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    posted a message on why do most sellers charge $1 for shipping?
    I always do free shipping because all the buyer looks at is the total anyway and ebay charges the final value fee for the entire transaction now..
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    posted a message on Thragtusk infestation
    ^ I actually agree. It's turned the entire format into midrange which is fun.

    And LandBoy.. you need to knock it off. You're coming across so bad in this thread - read your posts objectively. We get it, you don't think Tusk is that good. You lost because of him. Doesn't change the fact that the format at shops across the world are warping around him. His event deck is selling out at 30bucks/each + shipping.. come on man. He's flat out awesome - 5/3 for 5, gives 5 life, splashes into anything, gives value even in death/exile, energizes with pretty much all of the rest of the green and white cards incredibly well.

    You asked early "what's the point in pointing out a card's power" - because that's what Standard is about. The pool of cards are like a tapestry and the more powerful ones see more play and the tapestry becomes woven around them. Last season Primeval Titan and the ramp package warped the format, as did Delver and his packet of cantrips. Right now it's Thragtusk and Thragtusk alone. It works in Bant, it works in Junk, it works in Selesnya, and it works in Jund. Hell I saw a Naya brew forcing it. I've seen 4 color control forcing it. It's a single card warping the format and that's pretty crazy. Even Jace had Stoneforge and a pretty clear deck type.

    Thragtusk warps the format because:
    When he hits, it stops aggro almost cold. Combined with Centaur Healer and Resto Angel, aggro had died in my meta. It honestly has zero chance. This forces the games to run long - you see people getting to 7+ mana in pretty much every game. It changes the scope of threats and the scope of answers. Most importantly though, there are no good answers to Thragtusk. Hand disruption is about the only good answer but it's a pretty bad one at the moment. You're basically playing a bad choice while Thragtusk is simply a splash so the rest of their deck is still threats you're not answering while trying to deal with Tusk. The answer? Run him too and try to build a better package than they have so the Tusk war ends up being some kind of tank-esqe ground skirmish with the real war being played out with Angels of Serenities, Board Wipes, Angel Armadas, or Vampire Chicks.

    Which is pretty awesome really. It creates complex game states and you see so many more cards hitting the field that you've never seen before.

    I think people like you come across really bad. Very few people here are crying - in fact, you and 1 or 2 others are the ones crying. We're simply stating what Thragtusk is doing to the game right now - for better or for worse. There is really no denying it though.
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    posted a message on The problem with collectors
    It's fine exactly how it's been all of these years.

    Look, Wizards answers to Hasbro. Wizards has to develop the product, commission the writers and artists, put together a balanced product, market it, and then have distributors put it out to vendors who put it onto shelves. You look at all of those stages and still, at the end of the day, you realize that a booster is only 3.33$ or cheaper if you buy in bulk and you're getting a good deal.

    Yes, I know, we're not talking about boosters. But the price of a booster is what drives the market prices just like a Ticket does on MTGO. If I know that I have to open ~40 boosters to get a single Hallowed Fountain, then the amount I'm willing to pay to simply buy a Hallowed Fountain from somebody instead of cracking 40 boosters to find one, reflects the rarity x the price of a booster to a huge degree.

    What you find happens is that a set that's currently available in standard will reach a price equilibrium after a few months when you total all the cards and their rarities and prices and average it out and it is fairly close to the cost of a box. This is the natural life cycle of a set. Depending upon the popularity (power, etc.) of cards, they eat up portions of this total set value.

    You move backwards in time and things start to change. Set's are no longer in print so you have a supply squeeze and the set value equation goes away and cards start to stand entirely on their own merit and supply.

    Yes, this is an issue with cards like Goyf and I can totally appreciate that. However! 100$ for a single card, while it seems like a lot, isn't that much in an eternal format. Right now a playset of many standard cards will cost you more than that and yet, they'll rotate and be useless in 10-20 months. And yet people will still pick them up just to play with for that period of time. You can play with Goyf forever. There's almost no other product you can buy which will give you back that much playability for $ spent initially to be quite honest. Most everything in real life, at least, will break eventually or require maintenance. Your Goyf won't. And it might just go up in value. Sounds like a good deal to me.

    There's a lot more to be said on this but I am just going to end with this:
    If the game wasn't a collectable card game, it would not be successful. The fact that the cards have long term inherent value to people is important and makes the game more challenging, serious, and to be honest, quite profitable. I wouldn't play it without this component because let's face it, it would just be another board game.

    As a huge aside:
    I've written a thing if you look at my post history on how to make this game affordable. There's so much room to make money with this hobby it's kind of silly. I'm not even super efficient at it and I'm doing really really well.. Just use ebay and make the game cost way less or even make some money. It's not hard.
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    posted a message on Anyone else threatened by Modern Masters?
    You'll take about a 12% loss on ebay/paypal/shipping and maybe a small amount more if you get scammed. You'll be selling at lower than TCG low. Your cards are originals and you probably have a lot of sentimental value attached to them. Personally, if I intended to continue playing I'd simply keep them. There is a chance that with the increased player base in modern prices could stay the same or even rise. Crazy but it could happen.
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    posted a message on [[Official]] [RTR] Running Tally of Highest Priced Cards: Updated 11/20/14
    Yeah that evaluation is way off.

    You do really need to be familiar with standard to correctly call these cards. I mean, in a vacuum, Olivia a month ago is no different than Olivia today, but her power level has changed substantially for several key reasons (snag, image, slagstorm all gone).

    Mythics are pretty pricy right now. If it's a 4 of it can go as high as 40$. Which is sort of crazy..
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    posted a message on My Custom Innistrad Map
    Final Image:

    You can see the work in progress in the subsequent posts. Thanks again for those who inspired me and for the support. It took much longer than I had anticipated.

    Also available with Labels:

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    posted a message on [M13] Running Tally of Highest Priced Cards: Updated 01/19/2014
    ^ Exactly and people are missing this.

    I would compare Hellkite to Inferno Titan for the following reasons:
    It's a bomb level creature @ 5 mana (double red) but easily playable on turn 4 or even earlier due to allied color with green. With 5 toughness no flying creature in standard that sees play currently can take it on and dismember sees very little play so it's tough to kill. On hitting the field it immediately impacts the board in a similar way to Inferno Titan just in a less consistent way but with room for more upside. I played ramp consistently and playing Inferno Titan was always somewhat of a gamble but either way you knew you could count on the 3 damage to up to 3 targets. This is similar in that you'll hit all their fliers and maybe kill a few if they are lingering souls (which is heavily played at the moment) or other spirit tokens and even if you don't kill their blockers, you're tapping them down (because nobody plays with reach in Standard right now), so you're going to get in for 5 on the player. In a lot of ways it's probably going to outclass Inferno Titan actually.

    Inferno Titan suffered the problem of having existed in two sets and also having been a promo before it found its home in Ramp as a 4 of (and later 2 of). This card will immediately fall into a deck (probably 3 decks actually, Naya Pod, RG Aggro, possibly Ramp, and possibly Grixis).

    On top of all these factors is the main one - bombs are about to change entirely. Titans, Sphynx, and Wurmcoil are leaving which leaves a giant void at the 5+ drop range in a meta full of 1/1 fliers. This card is just begging to fit that spot.

    I can understand people's counter argument: "but it's not worth 30$," and my answer would be "no card is worth 30$" but how many people want to open a box of M13 to be given a 40% chance to open ONE Hellkite when you can just pay the price of a box and get 3 or 4 of them guaranteed? The set is bad enough that people are going to make that choice and that drives the price of Hellkite up on the demand side while people opening unsatisfactory boxes with few chase rares/mythics wanting more return on their quality cards pushes up the price on the supply side.

    Ergo, 30$ card for a while.

    On top of this we are seeing power red cards in the past 2 sets that compliment this card extremely well - Bonfire of the Damned and Huntmaster of the Fells - which are the most expensive cards in their respective sets. So really the argument that "red is weak" is no longer valid. Red may not be the core of Ramp, RedGreen Aggro, or Naya but without the red components those decks wouldn't be competitive.

    On top of all of these things it has the capacity to instant kill planeswalkers. Which makes me sort of sad because I've been having a great time with my junkwalker deck.
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    posted a message on [M13] Running Tally of Highest Priced Cards: Updated 01/19/2014
    The big 4 should maintain a 20$ price point for awhile. Reasons for this are quite simple:

    The set is going to be under opened. People are unhappy with it and when people (like myself) who normally buy a box or two of product simply opt to buy a few key cards and skip the rest, that hurts supply bad. Further, it means that people who do open a box and only get 1 $10+ card from an entire box (which will happen a lot), they won't want to part with it for such a low price. So inevitably we'll see these 4 cards command a higher price than they should justify.

    For the cards specifically:

    Rotation is taking away all the most usable creatures in standard at the 5+ drop range except Silverheart and even most of our best 4 drops. That is a huge void to fill. Both the dragon and angel fall right into existing strategies in standard and the dragon specifically combats lingering souls. On top of that, dragons and angels are collectable on their own.

    Ajani will fall a bit because no planeswalker these days holds 30$ price points long however, a turn 2 or 3 planeswalker that has 5 loyalty is something we haven't seen before and it also recurs with sun titan. This guy could actually see play. regardless, he will remain 20$+ for awhile.

    Liliana fits mono black control perfectly and it seems that archetype is going to be pushed. Further, she works extremely well with the shocklands which are likely going to be reprinted.

    I really can't see these cards falling significantly. People are excited about them and pros are excited about them. Granted, that merely creates hype but enough hype combined with enough supply shortage will cause a price spike followed by price memory for the following year.
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    posted a message on M10 Duals in M13
    I'm really happy they are staying. I got back into magic at Innistrad release and knowing the importance of quality duals immediately purchased playsets of all 5 +bird of paradise (got a great deal too!). I'm really glad I can continue playing with them.

    Seriously guys - "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" - these lands are perfect for standard imho.

    My only complaint is that wizards should really give us new art on all reprints and new flavor text. I would absolutely love to have 1 of each version of sunpetal grave in that case and would look forward to set releases more for reprints of cards I like. As it is, not so much.
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