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  • posted a message on Snake deck help
    Why not both the Burgeoning and STS? Burgedoing is a bit more powerfull, but in the end they are pretty much the same and you basically want to have at least 1 on the first turn. The odds of having at least 1 in hand on first 8 cards is:

    4 in deck = 44%
    6 in deck = 59%
    8 in deck = 70%

    Mulliganing improves these odds. But you also want to have the bouncelands in the hand and that makes getting good hands more difficult again.

    Problem with Burgeonings is that they are pretty much useless in multiples. With the snake you at least Sosuke's Summons back so drawing multiple snakes wouldn't maybe be that horrible. Also if you choose to take more than 4 Burgeoning you most likely should use more than 4 Simic Growth Chambers.
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  • posted a message on Battlebond
    Any love for partners mechanic? Could be fun to cast Virtus the Veiled on turn 2 with a mana elf and Gorm the Great turn 3. The deck could clear the table with wrath every now and then and just use partner mechanic to search for new Gorms and Virtuses.
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  • posted a message on Battlebond
    Its 1 card no matter how many dudes hit, right?
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  • posted a message on Battlebond
    Dunno how good those Mindblade Renders are, but pre-ordering 4 costed me 1 euro. If they fail me i can always tear them to pieces and mail the pieces and angry letter to Prid3.

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  • posted a message on Teferi's Elite Solitude - Cheesy combo deck idea
    Would Panoptic Mirror work for you?
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  • posted a message on Needing Help Finding a Win Condition
    Enter the Infinite comes to mind. It doesn't directly win the game, but you could include something like few moxes, dark ritual, Laboratory Maniac and a card draw spell as well : D
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  • posted a message on Miracle deck
    Can you tell a bit more about the environment where the deck is going to be played?

    • Competitive multiplayer with turn 2 combo kills?
    • Multiplayer with legacy/modern/standard deck power level decks?
    • Casual multiplayer with theme deck level of power?

    Personally when I think of a miracle deck in multiplayer I picture it to look something like this:

    Basically just a passive UW control deck that just wants to hide from the evil world doing nothing until it needs to do something and when it has enough mana it would try to win the game with Entreat the Angels. Not sure would it be good.

    In your deck I find the 2 Rampaging Baloths, 4 Temporal Mastery and 4 Noxious Revival a bit weird. The Baloth is nothing super good and not worth it at all in this kinda of deck. Temporal masteries also seem a bit weird as the deck just basically wants to go play "Draw, land, go". To gain benefit from extra turns you need to have something in the field that can use the turn. Like a creature to attack with or a planeswalker to use or something. Noxious Revival does seem a bit useful to allow you to setup miracle nicely, but they are still card disadvantage and I always feel bad about that.

    I haven't played a lot with this kind of decks and I advice to take my words with a grain of salt. I do hope that this helps to start up the discussion to improve you deck.
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  • posted a message on Winding Constrictor + Hardened Scales
    Few worries about the deck:

    1. Might run out of gas. Even though your creatures are resilient there is still a huge risk that all your creatures die and you are end up in top deck mode.
    2. You cannot interact with unfair stuff. For example if somebody gets Griselbrand into play it will be difficult to win against that. Atleast you have the Ballistas to ping down some low toughness combo/utility cards like Saheeli Rai
    3. No big "I win" effects.

    These all all kinda typical problems to aggro decks in multiplayer. Sadly I don't really have good suggestions for you, here are few cards that at least could help you:

    But mostly I like the deck. I like attacking, I like the synergies, I like being able to gain life and punish graveyard abusers with Scavenging Ooze and I even like the Ooze subtheme! I am just worried that you will run out of resources before you win and I hope you are able to find a way prevent that from happening.
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  • posted a message on Tezzeret the Schemer deck
    Quote from rtdeeley ยป
    Just out of curiosity, what made your group ban Wall of Omens? And does that mean you guys should add Wall of Blossoms as well? The rest seemed understandable to me.

    Well since you asked:

    Our playgroup was starting to have problems with power creep and games being unbalanced and unfun. Some players playing legacy combo decks and others using some kamikawa spirit piles and just getting wrecked. We still wanted to play constructed multiplayer and came to decision that we should have a banlist. But soon realized that we cannot really make or find a static banlist that would serve our needs.

    We created a format that we call "Ban format", rules are that there is a banlist that resets after a certain time (now its when 100 cards have been banned) and after every day we have played each player gets to ban one card. Only cards that have been seen in game that day can be banned and you don't need to have any reason to make the ban. If you want to have an OP deck that wins on turn 2 its fine, you most likely just get to play that for one day and rest of few months its going to be banned.

    How has that worked for us? Games have become more even and there is more variance in decks and cards being used. Some problems of the format are that those players who only play with us rarely don't get that many of "their" cards banned and especially when a lot of cards are already banned they are doing much better than everybody else.

    I think the guy who banned the wall said that its just "a lame card that gets played too much".
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  • posted a message on Tezzeret the Schemer deck
    Jeah I looked at the other Tezzerets. They are all pretty much better than the Schemer, but I dont think they are worth getting for this deck.
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  • posted a message on Bant Eerie Interlude Blink
    I feel like you have a positive problem, you have a lot of good possible cards to include in the deck if you want. With all these powerful cards you can make a good deck no matter what good cards you pick.

    I think you just need to decide what you just want to use and focus on that.
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  • posted a message on Tezzeret the Schemer deck
    Jeah The death cloud is going to destroy my own hand too. But it's a price I am ready to pay.

    I am going to make the first version of the deck with as a death cloud deck. Main plan is to death cloud with tezz in play and win with ultimate. I don't have a deck list yet and I am still open to card suggestions.

    I'll try to trade for some cards to it first and see what I get and then maybe make some orders online.
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  • posted a message on Bant Eerie Interlude Blink
    Hello, looks like a nice deck.

    Here are my thoughts:

    1. Jeah I think he is worth it and also I think Dilluvian is stronger than frost titan.
    2. I suggest 1 Bane of Progress to main deck, you can find it with Fierce Empath
    3. Did you mean Sea Gate Oracle?
    Card suggestions you didn't ask for:
    • Deadeye Navigator. With just 2 mana you could get ability of a primordial again, and then you can do it again, and again.- Its brutal with Sylvan Primordial. Problem is that your deck easily becomes quite boring and leading to games where you just try to survive until you are able to destroy all lands from opponents and lock them out of the game.
    • Soul Warden. In a 4 player game you can get like 20 life from 1 soul warden. If dying to damage is an issue then she might be able to help
    • Prophet of Kruphix OP card that is banned from formats like Commander for a reason. Would allow you to have mana up for blink effects on opponents turn, always. Adding this card kinda pushes the deck to unfair region tho and your friends might hate you a bit more.
    I have seen same kind of ish decks being played and I have always felt that they are a bit slow at killing and don't have too many ways to interact with opponent. They just spend most of the game building up their position and grinding the game out. Usually the creatures are low powered and cannot really win through attacking so win happens by destroying all enemy lands with Sylvan Primordial and then slowly killing the enemy. If opponent has some way to kill you that you cannot stop its going to be hard for you. But I guess its just a small risk you have to take when you play a deck like this.
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  • posted a message on Need help on an Elven Support Deck
    I really cannot imagine better support than extra turns, I think you should totally try it out if possible.

    I noticed that in your original decklist you had 4 Ghost Quarter. Is there something like urzatron (Urza's Tower ect.) that is being played a lot in your gamegroup? If yes then you might want to keep them in to prevent the enemy from assembling tron on turn 3, but if you aren't planning to use them to destroy lands like that then I wouldnt run them.
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  • posted a message on Tezzeret the Schemer deck
    Should I pick Death cloud, Obliterate, Jokulhaups, armageddon or something else?

    • Death cloud:
    • +Destroys hands too, making recovery even more difficult
      +Can be fired with what ever X is the best for situation
      +/-Leaves artifacts alive so I would still most likely have nice mana left. Same is true for opponents who use mana stones ect (everyone relevant)
      -Even X=5 is not quaranteed to kill all creatures, if enemy is spamming tokens or something I might just win the game for them. Not all lands are destroyed either

    • Obliterate
    • +Destroys all lands and creatures
      +Cannot be countered
      -Mana cost 8 (to be fair deathcloud would also be fired at same ish cost)

    • Jokulhaups
    • +Destroys all lands and creatures

    • armageddon
    • +Cheapest to cast
      -Doesnt kill creatures. Cannot be used if enemy board state is stronger than mine

    • Decree of Annihilation
    • +Exiles
      +Everything, even hands
      +Cycling mode can be used to instant wreck lands only without risk of being countered
      -Mana cost of 1 000 000 dollars.

    Whir of Invention should most likely be included to the deck.
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