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  • posted a message on Super Secret Tech
    Anafenza, the Foremost plus processors seems pretty good.
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  • posted a message on Let's talk about ingest/processor cards.
    Why bother with ingesters? You already have Anafenza, the Foremost for some of the best combos. All you have to do is kill one creature (which gets exiled) and then you can basically infinitely process that one card. (Every time you process that creature, it immediately goes back to exile.) You can then pump out Eldrazi Scions to your heart's content.
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  • posted a message on [ME4] Who else is bummed to see classic cards get released?
    Quote from the_cardfather
    This assumes there is actual "hoarding" going on. We know it happens on MTGO more often than in paper, and there may be 1-5 dealers with sufficient stocks of P3K and such, but most of these cards show up on eBay with decent regularity meaning they are still in circulation.

    Well, the point of the matter doesn't assume hoarding is going on. The point is that certain card prices are protected by Wizards while others are not, and that this doesn't make a lot of sense. This fact then encourages hoarding of certain cards because you are nearly guaranteed to never lose value (until Magic dies).
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  • posted a message on [ME4] Who else is bummed to see classic cards get released?
    Quote from necrogenesis
    It sounds like what you're saying is that, "I'm getting screwed, so everyone else should be, too." Maybe you could try a different approach like, "I'm getting screwed, but I'm not going to take it anymore."

    No. I'm saying "we have to obey normal market fluctuations, why do you get a Wizards-enforced monopoly?" Because that's exactly what it is - a restriction on the market in order to prop up prices on cards for specific individuals (investment collectors).

    When Nantuko Shade was reprinted, those who were hoarding Shades lost a lot of money. But that's a silly statement in itself, as who would hoard Shades? The vintage/legacy market is extremely different. When you are assured that prices cannot go down due to reprints, it's a lot better "investment" to buy up and hoard cards. Which is overall bad for the community, as then fewer people have cards to play with, even if the total number is the same. Were the reserve list to expire even without reprinting, some of these "investment collectors" would see that it's not as riskless as you might think, they would divest themselves of some cards, more cards would circulate into the system, and prices might go down - or at least the cards would be spread among more people.

    The question isn't on us. The question is on "you" (general you) to justify having your investments protected by fiat while ours are not.
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  • posted a message on [ME4] Who else is bummed to see classic cards get released?
    Standard players have to deal with price drops all the time. Why should Legacy/Vintage players be immune to these same drops by fiat? When Primeval Titan leaves standard, it will probably drop in price by 50% or more. When Baneslayer Angel was reprinted, it went from $40 to $15. Magic cards are not an investment. At least not any sort of normal investment that you could take to the bank. If you like gambling with Magic cards you might as well start gambling on commodities trading as your 'investment.'

    It seems wrong to "guarantee" price levels only for a few, specific individuals. It should either be all ("all rares are reserved! forever!" - a horrible idea) or none.
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  • posted a message on [M11] running tally of highest priced cards (update post 1190)
    Quote from ForceOfTheDragon
    Reading through here and seeing all the arguments regarding Time Reversal... What happens (to the price of Time Reversal) if SoM features a more balanced Black Vise? Maybe casting 3 mana instead of one? Perhaps it (Time Reversal) will be to M11 what Vampire Nocturnus was to M10? Hmm.....

    You mean Iron Maiden? It's pretty balanced.
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  • posted a message on [M11] Mystifying Maze
    Effective 5 mana a turn to lock down *one* creature, doesn't stop annihilator (which triggers as soon as something attacks, sorry people who thought this was going to stop Emrakul), gives your opponents comes-into-play triggers (but not you!), they really couldn't have done anything more to make sure no one plays this card... well, besides make it come-into-play tapped, heh. Oh well. I was hoping for so much more. =/
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  • posted a message on RW Kilnin'
    Red-White? But not blue, you may ask?!

    What does blue add, anyway? Card draw, anti-removal counterspells, and unblockability. All available in white... plus superior aggressive critters and more removal.

    A brief explanation of my choices:

    Kiln Fiend: The reason for this deck. Making lightning bolts into 6 damage for one mana means that opponents really don't have a chance if they wish to play the long game.
    Goblin Guide: Giving them a land is irrelevant - they are going to be dead in four turns... or you are.
    Steppe Lynx/Geopede: The traditional 'Boros' package of super-fast landfall creatures. With 12 fetchlands, you are bound to be hitting for 4/5 damage a turn starting on turn two.

    Lightning Bolt: Obv.
    Burst Lightning: Not really as good as Bolt. Kills not a whole lot, especially against control, and you'll hardly ever be kicking it. Split with Flame Slash because sometimes Slash does nothing, and you can at least throw Burst at the face.
    Flame Slash: I anticipate walls being a 'big thing' in the new standard. Wall of Omens in particular. Kills pretty much everything you'd expect to see in the first 4 turns, which is what you need to do. Blank in some match-ups, so only 2.
    Searing Blaze: Clears the way, hits the face, what more do you need?
    Path to Exile: Sure it ramps them, but that doesn't matter when they're dead. Gets rid of *really* annoying critters like Kor Firewalker and Sprouting Thrinax - decks that rely only on burn to clear the way are severely hampered by those two ubiquitous critters.
    Emerged Unscathed: Counterspell, unblockability and rebound all in one amazing package. I'd play 8 if I could. Save these to counter removal unless you are forcing through the last damage.
    Survival Cache: There's no way I'm running this for the lifegain. However, consider that you are an aggressive deck. You will pretty much always have the opponent at lower life than you, which means this is a divination in white. Except a better diviniation because it is *two* sorceries, pumping your Kiln Fiend two turns in a row (and drawing two cards to help punch through).

    I haven't actually gotten to play with this deck, so these may need some adjustment. You have the equivalent of 12 Mountain 12 Plains, though the deck may want some more. You want to hit white turn one but then red for the rest of the game, generally. Bursts or Blazes could be cut for additional mountains.

    Silence is against UW tapout. You *know* they're going to go for a turn 4 (or even 3, sometimes) wrath effect, since it's the only way to beat you. Silence on their upkeep lets you skip their turn. No Jace, no Day of Judgment, nothing. Can occasionally be played on your turn for +3/+0 on the Kiln Fiend when you're going for the kill and need a spell.
    Mark of Mutiny is for other creature decks, where stealing a critter and bashing unopposed generally means game over.
    Flame Slash allows you to get rid of more walls, whether they be actual walls or Wall of Rhino (Rhox Warmonk) which could ruin your day.

    Other options? Punishing Fire against Kor Firewalker (too 'cute' in my opinion). Staggershock against critter-based decks (though you would rather kill them sooner than turn 3/4). Soul's Fire for immense unblockable damage (though useless without a creature and suffers from critter removal).

    For an aggressive deck like this one, I don't think splashing Blue is worth it. 3-color is far too unstable for a deck that *needs* a 1-2-3 curve-out every game. You would have to remove white, which I argue is much better than blue anyway.

    Thoughts, comments? This is honestly all theory at this point - I will be taking it to FMN 'soon' but welcome anyone who has actually played a few matches with something like this.
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  • posted a message on [ROE] Brimestone Mage - Dailymtg twitter
    This will be amazing in limited formats, period. Too spendy for Constructed, but he'll hit 'ultimate' in limited enough to completely change games around.
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  • posted a message on Best colors in ZEN/WWK limited?
    I tried forcing Blue-White (with opening some nice blue bombs like Roil Elemental) and it just never worked out. I'd get what I thought was an insane UW combination, with double Sejiri Merfolk and double Snapper... and every time I'd have a second turn Merfolk they'd have 3rd turn hasty pinger, kill your merfolk, make the rest of your hand useless (as it'd be things like Horizon Drakes and Marsh Threaders).

    I don't know how, but in both the drafts I played on Friday, someone managed to draft mono-red, and it was pretty crazy. I didn't have a chance.
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  • posted a message on World Queller Stax
    Quote from xChaospherex
    ...World Queller's CMC is 5


    And also isn't an artifact. So it'll cost 6, not 5.
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  • posted a message on Changing creature type
    The updated (correct) wording on that ally says that it only targets your own lands. No tricks killing your opponents lands that way, sorry!
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  • posted a message on Priceless Treasures in ZEN packs!!! (confirmed!)
    During the draft after the main event, someone opened up an Unlimited Tropical Island. Pretty cool stuff, wish it would've been me! Wink
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  • posted a message on Reliquary Tower
    This is indeed a great casual card! I have a deck that it will go in right away, which abuses things like Rhystic Study and Vision Skeins and Upheaval... it'll be great.

    Now, for sure, this isn't really a constructed card. But I like it. And the rarity is just right - it's not a common so it doesn't really mess up limited, and it's not a rare so people don't cry when they open a booster. Sure it may not be ideal in a color-heavy set, but it has to go somewhere!
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  • posted a message on [CON] Might of Alara & protection bears
    Where were we told about the Shivan Zombie reprint? Why isn't it in any of the initial posts or thread titles of the other threads? (At least from a casual glance I can't find it.)
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