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  • posted a message on R/U Homebrew
    This deck is a little bit different than your average R/U deck. This is the decklist that I came up with so far after one major and one minor revision. Here is the current list:

    I realized how well Snapcaster would go in this deck, despite losing synergy with Runechanter's Pike and Grim Lavamancer. So he went in, at the cost of three lands. Inferno Titan is also not needed as a two-of, so I swapped one out for another Lavamancer.
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  • posted a message on Unhallowed Swarm. Pointers?
    Quote from Ravarshi
    Bloodline Keeper being the only vampire in the deck is irrelevent, mostly because by the time i'm tapping him he's creating double the tokens (usually with vigilance thanks to a virtue) And he's a relevent threat that draws removal very quickly because if not killed he wins the game, 2 tokens a turn with a lives on the board is VERY dangerous, and thus he eats removal every time.

    Few things.
    1. Intangible Virtue affects only creature tokens.
    2. Bloodline Keeper a four drop vampire that says "remove me". I'd rather run Garruk or some other token maker. (Which Garruk you run is up to you; I'd prefer the primal hunter for your deck)
    3. I highly suggest running more white for Gavony Townships; it makes your tokens HUGE.
    4. Fiend Hunter doesn't really fit the synergy of the deck very well.
    I'd suggest making these changed to your decklist:
    -3 Fiend Hunter
    -3 Bloodline Keeper
    -1 Swamp
    -1 Plains
    +1 Midnight Haunting
    +4 Master's Call
    +3 Gavony Township
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  • posted a message on [Official] R/G Midrange
    Manic Vandal seems like a poor choice in this deck. The ability to use him is not optional; dropping him with a Sword on the field while your opponent provides no alternatives means that you'll be scrapping your equipment. I'd suggest running Acidic Slime because of its utility and deathtouch, or perhaps running Sylvok Replica for pick-and-choose destruction. It has the bonus of being colorless, and it only sacrifices one point of power for a point of toughness.
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