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  • posted a message on Check it!
    Okay so here's a few cards from the set I'm designing for fun. Let me know what you think.

    Okay first some Commons...

    Unusual Growth
    Search target player's library for a land card and put it into play under your control tapped, then that player shuffles his or her library.

    Facet Minor
    Creature - Angel

    AEther Snatcher
    Creature - Vedalkan Wizard
    When AEther Snatcher is returned to its owner's hand, you may gain control of target creature. (This doesn't end at the end of turn.)

    Syphon Spirit
    Target creature gets -2/-2 until end of turn. You gain 2 life.

    Moss Guard
    Creature - Fungus Hound
    G: Regenerate target land.

    Weakest Link
    Enchantment - Aura
    Enchant creature
    Enchanted creature gets -1/-1.
    At the beginning of your upkeep, you gain 1 life.

    How about some Uncommons...

    Library of the Sages
    As Library of the Sages comes into play, tap it and draw a card.
    T: Add 1 to your mana pool.

    Disputed Proclamation
    Enchantment - Aura
    Enchant basic land
    You control enchanted land.
    Creatures you don't control have landwalk of enchanted land's types.

    Wicked Pact
    Draw 3 cards then discard 3 cards. You lose 3 life.

    Insane Inmate
    Creature - Human Rouge
    When Insane Inmate comes into play, untap and gain control of target creature until end of turn. That creature gains haste until end of turn.
    At end of turn, sacrifice Insane Inmate.

    Seal of Turmoil
    Sacrifice Seal of Turmoil: Destroy target nonbasic land.

    Cloak of the Elders
    All permanents gain shroud until end of turn.

    Blessing of the Oak
    Enchantment - Aura
    Enchant creature
    Enchanted creature gets +3/+3.
    Sacrifice Blessing of the Oak: Enchanted creature gets +7/+7 until end of turn.

    Skull Bearer
    Creature - Orc
    All creatures get +1/+0.

    Shifterform Armor
    Artifact - Equipment
    As long as another creature has flying, first strike, double strike, fear, haste, reach, shroud, lifelink, deathtouch, trample, protection and/or vigilance so does equipped creature.
    Equip - 2

    Goblin Forerunner
    Creature - Goblin Berserker

    And now let's get to the good stuff; the rares...

    Blessed Soulsinger
    Creature - Spirit
    Protection from all colors

    Trained Execution
    Destroy all creatures with a converted mana cost of X.

    Aluria's Blessing
    Legendary Enchantment
    At the beginning of your upkeep, you gain 1 life for each card in your hand over four.

    Exim's Madness
    Legendary Enchantment
    At the beginning of your upkeep, you may search target player's library for a card and put it into its owner's graveyard. Then that player shuffles his or her library.

    Creature - Horror
    Fear, lifelink
    Whenever Soulgorger attacks and isn't blocked, put a +1/+1 counter on it.

    Dark Dealings
    Pay 2 life: Put a Pin counter on target creature.
    At the beginning of each player's upkeep, that player loses 1 life for each Pain counter on creatures he or she controls.

    Trading Places
    At the beginning of each players’ upkeep, that player gains control of a permanent he or she doesn’t own. If that player can’t, sacrifice Trading Places and each player gains control of all permanents he or she owns.

    Erase Indifference
    All creatures lose Protection.

    Grove of the Elders
    Legendary Land
    TAP: Add G to your mana pool. Then add G to your mana pool for each Aura enchanting Grove of the Elders.

    Underworld Djinn
    Creature - Djinn
    At the beginning each player's upkeep, that player chooses a creature he or she controls and sacrifices the rest.

    *Whew* Well, let me know what you think and if you want to see more. Thanks!

    - Friz
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  • posted a message on Dual Nature Fun!

    Okay...I'm generally a very competitive Spike/Johnny. The problem is most of the people I play with are quite the opposite, so I decided to design a deck that was nothing but fun. For everyone!

    The idea is to get as many Dual Natures out as possile along with a couple of Thunderscape Familiars. You'll need a Quirion Sentinel and a Sparkcaster in your hand. Once you get set up, here's how you 'go off':

    Cast Quirion Sentinel for G (because of the familiar discount). If you have two Dual Natures out, you'll get two token copies. Add RGG and cast Sparkcaster and bounce it and a Senitnel. Rince and repeat.

    The cool thing with Dual Nature is it allows you can gain a ton of life with the Finks; or you can shock the hell out of everyone with the Slinger; or draw a ton of cards with the Bears. Also, anything you play under the Dual Nature is copied, so mana shouldn't really be too much of a problem with all the BoPs and WoRs you'll have in play.

    Everything else should be pretty much explain itself. I know it's fragile and your opponent benifits from Dual Nature as much as you, but that's why it's so much fun! Try it in a free-for-all game and people won't pick on you as long as they think they're getting tons of free creature tokens. Then suddenly...Boom! Game over, I win!

    (BTW, this only usually works once, but dammit this deck is just so cool I had to post it...oh and I know a lot of the choices are sub-optimal. I was focusing on fun not efficient.)

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  • posted a message on And Now a Fun Fact About Violence:
    Likewise as much as it is the individual's personal choice, much of the blame falls upon the parents themselves. Too often parents shield their children from violence and anger for fear that all it does is lead to hate. (Hey I sound like Yoda now! =) It is important also to note that many of these parents are also Christians who don't completely understand that it is okay to be angry and even violent according to their own personal beliefs.


    Funny that as much as video games and movies support anger and violence, the Bible shows that you should be allowed to punish those whom you deem "evil".

    After the events at VA Tech, I think it is also important to note that we as individuals need to step up and report suspicious behavior instead of trying to pretend it's non-existent. I know too many times where even I covered my ears when my neighbors were fighting violently because I felt "safer" if I wasn't involved. I'm just glad that I had some violent video games to turn on to release some aggression...
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  • posted a message on Interesting Fact About Free Speech
    No offense, but I notice that every single defense or half-defense of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" falls back upon speculation. It's always, "I would be worried that..." or, "Some might feel that..."

    Speculation? This is not speculation...it is simple fact. This is why subjects like gay marriage are such a hot button for political candidates. I'm not stating "I think...". I know that it would make a good portion of our military forces cry out in disapproval. It's just the way it is (right or wrong). Many who join the military support our countries values else they wouldn't be ready to die defending them. And, yes I agree that many of those values are out-dated.

    However, I am willing to back up my claims that although I feel this issue needs to be addressed, we first have to accept gays in our country before we allow them to defend it.


    Here's a link to the number of states/countries that support gay marriage. I simply want to point out that with only a few states allowing marriage, it would be easy to justify why the don't ask/don't tell policy is in place. It obviously is not something we as a nation are ready to accept yet. Likewise, a majority of the rest of the world either don't allow, or make it illegal for gays to marry. So yes, it would dwindle our potential allies.

    As a final note, I want to reemphasize the fact that I don't agree with the don't ask/don't tell policy. I think is out-dated and discriminating. But I understand that change comes slowly (esp. in the military) so I will just have to wait until the rest of the country (and the world) learns to accept it as well.
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  • posted a message on Interesting Fact About Free Speech
    I don't care if they're are gays or women in the military. However, I feel that most countries that would serve alongside us if our forces included women would far outnumber those that would do the same for an openly homosexual individual.
    Nonetheless, if you are entertaining the thought of joining the military, allow me to give you a word of advice:
    Be willing and ready to follow pointless orders and guidlines. The military is rich in tradition (both good and bad) and above all else those who serve must be ready to accept this.
    Now, as for questioning it in general...go for it. But realize that once you join, you sacrifice many of your personal rights (free speech for example) by agreeing to defend them. *Shrugs* Just the way it works...
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  • posted a message on Interesting Fact About Free Speech
    I am also in the Air Force, and I fell obligated to post something I think maybe overlooked. Now I don't have any personal issues with homosexuals in the military but here is something I haven't seen mentioned yet.

    Because the military requires allies to function properly, it is important to realize that the way it presents itself is incredibly important. That is partially why certain outdated rules are still in place. For us to legalize legal drug use, sodomy, or homosexuals in the military; we lose potential allies who believe that said we support them by not outlawing them.

    I agree that it is out-dated and needs to be re-worked. Perhaps this point will give a little new insight to the "bigger picture". I wouldn't mind homosexuals in the military, but I know many who would and I believe the "don't ask, don't tell" policy is as close as we are going to get to solving it any time soon.

    Finally, I know that females in the military causes a loss for potential allies, but screw any country who doesn't support that! Also, I despise those that attack the individuals who are in the military instead of the government issuing the orders. I fully enjoy serving my country, and I volunteered for it so I accept some of the loss of liberties I must endure to do so.

    Well that's that...enjoy!
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  • posted a message on Just a funny read...
    I hope no one minds, but I was scanning some old Storyline threads and came across one I thought was pretty funny:


    It was started in July of 2005 and it's pretty amazing how much they told us of the Time Spiral storyline over a year before it's release.

    Wonder what else they told us that we might've missed...

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  • posted a message on Has no one noticed??
    When you are voting, there is a banner of cards. It has Howling mine, Vampire Bats, and Lord of the Pit...All confirmed.

    But also there is Time Stop !! and some other card that is very familar to me, but I just can't put my finger on it....help me out and YAY! First rumor....please be the first!

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  • posted a message on Ask the author(s)
    Hey Cory,

    Just finished the Dissesion Novel....It was great, and I felt like I was watching an action movie with all the different stories going on at the same time like that. Great job! (BTW got it in a Fat Pack)

    My ?: Can you tell us (or at least provide a hint or a clue) where Niv-Mizzet ran off to? I got the feeling he Planeswalked away from what Feather said at the end of the book.

    Thanks for you time and a great several hours of my time...(Just started reading about 5 hours ago and finished already Smile

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  • posted a message on Cards that don't make sense, flavor wise
    How about on the card Ageless Entity. Bet nobody really noticed that Mirrodin creates it own life? Does this mean that there are beings besides just Slobad and Glissa romping around? (I know I'm probably looking to much into this, but I just find it wierd that the card states that the Tangle itself created the Elemental not the trolls or elves.) Someone got input on that?
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  • posted a message on Favorite Fight
    The battle between Hidetsugu and the wizards of Minamo and the Soratami city....Classic.
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  • posted a message on the dual lands reprint rumor
    I don't know if anyone is still reading this thread, but I've always wondered when Wizards would make an ability like this:

    Land - Plains Island
    Regulate 2 (You may have a maximum of 1 copy of this card in your deck)
    TAP: Add W or U to your mana pool.

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