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  • posted a message on [MM2] Modern Masters 2
    Quote from Metallix87 »
    Ummm... what? Every time Rebels have been around, they've been given a great deal of focus and support.

    They have been? I am sorry, but I am only a casual player of this game, not a hardcore one, so I would not have noticed that.
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  • posted a message on [MM2] Modern Masters 2
    The first Modern Masters had a strong focus on rebels and rogues, creatures that previously had not been given much focus, so on what creature types (if any) may this set focus? I myself would like to see a focus on giants, treefolk, or gargoyles, but there may not be enough of those creatures in the game for there to be a large amount of them in this set.
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  • posted a message on Uncharted Realms Discussions
    To change the topic of this thread, how great may the Phyrexian infection that Karn unintentionally spread to other planes have grown? I doubt that it shall be as great as the Phyrexian infection on Mirrodin, but will it be sufficiently great that it could threaten the native inhabitants of those planes?

    Also, since WotC has had two different story installments that focused on Ob Nixilis, I believe that it is safe to presume that they are planning to have him be a major character later in the story, but when and where? I myself imagine that he shall be a major character whenever the story returns to Zendikar, but what, exactly are his end goals? He certainly will not be a multiverse-wide threat, as are Bolas, Phyrexia, and the Eldrazi, but he certainly is not a negligible threat, either.
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  • posted a message on Narset, Jeskai Ascendant
    So, if no one has responded to this thread, by now, should I presume that no one is interested in it?
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  • posted a message on Uncharted Realms Discussions
    Jenesis, I believe that I have a great imagination, since I write short stories and poetry as a hobby, and I am working on building my own medieval fantasy world, inspired by The Lord of the Rings, The Sword of Shannara, Forgotten Realms, and so forth. When I was younger, I played with Lego and K'nex sets constantly, and I now have woodworking and playing the piano as current hobbies, all of which help to keep a person's creative abilities active and sharp. I have no problem with fantasy stories that do not follow our own universe's rules of physics, but there are some things that I cannot accept, such as centaurs (which are biologically improbable), Godzilla-sized monsters, or flat worlds. I am also a very scientific and rational person (or at least attempt to be), so story elements that blatantly violate the laws of physics or biology simply bother me.

    I joined this forums, because I prefer fan forums over the official forums. That preference dates back to when I was much younger, and had just started playing Dungeons & Dragonswith the release of that game's third edition. I was a member of the official WotC forums, where I discussed the game, but then, one day, I discovered, by chance, a fan community known as Dicefreaks, and I found that I enjoyed that community more than WotC's official community, in no small part because its members had their own re-interpretations of various elements of the game, most notably the archfiends, who, in my mind, are very weak in WotC's official textbooks.

    Similarly, since this forum has a section for custom card creation, I joined it, because I wished to share my own custom card ideas with other players of this game, and I was hoping to feel a sense of community and belonging here. I give my best effort to be polite and friendly to everyone with whom I interact, so I do not see what problem there is with expressing my own opinion, especially since I understand that it is only my own opinion, and that other people may not agree with it.
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  • posted a message on Things that Shall Make You Feel Old (for users born between 1980 and 1990)
    Dunno if it has been mentioned, but this November is supposed to be when Marty McFly pops up in the DeLorean!

    I did mention Back to the Future, but I did not know the month to which he traveled in 2015, so I wonder just how different the year shall actually be from how it was portrayed in the movie?
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  • posted a message on Uncharted Realms Discussions
    Quote from Barinellos »
    It does have an actual edge. It is where the ocean falls into the Blind Eternities and is where the Temple of Mystery is located. Ajani and Elspeth had to sail there to get into Nyx through the backdoor.

    As to the other, even if it is based on ancient Greece, it doesn't mean it IS ancient Greece. It's Theros and the rules are different.

    I have not read the book of the Theros block, so I would not be familiar with that part of the story.

    Why would WotC choose to have a plane with an actual edge? The idea of a plane (or planet) having an edge is a ridiculous one, especially to modern audiences, for whom the idea of a spherical Earth is the default diea.
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  • posted a message on Uncharted Realms Discussions
    Several users here have said that the plane of Theros has an actual edge, but has WotC ever officially stated that? Also, if Theros is based off ancient Greece, then it should definitely not have an edge, since the ancient Greeks knew that the world is round (they were very intelligent and educated, especially in the fields of astronomy and geometry).
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  • posted a message on The next Planeswalkers Duel Decks
    Quote from AvatarofBro »
    Pax Australia. There were a few threads about it in the Rumor Mill a while back. He said they had solved the problem of the colorless basic land, with a mind towards colorless EDH.

    I really hope that their solution does not completely upset the game, since basic lands are a fundamental aspect of it. Making a colorless basic land, to me, does not make sense, since it would be treating colorless as if it were a color, and colorless is not a color in its own right.
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  • posted a message on PAX South and spoils/teasers
    Quote from signofzeta »
    ... Seeing how the core set isn't announced in the beginning of January, like the past few core sets, what are the odds of the core set not being named the "Magic 2016 core set"?

    Yes, I agree with that, but you do realize that I was attempting to be humorous, I hope?
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  • posted a message on [MM2] Modern Masters 2
    Quote from jturphy »
    What specific players may like or dislike isn't really relevant when a large point of the set is to increase the number of cards available to Modern players. Mindscensor is a $10+ uncommon and it is commonly played in Modern. It is one of the few cards that should absolutely be reprinted.

    Also, of course being legendary is a drawback. It is designed as a drawback. It's purpose is to be a drawback from a power level standpoint.

    Yes, I do agree that, if the card is very expensive, it should be reprinted; I only hope that I never have to go against it, since its ability is ridiculously powerful for a card that costs 3 mana; in my mind, such a restrictive effect as that should not cost any less than 5 mana, and it should allow searching of the top five or six cards, as four is simply too few.

    I like using legendary creatures because they represent specific characters in the storyline, characters who are extremely powerful, have achieved great and wondrous deeds, or both. I do not care if being legendary is a drawback from a mechanical standpoint, I always ensure that every one of my decks has at least one legendary creature.

    I cannot recall if they have been mentioned yet, but the "filter lands" from Shadowmoor and Eventide are quite expensive, now, so I believe that they definitely need to be reprinted. Does anyone else here hope for that?
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  • posted a message on Making Bad Cards Good!
    GraveTitan, I believe that the prophet of Kruphix should also be able to untap artifacts, just as seedborn muse does, since there are numerous artifacts that have abilities that requrie them to be tapped, and untapping those artifacts every turn is amazingly useful.

    For my own design:
    Dromar, the Banisher
    Casting Cost: 3WUB
    Legendary Creature - dragon
    Whenever Dromar, the Banisher deals combat damage to a player, you may pay 2U. If you do, choose a color, then return all creatures that that player controls of that color to their owner's hands.
    Dromar is very nice, but, unlike the other dragons of his cycle, he could potentially hinder his controller; in fact, he affects himself three-fifths of the time, which means that he is very difficult to use, if his controller's opponent has a deck that contains black, white, or blue creatures. My version of him takes inspiration from the abilities of Crosis and Darigaaz, which affect only a single player at a time.
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  • posted a message on [MM2] Modern Masters 2
    Quote from Link »
    It's not completely superior. It's legendary. You can't (easily) have multiple Spear of Heliods, but you can have multiple Glorious Anthems.

    I hope they reprint Aven Mindcensor.

    I really dislike it when players consider being legendary to be a drawback for a card, since the legendary supertype specifically exists to balance the mechanical power of cards that have it.

    And why does everyone keep hoping for aven mindcensor to be reprinted? I really dislike cards that hinder specific strategies, such as that card, stranglehold, containment priest, notion thief, or hushwing gryff.
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  • posted a message on PAX South and spoils/teasers
    Quote from signofzeta »
    So... about that core set...

    What about it?
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  • posted a message on [Official] Digital Rendering Thread
    Quote from narb777 »
    Tetsuo Umezawa

    Narb, your skills are simply amazing!

    Would either you or another user be able to do a render of either Scion of the Ur-Dragon or Cromat with an image of Tiamat from Dungeons & Dragons?

    Raxxx, could you send me, by private message, either the image that ZS deleted, or a link to that image? The fact that it was deleted has piqued my curiosity and makes me wish to see it.
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