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All Sets Are Good: Saviors of Kamigawa
  • posted a message on No Modern Pro tour in 2015
    The GP schedule is interesting, though. Modern Masters 2 is probably definitely coming next June, right before the three consecutive Modern GP's.
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  • posted a message on [Single Card Discussion] Elspeth, Sun's Champion
    Quote from NYRambler

    And yes, Standard is going to slow to a CRAWL post rotation.

    How do you figure that? You can generally take some of the basis for post-rotation decks off of Block constructed decks, and the best decks in that format are by far Rx aggro variants. That's without BE and Mutavault from the Core. Just because you can make good slow decks does not mean the format as a whole will be slow. There will be a lot of lightning fast aggro decks, and they will hold Standard to an appropriate speed.
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  • posted a message on If there was an MTG anime, what kind of deck would the main character run?
    He would play Miracles. If I know anything from watching Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon when I was a kid, it's that people that watch that stuff are extremely dumb. You could have the main character tap into the heart of the cards, rip infinite miracles to just barely win every match on the show, and people would still be like, "ZOMG ENTREAT FTFW AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HOW DOES HE DO IT?!?!?!11!"
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  • posted a message on Pro Tour Hall of Fame Vote ... vs MLB Hall
    Quote from Adam W
    I read it somewhere, I'm on a phone right now so I can't really research into it.

    The story of him attacking a fan with no hands is certainty true, though.

    Yeah, that definitely happened. Ty Cobb was an all-around POS.
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  • posted a message on Pro Tour Hall of Fame Vote ... vs MLB Hall
    Quote from Adam W

    Also, Ty Cobb murdered an African-American elevator operator for looking at him funny, but is still in the Baseball HOF.

    Pretty sure the rumor was that he killed a would-be carjacker. Both stories are completely untrue.
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  • posted a message on Peter Mohrbacher News?
    He takes mail-in's. You can check out his website for where to send your cards, or if you'd prefer to have him sign your cards in person, I'm sure you could e-mail him about his upcoming schedule:

    A lot of artists have websites these days, and most will take mail-in's if you provide postage (I like to give them a donation as a thank you). It can't hurt to search for their site/e-mail and ask.
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  • posted a message on M14---Why???
    Quote from FlopItOut
    m14 is seriously lame, no doubt. Awful burn, awful removal (doom blade at uncommon :wtf:)

    I don't get the lack of a 3-damage burn spell. Not even Volcanic Hammer?

    I'm hoping it means Lightning Bolt is coming back, and they're waiting until Theros to avoid pairing it with Snapcaster. It's more likely we'll get nothing and have to play Shock and Turn/Burn as the go to red removal, but I can dream.
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  • posted a message on [[M14]] Liturgy of Blood
    Whaaat?? Adding BBB to your mana pool? Haven't seen that since ~Odyssey.
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  • posted a message on [[M14]] Path of Bravery
    Quote from KilroyWasHere
    Soul Sisters approves.

    I'd rather just play Honor of the Pure
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  • posted a message on [M14] Thoughtseize
    Quote from turkey23
    Show me one successful D&T list with 4 Hymns and 4 Thoughtseizes main and i'll show you four successful lists (Ad Nauseum Tendrils, High Tide, Esper Control, Junk Zoo) with 4 Thoughtseizes and no Hymns main. Hymn > Thoughtseize, I'll grant you. But BB is too untenable and they often only have one card you care about.

    I'm not sure which is more implausible: finding Hymn in D&T, a mono-white deck, or finding Thoughtseize in High Tide, a mono-blue deck.
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  • posted a message on Ryusei, the Falling Star
    Quote from EvilDuck
    So are you going to be overjoyed every time you open a Ryusei and be like "[expletive] yeah, it's so flavorful!"? Because based on his inclusion, I'm not sure if I'll open a single pack of Modern Masters...

    I'll probably be too busy filing away the actual good/valuable cards these Kamigawa dragons being printed as mythic kept as rares.

    I can see how you might be disappointed if you thought this set would be 100% Modern playable, but you probably should have expected there to be some chaff.
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  • posted a message on How to Use Liliana of the Veil?
    Quote from Genghis Tron
    Not sure where you're going with that. The rules change will still only allow you to have 1 of any Liliana out.

    Post ~July 13, with multiples in hand/on board you can Edict > Play second Liliana/send original to yard > Repeat. There's no reason not to run the full 4 in any deck you'd want her in.
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  • posted a message on [[M14]] Kit received in store
    It's not Price, but Burning Earth seems legit. Not enough to push multi color decks out, but it makes you play maybe a few basics.

    Another Llanowar/Fyndhorn Elves is nice as well.
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  • posted a message on Should Red get ramp?
    Quote from Tybalt
    Mono-Red Goblins and Burn are both tier 1.5 decks in legacy.

    Red isn't supposed to have powerful effects, red is supposed to be 'i kill everything!'

    If red got mana ramp, who would play green?

    I don't think they should give red ramp, but you certainly could do it without cutting out green. Make red's ramp dorks painland-ish, or just make them cost more.

    Would this really be terrible to have:
    Red Ramp Dork 1R
    Creature - Goblin Shaman
    tap symbol Add R to your mana pool. Red Ramp Dork deals 1 damage to you.

    Or something like Rain of Filth or Squandered Resources. Both are black, (and pretty old), but you could argue sacrificing lands for instant mana is part of red's chaotic, all-in approach. Although these are more rituals than permanent ramp.
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