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  • posted a message on [CLB][CUBE] Archivist of Oghma
    I run a cube with 2x fetchlands. I found opposition agent to be quite strong, but a miserable play experience.
    This card allows the opponent to play magic (more fun), but is less powerful pound-for-pound.

    It could be good enough, but it's clearly nothing special. It doesn't synergize with much and isn't great in agro which is 50% of what white does well.

    Not going to test , but it's close for my cube. For a cube with normal fetchland density, I think it's a safe pass.
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  • posted a message on [CLB][CUBE] Greatsword of Tyr
    Seems quite good. I like that if the opponent kills the artifact a turn after it's played, the creature still gets a +1/+1 counter that persists.
    For a pure white equipment, I think I prefer maul of the skyclave? it's a card that I have for stoneforge density that overperformed for me.
    I find the ground gets clogged up causing flying to be a big deal in my cube. Tapping down a blocker is a strong form of evasion, one that I don't have an intuition for yet.

    Wouldn't fault anyone for testing.
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  • posted a message on [SNC] [CUBE] Ledger Shredder
    Quote from Red13th »
    Anybody tested this?

    yes, not conclusively.
    Had it once in a control deck vs a combo deck. It looked good but nothing special in that matchup.

    It’s definitely worse in cube than in eternal formats. It's better in formats with a high density of cheap spells. It's strength depends heavily on the cube and the particular deck it's in. Powered > Unpowered and smaller cubes > larger cubes.

    Despite that, I'm of the opinion it's a strong cube card.

    It has to be dealt with within a few turns or it'll generate fantastic velocity for its cost.
    It's toughness gets very quickly out of red removal range. It blocks cheap aggressive creatures and small fliers extremely well.

    It’s looting is incredible in slow matchups and it’s body is incredible in aggressive ones.
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  • posted a message on [CLB][CUBE] Gut, True Soul Zealot
    Yeah seems really strong, especially in a powered cube where you can sac a mox or equivalent cheap artifact (blood token?).

    Obviously it’s best case scenario is incredible, but it does have a pretty low floor compared to other 3 drops in red.

    don’t hate testing it over a random rabblemaster variant.
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  • posted a message on [CLB][CUBE] Erinis, Gloom Stalker
    Doesn’t do it for me.
    3 mana creatures with no value or protection against sorcery removal need to be really

    if you are attacking multiple times with other 3 drops that fit that criteria, you are probably winning the game. A few land ramps over multiple turns is great, but it is far from a guaranteed victory.

    There’s also the situations where you run out of lands in the graveyard to get any value from.

    It’s ok. it’s on theme for lands, but it’s not medium powered cube level imo.
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  • posted a message on [CLB][CUBE] Noble's Purse
    A huge advantage over sphere of the sun’s is it makes multiple permanents and you can store up treasures for one big explosive turn.

    Making multiple artifacts is always more valuable than is intuitive (smoke stack, tolarian academy, constructs, tanglewire).

    Don’t think it’s as good as a signet, but it’s in the same league
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  • posted a message on [CLB][CUBE] White Plume Adventurer
    So if I understand initiative correctly, you get the first dungeon effect when this card enters the battlefield (land) and the second one on your upkeep , provided you aren’t dealt combat damage on the opponents turn?

    If so, card seems nuts. Best 3 drop white creature printed.

    I could see not playing it because it requires an extra reminder card and too many monarch like sub-games could be annoying.
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  • posted a message on [CLB][CUBE] Monster Manual
    This is a good card to increase cheaty face redundancy that isn’t on the power level of a sneak attack or a channel, but still is competitive for cube.

    Obviously the adventure spell sucks for it’s cost but there are times it’ll be a nice “free” spell to have.

    Would love to play it with mishras workshop/tinker type decks. Can turn 2 play it , turn 3 activate it, which is quite powerful.

    prob will test, but don’t think it’ll become a staple
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  • posted a message on [SNC] [CUBE] Ledger Shredder
    Didn't realize this card triggered off your opponents spells when it was spoiled.
    With moxen/signets/cantrips etc. It's really easy for SOMEONE to cast two spells in a turn.

    a 1/3 flying body is nice on defense and it's not hard for this to grow out of control, especially in a spells matters shell.

    Even a single activation is a 2 mana 2/4 flyer that looted once? that's pretty darn close to at rate in itself.

    Prob gonna test
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  • posted a message on [SNC][CUBE] Ob Nixilis, the Adversary
    I think vintage cube might be it's worst format. It's a somewhat grindy card and RB decks with a lot of creautre's tend to be slanted hyper aggressive without an ability to grind.
    If you aren't sacrificing a creature it's so so much worse.

    That being said, the devil token is a better creature than I realized and it snowballs really quick for a planeswalker of it's cost. The punisher mechanic isn't a big deal if you can threaten hellbent in a couple turns and are pressuring their life total from other angles.

    Even though my analysis tells me it's over-rated (format specific power).. It's caused such a fervor from people who've played it, that I expect to be eating my words very soon Smile
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  • posted a message on [CUBE]: Grave Hating Artifacts
    Soul-Guide lantern is my fav.

    The problem with relic, is that 50%+ of decks in my cube have SOME sort of graveyard interaction or value and thus there's too much collateral damage with the ALL graveyards elimination.
    I'm currently running SGL, as I put a premium on 1CMC artifacts and reanimator is heavily supported. It's totally optional. I might cut it at any time when I need some real estate.
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  • posted a message on [NEO][CUBE] Otawara, Soaring City
    I've added the cycle to my cube except Sokenzan and this is the one that has over-performed my expectations the most.

    Could be variance, but there's been a surprising amount of times where bouncing a permanent that can't be prevented or countered in anyway is a really nice option to have if you have any sort of tempo advantage. It's come up way more than I expected.

    It and boseiju are much better than any of the other cards in the cycle imo.

    Blue is stacked with utility lands, but I highly recommend giving it a try if you are comfortable providing the real estate.
    I rank it higher than any of the mono U man lands or the blue MDFC land by a good clip.
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  • posted a message on This or That discussion.
    Quote from Goodking »
    The Gargaroth/Warchief discussion is interesting. Ignoring for a second that Thragtusk exists and you might not want that redundancy with Warchief, out of all the creatures that cost a lot of mana but don't have an ETB effect or other removal protection, Gargaroth is about the best one. If it is removed you are 1-for-1 and out some tempo, but also, you have to remove it within one turn cycle; you can't attack into it, and you can't allow it to attack since it churns out so much value. It's fun to have some creatures like that which are a bit more higher risk and higher reward rather than every creature having its value strapped to ETB, and something I'm trying to move towards in my cube environment.

    This 1000%. I even try to cater my removal suite to be a little worse against top end creatures that don't have built in protection.

    I'd rather have a higher density of - sweepers that sweep cheap creatures/tokens, dismember, abrupt decay or portable hole that are cheap, effecient, but have their limitations. OR modal cards like bloodchief's thirst that pay an extra tax.

    The available card pool doesn't provide me the luxury to tune my removal suite that much, but it's something I keep in mind on the fringes.

    Ideally, i'd like to make sure that the very best 'baneslayer' type cards (high risk v high return) are at least a solid playable in cube.
    They'll be rare, but still have a place.
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  • posted a message on [NCC][CUBE] Grand Crescendo
    I’ve tested pretty much all of these effects, and I think the extra mana is a pretty big deal. If you exchange instant and indestructible for sorcery the 1/1s can be 2/2 vigilance (Finale). You can also get a sorcery version that wraths everything else at 7 mana (Martial Coup). In Selesnya add a green to the cost and suddenly you get convoke and all the tokens have lifelink. Now this card might be better than those, but when you play those other cards you do get a feel for the costs and how they differ from Secure the Wastes. Secure often makes 2 or 3 creatures and even blocks an aggro attacker in a pinch. The XW cost is everything in my opinion.

    I agree the extra mana is a huge deal on the token making side of it... But, so is the ability to protect your creatures from a wrath or save your whole army from a board trade off.

    It fundamentally is a different card. If anything, I see the protection part of it as the more commonly used part, and sometimes/often you'll get a couple 1/1's out of the deal.
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  • posted a message on This or That discussion.

    Elder Gargaroth vs Workshop Warchief?

    Gonna go against the grain here and say

    Elder Gargaroth > Workshop warchief
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