquistion x1
world Shaper x1
Dead Man's chest x2
twillight prophet x2
wayward swordtooth x1
Zacana, Primal Calamity x1
Golden Guardian x2
Azor's Gateway x2

flood of recollection x2

evolving wilds x1 foil only from this set

Ixalan wants
Jace, Ingenious Mind-Mage (duel deck foil)
Ashes of the Abhorrent x2
Spell Swindle x2

if you want to art swap the Ixalan version for original m10 printing artwork, please lmk
Dragonskull summit x2
Drowned Catacombs x2
Gacial fortress x2
Rootbound Crag x2
Sunpetal Grove x2

commander17 wants (if a reprint set is unimportant foils cool if reprint)
Bloodforged Battle axe x2
Body Double x1
Marchesa, the black rose x1
Door of Destinies x1
Kindred Charge x2 (high)
Kindred Summons x2
Leonin artbeiter x2

heirloom blade x4 (high)
darksteel ignot x2 (low)
krosan Verge x2
terminate x2 (art swap have original art)
grixis panorama x4 (common)
nihil spell bomb x2 (common)

Hour of Devastation wants
razeketh, the foulblooded x1 foil only
nicol bolas, pharaoh god x1
the scarab god x2

traveler's amulet x3 foil only (any set is fine)

Amonkhet Wants
Gideon of the Trials x1
curator of Mysteries x2
Pull from Tomorrow x1

open to wonder x2
Vizir of tumbling sands x3
Baleful ammil x1 foil ony
wayward servant x2
onward/victory x1

fling foil only x1
evolving wilds x1 foil only from this set
Drake Token x2
Zombie Token x2

MM3 wants---dont care want set really prefer new different art though and I will trade for these if you have foil version of any
ardi mesa x4
marsh flats x4
basilik collar x1
hellrider foil only x1

serum visions x1 (art swap have C2 version)

Aether revolt
Pia's Revolution x1 Foil only
Paradox engine x1 foil preferred
Walking Ballista x2

narnem renegade x1
renegade wheelsmith foil only x1
cogwork assembler x2 foil would be great

Masterpieces----will trade well for!!
Chrome Mox x1
Lotus Petal x1
Mana vault x1
Mox Opal x1
Sol Ring x1
staff of domination x1
paradox engine x1

commander 16 wants
breath of Fury x2
Boompile x4
champion of lambholt x2 c16 preferred

propaganda x1
abzan falconer x1
windfall x2

Kaladesh Wants
Inventor's Fair x2 FOIL ONLY
concealed courtyard x1
botanical sanctum x3

Quicksmith Genius x1 Foil only

Thopter token #7 x2
Thopter token #8 x2
Thopter Token #9 x1

Duel Deck
doom blade x2
Ambition's cost x1 (have duel deck version if needed)
Crop rotation x3 (have 4 original art if wanted)
Briarhorn x2
Renegade Demon Foil Shards of Alara only

FTV Lore
Cabal Ritual x2 (have 4 nonfoil if needed)
Dark Depths x1 (have nonfoil if you need)

Conspiracy 2 Wants
Sanctum Prelate x2
Reflecting Pool x3

Eldritch Moon Wants
weaver of lightning x2 (uncommon)

Eternal Masters Wants
Force of Will x4
Vampiric Tutor x2
Jace, the mindsculptor x2 (any version is fine ftv20 preferred)

FOIL ONLY from Eternal Masters
Control Magic x2
Animate Dead x2
Havoc Demon x1

C15 Wants
Seal of the Guildpact x2
Gigantoplasm x1

Battle for Zendikar Wants
Endless One x1 Foil Only
Sanctum Of Ugin FOIL only prerelease ok

Origins wants
Subterranean Scout x4 (Foils only)
Swamp FOIL Only #261/#263/#264 x X

Dragons of Tarkir
Sarkhan's Triumph x4 (foils only)

Fate Reforged wants
Archfiend of Depravity(prerelease promo/pack foil only)

Khans wants
necropolis fiend foil prerelease x1
polluted delta x4
wooded foothills x2
bloodstained mire x2

ruthless ripper foil only x1 m25 version ok

m15 Wants
Sliver Hive x1 FOIL ONLY

uncommon (foil preferred on slivers)
constricting sliver x1 foil only
diffusion sliver x4 foil only
feast of the fallen x2
leeching sliver x4 foil only
belligerent sliver x4 foil only
Darksteel citadel x2 FOIL Only (have original if needed) MM15 ok

Conspiracy Wants
Scourge of Throne x1 Foil Only

commander 2013 wants
spoils of victory x1

Sentinel Sliver Foil x2 FOIL ONLY
Steelform Sliver Foil x1 FOIL ONLY
Sliver Construct x3 Foil only
Galerider Sliver X1 Foil Only
Syphon Sliver x4 Foil only
Battle sliver x2 Foil
Striking Sliver x4 Foil ONLY
Thorncaster Sliver x2 Foil Only
groundshaker sliver x4 foil
Manaweft Sliver x1 Foil ONLY
Predatary sliver x2 Foil ONLY

ring of 3 wishes FOIL only x1
scourge of valkas x1 foil preferred

Thundermaw hellkite x1

Ancient Tomb x2 ftv (have original tempest x3 if wanna swap)

Avacyn Restored Wants
renegade demon foil only

demonic taskmaster foil only x2

Scars wants/New phyrexia/mirrodin beseiged
shimmer myr foil
glimmerpost x3 Foil Only

from the vault -relics
sol ring foil ftv x1

shrine of burning rage promo foil x2

Timespiral//FutureSite//Planar Chaos Wants
foil slivers (any)xXX commons/uncommons/rares

champions/saviors/betrayers wants
glimpse of nature x2

drifting djinn
gaea's cradle

dual land wants- revised duals must be EX+ or better
Tundra x1
Tropical Island x1
Bayou x1
Taiga x4

Foil Seat of Synod x4
Foil Swamps 7/8/9th/m11/origins Larry Elmore version/art xX

promo wants-
judge promo Land Tax x1
promo judge show & tell foil x1 (have nonfoil if interested)

Foil Wants-will give good trades for...Foil slivers(any)/ Foil elves/Foil Legacy goblins/Foil Demons/Foil Artifact cards....lmk what ya got!!!

throw-ins--- anything ya want... you will be compensated in return, prefer new sets Ultimate Masters/Dominaria/M25/ rivals/Ixalan/Amokhet/ Hour of devestion/ C18/ etc since I have few of those...the better your throwins the better you will receive in return from me!!!!

Thanks for looking & trading
Peace out-
El Nino



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