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  • posted a message on Marchesa, the Aggro Rose
    Wow, this War of the Spark has a ton of goodies I'm going to want to test.

    Spark Double can be a second copy of Marchesa, thereby protecting my board even more. Double Dethrone is a nice bonus. It also goes infinite with Glen Elendra Archmage, a Sac Outlet and some way to deal damage. Goblin Bombardment fulfills both of those, but I could always use Blood Artist and co. with any Sac Outlet.

    Bolas's Citadel is a top end draw engine I should probably test. The deck wants to lose life, it wants to play out lots of threats and the Citadel also can let me Sac my board for protection or reach. I think it might not make the cut but I'm willing to test it to see. A lot of noncreatures give my opponents breathing room, as I play that instead of another threat, but the Citadel lets me churn out threats the turn it comes down.

    Krenko, Tin Street Kingpin does what this deck wants. Protects itself with a +1/+1 counter, poops out tokens to go wide and it also goes tall to put pressure on my opponent for blocks.

    Dreadhorde Butcher looked attractive until Mayhem Devil was spoiled. Might still need to test it, but as far as I'm concerned, Mayhem Devil is a slam dunk. So many people sacrifice all sorts of permanents, such as Fetches or Steves, and that's without my Grave Pact out. There's also plenty of Aristocrat-style decks running around that I could easily take advantage of that. With the Devil dealing damage to any target, this means that the deck can easily take out Planeswalkers without needing to send a guy at them.

    It's unlikely that War will print other cards I would want at this point, but I'm willing to be pleasantly surprised. This is already enough goodies that is making me go "How will they all fit?!"
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  • posted a message on Vaevictis Asmadi, Get Dire
    Upping my 'End the Game' Suite: Courser was a draw piece, allowing me to play Lands off of the top, so that I could setup a more impressive Asmadi trigger. It's decent. Scroll Rack, in comparison, is insane. This deck has a few shuffling effects, allowing me to throw away chaff and draw a new set. It sets up Asmadi and is all around amazing. I also have a sneaking suspicion that it will astronomically spike soon, so it was pretty much now or never.

    Rubblehulk helps me end the game but is garbage if it ever gets cheated into play. Xenagos turns Asmadi into a Two Turn Clock, gives Haste to speed that up, perfectly curves into Asmadi as a five to six drop, is resilient to removal and is cheaper if I do want to cast it compared to Rubblehulk. The swap is practically night and day.

    Journey to Eternity was probably the most hoops I would need to jump through to get some value; with my desire to improve my end game, Aggravated Assault seems like a much better way to spend my hoop jumping. I'm adding the infinite with the Sword and Umbra.

    With the pinpoint removal the deck packs, Dictate's indiscriminate matter doesn't go well. It also completely hoses my chance of using the diplomatic approach. Hour of Promise is probably the best Ramp spell in the game but it is a Sorcery when this deck likes Permanents. Bear Umbra will act as pseudo-Ramp, so I'll just have to take consolation in that and it protects my Commander with the Totem Armour. I think I will somehow manage.
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  • posted a message on Ruric Thar SMASH!
    Switching up the End Game: The deck makes a lot of mana but not much Red, which is why I couldn't run Obsidian Fireheart but the Captivating Crew don't require much Red, only a lot of mana. They can certainly end the game if left unmolested, also they have an immediate impact unlike the Fireheart or Occultist. I knew the Occultist was weak, more of a flex slot, and so it gets the axe.

    Primal Order has put me in a pickle a few times, such as knowing it will kill me before I can kill the table. Also, some decks just don't really take a lot of damage from it. In its place, another 'win the game' card in the form of Mob Rule. Also, an immediate impact and a large enough one that I think it's worth Thar's temper, especially if I snag some life gain Creatures.

    The deck has been leaning a little more Red for awhile now, so swapping one Basic.
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  • posted a message on Gahiji, Vigilant Vengeance
    More "end the game" stuff: Serra Ascendant is great and synergizes with Gahiji's triggered ability. Courser just didn't gain me enough life; I also feel like I have enough draw so I'm cutting this piece.

    Leonin Warleader's tokens were underwhelming. Mob Rule, if resolved and unmolested, should end the game for me.
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  • posted a message on Iroas's Invincible Pokestick Brigade
    The thing that first strikes me is that your deck doesn't have enough draw. You need to keep drawing so those Wraths don't hurt as bad or set you back as much. This is why my Marchesa, the Black Rose has so much draw despite getting my Creatures back - I am going to take casualties and I need to be ale to keep playing Creatures. Unfortunately, Boros means you need to get Creative. Smuggler's Copter improves your card quality, Prophetic Flamespeaker and Stromkirk Occultist give you Impulsive Draw. Normally, I would dedicate Outpost Siege to this spot but your deck wants to turn sideways, it would be hard to justify giving your opponent's a breather. Grenzo, Havoc Raiser gives pseudo-draw but more importantly, Goad makes people attack each other. This means you have less life you need to chew through, more peoples' Creatures are tapped so it gets easier to keep getting in and he has a natural synergy with Iroas' Menace.

    Other ways to save your board: Scapegoat, you use lots of tokens so this will be easy and it's low to the ground to save you. Teferi's Protection if you got the money for it. Ghostway and Eerie Interlude can help saving your board.

    You also need to cut down the board quickly: Throne of the God-Pharaoh would help with how much your board turns sideways. Oketra's Monument makes your White Creatures cheaper and spews out more bodies. They can also block due to Vigilance, so you can getting into trade wars and come ahead. I think this is better than Assemble the Legion, I've never made a deck that could work with Legion. Mirror Entity gives you something to do with all of the mana you have, helps you close out the game and dodges Exile Wraths when you pay 0 in response. Repercussion will make Blocks irrelevant, so this might be worth testing, but that might move you more towards a "Saboteur" Build. Boros Garrison is a low opportunity cost way to increase your damage output when you have spare mana in the late game.

    It does sound like you don't want to use Impact Tremors and Purphoros, God of the Forge but they are a very reliable way to kill the board with the amount of bodies your deck spews out.
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  • posted a message on Solrune's Marchesa, the Black Rose (Flipping Thrones in Multiplayer)
    I don't know about y'all but I'm salivating at Neheb, Dreadhorde Champion. I think I would want to test Dreadhorde Butcher.
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  • posted a message on Daxos the Returned - Enchantment Speed Bumps Galore
    I find it hilarious that you loved Meglonoth, that's a card I wanted to use for a hot second before I put my inner bad player back in the box.

    It's both good and bad that Bolas's Citadel was so good. Good, because I immediately wanted to put it in everything; bad, because it'll be expensive and might even be ban worthy? Do you find that the Citadel hits that bannable point?
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  • posted a message on Gahiji, Vigilant Vengeance
    Quote from DementedKirby »
    The deck seems very interesting! How has testing all the recent changes been coming along?
    It is interesting. I thought the idea was kind of stupid but funny so I decided to build it. The deck has surprised me quite a few times. A lot of the Planeswalker Ults catch people off guard because I'm essentially playing Superfriends without the Superfriends package, so a lot of my deck gets randomly underestimated. Though once they realize what is happening, it gets harder to defend, which is why I'm making a few more changes.

    Tweaks: Twilight Drover is a pet card I've had since forever. I figure this would be the perfect deck to use it in. I already have synergy with Orzhov Advokist. The deck produces random tokens and the Drover doesn't care whose Creature tokens leave the battlefield, he grows. He makes Flying tokens which will help my deck block from flying attacks, block for my Planeswalkers and 3/1 Fliers aren't anything to sneeze at. Dragonmaster Outcast has a lot of hoops for only a linear growth, while the Drover has a lot more possibilities.

    Glorybringer has kind of been a disappointment. The Soulbinders can be huge, so they can get in without too much of a scare and can Block well. Again, they make Flying tokens so my face and Planeswalkers are protected on D, and 3/1s are a pain to deal with on offence.

    I've noticed my Sun Titan whiff a few times as of late, so I'm axing it for a curve slimmer in the form of Leonin Warleader. If the tokens survive the next turn, 3/1 Lifelink will help raise my health.

    Path of Mettle is fun but kind of bad. I've axed it for a serious source of card draw, especially with all of the X/1 token makers I've just added. Dragon Broodmother also makes 1/1s that I can feed to the Clamp. I guess this means I should probably look into having Mentor of the Meek return.

    Other token makers I thought of using were Hero of Bladehold, as she also pumps my team. I went against that because my Commander already does the pump, I don't really need that redundancy. If I need to flatten my curve further, there's always Hanweir Garrison but I don't just want generic 1/1s. Another direction I thought of taking the deck is using a shell of my Trostani, Selesnya's Voice deck, that way I have another Creature that has a good tap effect on an EOT and another way to gain life so I don't accidentally die to some random AOEs. But building that will take up a lot of slots, I think I would need to drop the Planeswalker package and considering Superfriends is new territory to me, I'd rather not.
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  • posted a message on Ikra and Tymna, Woke Women
    There was something off about the deck. It felt powerful because it was resilient and could answer numerous threats but would frequently lost if it went to heads up. I tried to figure out why and my theory is that the deck didn't have enough Haymakers. I joke about my Jodah deck as 'Haymaker Tribal' and despite it having an intentionally terrible mana base, it frequently wins in heads up. This deck frequently gets a lot of mana, between the ramp, doublers and searchers, so I can easily afford the Haymakers. This is the change to add some end game bite to the deck: Wayward Swordtooth is better late and early, especially if I keep up steady draw, compared to Farhaven Elf.

    Considering the amount of nonbasics this deck uses, Knight of the Reliquary seems like a no-brainer. Especially since early game it can fetch my Ramp lands and late it can get Emeria, the Sky Ruin for recursion, Kor Haven for Safety or Rogue's Passage to punch in. Stoneforge Mystic only hs two targets after this update, so I figure another deck will probably gladly pick her up.

    Grand Abolisher and Conqueror's Flail are artifacts of when the deck was Saboteur Tribal. They made sure I could get in for my triggers as people would mess with my combat step. My theory is that now that I'm using more Haymakers, I don't need to protect my combat step as people are going to have to innately answer my Creatures. In their place is Kalitas for grave hate and general badassery and Gitrog for draw, ramp and a sizable body.

    Selfless Spirit protected my board, but I didn't really feel the effect that well. I'm putting in Tendershoot Dryad. In fact, I was astonished to find out my list didn't have a Tendershoot. That thing is bonkers, in goes another Haymaker.

    Karlov was difficult to manage, I didn't gain enough life. Or rather, the deck would gain huge chunks but he prefers a steady stream of little instances. Archangel of Thune goes in as a way to give my deck more ways to end the game, as I found that a small Tymna the Weaver holds back my ability to win. As she grows in size, I no longer go parity or take damage to draw cards, it becomes draw and gain. That's when I frequently feel like the deck is in good shape. Thune will let my team of haymakers grow.

    Vizkopa Guildmage was just good for a single combo finish and that's it. With removing of two-thirds of the 'protect my combat step', she became less of an attractive option. Sheoldred is definitely a Haymaker that puts a clock on the board.

    Kambal slowly drained my opponents but I couldn't really take advantage of his Shocks. Archfiend of Despair will certainly end my opponents and is an example of these Haymakers I am talking about.

    With a lot of the cuts, Sun Titan loses a lot of things to recur, so he gets the axe. This is probably a mistake but I've noticed over a few games that he very rarely recurred things lately. I had a lot of nonpermanents or things costing over 4 in my graveyard. With the deck's curve going up, I thought it was unlikely he would get better. In his place is Razaketh, who will fetch me whatever I need to win the game, in addition to being a Flampler.

    Krosan Grip hasn't been doing much lately and I knew I was going to replace it with a piece of Ramp. This is where Temple of the False God comes in. Temple isn't a Land, it's a Ramp piece. That way when I see my hand, I don't see a Land but a Cultivate or Pir's Whim. You're not going to get mad at either of those spells for keeping a crappy hand and be unable to Ramp but that's the frequent mistake people make with Temple. With the addition of Knight of the Reliquary, I can also fetch it, especially since I've caused this deck's curve to jump up.

    With all of the Black I've added, I cut a bunch of the utility lands and added in Swamps. Urborg will help with the Quad Black of Phage the Untouchable, triple Black of Razaketh and many double. Plus Urborg enables Sheoldred's Swampwalk. I didn't need the Hall of the Bandit Lord, a lot of the time the ETBT clause made it an unattractive land drop, so then it was never ready when I wanted to surprise one-shot a player with Phage. Gavony Township's goal of making things big is nice, but I rather have the coloured mana for the moment.

    I do think there's going to be quite a few shuffles as I know some of the cards that I put in synergize with cards I've cut. Time to play and figure that out.
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  • posted a message on Ruric Thar SMASH!
    Switching utility: Obsidian Fireheart would require the deck to go much more Red for me to reliably use it which is disappointing. I would love to light lands on fire but I don't have enough mana of the correct colour to cast or use the Fireheart regularly. In its stead, Yeva goes in to give my deck a bit more interactivity. I don't need to tap out on my turn when I play my fatties, which is nice. This means I can suddenly flash in another support card that my opponents weren't expecting to ruin their lives; such as Spellbreaker Behemoth for Counter backup or Spearbreaker Behemoth to quickly make Ruric Thar indestructible.

    I've lost too many games where I couldn't punch in and lost Ruric Thar to his 'must attack' clause. Considering the deck has various ways to pump him, he can even be a two or three turn clock, but only if he gets in. Rogue's Passage goes in as a low opportunity cost to provide unblockability and I think it's potential utility passes the Primal Order test of taking 1 each turn for it.
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  • posted a message on Gahiji, Vigilant Vengeance
    Better Wrath: Blasphemous Act is good for how cheap it is; however, I want something that hits more. Urza's Ruinous Blast keeps my Planeswalkers safe, keeps my Commander on board and can be fetched by Captain Sisay. I think there's more synergy in Blast than Act for this deck, though I am going to miss my one mana panic button.
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  • posted a message on Marchesa, the Aggro Rose
    CMC shaving: Shifting Shadow is great in a different build, such as Midrange or Aristocrat, because you can protect the Enchantment plus you're attempting to build value. While my deck looks similar to Lokotor's due to the low-to-the-ground curve nature, but he's going more Aristocrat while I'm going more RDW. When I cast a noncreature spell, it has to have a huge impact for the amount of pressure I am taking off of the board. Unfortunately, Shifting Shadow doesn't. I don't like Prophetic Flamespeaker but it is the same CMC and I did like it when it was in the deck. It's the best I've got for now, the Flamespeaker is definitely earmarked for a cut.

    Sheoldred costs too much, even if her effect is very powerful. Kraum has evasion and Haste which is a desirable trait in an Aggro build. I want continual draw which Kraum does provide and not the hatred that Sheoldred draws.

    Consecrated Sphinx also draws a lot of hate for not much of a payoff. In a control deck, your hand being fuelled by the Sphinx pulls you way ahead. Considering this deck taps out most of the time, I am not really benefiting from the extra cards. I get choked off by the amount of cards compared to the deck's throughput. In its place is another card I'm taking from Lotokor's Marchesa build. I'm not too fond of it either but I need CMC shaving. Another earmark for the next card that gets printed to replace this.
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  • posted a message on Titania, Protector of Argoth
    You would need more Deserts for Scavenger Grounds to repeatedly wipe graveyards. Sacrifice is a cost, so it would be in your Graveyard by the time the Activated Ability resolves, exiling it.
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  • posted a message on Daxos is Baxos
    Quote from Xxarien »
    I've had good luck with Sphere of Safety/Ghostly Prison and Mystic Barrier combined with Maze of Ith.
    I am not a fan of Ghostly Prison because the only defence is easily overcome if someone pays to attack you, which they will do if it is profitable. Sphere of Safety might be worth it, but that's just pushing my mana curve even more upwards. Mystic Barrier is an interesting solution I hadn't thought of before, I'll think about tracking it down.

    With my mana curve trending upwards, I realized I might need to put in more Ramp. I like going Lands only because they don't get randomly destroyed by all sorts of effects like Rock Ramp does. Perhaps I should put Burnished Hart back into the deck.
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