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  • posted a message on Monoblack Aggro
    This deck has been pretty good for me : D Turn 1 dark ritual into 3 Pulse Trackers really makes your opponents go "wtf are you playin?". Snuggler's Copter indeed is a really nice addition to the deck. For some slower decks games including this deck have been just really frustrating and they have just died without being able to do much. On the other hand early sweepers really punish this deck.
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  • posted a message on SCD - Ravenous Slime
    So how did things turn out? Was Ravenous Slime worth the hype?
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  • posted a message on I need my Dinosaur Deck to be more Multiplayer
    How about Rampaging ferocidon? Should be pretty damaging.
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  • posted a message on Just your friendly locust pack! - Fun Casual Two Headed Giant Deck
    I think more bounce would be good too. You are running 2x Cyclonic Rift, but I feel that that number should be 4. Returning entire opponent board to their hand is devastating.
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  • posted a message on Blink Deck with Gilded Drake and PW Venser
    To me the deck looks good. I don't really have any good suggestions for it... But I do have a suggestion: Reality Acid. Its kinda slow and requires blink support to work, but it can also wreck any permanent and its acid that melts reality so that is a bonus.
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  • posted a message on Blink Deck with Gilded Drake and PW Venser
    There must be something that I dont understand... What is so great with Venser + Drake? Why is it any different than with Brago?
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  • posted a message on What kind of aggro decks you play?

    I want to play aggro decks in multiplayer because they are fun and winning with them makes me feel good. I want to see what kind of decks you guys use to aggro enemies out of the game. Feel free to post vague descriptions of your aggro decks or full decklists with analysis how they do or anything in between Smile

    My aggro decks:

    I dont think they all even qualify as aggro, but anyway the plan is mostly to put creatures into play and turn them sideways and hope enemy head falls and mine stays on. I try to build the decks in a way that they don't lose when the board gets wiped, but as a result of this they lose speed.
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  • posted a message on Monoblack Aggro
    Prid3 has been talking about this deck for so long time that I want to give it a try myself. Just ordered the 30 cards I was missing for it for like the price of two beers : D Ill also try out those Smuggler's Copters in it since I have a playset. Should be fun to attack with a bunch of 1/1's and deal that 21 damage on turn 2 in 4 player game.
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  • posted a message on Demonic Contract
    Ob Nixilis isn't the best demon, except when he is. This deck has tons of tutoring and being able to disturb some deck if needed looks like a great ability.

    Like mirror match with this deck would be about resolution of On Nixilis.
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  • posted a message on What does tempo in MP mean to you?
    The way I see it is that tempo plays are plays that "get you more time" compared to your opponents. You don't have to be a "tempo deck" or something like that to gain speed advantage over your opponent.

    • Dark Ritual into turn 1 threat. (Not that good usually, your opponents will catch you quick), unless you follow with turn 2 limited resources and attempt to seal the deal with turn 3 Thalia, Guardian of Thraben. With those moves you have generated tempo by either boosting your own speed or slowing opponents down. This would be some sort of aggro/prison deck.
    • Casting cyclonic rift while having creatures yourself. Now you force opponent to cast theirs again and gain time to beat them with your dudes. You gain tempo. Most likely this would be some midrange or control deck.
    • Connecting with Goblin Lackey on turn 2 and putting a 4 mana dude into battlefield. This would be a goblin aggro deck.

    You use the speed advantage to deal damage to opponents and/or win the game.
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  • posted a message on SCD - Ravenous Slime
    Outside the exile effect its a bit like Lumberknot and their crocodillo friend (same card, but a crocodillo). But if your friends are playing a lot of decks that benefit from creatures dying then it can do some hard work. Evasion also helps.

    But are people sleeping on it? I dont think so. At the moment Scavenging Ooze is cheaper to buy than to pre-order one of these slimes.
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  • posted a message on Virtus & Gorm
    Quote from Xyx »
    Gorm is pretty good with deathtouch, like Basilisk Collar/Bow of Nylea/Quietus Spike/Gorgon Flail/Wasteland Viper/Virulent Swipe. He'll kill two blockers with every attack.

    Virtus needs evasion or regeneration: Whispersilk Cloak, Broken Fall, Asceticism.

    Giving gorm deathtouch seems like a good idea. Bow of Nylea seems pretty good for the deck also because it can recycle V&G from graveyard to library and allow "infinite" stream of creatures. Maybe ill include some evasion and regen too, I just don't want to use too much mana & cards to do it and I dont want to draw like 2x Whispersilk Cloak.

    Quote from FunkyDragon »
    Rogue's Passage or even Suspicious Bookcase are really good with Virtus, too.

    The bookcase seems suspicious, but I think rogues passage passes as good card and I should include at least 1 depending on the lands I end up using.

    I could try a list that is pretty close to that with just the cards I have already. I think ill try to squeeze in maybe the Bow of Nylea and some evasion spell. Possibly changing around some creatures.
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  • posted a message on Virtus & Gorm

    I have wanted to make a deck containing this dynamic duo (V&G) for some time. But I don't really know what else should the deck have. In my mind the deck works like this:

    Early game: Cast virtus before turn 3 (mana elf or dark ritual maybe?) and next turn if somebody doesnt have a blocker deal 11 damage to them.
    Mid game: Cast virtus or Gorm every turn. Attack every time virtus is ready. Wrath board when the enemies get too big.
    End game: ???

    But I really don't know what else the deck should have than some fast mana, V&G, some mass removal. I guess having access to some asset removal like Reclamation Sage would be sweet too, but I dont want my entire deck to just be some weak dudes. I also think that should I have some equipment to give to V&G since they are almost like Squadron Hawks, and they used to wear swords pretty well. Also since we are golgari colors the deck could use Poison-Tip Archer as a new card from C19 to make life difficult for players already wounded by Virtus.

    About my group:

    We play casual kitchen table games with 3-6 players. Deck power level varies, but generally its pretty casual. However it is a good idea to have a creature on board on turn 3 latest.
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  • posted a message on Returning Player - Green Lurking Predator Deck Help
    1. Your idea of upgrading all decks seems pretty fun. I am pretty sure you will get some comments on them all, unless you spam them too much Grin
    2. You mention the metagame including some mill decks. How bit problem they are? You could include an eldrazi lord like "Kozilek, Butcher of Truth", to passively fight against the millers.
    3. Thragtusk seems like an excellent card in this deck, those +5 life effects help you survive the drain effects maybe too.
    4. You have played a long time with these decks, I kinda recommend trying out other "finisher" cards. Stuff like Sylvan Primordial, Caller of the Pack
    5. ,Avenger of Zendikar. Well I guess if you move too far from the beast theme you have then you need to change support cards as well.
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  • posted a message on Prid3's Core Set 2019 Multiplayer Set Review
    Great review as always! You must really put a lot of effort to write these and next set is already getting spoiled so I guess for you it's a never ending mission :p

    I have seen some modern combo decklists featuring sai, and you already described a vintage one... Those both sound good. Do you think he is worth it in a "fair" deck as a value engine?

    Meteor Golem was something I would have missed if you didn't mention it. I guess he will be decent in some deck. Also some of the niche cards you mentioned.

    Best card for me in the set is the 1 mana zombie that self mills. I have been waiting this card to be printed for years and now it's here so time to abuse that graveyard!
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