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Jackad7's Trade Thread H:,Modern/Commander/Flusterstorm pack foil W: Thoughtseize/Commander Angels 6672  jackad7
Selling Duals 00  furnace
W: History of Benalia, 2x Aryel, Knight of Windgrace; H: Teferi, Hero of Dominaria 12  dalabrac
W: Pieces for BR Reanimator/Pox , Duals, Misc Modern/Eternal; H: Battlebond, Modern, Legacy, EDH, Duals/RL, etc 30980  Joban8
Want Mostly Modern! 159735  chaos021
Anyone want these cards? Looking for some Commander and collection needs. 3733  ShadowFenril
The Postmortem Lounge (W: Promos, Foils, & Modern!) 19529  FuneralofGod
PJ's Trade Thread - Getting back into the game very slowly. Looking for standard (any standard) 426  PJ I
Please help me get rid of my excess Magic cards! 4875  Dr. Shades
W: Casual cards, H: Your list ! 25529  Kain123
Have: Dominaria and Masters 25 Want: MUD and Shock/Fetchlands 20518  dwchang
H: Japanese Foil Elesh Norn (NPH) W: Foil Phyrexian Scriptures 00  Pubmaster Drax
H: Standard, Eternal, foils, Expeditions; W: Various of most formats, Revised Duals 17512  Outcryqq
Danssquad's Trading Want EDH 12858  Danssquad
NerdSoda's Thread W: Atraxa Commander, Duals, and Simic. 52088  NerdSoda
H: Judge Foils, W: Inventions, Invocations, miscellaneous foils 3645  szwanger
H:budget bogles W: skred red cards 410  rick98511
H: History of Benalia, Teferi Hero of Dominaria, foil Simian Guide, modern/standard/reserve stuff. W: Dominaria, Battlebond/reprints, Commander cards 5231  sleeper agent 2.0
H: Tons! Cabal Coffers, Copy Artifact! W:EDH and your List! 19446  hansenation
H: Modern/Legacy W: Legacy/EDH 5026  whoareyoupeople
W: Stuff | Have: Stuff 316  Derby
Trading Life for Sand (Mainly EDH) 25846  Incanur
H: Some Modern, Some rando Black Rares, W: Modern Eldrazi 68  herenorthere
Selling my entire collection 00  alagrad94
Selling Mono green tron Deck + Extras & the Remiander of my collection 00  ins0mnyteq