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  • posted a message on What's the current condition of some of the Planes?
    Ok guys, so recently I started running a D&D Campaign with a MTG setting. It's running a-la-Kingdom Hearts, visiting different planes to aid people while uncovering the truth behind an evil cult.

    The problem is... tough unrelated to past/current MTG plots, I would like to run the campaign by letting them know the current situation of the planes... said, we won't go to Mirrodin since now it's New Phyrexia... but... what's with these plains?

    -Kamigawa, any word on this one after the Kami war ended? It's my favorite plane haha, I miss it... If the war has ended maybe I can run some "Return of the Kami" campaign in Kamigawa

    -Ulgrotha... man, I haven't known a thing about it in many time

    -Dominaria, I heard the plane is pretty much as screwed as New Phyrexia and almost desolate... Am I wrong? Or is it still a nice setting for a campaign with towns and Sliver battles?

    -Alara... how are things after the Conflux?

    -Mercadia... meh, how's the inverted mountain doing?

    -Ravnica... if guilds are over, maybe I can make a campaign about guilds trying to take over again.

    -Lorwyn/Shadowmoor... how're things over there?

    -Zendikar, still fighting the Eldrazi, or are they gone for good?

    I would appreciate your help, sadly the Salvation Wiki hasn't helped me much...
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  • posted a message on Seeking Advice for my "Transcendent Pals" Deck
    Quote from Catastrophe_2
    I'd honestly drop the milling part of the plan. If your Master ever reaches level 12, he'll probably kill your opponent much faster than you'll ever mill him (mill is a pretty slow victory condition). Mill is a very restrictive strategy; ether you go all the way (and by that I mean dedicate 15 slots of your deck to milling), either you don't do it.

    That said, I'd still keep the Mindshrieker. He looks cool.

    Now, in order for Transcendent Master to reach level 12, you'll need lots and lots of mana. For that, you have either two choices: either you run a ramp deck that quickly generate a lot of mana, either you run a deck that slows the opponent so much that eventually you'll get your uber-Master. Since you want to deck to be U/W, we'll go with the slow deck since most good acceleration is Green.

    First, we have to find a way to deal with the opponent's creatures. Ghost Prison will be very important, since it pretty much prevents the opponent from attacking you en masse. An absolute 4-of. Narcolepsy and Pacifism are also in just in case the opponent has the mana to attack through the Prisons (note: if your opponents play very few Humans, Bonds of Faith should replace the Pacifisms since it can also help your Master in a pinch). Wall of Frost is also a good card for early defense.

    On the creature side, Student of Warfare, Caravan Escort and Knight of Cliffhaven all seem to be decent creatures, so they're in. Since we now have a lot of level-up creatures, we might as well add Venerated Teacher into the mix. Keeper of Secrets is a pretty good card, but you don't have enough good instants/sorceries to justify its inclusion.

    Spell-wise, Negates are always nice to have (mostly to protect your leveled-up creatures), and See Beyond looks like decent card filtering, so we'll toss those in too.

    That gives us:

    I'm guessing that you only have one copy of each rare, so I took that in account. If not, feel free to add them in. Clone is there so that if plan A (Level 12 Master) doesn't work, just copy the opponent's best creature and go to town. Land-wise, I think you'll be fine with just Plains and Islands. Just make sure to put more Plains than Islands (about 14 Plains to 10 Islands) to maximize the chances to get to play Student/Escort on turn 1.

    Cards you could add are stuff like Unsummon to bounce back a big threat or to re-use your Teachers, Path to Exile to just blow threats up, Tidings to help you draw your Master and proliferate cards like Contagion Clasp to speed the level-upping.

    P.S. Note that I'm far from a deck-building prodigy. I'm sure some other more knowledgeable people will build something better, but here's at least a head start.

    Ok... I like that deckbuild and heck yeah, I have a handful of "Unsummon" here XD

    Well, to tell you the truth I have plenty of Green cards, my green game stars being: Plated Slagwurm, Living Hive and Gigantomancer. Forests... haha, I have like 70 XD Timbermaw Larva can be a biggy in a monogreen deck.

    The reason why I insist to make it U/W is because I lack enchantments, sorceries and whatnot of said color (most of them from the Wicked Big deck). I know, green is the color of huge beasts, not of enchantments or sorceries but I'd rather have a small but strong army than a large team that will fall in three turns.

    I like your idea of adding World Queller in the deck since it can easily erradicate monotype decks. There's a very good challenger who uses mostly huge Eldrazi creatures and artifacts. Mindshrieker is very important to me since it has saved my butt many times... I remember the satisfaction of watching a Nicol Bolas card go into a graveyard because of it XD

    However I'm starting to consider the g/w deck idea... I'll run trough my cards and post them in a while (not all tough, many of the greens ai have are from kamigawa boosters and won't work well without spirits... as most of kamigawa cards -.-)
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  • posted a message on Seeking Advice for my "Transcendent Pals" Deck
    Ok after reading this topic you'll notice my deck's name doesn't makes much sense but ahhh... who cares? Slant

    The thing is I kinda... suck at deckbuilding. I have VERY GOOD cards in my collection but getting them together is the problem... the only decent deck I've build in my life was based on only one "Kor Spiritdancer" card and some useless creatures (except Mindshrieker).

    The thing is, just yesterday my Transcendent Master arrived, my favorita card of the RoE block. Sadly I could only get one since to get most of my good cards, I have to either be very lucky with my booster packs, or buying them via e-bay or mercadolibre. The magic community in my country is very reduced compared to the North American one, but still, they organize small casual torunaments every saturday and friday so the winner goes home with a handful of boosters. There are strong rivals but nothing compared to the "munchkin" decks that are built by fans and proffesionals.

    So, I am planning to compete and build a deck arround two of my favorite cards: Transcendent Master and Mindshrieker.

    The key cards to use are: Transcendent Master, Mindshrieker, Aura Finnese, Indestructibility, Decimator Web and Jace's Erasure.

    Why? Well, the plan is to devastate the oponen by using Transcendent Master's "Lifelink + Indestructibility" abbilities at level 12 while depleting its deck by using the rest of the cards above. Since Transcendent Master is a leveler, it enters the battlefiend weak but grows stong, and it's level up cost is only 1 Colorless Mana. The problem is to make him survive long enough to get him to LVL 12... that's when Indestructibility cmoes at play...

    They key is attaching him with said card and then, when he gets to his maximmum level, play Mindshrieker and then Aura Finnese to swap Indestructibility to it. I then would use Mindshrieker's ability to pay 2 colorless mana each turn to make the oponent send the top card if his library to the cemetery, and make an aerial attack with him. Wle his deck starts depleting, I woulduse Jace's Erasure to make him send his top library card to the cemetry each of my draw steps, and lastly, Decimator web would make him send evem more cards while I hurt him badly... while of course, infecting him in the process.

    The problem is I only have one copy of each card stated above, and Decimator Web is the one I should care about most since I don't have any blue/white cards that can really protect it (It's gonna be only Blue/White deck). Plus I only own as much as 12 Plains and 20 Islands, and I still have to think which other cards to take with me (Pacifism x4 and Narcolepsy x2 are a good option)

    Here's the cardlist... not the actual deck but a cardlist so you can see my arsenal:

    I have multiple copies of most of the cards stated above (specially instants and enchantments, creatures... that's pretty much it), but I am still getting hold of this forums so...

    Another thing: I CANNOT GET ANY MORE CARDS FOR NOW, I WILL HAVE TO DO WITH THAT, so please, any advice is good but don't tell me about cards I don't own... yet ;/ I have many other white or blue cards but it would take forever to list them all, pus I don't see ow they fit this deck.

    Thanks for taing your time to read this, I appreciate your advice, tips and help
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  • posted a message on Where can I find info on some creatures backgrounds?
    Well guys, I'm designing some Magic the Gathering creatures for a role playing game, and I need to know what the heck are some of them but I lack the resources of knowledge... To start with, it seems the Kami are somewhat like the kami deities of old Japan, but... what the heck is a Baku?! I know how they look like but not what they do, I only have for sure they're venerated and they seem to be escentially good creatures...

    Hm... I have my doubts on many many many other creatures... and of course I know not every single creature has a story since that would mean THOUSANDS of creature backgrounds... So, anything else the wiki that has no info whatsoever on Kamis nor Bakus? n_n;
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  • posted a message on Can anyone give me tips on this deckbuild?
    Hm... sadly I couldn't find Tempered Steel anywhere nearby, and I used all the money I had on that "Trascendent Master" I ordered at the anime shop

    But I got a Myr Generator, every turn I can put a 1/1 colorless Myr artifact creature, so that means every turn I would be able to add a 1/1 to my Juggernaut...

    But, if you would use my deck for a battle... what would you remove from it? :/
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  • posted a message on How do you carry your decks around with you?
    In my pocket Frown Or in a metal box... gosh I don't have a decent way of tranporting my cards TAT
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  • posted a message on So, I found something rediculous today...
    Quote from erock98
    Couldn't read on after this.

    What a douce... not you, the one who wrote the article...

    I am a beliver of God and I accept and love Him... and I also like to play MTG with my friends while drinkg a soda, or laughing at our decks, AND loving the creatures... really, Yu-Gi-Oh has more satanic background than Magic (if any on this game)... Really, it's a HEALTHY game!!!! Devils/Demons are in EVERY SORT OF MYTHOLOGY! And they represent evil in many many ways, not only the christian theological one.

    Really... whoever wrote this is a fanatic or has NO IDEA what is this game. My mother knows I play this since I was younger and now that I'm 19 she never bothered about it, and she is more spiritual than me. My ex girlfriend and now friend is from a very spiritual church, and she doesn't sees anything bad on playing MTG... -.-

    Plus, God HATES people?! This dude is WRONG... If he really bothered to study our fate, God doesn't "hates" people nor orders punishments/killing sprees such as crusades and Inquisition... sadly God is the scapegoat for power hunger and violence (inside the church as well), and not only in my religion... -__- Really this dude was just trying to troll...

    And really, we've seen this kind of article many times before... people of my generation might remember when Pokémon was considered "satanic"... GOSH! D:<
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  • posted a message on Can anyone give me tips on this deckbuild?
    Nah... it's not Friday Night magic, if it was like that I wold be doomed already Smile
    It's a casual tournament held every 2 fridays in our local manga/anime store... and there are Decks, money and other thingies as prices so it's woth giving it a shot... I just need to see WHAT THE HECK fails me from my deck... it is a ghood deck whenever it wants to, I tried it against a Planeswalker deck (a friend's... and it was trough a deckbuilder program xD) and it worked out well... most of times -.- Others it just sucks and lets me down the first 3 rounds...
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  • posted a message on Can anyone give me tips on this deckbuild?
    Ok guys... I'm not that much of a MTG n00b... I've been playing it for 3 years but I still lack.. .the fire or brain to make a good deck... I usually make them so my luck saves my butt, and I'm gonna have my first amateur tournament this friday, and I'm... well, scared Frown

    The guys I'm gonna face go from the typical dude who will be using a Begginer Deck or 2011 core set... to some REALLY cheap guys... so I wanna be cheap? Yeah.

    My idea for my deck is combining both Artifacts and White Magic... the problem, I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!! I want to focus it arround my Darksteel Juggernaut using other artifacts to pump it up, the levelers to gain terrain until I can summon it, and the auras to make the Juggernaut more unstoppable than it would already be... the problem is: By the time I have the right cards, I barely have any Life left Smile I have, tough, Decimator Web... when I've had luck that's the card that has made me win... I would use Caravan Scort to reduce the damage 1 point at low level and then at max level, 2 points, combined with Ghosts of the Innocent (all damage is halved) a 10 damage source would become a 3 damage one :). The Juggernaut + Echo Circlet + Accorder's Sheild = WIN

    My cards are like this:

    Yeah... I mean, that's my crappy deck, and I guess the reason is because I have so many cards I can't center the strategy on the Juggernaut correctly... I need SERIOUS help before friday or else I'm done for TAT... and nope, I won't be able to get any new cards for a while (I have a plethora more back home but they don't quite fit the strategy... I think...)
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