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  • posted a message on [The Crafters] are trapped in Limbo...


    Well, I shouldn't be too surprised. The writing's been on the wall. Or lack thereof.

    When I first joined [The Crafters] it was a bustling hub of creativity. We had puzzles, music, illustrations, videos, knitting, voice work, recipes, custom cards, RPing, and the rare sculpture or two. But those times have clearly passed. These days it's rare to see three different people posted here in the same week. Truth be told, not much Crafting going on these days (with the exception of Sharpie who remains prolific in good times and bad. Love those quizzes and always have). And when those precious few of us who produce something share it, there isn't nearly enough recognition or even critique.

    I've been coming to MTGS for only three reasons: sharing ideas with my fellow Crafters, the GreyCorps thread, and Spoiler Season. As the first two items on the list aren't happening anytime soon, there's little reason to continue investing in this organization or the "Lord Grey" character and his mythos.

    So, with heavy heart I announce my departure from [The Crafters].

    As much as I'd like to continue these creative exploits or just simply talk about whatever, most everyone else have moved on to other (in all likelihood more important) things. I did have some good times with my fellow clan mates over the years and I'm grateful for them.

    Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors, (craft-related and otherwise).

    Lord Alistair Grey, CEO of GreyCorps

    Some Unremarkable Guy Typing on a Smartphone
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  • posted a message on GreyCorp®s' Interplanar Adventures
    ...I'm calling time of death on GreyCorps Interplanar Adventures as everyone else has clearly moved on to other things. It was fun while it lasted.

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  • posted a message on [The Crafters] are trapped in Limbo...
    Palnar, Existentialist Elemental

    Legendary Token Creature - Zombie Elemental

    Protection from Llamas

    When Palnar, Existentialist Elemental enters the battlefield, target opponent creates a 2/2 white Llama creature token.

    Whenever Palnar deals combat damage to a player, gain control of target Llama that player controls.


    Fun challenge: Next poster figures out what the original version looks like - color(s), mana cost, Embalm cost, etc.
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  • posted a message on [The Crafters] are trapped in Limbo...
    So...would be more appropriate to Embalm our freshly dead or those who haven't popped in here for a considerably long time?
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  • posted a message on [The Crafters] are trapped in Limbo...
    You remembered baking cookies in ancient Egypt, but forgot about the whole attorney stint? I suppose gleaning the darkest secrets of bakecraft is a far more significant experience.

    By the way, I'm seconds away from firing up Mass Effect Andromeda for the first time. Let's see if it lives up to the hype.
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  • posted a message on [The Crafters] are trapped in Limbo...
    In the spirit of Amonkhet and since it's so dead around here...

    [The Crafters] will be Embalming its inactive members.
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    Yep, still here.

    I've drafted MM17 a few times with mixed results: won an FNM with Jund aggro and another draft with GW Tokens/Populate (pulled a Tarmogoyf in that pull! Dance ), lost yesterday when I spent my first few draft picks waffling between two completely different archetypes. Ended up with slow Grixis Control w/ a green mana splash so I could use both Niv Mizzet and Simic Skyswallower. So naturally I get paired against someone with a RW Aggro deck that runs like a sewing machine.

    I'm waiting on Mass Effect: Andromeda since I'm playing through Zelda: Breath of the Wild ( which is great).
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  • posted a message on [The Crafters] are trapped in Limbo...
    ♫ Looking for (interplanar) adventure ♫

    The Modern Masters sets will cause some price drops, but they'll be temporary. Once the set goes out of print and the dust settles, the prices on those staples will go ⬆⬆⬆.
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  • posted a message on GreyCorp®s' Interplanar Adventures
    I'm going to type stuff, despite dwindling interest...

    Meanwhile back in Lidiya's apartment...

    Lidiya: "This is ******* BALLER! How'd you even know it was my birthday?"

    She tries on her new gauntlet, testing out its impeccable articulation.

    George: "Well, today was Brody's birthday and since you mentioned he was your twin I figured..."

    Lidiya: "You're better off sticking with Ambrose, only members of the House of Grey get away with throwing nicknames at him. He really hates his nicknames. And how'd you know it was his birthday?"

    George: "I secured myself a spot in his squad. Cool huh?"

    "You joined Squad Alabaster on purpose?"

    "Sure did, babe. And I slipped out of some cat wrangling mission just for you. So how 'bout unwrapping your next present? It should only take about two minutes." Guess What I'm Thinkin'

    "And here's what you do next: request an immediate transfer to the Jeevescake Factory, never stepping foot outside of it, and go bake cakes for the rest of your life. Because as soon as my dear brother finds out you bailed on him..."

    "Oh, you don't have to worry about that, I've got someone covering for me - this real cool cat who's great with disguises."

    "I'd imagine not great enough to spoof his heightened senses. He can practically taste the air, you know. That decoy of yours is as good as dead."


    "So, you just sacrificed some poor sap in order to sneak off and earn yourself the Paramore achievement? Quick study. You'll fit in just fine around here."

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    GWU = Bant
    WUB = Esper
    UBR = Grixis
    BRG = Jund
    RGW = Naya
    WBG = Abzan
    URW = Jeskai
    BGU = Sultai
    RWB = Mardu
    GUR = Temur

    Though not all decks of these color compositions revolve their respective shard or wedge's mechanics, it's common to use those names as a way to easily grok said color combinations (ex: Bant Company, Saheeli Jeskai, Mardu Vehicles). Not really a fan of this naming convention, but at least it's more descriptive than naming the deck after a breakfast cereal. Rolleyes

    Video games: Playing a lot of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius on my phone. I know it suffers immensely from power creep and is essentially a "pay to win" game (either pony up some $$$ for those sweet 6🌟 units or expect to grind for months), but it serves up the member berriers. I leveled Shadow up all the way before realizing he is literally the worst unit in the game (every other ninja in the game can Throw shuriken right off the bat, but Shadow can't do it until he earns his Loyalty reward...which is an agonizingly slow process!) Not doing too much console gaming, but I'm looking forward to Mass Effect Andromeda.

    Tabletop Games: Closest thing to a tabletop game I've played was Mage Knight (the original "Clix" game) and that was about a decade ago. Tried to get into Warmachine around the same time, but it never came to fruition (collected a small Protectorate squad and that was it). I enjoyed Dreamblade during its very short lifetime; it had potential, but suffered from complexity creep and being a collectable miniatures game with random minis.

    Magic, because this is a Magic site: Modern Masters 2017 looks to have the goods. Glad I preordered my box before the inevitable price spike.
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  • posted a message on [The Crafters] are trapped in Limbo...
    A. Fade to black, thus ending GreyCorps Interplanar Adventures and any further allusions to its characters, locale, or other things. Except a potential final wrap up scene.

    B. Continue the interplanar adventures: find a way to better your situation and perhaps find out what the hell Lamont's talking about. Frequent participation a MUST, lest this whole thing drag on for ANOTHER year. Only choose Option B if you're willing to commit.

    C. None of the above.
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  • posted a message on [The Crafters] are trapped in Limbo...
    From the look of things we haven't seen a lot of our fellow Crafters lately. But PG's absence has been a long one, at least since last fall. Hopefully this is just a sign of him having a very successful business and being too busy to post here.

    Lamont: "Right on that, Genevieve.

    "In case you haven't met her yet, she's our General Manager / Administrator of Occasional Pain. Seeing as this whole 'RP' thing is leading nowhere you probably won't have the pleasure. Which is a good thing considering how convoluted this whole alternate Multiverse is. The camera will simply pan out as we presumably toil away for all eternity, then fade to black.

    "Done. Finito. Love does not conquer all. No happily ever after.

    *Retrieves his flask and takes a few swigs*

    "Letting something like 'love' enter my cold magically preserved heart? That certainly didn't jive with the Old Man's plans. What the hell was I thinking?"
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    On the subject of Crows...

    The Murderous Crow 4B

    Legendary Artifact - Vehicle

    Flying, Lifelink, Menace, Indestructible

    The Murderous Crow can't be crewed by non-Vampire creatures.

    Whenever The Murderous Crow deals combat damage to a player, put a loyalty counter on each planeswalker you control, then you may planeswalk.

    Crew 2


    "I ***** you not, ALL of my squadmates are ******* planeswalkers. And instead of using their insanely rare gifts, they're bumming rides off me."

    - Lidiya Grey

    ...I even put it in old fashioned micro text so it all fits. Grin
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  • posted a message on [The Crafters] are trapped in Limbo...
    Lamont: "No, I haven't heard of your 'fourth wall' whatever. My only means of keeping up with current events is listening in on customers and exotic curses rarely come up in conversations.

    "Speaking of customers, better get that cheese dip going before..."

    The conversation is interrupted by a stern authoritative female voice booming over the kitchen's intercom:

    Female Voice: "Mister Grey! Miss Illumina! Now is not the time for idle chin wagging! Get back on task!"

    *insert whip cracking sound* Crack That Whip!

    Employees of the Jeevescake Factory needn't possess magical powers, but it certainly helps.

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  • posted a message on [The Crafters] are trapped in Limbo...
    Lamont: " 'This is scary, I wanna go to the safe place.'

    "Sounds like a voluntary demotion if you ask me, and I've heard plenty of them after being stuck here for so long. Probably a good decision since you're so delicate...and have that unique ethereal beauty about you. No doubt all those nasty monsters out there would find you irresistible prey. Especially Brody, that sick bastard.

    "But don't worry, he can't reach you in here. This is the only place in all the multitudes that he can't enter. Ol' Daddy O' made extra sure to keep his feuding sons separated, lest his orderly world fall into disarray."

    Prodding Imp 4B


    Flying, Deathtouch, Provoke

    Whenever a creature deal damage by Prodding Imp this turn dies, put that card on top of its owner's library.

    "Dead already? C'mon, let's play some more."

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