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  • posted a message on This or That discussion.
    Quote from ryansaxe »
    Rank the following:

    1. Wolfir Silverheart, Kalonian Hydra, Verdurous Gearhulk
    2. Rancor, Blossoming Defense, Berserk

    Gearhulk > Silverheat >= Kalonian Hydra

    Rancor > Blossoming Defense > Berserk, for agressive strategies... But if you don't run green agro I think blossoming defense is the best.

    Silverheart is better in decks with evasive creatures, and kalonian hydra is better as a standalone threat when ramped into. IE in Mono G I'd rather have Hydra, but in simic I'd rather have silverheart.
    I like silverheart a bit better because it blocks better against creature decks, and cannot be killed by red. Against removal heavy decks, they both are pretty atrocious. The only situation Hydra is clearly better is against green mirrors and white agro when your deck has zero evasion.
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  • posted a message on Ravnica Allegiance Cube Review @CoolStuffInc by Usman
    Pretty impressed by how many bad cards you test :laugh2:.

    For my "loose" testing I recieve an ear beating from the members in my playgroup who think they know exactly how good a card will be the moment they read the text. (like half of them).

    Enjoyed reading the breakdown.. and I've arrived at many similar conclusions, which is partial validation in itself.
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  • posted a message on [MH1] [CUBE] Cabal Therapist
    Ugh, If this were a zombie and the effect was either duress or thoughtseize instead of a cabal therapy, I’d be under the leg into double windmill backflip slamming this into my cube.

    I’ve tested cabal therapy and was very disappointed, even relative to my low expectations.... and I expect this to be worse.
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  • posted a message on [MH1][CUBE] Serra the Benevolent
    I think she’s quite good, but I don’t know if I want to dedicate a slot for another 2WW planeswalker. The slot is stacked and I don’t like too many walkers.

    Unlike Gideon or Elspeth she’s not that good in white Agro, unless that deck happens to have a bunch of spirits. This really reduces her value in my eyes.

    The clock she presents is notebly slower and easier to disrupt.

    She’s certainly “playable” but I’d cut her from most of my white Agro decks.

    I like her a lot in a WU midrange deck , especially built around fliers.. and she’s totally fine as a generic good stuff card.
    It’d be cool as archetype support for a “flying matters” theme , but that doesn’t really exist at the moment in my cube.

    I’ll probably test but I don’t expect her to stick. On a power level basis she likely barely makes it in, but there’s more for me to consider than that.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE] Nexus of Fate
    Quote from ryansaxe »
    I want to Necro this thread. After having Nexus in my cube for 6 months now, I have to say that it is NOWHERE close to getting cut. If you never tested this card, I think you should reconsider. Here's a quick list of interactions/things you can do with Nexus:

    • Treat it as a combo with Oath of Druids. We've had two control decks over here that played very minimal creatures and had Oath as a mill the whole deck to take infinite turns win condition. Creatures like Venser that can bounce themselves were fantastic too.
    • Control decks that focus on card advantage have loved the card. Mana rocks followed by card draw like Fact or Fiction means you can easily set up a turn where you hold up interaction, and if you don't need to interact, you Nexus and take two turns in a row. Having all of your mana for two turns is nothing to scoff at, and you often pull too far ahead to lose.
    • Some decks churn through their library at an unbelievable rate thanks to cards like Dack Fayden, Looters, Search for Azcanta, and the like. When you put Nexus in these decks, it puts the ball in your opponents court. They can't hope to grind you out and need to find a way to win. And often these decks are best at not losing. Usually they win with some big threat like Inferno Titan, but we've found Nexus as such a resillient win-condition that snowballs once you get a window to cast it the first time. God forbid you have any tutors.

    I think the majority of this community really missed the ball on how easy it is to find your Nexus once you cast it the first time thanks to 40-card decks to start. The play pattern that made me raise an eye-brow was out of a UR control deck. The pilot cast nexus on Endstep. Untapped, played Chandra Flamecaller, and immediately zeroed the card. Took another turn, and 0'd to find nexus, and from there it was easy to facilitate infinite turns.

    Has anybody else here tried the card? Did you have the same success I did with it? Maybe it failed for your group and I would love to hear why. But over here, it's played often, and really shines!

    I tested it for a couple months and it felt playable, yet mediocore. I felt the same about the card in the MTGO vintage cube. However, the sample was small enough that I'm not 100% convinced it doesn't deserve a slot.

    There were decks that wanted it , and in those decks it was pretty good, but still nothing special. Control decks that churn through their deck fast, risk losing to decking and preferably having an instant speed tutor like Mystical or Vampiric were the decks that wanted Nexus the most.
    Shoved into a random control deck, it felt mediocore at best... Ramp decks prefer a more traditional win condition that could be turboed out via mana rocks, and stabilize the battlefield... Hence, it felt narrow.

    There's a plethora of very good 6+ drops printed throughout magic history, so decks rarely lack win conditions. In decks where the card shines, 7 mana is still a lot.
    Against agro it's basically a dead card, and 7 mana spells are always susceptible to soft counter magic, even if they are instant speed.

    A few members of my playgroup are obsessed with the card and nag me about it, so given you posted this, I'll probably give it another run for more testing.

    The playgroup member who has played standard turbo fog since the deck was even a thing, including playing it at the mythic championship, is convinced the card isn't good in cube, so that also biases my thinking.
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  • posted a message on [[SCD]] Steam Augury
    Quote from CubeEngineer »
    Izzet still seems like a shallow guild for me granting i have 7 per guild. Is this card still worth it?


    I recommend expansion//explosion if you don't play that card
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  • posted a message on This or That discussion.

    Man... Dimir is so freaking stacked now. I haven't tested connive// concoct, and it hasn't performed much in constructed, but the reanimation side is sooo much better in cube than standard, so could see it being very good. I like how splashable it looks.

    Thief of sanity has surprassed my expectations testing in my cube, and was insane in the MTGO vintage cube (light on agro and removal) .
    Ashiok (broken record) is very powerful, but I loath the cards gameplay, so I don't include it.

    My guess is Ashiok > Theif of sanity > Connive//concoct, but they are all great cards.
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  • posted a message on This or That discussion.
    I would like two rankings of the artifact planeswalkers, please: one based on overall playability, and one based on importance/usefulness to artifact decks.

    Dovin, Grand Arbiter
    Tezzeret, the Seeker (no Time Vault combo)
    Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas
    Tezzeret, Artifice Master
    Saheeli, the Gifted
    Saheeli Rai
    Daretti, Ingenius Iconoclast
    Daretti, Scrap Savant
    Karn, Scion of Urza

    Good stuff, Lowish, but not zero artifact count deck:
    1. Daretti Ingenius Iconoclast (better than Karn but more restrictive mana, unsure how to compare)
    2. Karn
    3. Tezzeret , artifice master (much worse than Karn)
    4. Dovin (Needs a specific deck, but has more uses than just artifact stuff and not terrible in control)
    5. Saheeli , the gifted (Not really playable unless you have some artifacts or something to ramp into)
    6. Daretti , scrap svant (big drop from #5, but can be played in reanimator? Kind of?)
    7. Saheeli rai (It's #4 planeswalker in izzet, so dont play it without intentionally supporting the combo... which also isnt good)
    8- who cares

    Artifact, ramp/combo, high artifact count:
    1. Karn, The best artifact planeswalker by a solid margin.
    2. Tezzeret, artifice master is my personal favourite "artifact support" planeswalker of this group , since it is very very good in the artifact deck, but also solid in control decks with a couple signets/artifact power. But he actually has slightly lower upside than most of the walkers below it. He is generically great in all versions of artifact decks.
    3. Saheeli The gifted, can ramp at an incredible pace, and really pushes the huge mana artifact decks that leverage tolarian academy. It's not hard to assemble a deck that leverages her, and when she is leveraged she is very good.
    4. Tezzeret the seeker probably has the highest upside of literally all of these walkers, but it is routinely mediocore even in some artifact decks. Needs high quality utility targets to tutor for, or ideally sol ring/mana vault type cards, which are obviously not easy to get.
    5. Tezzeret Agent of bolas is very powerful as a win condition, but black is 4th place color in artifact decks, so things like dimir signets and good fixin matter. It is as powerful ore more than all of these walkers, but quite narrow. The black mana and it's high artifact count dependency really kills it for me. Dimir is stacked, so I don't want to spend a dimir slot on a card that is narrow on two levels and isn't that much better than the competing support.
    6. Daretti, Ingenius iconoclast This ranking is misleading, becaues his mana cost makes him kind of narrow for a deck deep on artifacts, but it's so powerful when the mana is good. Plus he doesn't really need artifacts to be great, so I don't really see him as an artifact support walker. He's probably #2 in power overall tho.
    7. Daretti, scrap savant is great with specific welder/mind slaver/reanimator type synergies, but I don't like it much in the ramp versions without a combo. I like it as an interesting support card, but I don't think it's critical. I believe it's an overrated card, but I like supporting the reanimator/artifact sub-archtype that he is great in.
    8. Dovin is totally playable in artifact decks, but he is not amazing in that archetype like the other walkers above.

    I personally believe that the meat of the power of artifact decks are not in the planeswalkers, despite how good they are... The meat of the power is in Tolarian academy, Tinker, Balance, Draw 7's, Upheavel and Mishra's workshop.

    So... I don't think supporting the narrower ones are necessary to make the deck competitive. That's why im a big fan of tezzeret artifice master, and saheeli the gifted... over the slightly more powerful but much more narrow tezzert seeker and agent of bolas.
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  • posted a message on Unbreakable Formation vs Collective Effort
    My guess is both cards are similar in power level in higher powered formats and as to what's better depends on your cube.

    That being said, unbreakable formation has far exceeded collective effort's constructed results, but that again, could be the result of the supporting cards at the time.

    Whenever something is close via theory crafting, I'd definitely err on the side of the card that puts up constructed results and the less restrictive mana cost. So I'd vote for unbreakable formation. It is so devastating against decks running creatures.
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  • posted a message on [RNA][CUBE] Unbreakable Formation

    This card wasn't even close to my radar when it was spoiled.. I decided to post this because it's a card that has massively exceeded my expectations in standard... and am going to test it in cube as a result of these experiences.
    I've played an unhealthy amount of BO1 standard on Arena and I believe this has been one of the best cards in the white agressive deck.

    The primary thing I underestimated, was how good the combination of indestructible and vigilance is on the turn when you pump up your team. When I read the card, I can't help but compare it to similar cards that give your creatures indestructible, but that "option" is misleading. It's addendum option is where the meat of the power comes from. Though the instant speed option to protect your team from a wrath is a nice one to have.

    Attacking into any board state, without losing any of your creatures, is very powerful. The combination of these abilities causes a devastating swing in any sort of creature match-up.
    Unfortunately, I believe this will be less of a factor in cube, as creature races are much less common..

    Overall I expect it to come up short, but I'm intrigued enough to challenge those expectations.
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  • posted a message on [[SCD]] Tempt with Vengeance
    Good card, but doesn't really have a home in my cube. It's an ok 23rd playable as an mana sink in a big ramp deck, fine in red agro if you have like a sol ring or a mana crypt.. forced to play 17 lands for whatever reason. Was at it's best in aristocrats (my cube).

    But overall, it wasn't highly sought after in any particular archetype and I cut it for more archetype specific cards.. I think in lowered powered cubes with a multi-color token support theme it would be phenomenal. For a higher powered cube, this cards individual power level is there, but token payoff in red... isnt.. The strategy is inferrior to being as aggressive as possible.

    It's a good card.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE][RNA] Includes and Testing Results
    Yeah, I'll be giving light up the stage a test run. It's been phenomenal playing against it in standard on arena. Enabling spectacle seems trivial in a red agro deck with lots of burn.

    I like the analogy between judith and hellrider. Nothing special on it's own, but devastating immediately with a board presence.
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  • posted a message on P1P1 Discussion: Post your packs!
    Think the last pack is extremely cube specific.

    Unpowered... normally it's ravages of war.. But in general if I'm picking an agro build around, I want to make sure there's a card that will wheel in the pack for the archetype. Here there's nothing at all for white agro, which reduces it's value. But the pack is weak enough that I'd probably take it in an unpowered cube.

    In my cube it's mystical tutor and not close. It's the best miracle enabler, it's rarely a card you'll cut from a deck, and it has random upside if you happen to P1P2 a channel, or get a blue piece of power in packs 2 or 3. Nothing else here has that kind of upside.

    MTGO vintage cube i'd probably pick mystical tutor or phantasmal image, potentially scalding tarn, potentially inferno titan.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE] Remorseful Reverend (name pending)
    I like it still, but he under-performed for me in a relatively small sample.
    Sacrificing your 2/1 flyer to eradicate the opponents graveyard is only worth it when the upside of doing so is large.

    IE preventing reanimator from going off, a snap castered back recall.

    When that is relevant, it's amazing, but it was quite rare.
    Mistral charger was a bit too low of a floor, considering uncommon the upside was.

    Selfless spirit on the other hand has over performed for me, as combat/removal and wrath interactions is common place.
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  • posted a message on [[MCD]] Stax Effects (Smokestack and Braids)
    I've gone back and forth on my opinion of smokestack/braids for a couple years now..

    I'm certain they aren't close to as good as they used to be and I'm certain there are decks they are very good in.
    More cards have been printed that are good with stacks, but indirectly, that means more and more cards have been printed that are good against stax.
    The majority of decks either have ways to generate multiple permanents OR are executing a gameplan too fast for smokestack to interact with.

    Because of this, smokestack is much worse in slower decks with an attrition element than they used to be... Fairer decks with a disruption element, ie based around creatures like kitchen finks, lingering souls etc. In those decks, smokestack is too slow (though still a great sideboard card against control).

    However, there are still some decks that can accelerate out their hand ultra fast, even relative to the format. In those decks they are still good. In fact, in the "nut" smokestack deck, I believe the card is still excellent.
    The best stax decks have a controlling element, so can scale back their opponents permanants while quickly developing their own. Cards like swords to plowshares, ancient grudge, fiery confluence, wrath of god, wildfire etc are very good at that.

    My biggest gripe with the card is many new players in my cube try to build around it (from it's past reputation), and quickly 0-3... I'm always tempted to take it out just to reduce the trap element of it heh.
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