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  • posted a message on Tiana the Aura Angel
    Noticed a weakness: Burning Anger was a way to burn down opponents who had massive boards or were behind a pillowfort. I found that most of my Creatures want to Turn Sideways, so I rarely had a large Creature sitting to Burn someone EOT. I'm putting in the Fugue because it'll be great at stealing things, attacking others into bad situations and if it dies, I get the Fugue back. Hell, I can kill someone with their own Commander if it comes down to it.
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  • posted a message on Kresh, Get Swole
    Another huge swap: I was getting frustrated that Kresh wasn't sticking and decided to make him bonus backup. The deck is going towards Sacrifice Control with tons of token makers for fodder.

    Sylvan Ranger smooths out draws, Reassembling replaces her as a way to smooth out my sac outlets.

    With not focusing on Kresh, I removed the Ulvenwald Tracker to cause fights. In it place is Rampaging Baloths to make sizeable tokens; I'm currently thinking of replacing them with Omnath, Locus of Rage.

    My decision to go more token based meant that there were less opportunities for Sheoldred to get me back bodies, I tossed in the Butcher to keep my Sacrifice potential high, or perhaps even higher.

    Angrath's Marauders halved the amount of damage Kresh needed to do, with him gone I decided to go with a perfect red substitute for this strategy. The Captivating Crew will let me grab the deadliest Creatures on board, I can then then Sacrifice them for value.

    Blasphemous Act got cut, without focusing on protecting Kresh, it was less likely I would get him to 14 toughness when this was cast. I put Yahenni in as another Sac Outlet and something that does stick from standard Wraths.

    Without Creatures, Journey didn't have any good targets anymore. I cut it for Blood Artist so I would gain life from all of these Creatures dying.

    Without a massive Kresh, Soul's Fire and Fling didn't have really good utility anymore. In their place, I put in the devastating Vona's Hunger and Phyrexian Arena to go with the grindier game this deck wants.

    With more tokens, Birthing Pod isn't as good, so Vampiric Rites goes in its place. Turn my token fodder into life and cards.

    With the focus coming off of Kresh to survive, Darksteel Plate and Asceticism left the list. In their place, Grave Pact and Dictate of Erebos round out the new fodder-based theme.
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  • posted a message on Tymna and Tana Blood Pod
    Quote from benjameenbear »
    I'm glad that you've posted this list. It's the premier Stax list at the current moment and I've modeled my Kaalia list off of it somewhat.

    I would recommend keeping Phyrexian Revoker. Because he can hit mana sources of noncreature permanents, such as Food Chain or Teferi, Temporal Archmage, he's worth his inclusion. Especially since he's so easy to find via Birthing Pod, Yisan, the Wanderer Bard and Survival of the Fittest.

    Otherwise, I think that the changes you've proposed are all really solid options. Be careful that you don't go cut too many mana dorks, since that's the advantage that G brings to the table.

    On that note, have you considered Bloom Tender? It's pretty easy to maximize her mana production with the decklist configuration in its present case.

    Another card to consider that many other lists are utilizing is Dark Confidant. It's a creature that draws more cards, which has great synergy with Tymna and the main deck strategy. I've noticed that this deck can look a little starved for card advantage in order to keep the Stax and Hatebears flowing, so I'm a fan of the Confidant's inclusion.
    I can't find my Survival of the Fittest, so while I'm not panicking yet, I am annoyed I can't jam it into this deck. I'll keep the Phyrexian Revoker in mind if I need more silver bullets.

    I don't have that much money to fling about; a lot of the more expensive stuff is either inherited or through a massive trade. Bloom Tender would be amazing, but it's out of my price range. Hence the lack of Dark Confidant or other Tutors.

    I also rarely play cEDH, I mostly do when I need to bully out Pubstompers. A lot of people in my meta prefer to play Casual, which is why most of decks are in that realm. Occasionally we get some ******** who thinks he's hot ***** because his Maelstrom Wanderer, Yisan, the Wanderer Bard or Teferi, Temporal Archmage managed to Solo a pod with derpy Casual decks. That's when I go pick up a cEDH deck to show them why Pubstomp is no fun; after two or three games, they usually leave and then we can go back to derping with Casual. All they needed to do was ask what power level people were playing at, or being OK with swapping to a lower powered deck but most of those psychopaths just enjoy seeing their deck perform optimally against decks and people who don't play at that level.

    Hence another reason to not go crazy with changes or spend massive amounts of money for upgrades. Out of a collection of 30ish players, only 6 or 7 have cEDH decks. So, getting games in with this or Brago is actually rare.

    As for changes: Restoration Angel was a nice dream of redundancy and protection, but I found myself in a situation where she did neither. I don't think I can risk dead cards in cEDH, so I'm axing her for another Tutor. Recruiter gets me Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker and other utility Creatures; it is a shame that he doesn't fully fetch out the combo. I guess I need to get an Imperial Recruiter.

    I realized that my cEDH Pods actually lack Blue; this made Pyroblast a dead card in my meta. I know, it's weird to consider that the staple color in the format isn't on my radar. I cut Pyro for Enlightened Tutor to search for Birthing Pod.

    Entomb is another way to tutor up something that I can use a Reanimate on to get a combo going. I found myself slightly flooded out at times, so I axed a Forest to bring me down to 33 Lands.
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  • posted a message on Rakdos, Demonic Stax
    Quote from shermanido37 »
    I feel like Tectonic Instability is basically the same as War's Toll, just not as good. Curious at the thought of removing Neheb.
    I added it in for redundancy. I feel like I don't consistently land a Stax piece to slow my opponents.

    I cut Neheb because while he does make Red Mana, that doesn't actually let me cast more Creatures unless they're Red. I either have something Black, which doesn't need Red mana to be cast due to its price being reduced. Or its colorless, and the majority of the time, Neheb's Red mana also just sits unused. I like him, but he doesn't really do much for me. If I was more Red focused, or did go with that Enchantment/Raise Dead build I mused over previously, he would probably be in a better spot. As for now, it's not the case.

    My first basic Rock axed: What is the purpose of mana rocks? Colour correction and mana acceleration; you want Ramp so you can make more powerful plays earlier. Rakdos is two colours, so I'm not aiming for correcting my mana. Rakdos brings his own mana acceleration in the form of pain mana, the only catch is making sure he hits the yard. It's not like I got Turn 2 Rock, Turn 3 Rakdos. No, I spend Turn two and three playing Stax or Pain Enablers, Rakdos always comes down on Turn 4. These Rocks, aside from Cryptolith Fragment, don't actually Ramp Rakdos. With that in mind, I've decided to cut the two Rocks, I started with the Signet because it is inferior to Talisman of Indulgence. I decided to add Plague Spitter over any other option because it wrecks dorks, hits all of my opponents and can Block if need be.

    For the second Rock, I don't think I need to add in another Pain Enabler. I'm currently eyeing Sunbird's Invocation, with the high CMC most of my team is at, that thing will be absurd.
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  • posted a message on Brago, Blinking BS
    With the final acquisition of a friend's Magic collection, I got something so stupid I goes right into my most abusive deck: I'm talking about Mana Crypt, of course. I think it is powerful enough to swap out a Land, and most cEDH decks use 33 instead of 34 anyway. I then cut a Plains for a Flooded Strand because why not complete the nonsense?

    Enlightened Tutor is a superior Steelshaper's Gift, so that was an easy swap.

    Spellseeker allows me to tutor up a line for a win, plus general utility. I'm sure most Brago players saw her and knew she deserved to find room in the deck. Finding a cut was a little difficult. I started my process by looking at the most expensive cards, I skipped over the Planeswalkers and my eyes settled on Oath of Jace, Basalt Monolith and Parallax Tide. I kept the Monolith because it is fast mana, even with its awkward untap requirements. Oath of Jace is still draw, which is decent and the deck needs as much fast card selection as possible. Parallax Tide costs 4, and while it is a nice mana accelerator, I found that I just didn't have time to cast it. I know it can be used with Strionic Resonator for a win, but otherwise its use is fairly narrow for such a high CMC card. Spellseeker has the utility to look for anything but also can aid in getting the wincon; Parallax's Wave of maybe untapping my lands or randomly winning was not worth the 4 CMC.
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  • posted a message on Damia, Spellslinger
    Big upgrades, I feel: I actually don't interact too much with my Graveyard, so Life from the Loam has been a little underwhelming. I got a copy of Mystical Tutor, which will help me fetch what I need when I need it. I can also go with a full scumbag loop with Seasons Past.

    There have been times Boundless Realms failed to fetch my full value, the amount of nonbasics I run to make sure I have Blue and Green makes this card not as desirable. Seedborn Muse's price bottomed out with Battlebond, so I picked it up, even if it just to untap mana and do nothing. A Control deck looks far more threatening with mana open than not; at the very least, I can now cast Damia and be able to untap and protect her.
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  • posted a message on Edgar Markov, Death by Inches
    Quote from NimBalor »
    You get your cards Necropotence at the end of your turn, so you can't use them during your second main. I usually fill my hand up to seven with it, have your draw step add to that and usually you can dump it easily enough during your next turn. Only sucks if you run into a wheel effect, but other then that it helps you keep the deck going.

    Personally ended up cutting Minions' Murmurs as the deck is already using life points as a heavy resource, together with Champion of Dusk it can be a massive hit. More often than not its been sitting dead in my hand due to that, just haven't had much luck with it hence the cut.

    Tev, I saw you are running Dark Prophecy in your list, how has it been performing? The BBB is obviously a lesser aspect but seeing we're already putting Necropotence out its probably less of an issue.
    Dark Prophecy does work. Maybe I will axe it soon, I'm not too sure. I didn't have access to great Tutors until a few weeks ago, so I just played a lot of redundancy so I don't stall out. Now that I have Demonic Tutor, Diabolic Intent, Vampiric Tutor and Enlightened Tutor, that's like four more copies of Necropotence. I'll start paying attention to see if I don't mind redundancy of other "Necros".

    My impression before adding all of the tutors was very good. It pretty much damned my opponents in outnumbering them. They answer one Vampire? I draw a card, maybe it's a Vampire or the next one I get off of my draw step is. I cast that Vampire and suddenly I have two Vampires. You kill those two? They might turn into 4. Let's be honest, we're playing 'white weenie' vs 120 health, we need as much card advantage and pressure available. It also negated the pseudo-card advantage that comes with casting a Wrath. Overall, I think it is worth buying a copy, especially if you cannot afford Necro or just want redundancy due to not having tutors.

    Some changes: It has always bummed me out that I never could find a way to take advantage of the piles of Vampires that end up my in Graveyard. Or that I would need to hold back certain attackers because I needed them alive, like Tymna the Weaver or Grenzo, Havoc Raiser. I stumbled across a suggestion of Alesha and something clicked in my head. She has first strike to protect herself, she gets back anything with power 2 or less which is the majority of my Creatures. She's pseudo-card draw and she gives a lot of my elements protection from dying. For 2 mana, she breaks even with most of my Creatures' CMC, but can cheat out most 3 CMC and a 4 CMC. I cut Patron, despite him being awesome, because I rarely won because of him. I'm not sure how many games I've played where he made me go from losing to winning, he was a winmore. And the games where I was losing, I couldn't afford to pay 6 usually. With this change, my curve flattens further.

    With the amount of tutors I have in this deck, I thought 'why not add one more'? Forerunner tutors for any Vampire I need, which I do have a few 'utility' types, such as Bloodline Keeper for an anthem, Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet for grave hate, Sanctum Seeker for health or Champion of Dusk I need to refuel my hand. Stromkirk Occultist is decent, but I think a Tutor is stronger than Red Draw. Plus he buffs my guys and can come back with Alesha.

    With all of the talk regarding non-Creature spells being so threatening that they need to deserve the breathing room they give my opponents made me realize that Vanquisher's Banner doesn't. It's a nice anthem and the card draw is also good. But it isn't like Eldrazi Monument I slam down to give evasion, ignore Wraths AND Anthem my way into the win. When I compared the Banner to Monument, I noticed a lot more flaws to what was a perfectly serviceable card. With the acquisition of a Sword of Feast and Famine, I thought now that's a card that causes fitz for my opponents. The evasion, disruption and protection are all gravy to the untap, which will let my throughput double and throughput is one of the deck's weaknesses.

    Tainted Peak has sometimes failed to turn on with all of the nonbasics I have, so I swapped it out with what I feel is a strict upgrade.
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  • posted a message on Tiana the Aura Angel
    Next batch of polishing: Ethereal Armor didn't really impress me; a lot of the 1 mana Enchantments haven't, so I'm down to what I think are absurdly good. Aurelia's double attack step is good, just based off of that but it has a lot of synergy with a lot of cards in this list.

    I really like Forsake the Worldly, so much so I considered cutting Tithe in its place. Tithe is just too vital to setting up an infinite Sunforger with Mistveil Plains, even though I already have two other cards that Tutor for it. Redudancy is king, I guess. In the end, Return to Dust has more utility than Forsake, so that's what edged me into cutting Forsake. I put in an actual hard counter in with Lapse of Certainty, which is going to be great if I can recycle it for a soft lock.

    I had a friend beg me to end a wincon to this deck after he got eliminated early and then I proceeded to slowly grind the table out. He suggested Approach of the Second Sun, but that's because he saw the deck humming along with card advantage. I prefer cards with low floors instead of high ceilings. Eldrazi Conscription will end a player, one way or another. I decided to cut Sigil of the Empty Throne because this deck actually doesn't cast Enchantments too often, so many things cause them to enter play attached (Sun Titan, Emeria Shepherd, Starfield of Nyx), that it wasn't the backbreaking wincon I thought it would be. Conscription certainly will be, and due to being an Aura, it has a lot more ways to keep coming back unless it gets Exiled.
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  • posted a message on Tiana the Aura Angel
    Cut some ETBTs as I rather have colorless that came in untapped: Terrain Generator and Mikokoro are also going to be great for me sitting back, holding up mana and doing as I please.

    Spirit Link didn't really impress me; I did like that it gave me life but that wasn't enough. On Serra's Wings gives me Vigilance on a Creature to swing in for free Lifelink hits.
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  • posted a message on Teneb, Sleepy Saboteurs
    I found a spare copy of a Tireless Tracker and I knew to cut the Regent as it was more of a winmore. Adding more card draw makes the deck more consistent.
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  • posted a message on Marchesa, the Aggro Rose
    The last of Battlebond: I figured since the price has bottomed out and Demonic Tutor is a good Magic card, I'd get the next best thing. I axed Baleful Strix because I think it is the weakest card in the deck. I was considering axing Strix or Wheel of Fortune. Wheel, so it would go in my Blood Pod deck, or Strix because it was the weakest. In the end, I decided to keep the more powerful card. After that, I don't know what to cut.
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  • posted a message on Edgar Markov, Death by Inches
    Quote from Captain_Alpi »
    I looked at ISBPathfinders Low Mana Curve Buidl and it looked really n

    ice. I will just buy from time to time new cards. Most of the creature Cards, from both lists, I already have (I'm playing a fun modern vampire deck). I have to upgrade the instants, enchantments and lands of my deck. I also have a wb aristocrat modern deck - you see I still try a lot of different styles.

    Which list of this threat is your current one?
    The one from page 1?

    But I think I will buy atleast Purphoros, even if I don't like him in this deck I can use him somewhere else - I think I still have krenko -, and some of the cheaper tutors. Could someone explain Necropotence to me? The only important abilty for this deck is the last one, right? I can't see why I would use the second one in this deck.

    You could go with an Enchantress-style of Edgar, I guarantee you that's a unique path and it sounds like you're committed to that.

    Does Enchantress-style mean a lot of enchantments? I want to go wide but also tall. I want a lot of tokens, but they have to get some power and some etb effects or triggers would be nice.I don't want to rely too much on tokens and their survival.

    Perhaps you only buy one card a month or maybe you buy a bunch. Even moving slowly towards your goal is still accomplishing your goal

    The people in my current lgs are saying exact the same - but most people there are playing for years and a lot of them for over a decade, so with vampire bloodlust precon I had no real chance. Like I said - I don't have to win the game, but I want to be part of it and with precon it wasn't possible, atleast at my lgs meta and my group don't like fast commander - 2 hours for one match is not unusual, so I need some cards for late game.

    Cathars' Crusade I just find a pain to keep track of and just choose not to run it.

    yeah that is really a pain in the *** - sometimes I'm getting a headace (door of destinies, some vampire lords, crusade, planeswalker...) It's like I'm back at school and have to practice mental math.:laugh2:
    I also keep my list up to date on the front page.

    Purphoros is the only God that is actively great with my strategy. I play the other Gods because they're fun. Goblin War Drums is a more efficient evasion Enchantment than Iroas, God of Victory. You could also go with Cover of Darkness but that's must more expensive than Goblin War Drums. Athreos, God of Passage could just be another card draw spell, I play with it because it's fun and if I get a player's life low enough they keep giving me back Vampires to doom the rest of the table.

    Enchantress-style is exactly that: using Enchantments to your path of victory. I only suggest it because it sounds like you want to keep all of these Enchantments and Artifacts.

    Instead of building towards late game, just put some light "Stax" elements. Cards that either Tax your opponents or slow them down, such as Blind Obedience: their Creatures coming into play tapped means you can get in without blockers, plus you can Extort players to death. This is also why I suggest amazing draw engines above all else. It means you can keep playing Vampires, swing in and not care about casualties because all you want to do is get in for damage.

    Prioritize draw over almost anything else. That's why Necropotence is so powerful. You pay life to draw cards and then you get those cards at the end step. I usually pay life so that my hand ends up being 10 cards. Sure, I'll have to discard three cards and those cards get Exiled but it means I have amazing card quality. So, if I have 4 cards in hand, I would pay 6 to draw 6 and then discard down to 7. Even bad draw is good because it keeps you moving forward: Stromkirk Occultist, Outpost Siege, Dark Tutelage, Minions' Murmurs and Dark Prophecy are all under a dollar, I think. If you're going to splurge, Necropotence is your number one. Next, if you don't mind running non-Vampires Grenzo, Havoc Raiser. It's like he gives you extra draws from your opponents, but more importantly is his Goad ability. That way they're attacking others, so you're free to get in and have every other player kill each other. Smuggler's Copter is also pretty great just for card selection that also dodges most Wraths.
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  • posted a message on Tiana the Aura Angel
    Trying out yeedeehege's suggestion: Chained to the Rocks was the most similar, so that's what swapped.

    I realized Kor Spiritdancer's price bottomed out with Battlebond, so I acquired one. I had to struggle with deciding what to cut and in the end, I went for Hammer of Nazahn. It is very nice with auto-equips and making the Creature indestructible but in the end it was just a decent protection piece. With a lot of pieces of this deck, I don't mind things dying because I get them back via one way or another.
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  • posted a message on Rakdos, Demonic Stax
    I finally dropped my worst land: Reflecting Pool takes the terrible Lantern-Lit Graveyard's spot. It's quite the day. I started this deck many years ago when I didn't have access to as many Magic cards, so I had to get creative.

    Archfiend makes my job half as hard and goes in due to having two Black Pips. Demon of Dark Schemes' triple pips were too much for what he did; as he is competing with Myojin of Night's Reach and Razaketh, the Foulblooded. I liked the Infest but the mana cost was too demanding.

    Neheb has been lacklustre over the last few times he's popped up. So when I added War's Toll after its price dropped in Battlebond, I cut colour for colour. Currently, I can't really see a Noncreature that suits War's Toll more.
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  • posted a message on Tymna and Tana Blood Pod
    Quote from umtiger »
    Deathrite Shaman?

    I was looking for my copy, gave up and bought one for the most recent change.

    Instead of Tutors, which I am mostly priced out at this point, I decided to go with more Stax elements. Magus of the Moon and Blood Moon hit me far more than my opponents, so they both got the axe. Glowrider and Thalia slow my opponents development as I am way more into Creatures than they are.

    I hated the two cards Oblation gave my opponents, so I'll take the life loss and increased difficulty in casting Anguished Unmaking.

    Kataki is to punish all of those Artifact heavy decks, so it made sense to axe an Artifact for him.

    A great many of Beast Within's targets would be Artifacts or Enchantments, so I am swapping it out for Aura of Silence for its Taxing properties.

    Deathrite is an unreliable mana dork, but I like his utility more than Boreal Druid's.

    Rakdos Charm has good utility, but I mostly have used it to nix Artifacts and been annoyed when it couldn't hit Enchantments. Caustic Caterpillar goes in to hit those targets and provide a body for value.

    Ethersworn Canonist is very similar to Rule of Law but is a body, so that's why I swapped them.

    Blind Obedience gives me reach and gains me life, but it doesn't give as much of a slowdown as Loxodon Gatekeeper does.

    Phyrexian Revoker shuts down one problem Activation, Linvala hits them all.

    I'm mostly concerned with how my average CMC trends with this update. I'll have to see if I have enough Stax to punish the board out.
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