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  • posted a message on Commander 2015 owners thread!
    I got Mizzix of the Izmagnus, and I LOOOOOVE this deck so much. I slotted in a few other cards but it's mostly precon, and wow I love the feeling of casting cards in an order to get as many counters as I can, and then casting all my other cards for stupid cheap. Playing the deck 3 times last night it went 2-1 which is cool, I lost a 5 player game where I went suicide into a kicked Urza's Rage and killed the other guy who had won a game that night so someone else could rise up.

    However, I did notice a huge lack of Win-con in the deck, it got to the point where I had the Mind Moil Legend Sphinx out, and I cycled through my whole deck unable to kill anyone so that's probably something i'll try to change up.
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  • posted a message on General for +1/+1 counter EDH?
    I'm going to side with Bant. Cards like Cathar's Crusade with a Conqueror's Pledge (kicked or not) is disgustingly good.

    And Increasing Devotion.
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  • posted a message on Opinions on an EDH Life Counter App for Android
    Some kind of layout where life totals are facing their respective players.

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  • posted a message on [SCD] Praetor's Grasp
    Quote from Jm1234
    Praetor's Grasp 1BB

    This is a card I NEVER see run in EDH.


    I play this in EVERY black deck I have. I looove it.
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  • posted a message on EDH... not so fun.
    Quote from donfuan
    Your fun, my fun, everyone else's fun?
    you get it Wink

    Thiiiis guuuuyyyy gets iiiiit.

    There's a format out there for everyone!
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  • posted a message on EDH... not so fun.
    I don't exactly agree that an LGS is a terrible place to play, but I can see why.

    At my store (Anthem Games what whaaat) there are some jerks who play haaard combo but there's also a decent amount of players (4-6) who play fun games, and I have my own group who I drive there every now and then.

    If you really wanna have fun, in my opinion you gotta find friends to play with first.

    Perhaps I take my playgroup forgranted sometimes
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  • posted a message on [[SCD]] Wargate
    I really like Wargate. I would start with Eternal Witness, get it back, Cast to get Venser, the Sojourner, then loop the Wargate over and over for sick results.
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  • posted a message on [[SCD]] Tahngarth, Talruum Hero
    I should let you guys know that even if he deals Lethal to a creature, State based actions are not checked until an ability is fully resolved. So even if he kills a creature, it will still be there to hit him back. When the ability finishes resolving, the game will recognize that they've both been dealt lethal and they go to the graveyard.

    He's still a good card though.
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  • posted a message on Adding Planeswalkers as generals
    I think this is a topic that's riddled with holes and Planeswalkers for generals are nigh impossible without heavy rules changes or something along those lines.

    I'd like to see if anyone could come up with reasonable solutions though.
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  • posted a message on Wanting to Make a brutal Kaervek deck
    Such wonderful beautiful suggestions!
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  • posted a message on Wanting to Make a brutal Kaervek deck
    Hello again everyone. So since I have most EDH archetypes covered, so i'm wanting to make a group slug deck.

    First to focus on is Discard, which spells could you guys recommend as the best discard spells for EDH? I'm already playing Mind Twist, which my friends are already telling me is brutal.
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  • posted a message on Fastest 21 Dmg Generals?
    My favorites:
    +7 tokens Thromok the Insatiable+Pandemonium/Warstorm Surge+ Fling
    Pandemonium and or Warstorm Surge can knock out someone, or 2 if you have both. Attack, you should have some haste with red, and then fling him to finish someone off.

    Seems complex to assemble, but with thromok you're just playing token swarm and Pandemonium, Warstorm Surge, and Electropotence for redundancy.

    Bruna, Light of Alabaster+Traumatize yourself before you attack next turn, you should be able to slap enough auras on to get 21 damage.

    Rafiq of the Many+ Might of Oaks 11 damage double striking to 22 general. On of the simplest, you just need evasion or to hit someone with out creatures.
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  • posted a message on [Commander] Sleeve & Deck Box Discussion [EDH]
    Quote from Elvish Sniper
    I'm not reading all 20 pages of this, but I'm sure someone here knows the answer - what brand of sleeves are best when trying to show off the foil-yness of foils? I've noticed in other people's decks that some show off the bling better than others.

    It's not just the sleeves, they print foils in different ways, so Shadowmoor foils are darker in their ink, Zendikar and Alara foils look amazing, and Innistrad block foils don't look foil at all, a real shame.

    BUT, the best sleeves in my opnion to bling foils are Ultra Pros, but I prefer Dragon Shields because they last so much longer.

    Stay away from Pro Matte Ultra Pro sleeves, the matte front really kills the shine.
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  • posted a message on Lost in 5 color
    Cool to hear about it. I put Amulet of Vigor in my deck too but since I haven't played any real games yet I'm not sure if it would be worth keeping.
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  • posted a message on Lost in 5 color
    To me, 5 color EDH has always been an incredible challenge that I wanted to over come. Difficult/expensive (not so expensive anymore though) mana base, and over all just the restrictive "themes" of all the 5c generals.

    So here's my question, if you ever had a 5c deck, what was it based on? Like, what key cards did you use that you were just happy to see? Was there a theme, or just good stuff?

    I want to built a 5c deck and it's just good stuff dudes and ramp (I think I have way too much ramp, I think I have 13 slots dedicated to color fixing.)

    Even after playing EDH for a year and a half, i'm still so lost when it comes to this.
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