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  • posted a message on Cracking Treasure chest vs selling them
    What is the EV on these chest and is it really just better to sell them to bots?
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  • posted a message on [AER] - Spoiler Discussion for Modern
    OMG I did not realise the sceptre casts the copies, no you definitely want it as a 4 of. Even something imprinted like Sleight of Hand is awesome as it gains you a card without having to spend one and also untaps all of your rocks. You would probably want to play some of the two mana cantrips.
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  • posted a message on [AER] - Spoiler Discussion for Modern
    Paradox engine wants mana rocks more to me than mana dorks. The dorks just die to so many more things. Yes, they can have artifact removal post board but if you have a better game one that is OK. I'm willing to sacrifice a little explosiveness for a lot more consistency

    What I'm thinking is some sort of reboot of the cheerios engine. Let's say you have the Engine online turn four and a three mana rocks in play. You play your 0 cmc artifact all your rocks come back tap for three and go off, add some cantrips, a few manamorphose. You can eventually when you get a good enough amount of mana on play something like Tidings or Concentrate and then eventually win with a grapeshot.

    It is going to be interesting to see if such a deck can make it, I would like to find out
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  • posted a message on Aether revolt Masterpieces
    that five mana artifact is probably going to break several formats. It untaps all mana dorks and mana rock for only having to play one spell. Even if you only have two or three mana rocks in play you are netting at least two mana every time you play something. Add some cheap cantrips that now also add mana and you are good to go. Have some grapeshots to finish the game off.

    That is going to be super sexy to try and break modern with that card. 2 CMC mana rocks do exist in modern so you can get that of turn three easy. Then play some of those 0 cmc cheerios artifacts and get ready to go off.
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  • posted a message on Did the overall set value decrease as a whole from RTR block to the present?
    Quote from sealteamfive »
    Quote from KnickM »

    Speculating on Modern uncommons is foolish. Seriously, the reprint venues are too numerous.

    Can't agree enough with this statement. Additionally, you're talking about years of waiting for a power common/uncommon to take off and even then your gains won't be very much.

    For example the most expensive common printed in the last 5 to 7 years is what? I'd guess Gitaxian Probe and it's only a $3 or $4 card. Your avenue to make any real money on an investment like that is virtually nil because nobody is going to want 1000 copies. If it gets reprinted it'll go back to a 10 or 20 cent common and everything you've done would be for not.

    The history of Smash to Smithereens proves this. The only thing that makes this a little bit less likely is the removal of the Core Sets. There will now be one less avenue to reprint cards that do not make thematic sense in the current standard formats. There still is not standard sets but those can be hit or miss.
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  • posted a message on Did the overall set value decrease as a whole from RTR block to the present?
    Do any of you actually remember old extended? The one and I do mean the only reason anyone ever played it was because it was a good entry point to the Pro Tour. It was horrid, why would WOTC want to resurrect such a despised format?

    What they really have to do is make Modern Masters a yearly thing. It is just ridiculous that modern has to wait two years before any new supply of staples happen. They can produce ten commander pre cons by the time they get one set for the modern players.
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  • posted a message on Floor Traders - thoughts?
    LGS cannot really survive if they don't sell MTG. The margins are razor thin but it is the sells the most. Yugioh may very easily die off completely in the next couple of years, Force of Will cards have very poor secondary market value and Pokemon is a bit too niche to focus on.

    If there was one game I would actually do more of it would be the Pokemon TCG. The fact that you can get 6 cents for any and all Pokemon bulk and you are also get something like 50 - 70 cents for the pack code makes it so that you are virtually guaranteed a buck from every pack you crack. This makes it so that you only have to crack something like 60 bucks worth of hits to break even from your box. Some sets are better than others but still that guaranteed buck makes it super appealing.
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  • posted a message on Thieving Magpie
    I always play in my cube just for the sentimental reasons. Was one of the first cards I ever cracked in a pack of 10th edition. I want there to be some variety in the power level of the UW fliers
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  • posted a message on Has anyone had any experience with SCG wholesale Promo lots?
    I'm realising that I'm increasingly becoming a collector with a pauper cube. I have been looking at this lot for a while and wondering if I should pull the trigger.

    I just want some interesting and nice shiny things to look at but if the lot was just a collection of Theros and RTR prerelease promo's then it would break my heart.

    Just wondering if anyone has bought this and if so what has their experience been?
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  • posted a message on Do not preorder Kaladesh singles
    Just a friendly note - order what you want to play the first couple of weeks of standard, but watch prices fall off precipitously as people rip open cases to get 1 or 2 expeditions. I've only pre-ordered some fast lands and made a couple of specs - I already regret those. They will not pay off, at least not in any meaningful way.

    Boohoo the little baby is unhappy because his attempts at becoming a share trader failed. Get over yourself pal, speccing on pre-orders has simply never paid off. The prices for cards have always been at its highest on release. It is not WOTC fault you bought into the baloney train.

    WOTC is not really concerned with what you pay for singles. They concern themselves with the amount of sealed product opened. You can bet this will do the same for their profits as the expeditions of Zendikar did.

    Moaners act like cheap singles is a bad thing
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  • posted a message on Which stores on TCGPlayer are serious about NM foils?
    SCG has no peer when it comes to the condition of cards.
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  • posted a message on New Fast Lands
    The Izzet and the golgari ones will be the most important for modern. If you can get them for 5 - 8 bucks buy all day long. They will easily be 10 - 15 bucks in a few years time.
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  • posted a message on Enemy Fast lands
    The art of the golgari one is simply breathtaking and reminds me a bit of the original Bitterblossom art. Foils should be amazing to own.
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  • posted a message on Enemy Fast lands
    Buy as many of these while they are drafted, stick them in a file, seal file in a closet, wait 5 years, PROFIT!
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  • posted a message on Graveyard centric cube
    I want to hear suggestions on a graveyard themed cube. Things I want to do in this cube.

    Discard cards (My own cards in particular.).
    Reanimate cards.
    Play spells from the graveyard
    Blink creatures

    So mechanics that I' particularly interested in playing with.


    I want to have all five colours share in the graveyard interaction, and have things skewed too much to one colour combination.
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