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  • posted a message on Making our own RC?
    Let's have a bit of a reset then.

    Legacy is effectively dead as such WotC is not making products for them and Legacy printings such as this are targeted for Commander.
    LGS typically don't allow proxies because they want you to buy singles from them, LGS Casual commander is super popular.
    This business model is terrible, Limited time cards availablity is preying on FOMO so hard. Although I have managed to find people with trades and even my LGS with the Secret lair cards afterwards, it is meant to trigger the FOMO reflex in people to hand over their money.

    They are unlikely to "ruin" your commander experience in any meaningful way, both for lack of visibility or just people like me that has never seen the show.
    It doesn't "ruin" magic as a whole because there are still plenty of other products that have nothing to do with the walking dead.
    The cards are not unbalanced in gameplay.

    Did I steelman well enough here? obviously showing whose arguments I agree with and don't agree with.

    Dirk appears to have wanted the RC to have banned this product on principal alone. Which I think is foolish. They voiced their displeasure as have we, they have greater standing in the community than an online hate mob so this is likely to prevent further products like these.

    The RC is a volunteer organisation in charge of a companies most valuable product. This is certainly going to lead to conflict soon or later. It seems to me that Dirk wanted this to be sooner. If the RC has banned these on principle, I am certain WotC would have just bulldozed through them and taken over the ban list (which we know didn't really go well for them on Magic online when they tried to make their own). All we have to do to help RC stay in charge is to not flip the format over some TWD cards (and this terrible business model)
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  • posted a message on What are you doing in Arena Bo1?
    I am trolling with this

    Now looking at your deck basically playing an archetype called stompy. Where you just have undercosted creatures (more power than mana cost)

    Okay, that was tougher than I thought, making the cuts, phew. Thrashing brontadon is good still because it kills embercleave so if you keep losing to it put it back in. There is plenty of great 2 mana creatures that care about +1/+1 counters and creature size like Nessian Hornbeetle and Drowsing Tyrannodon and scavenging ooze (if you need grave hate). I still like Nylea it is just that I put in a lot of multiple green cards and the mana cost reduction is less, but you can easily make her a creature this way.
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  • posted a message on More leaks commander legends scroll racl reprint
    Yes!!!! finally. also, it is a rare and not a mythic Smile I can finish my commander deck now.
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    Isn't it then important for us, the responsible people, not to blow this issue way out of proportion to prevent a hate mob from forming like this?

    "A concern of many players is that these cards would not be widely available, and for some countries, only available through third-party sellers. They worry that this model will be repeated in the future. We’ve heard you loud and clear on this issue. Because the cards are mechanically unique, this is the major problem most folks have. We wish that all of our friends around the globe had access to these cards. However, the RC of its own accord can’t solve that problem. What we can do—what we already have done—is add our voice to yours. Since this issue broke, we’ve been in contact with well-placed people at Wizards of the Coast to make sure that they understand your displeasure and where it comes from, as well as urging that they work towards a solution."

    The RC clearly understand what the problem is but they don't have the power inside WotC.

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  • posted a message on Zirilan, Dragon Commander
    The funniest thing about worldgorger dragon is that it's one of the very few answers to Cyclonic rift but it is too much of a liability that if your opponents knows how it works they can kill it with its trigger on the stack and wipe your board.

    I took it out because it was such a terrible draw and I just didn't have a scroll rack to put it back in my deck.
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  • posted a message on Zirilan, Dragon Commander
    Useles: Heraldic Banner mask of MemoryValakut ExplorationGo for Blood
    You don't need to draw cards you need to ramp and ramp really really hard to get the engine online fast enough to be effective.

    I suggest having a bunch of 2 mana or less random mana rocks to just get the deck off the ground, playing 1 land a turn is basically too slow in my experience.

    Sword of the animist seems super awkward without low-cost creatures to help you get started.

    Chaos warp is basically my prefered spot removal otherwise its all dragons. You can use All is Dust and/or Ugin, the spirit dragon as more wrath options.

    If you want a way to pump dragons Crucible of Fire is actually really good.
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  • posted a message on Commander legends speculation
    This set better have a Scroll Rack
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  • posted a message on MTG College Organization?
    My Alumni's Physical games club (Tabletop RPGs, Boardgames, Wargames and Card games club) is like 35 years old. So I guess if you want to hoover up as many people as you can into these related area's will allow you to keep the club running in the long term.

    It was able to get prereleases by entering into an agreement with a local store (Which doesn't have the space to host a prerelease, it's like a basement) I am not sure if there is a way you could do a deal with an LGS to allow your club to use their space and vice versa.

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  • posted a message on Making our own RC?
    The original poster has the other RC thread (currently below) and I was super flippant in that thread.
    But I finally bothered to watch the videos he linked to trying to work out what his particular problem with the RS is.

    The obvious one is that his games do not play out how the RCs games do, but no group will ever be the same as any other group. So making a new RC doesn't fix thatm just makes another RC for people to disagree with.

    What is the specific issue do you have with the ban list? because if you are talking about fast mana and combo cards there is basically infinite combo cards there is no way to stop someone determined to combo from comboing or someone out to stax from staxing. Clearly the current RC is banning on popularity, which is why a card like prophet got the axe. It is interesting that they don't think rift is an issue and that we should play around it which is amusing.

    As for the walking dead, they made a promise not to do exactly this back when Mana crypt was put into books and it wasn't popular until commander so it wasn't a problem and now they have to keep reprinting it. I think the practice and presicent by WotC is very bad but I see 0 reason for them to be banned in commander when none of them are broken in anyway.

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  • posted a message on UR Fling
    Am I trolling... maybe. But is it fun to kill people by throwing your creatures at them... YES

    I have 8 flip land cards so only running 14 lands. but I have gone with untapped lands rather than use temples.
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  • posted a message on Zendikar Rising for Peasant Cube
    Release draft is tomorrow if I draft it maybe I'll see how it plays.
    I reconnected with my cube players at prerelease, a combination of virus and work commitments meant I hadn't seen them in a while, I intend to give my cube a draft in another week.
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  • posted a message on Zendikar Rising for Peasant Cube
    Fearless Fledgling - Topan FreeBlade both bad top decks Fledgling has higher upside
    Windrider Wizard - Wingspan mentor The mentor wasn't ever good just waiting for a good 3 mana wizard to replace it
    Fireblade Charger - Goblin Glory Chaser rip renown. Better late draw, equip not important but there are other ways to increase its power
    Rockslide Sorcerer - weaver of lightning being a 1/4 in red always felt off as far as R strategies go, also is a wizard.

    Cliffhaven Kitesail - This actually looks quite good.
    Skyclave Sentinel - the base is kind of bad but it is good with just one +1/+1 counter
    Stonework Packbeast - a wizard and a warrior! seems good

    Really not a lot in this set, a power downgrade from recent sets. the awkward party mechanic and the flip cards are all meh.
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  • posted a message on Zendikar Rising for Peasant Cube
    Stonework Packbeast isn't as terrible as it seems since we have cards bramblewood Paragon, Adeliz and chief of the foundry. I like having glue artifacts.
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  • posted a message on Rules committee narrow minded?
    It worked though... *points at the popularity of the format*

    I think if they tried to control everything that is broken in EDH there would be not a lot of cards left and a lot of really fun cards would be banned. It is so easy to break things, but there isn't actually much incentive to do so in a casual format.

    Are some of these issues due to people going online with their EDH play during the pandemic?
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