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New player needs EDH cards and Ninja cards H:Paypal/Subjective reality EDH cards 00  leagueisbetterthandota
Have: M19 Want: Shock/Fetchlands 18616  dwchang
Trade List 68297  BolasMindslave99
NerdSoda's Thread W: Atraxa Commander, Duals, and Simic. 512119  NerdSoda
Bacon Wizard's Market 210  Bacon Wizard
Please help me get rid of my excess Magic cards! 4866  Dr. Shades
W/H Lots of good cards, check Intro !! W: Foil Replenish and Foil Yawgmoth's Bargain and Foil Walkers 425292  RHAZZERCOM
H: EDH Cards W: Other EDH Cards!! 4432  GarrukMasterofBeats
The Postmortem Lounge (W: Modern, Cube, EDH) 20133  FuneralofGod
The Sock Drawer! H: MonoU EDH, Cryptic, Ancient Ziggs 110  Stocking
1090+ itrader H: Nexus of Fate/through the breach foil/metalworker/older edh cards W: Masters25/Iconic Masters/Ixalan/MM17/C17/FTV/Promos 00  El Nino
H: Judge Foils, W: Inventions, Invocations, miscellaneous foils 3539  szwanger
*Updated July 16th* Have: PW Sets, Battlebond, Core 2019 and Modern! Want: Modern and Commander! 1249  Chainer3
Want Mostly Modern! 160829  chaos021
W: Omnath EDH 22434  StoneyGiant
Jackad7's Trade Thread H:,Modern/Commander/Flusterstorm pack foil W: Modern/Commander 6383  jackad7
Selling Duals 00  furnace
Trading Life for Sand (Mainly EDH) 25846  Incanur
Trade/sell full foil modern GB elves 32  wagawagawali
Selling some cards 500  Frenndi
Small Trade List 3912  akarih
Update list! 00  bugmage95
Joban's Barter Bazaar --> H: RL + Standard + Everything In-Between 722168  Joban8
H: Teferi Hero of Dominaria, foil Simian Guide, Modern and reserve list stuff. W: Azusa, Oracle of Mul Daya, EDH stuff. 4817  sleeper agent 2.0
Selling Cards CHEAP - Scrubland/ Vengevine(4)/Fetchlands/Misc Commander knick-knacks 150  ImpulsiveKnowledge