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  • posted a message on Redoing Hybrid Izzet Devotion
    I think you need more card draw. Does your metagame play with enough people to support Manifold Insights?
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  • posted a message on Prid3's Commander 2016 Multiplayer Set Review
    Bestest thing for me in the set is none of the new cards but the reprints! (But still I have to include Faerie Artisans in some deck) Pretty much all rares and mythic in the set are multiplayer playables and this set makes them more easy to access than ever before.

    For example I cannot understand how it can be legal to sell cards like Burgeoning for 1e/each?
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  • posted a message on MadLooTEmerge
    Quote from Prid3 »
    Quote from FGC »

    What do you think of the Emerge creatures in this deck? Do you think they are worth running? Have you seen them played? How did they do? I am not personally sure how many of them I should run, even considering 0. For now I am just going to wait and see how they perform and would like to hear what ppl think about them.

    Elder Deep-Fiend loses most its luster when multiple adversaries are involved. Even if you loop it you're still only hindering a single adversary.

    Distended Mindbender is a reasonable as a 1-2 of since it gives you recurrable interaction against degenerate game-ending bombs. That way you'll always have outs to things like Angel of Glory's Rise and whatnot.

    The way I see it is that Elder Deep-Friend is mostly a trick. Its pretty nice to play it at EoT before your turn to tap all blockers from somebody, put 5 damage in and "manipulate" your other opponents to attack the player who's defenses got tapped. In theory it can also prevent disasters like somebody winning with Overrun effect (hasn't happened yet). What it lacks is super strong raw power what I would get if I used a card like Sepulchral Primordial or Diluvian Primordial.

    What I would want is to have more balance between raw power and utility and flexibility and what I think I am going to do is something like

    -3 Elder Deep-Friend
    -2 Distended Mindbender
    -1 Gray Merchant of Asphodel
    +2 Demon of Dark Schemes
    +2 Sidisi, Undead Vizier
    +1 Mulldrifter
    +1 Vengeful Pharaoh

    I havent yet bought any new cards yet, but I think getting few Sidisi's and Dark Scheme Demons wont be a bad call as they should be decent in almost every black deck there is.
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  • posted a message on German MBC
    Gnadenloser Scharfrichter should be pretty cheap to get if you want additional Fleshbag Marauder you already run.

    The idea of the deck is pretty fun too : D I have a one german Klinge der Identitäten and everybody gets so confused how it works when I play it that I have considered building a full foreign language deck too. (I dont speak german myself either)
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  • posted a message on MadLooTEmerge
    Jeah I guess I can like test it. Toss in a singleton mulldrifter and if it performs I can increase to number. Its not going to hurt and might turn out to be good.
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  • posted a message on MadLooTEmerge
    Quote from Thijs1301 »
    Any GY hate out there? If so you might want to run a shuffle effect or instant raise dead. (or not if the engine keeps running anyway)

    I do think Muldrifters could do some real work here.
    Maybe even better than Arenas.

    Literally seen a GY hate spell played twice this year. Nobody plays it for some reason (well the reason is obvious we are all n00bs).

    About mulldrifter being good here: I don't see it being that good. Jeah I could most likely cast it every turn but I think looting with madness is better in this deck. One card drawing creature I considered was Forgotten Creation, but I am too scared to try it out.
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  • posted a message on MadLooTEmerge
    These are actually all pretty good suggestions, I never though that this deck could be made into zombie tribal as well, but there is pretty nice synergy with those zombies. I was thinking to order some cards from the new commander set when it comes and I think I could buy some Krovikan Horrors, Necromancer's Stockpiles ect at the same time. I have never seen anyone use those spells and its always cool show something new to other players in my meta. (Ok, some cards from your list are stables in our meta like stinkweed imp gets played almost every time we play, even I have 4 in a mulch deck).

    btw I was kinda surprised that Demon of Dark Schemes is ~1e card. That thing seems really good.

    Additional question: (still feel free to give more ideas to 1, 2 and 3!)

    4. What do you think of the Emerge creatures in this deck? Do you think they are worth running? Have you seen them played? How did they do? I am not personally sure how many of them I should run, even considering 0. For now I am just going to wait and see how they perform and would like to hear what ppl think about them.
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  • posted a message on MadLooTEmerge
    Hello ladies and gentlemen!

    My name is Fake Gold Chains (FGC) and I have been stalking this forum randomly for quite long but posting for first time now. Going to post a deck, describe my metagame and ask advice how to change my deck.

    Fastest of you can just look at the topic name and guess the full decklist pretty much. This deck is called MadLooTEmerge, the name comes from

    Here is what I have sleeved and have played about 5 games so far with:

    Early game:
    In all games I have started with either turn 2 Wharf Infiltrator (WI) ->Loot and make a token or something like Tortured Existence->Merfolk Looter->Merciless Executioner. I am happy with either and they are normally fast enough in our metas. Nobody has yet cast a removal spell at my early drop creatures.

    Mid game:
    I try to do things like recur MEs and/or Big Game Hunter with Tortured Existence and Grave Scrabbler and if possibly make tokens and creatures in the progress while killing opponents creatures. If I get an opportunity to use a 3 or 4 mana creature as a dark ritual to drop early Distended Mindbender Ill use it to bend somebody's mind.

    End game:
    Goal is to make a situation where I can just keep casting my "removal creatures" once or twice every turn while attacking with creatures and constantly making more creatures. Elder Deep-Fiends come to play here often for 3 mana to tap opponent's defenses at their EoT and opening the gates for 3/2 horrors and 2/2 zombies and 1/1 looters. Grey Merchant of Asphodel is really good to recur too, but it does need a lot of mana to happen.

    My metagame:

    We play casual kitchen table games with 3-6 players. We play normal free for all games with changing banlist. At the moment the banlist has cards like Rite of Replication, Prophet of Kruphix, Urza's Tower, Soul Warden, Splinter Twin and Wall of Omens. Those cards will be free again some day though...

    Most players play pretty casual decks, but everybody has something good like Venser, the Sojourner blinking ETB creatures or Human deck with Angel of Glory's Rise. One player has sick legacy decks that drop turn 2 Jin Gitaxias or even win turn 3 with Laboratory Maniac. Those insta win combos usually get played one night and the banned for few months : D This deck is a bit above average powerlevel in our games.

    1. After every game night each player gets to ban one card. Card must be a card that has been revealed in the night's games.
    2. Banlist gets cleared on predetermined day. (This one lasts till 31.12.2016)
    3. IF you try to ban a basic land you will regret it. (Like really regret it, nobody has ever tried but the punishment will be horrible if it ever happens)
    4. You don't need to have a reason to ban a card.

    Now there are some things things I want to improve and change and prepare for with my deck. I have a list of questions:

    1. Do you have any card suggestions for this deck? I think I have too many of the same Emerge creatures and Grey Merchants. I would like to have some different effects in those slots.
    2. What should I do if when Tortured Existence gets banned? Should I just add more looters or is there somekind of other card that would allow me to replace TE?
    3. Token decks get played quite much in my meta. What kind of anti token tactics would fit this deck?

    Thanks for reading and thanks for suggesting new cards to this deck!
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  • posted a message on Strategy: What's behind door #1?
    BTW. In monty hall problem switching doesn't give you 50% change of win. It gives you 66% change of win. It goes against "common sense", but you can find real good explanation to it in wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monty_Hall_problem

    As for the scenario I wouldn't just instantly play my angel. If it was a Serra Angel I totally would, but Aurelia is just too dangerous. The Doorman would kill me for sure. I would just try to cast every other creature and make a board position from where I can actually win with the angel. It is also possible that I live long enough that I draw red counterspell that can even counter the door activation.

    To win I need to keep playing magic, but I can't really do the suicide move of "Aurelia go!", so I hope I draw some "not so dangerous looking" cards first.
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