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  • posted a message on Two Identical Masters 25 Boxes - Same rare and mythic slots on two boxes except for literally one card

    Rudy from Alpha Investments just did this box opening.

    Watch the whole thing, or just skip to around the 20 minute mark to see everything laid out. Literally the only difference between the two is that the second box had a Jace instead of Center of the Sea (although the second box still got a Center of the Sea as a foil.)

    Is this stupid luck, a quality control issue, because they were part of the same case?
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  • posted a message on UW Approach
    How exactly does the desert stuff add early interaction to the deck? Is deserts hold the only sense?
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  • posted a message on UW Approach
    Quote from moxruby »
    Hour of Revelation is way too slow. It is probably good against Tokens, but not good enough to be maindeckable and not close to being good in the Mardu matchup. I think Slash of Talons is the best bet against the deck, but even that only buys you a little time if you have to use it on Scrapheap Scrounger.

    My main concern is that Authority of the Consuls has been underwhelming in the match up. It feels like since you have less spot removal that the card isn't nearly as good at buying time as it used to be.

    What I've been doing in matches against any sort of aggro like that, Mardu included, is basically board in a ridiculous amount of lifegain and hope I get to it before I lose the game.

    Specically, I've been doing 4 Regal Caracal, 2 Sunscourge Championand 3 Authority of the Consuls as well as a 3rd Fumigate to go with the 2 that I have in the mainboard.

    It's not really worth it to try to make your turn 1-5 much better, I find it to be a better gameplan to just reinforce the power of your deck on turn 4-5 and hope that you can get there. What Authority does is allows you to more consistently get to turns 4-5, where you have access to your fumigates, settles and caracals that will give them too much to deal with.

    Slash of talons is fine, but I don't like investing that much into early turn interaction apart from things like Censor/Authority.
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  • posted a message on UW Approach
    IMHO every build of this deck should run 1-2 Field of Ruin in the mainboard, since it's a ridiculously versatile card.

    Kills Ramunap Ruins, kills flip lands like Azcanta, the Sunken Ruin in the mirror match, though it's most interesting use that I've found is against temur.

    Most temur/4 color builds only run 1 island, often relying on Botanical/Spirebluff to produce blue mana. In games 2 and 3 they'll almost always leave enough mana open to cast negate on approach, oftentimes their only source of blue mana being a single dual land. If they already have a tapped island out, you can use Ruin on that dual land so they no longer have blue mana avaliable until their next untap, giving you clearance to cast Second Sun without fear of negation.

    Super cool card.
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  • posted a message on At what point do decks go from variants to their own decktype?
    This is something I've thought about for awhile, as it's been a fairly common occurance in the last two standards.

    Basically, what is the point to which a variant on a decklist is unique enough to where it is it's own deck?

    For instance:
    BG Delirium into GB Constrictor
    RW Vehicles into Mardu Vehicles into Mardu Ballista

    The most recent example of this format is 4 Color Energy into Sultai Energy. IMO, Sultai is different enough of an overall deck that it really shouldn't be called Sultai Energy, as it doesn't actually share that much with the Temur/4 color builds. It's much more of a Sultai Constrictor deck, but I'm not sure if it's distinct enough to call it a completely new decktype.

    When exactly should we star considering a variant on a decklist it's own deck? Is Sultai Energy different enough to no longer be called an Energy deck?
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  • posted a message on From one of the worst standards in history... to one of the most diverse I've ever seen.
    Taking a look at the two paper tournaments we've had so far; SCG Open and Classic in Atlanta, the one simple Felidar ban seems to have evolved our Standard from one of the worst in recent history, to one of the most blatantly diverse and interesting I've seen in awhile.

    The Open was a bit less diverse than Classic, likely because nobody knew what was good yet and thus everyone just stuck with Mardu.

    The Classic, however, looks AMAZING. Bant marvel winning? Only two of the same deck in top 8? I'm impressed.

    Anyone else hopeful for this format?
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] The "I Need Help Deciding What To Play!" Thread.
    UR control is a good investment if rotation is your concern; the only real things that the deck will end up losing that aren't likely to be reprinted are Void Shatter and Wandering Fumarole, neither of which is vital to your win condition, with Void Shatter being totally replaceable by Disallow.
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    Quote from Kaiyla Han »
    One of the biggest things is that 4c Saheeli still works just fine.It no longer has access to that particular infinite combo but does it really need it to win? No.... Especially since the deck can go into a grindy midrange 4c walker deck with so much value it can stomp a lot of other decks.....

    The deck has no reason to be four colors, or to run Saheeli. Therefore it would pretty much just be Temur Midrange, which would need a new win condition. It doesn't really 'work just fine', it's a different deck.
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  • posted a message on G/B Nest of Scarabs (-1/-1 Counters)

    Wrote a primer for this decktype here.

    Largely I think our core is the following:

    I personally consider Blisterpod to be vital, but the above are the most relevant aspects of the deck (as Golgari).
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  • posted a message on G/B Nest of Scarabs (-1/-1 Counters)

    Yeah, I really like the decktype as a whole so I decided to create an actual primer for it, rather than just a decklist thread.
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  • posted a message on G/B Nest of Scarabs (-1/-1 Counters)

    This is a decktype that my friend (elicik) and I have been working on for awhile. Basically, it revolves around abusing cards like Plague Belcher and Exemplar of Strength, which are really big and efficient creatures for their mana cost. Their main downside is that they require you to place -1/-1 counters on your own stuff in order to cast them; this deck seeks to mitigate that cost and even in some circumstances profit from it.

    So, without further ado, here's an outline of the deck.

    Cards that place -1/-1 counters

    These are the main cards that the deck revolves around. Basically, as mentioned earlier, these three are extremely efficient in terms of stats, with the downside of placing down -1/-1 counters on your creatures. Plague Belcher is unique, however, in that it doesn't have a baked-in means of removing counters. To combat this, you're probably going to want to almost-always use him on either a token or Blisterpod, unless you have a Hapatra's Mark in hand.

    Cards that abuse -1/-1 counters

    Basically, these types of cards fall into 3 categories. There are cards that are good fodder for the counters, like Blisterpod(elicik's discovery, a card that I had completely forgotten about) and the various tokens. There are cards that actually benefit from you placing counters on things, like Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons, Nest of Scarabs and Hapatra's Mark. Lastly, there are cards like Bontu the Glorified and Bone Picker which benefit from things like Blisterpod and the tokens from Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons and Nest of Scarabs being killed for -1/-1 fodder.

    Side note that a lot of people forget; Nest of Scarabs gives you an insect for each counter that you place, rather than Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons which only gives you one snek even if your card places multiple counters.

    Cards that benefit from having big creatures

    Because all three of the deck's main creatures are above four toughness, it's very easy to keep Rhonas the Indomitable live. Mouth // Feed is used for a similar reason; at the point in the game where you'd be casting it for its aftermath, you should be able to get quite a few draws off of it.

    Other potential cards for the deck

    These are basically just miscellaneous cards which somewhat suit the win condition of the deck, but I chose not to include in the sample list because I don't think they're that great considering our other options.

    Of these, the most relevant cards for discussion are probably Prowling Serpopard and Channeler Initiate. I did include Prowling Serpopard in the sideboard of my sample list, but that's mostly because I didn't have much else that I thought was worth siding. It's definitely a good card, but very meta based.

    Channeler Initiate is good, but the deck doesn't really need a mana dork (at least not with a curve like in the sample), and considering its lack of space a 2 mana 3/4 is, surprisingly, just not good enough considering that Exemplar of Strength exists.

    Other than those two, I think Crocodile of the Crossing would be the next logical choice to run, followed by perhaps Nissa, Voice of Zendikar. They're good cards, one providing more aggression with the other providing tokens to murder with our counter placers.

    Overall, I really like this deck, and highly recommend giving it a go. It curves out extremely well, a 4/4 and 5/4 + Menace on turn 3 being a pretty strong board state that early on. Also, it utilizes the Black and Green gods very well, which considering the level of pressure they apply by simply existing is something worth noting.

    The only real problem with the deck that I've found so far is it's not terribly interactive with the opponent, though as what is essentially an early-format aggro deck, this is to be expected. I imagine if this picks up as a decltype, we'll see a much more utility based build, less focused on the simple advantage from counters.

    I definitely see this as one of the more powerful decks of the format. Elicit plans on posting his list on my thread at some point, so you can see his variance in card choice etc.

    Hope you enjoyed the read!
    Nice primer! However, per Standard Deck Creation Rules, "If you want to post a new thread in this forum, please check and make sure there isn't already a thread on the same topic. " Merging threads. - hoser2
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    Quote from prismatic elf »
    Quote from GoreSpaz »
    Quote from prismatic elf »
    So, before the ban of Smuggler's Copter , emrakul, the promised end and Reflector mage we had a healthy 5-8 deck standard, after ban we had a 2 Deck standard. With this ban we may have a new 1 Deck standard, It would make meta gaming easier for new players.. I predict more bans coming.

    1 deck standard? Which 1 deck do you think is going to dominate?
    Mardu is going to open a can of whoop a$$ on the format. The real point I was trying to make though is banning cards leads to less Diversity. I do think RG Aggro has a chance of competing in the format, and, GW Tokens has picked up a lot of cards wouldn't be surprise if that deck has a resurgence. A lot of people believe BG is going to be the next big deck but I don't see it happening. Yes BG gains by losing a bad matchup but It doesn't change the fact that there are a lot of cards in amonket that are really good against them.

    Mardu isn't going to be that oppressive. Mardu Vehicles wasn't successful because it beats every other deck in the format, it was successful because it beats the deck which beats every other deck in the format. It's not that Mardu was some slaughterhouse that nobody could beat, it's just that you're so likely to play against Saheeli that Mardu had a pretty huge advantage in terms of pure winrate.
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    Views along the lines of "This is bad because they didn't do it 3 days ago" are jaded and pointless. If you disagree with the ban in general, fine, but if that's your reasoning then you don't have a real opinion, you just like complaining about wizards.

    Now, onto opinions that can actually be discussed. Banning Cat is IMO the best thing they could have done for the format. No, this isn't going to result in the format being only Mardu Vehicles and maybe BG. The only reason that other decks didn't exist is because Saheeli is so oppressive when pitted against anything that isn't Mardu Vehicles. Other decks were able to beat Mardu fine, it's literally just that Mardu was the only one who could consistently beat Saheeli.

    Now that Saheeli is gone, things like Temur Marvel, Temur Tower, Energy, actual control decks, and the plethora of possiblity from Amonkhet will top. Is Mardu still the best deck in the format? Probably. But you can side against it properly, and it doesn't prevent tier 2 decks from existing.
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  • posted a message on Mardu/RW Dwarf+Vehicle aggro
    I'm vaguely interested in the idea of a sideboard that goes hella wide using the white god as a reason to.
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  • posted a message on Fall 2017 set named Ixalan & changes to pro tour schedule
    Quote from Dio »
    "Ixalan is just a rename of Atlazan" are you ******* kidding me. Just admit you were wrong. I don't know how you could have gotten that Atlazan was a Meso-American world when they only showed a merfolk when most people thought it was referencing Atlantis. Just seems like you're in denial. If the name of the actual set wasn't Atlazan then clearly Atlazan is a fake set, don't know why this is so hard to follow.

    Hey friendo wanna chill
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