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  • posted a message on What to play in creature heavy meta?
    Creature heavy meta? Sounds like time for a trolly Pramikon, Sky Rampart deck full of time wipe/disrupt decorum/bloodthirsty blade/master warcraft and other forced attack effects. Use the opponents to kill eachother and then momentary blink your wall to change turn order at the opportune moment to kill a player, or just board clear until enough is out for a good ol' insurrection. Smile
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  • posted a message on Player Hexproof/Shroud: Useful?
    Quote from Dwood »
    I am curious on what all can be blocked by hexproof

    With obvious things like fireball aside, it's very good at protecting a players graveyard for specific combo decks against specific hate. It doesn't stop all, but answers cards like tormod's crypt and bojuka bog that target a player. I played a green/white hermit druid deck that piloted sigarda, heron's grace along with cards like scout's warning and savage summoning to flash out druid, or to flash out sigarda to protect my graveyard. This worked well for me, but wasn't a fix-all since things like scavenger grounds exist. But this effect was absolutely clutch in many games.

    This effect also stops random extract and fun effects like praetor's grasp/bribery/mindclaw shaman/gonti, lord of luxury/villainous wealth/etc.

    While it can be helpful this is not an effect that should be put in to every deck.

    If you're playing a sort or combo deck that needs ways to protect the graveyard then it makes sense. If you're tuning your deck to answer specific cards your meta is playing, then your probably better to just play better generic answers instead of meta-tuning hate against specific opponents.
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  • posted a message on Looking for ideas for an Omniscience deck
    dream halls can easily be the enabler to stick omni, or at least help cast enough wheel of fortune and time warp effects to find omni.

    Once omni is in play then just keep casting draw7s until you either find timestream navigator + hasty boots, beacon of tomorrows, or labman.

    This strategy is pretty fun to pilot if you're familiar with the deck and don't spend an eternity resolving everything. I've played it to death using jhoira of the ghitu. Backup wincon can also be anarchist variant cards + riptide laboratory + timewalks. Opponents will complain, even tho this is hardly a competitive strategy, especially with kefnit turns being an option now.

    Now I absolutely do love recycle and null profusion. Unfortunately the best enablers for those cards was paradox engine. Now they don't really play well and cost far too much for even most casual storm decks to consider. If you really want to explore those two cards then possibly a deck built around insanely low cmc aggressive creatures and go aggro, or perhaps an artifact trick deck running all if the helm of awakening sort of cards.
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  • posted a message on Fists of Flame, or "why developing specifically for EDH is making the format worse"
    Quote from schweinefett »
    standard sets

    Just making sure we all know the example card in this topic isn't legal in standard.

    To the topic - I think this card specifically is intended to be just another bulk draft utility card. It came in the same set as seasoned pyromancer, tectonic reformation, thundering djinn, and even a Kess reprint.

    It just so happens to be good utility in Zada. Another recent new card thrill of possibility is strictly better than wild guess and tormenting voice. It was most likely made as a fair replacement for faithless looting in modern. Yet it immediately fit in two different storm decks I run in edh as 'yard filler.

    I do understand the idea behind this topic. I already mentioned tectonic reformation above - that card has little use in draft and questionable use in other formats. But it's a new auto-include in most mono-red edh decks.
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  • posted a message on Kess + Adventures
    So I'm liking the idea, but the payoff cards are the holdup for me here.

    It may be possible to loop cards with a combo, but what cards are worth looping when buyback cards seem to be better. Brazen borrower could be capsize, bonecrusher giant could be searing touch, embereth shieldbreaker could be shattering pulse, hypnotic sprite could be forbid, murderous rider could be slaughter, and so on and so on. There will need to be a dedicated commander adventure deck that supplies us with dedicated multiplayer adventure cards for a significant impact.

    Ithink this would still be very fun to play. Adding creature sacrifice effects means it could be more like an aristocrats/blood artist deck, using the loops for control and building up. Kess would be great at enabling bitter ordeal kills. Unfortunately the best engine to make this sort of combo work was paradox engine, but now all casual/fun brews with that fun ship sank.

    Are there any easy repeatable ways to make Kess a new permenant with the adventure cards so you can use her more than once a turn?
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  • posted a message on Worst Commander

    It's been 5+ years but I've made him a functional combo commander using scythe of the wretched, thornbite staff and various pinging red damage auras and another equipment. The deck had a few lines and played as a bad aristocrats deck.

    I'm sure with newer cards it could be made easier, but with the plethora of aristocrat style commanders now (even with judith in the same colors) old Axelrod is far from ideal. But since he has combo potential I wouldn't consider him amongst the worst possible commanders.
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  • posted a message on Syr Konrad, the Grim- Staple material?
    He's an infinite mana commander that unlike geth doesn't need a target to start, so in the command zone he's amazing.

    I wouldn't say he's generically good in all decks running black. In an aristocrat sort of deck he is a nice mid game beater and offers a solid body to deflect some minor attackers. In a big-mana coffers sort of deck he makes a nice change of pace to more common geth antics. But without access to infinite or coffers mana or a dedicated sacrifice engine I wouldn't run him.
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  • posted a message on Improving my Anafenza deck
    While this may not be compatible with your group, I always liked the idea of using savage summoning or scout's warning to sneak Anafenza into play in response to some graveyard antics or aristocrat/combo loops from your opponents. At worst it's a way to skate by sorcery speed removal/wipes if you just want to land some big etb effect like your hydra.

    If your mana is an issue you can focus on cheap creature etb-basic land ramp. There are a handful of generically good 3cmc or less dorks, and can even build a woodland bellower+fierce empath package if you up the # of green etb value.

    sun titan would also be good for generic recursion. Pairs great with aura of silence.
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  • posted a message on Demon of pestilence
    That is assuming your opponent is not in the state of killing you*

    In your example, if your opponent is in lethal range of your pestilence demon activations, and you activate it enough times to kill them, even if they kill the demon in response to any of those activations, the abilities are already on the stack and they will die.

    But if you yourself somehow died, everything you've contributed to the stack are gone. For example if you have less life than that opponent, you will die on the resolution of one of the many pestilence demon activations before your opponent.

    Killing opponents is the best counterspell.

    There are other effects that may come up here like split second cards that are needed to resolve before more activations, or time stop effects that may disrupt the stack. But those are not too commonly seen.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] Throne of Eldraine set review from an EDH perspective
    the cauldron of eternity has been lingering in mind for it's potential with hermit druid lines. It's a bit awkward but offers a nice way to stop from self-decking.

    thrill of possibility is a big win for my red splash storm brews. The issue with most discard requiring cards is the potential blow-out if it's countered, but doing this at end-of-opponents-turn makes that less desirable for the control player to counter. It's another instant-speed discard spell to help fluff storm# if there are multiple wheels on the stack, and any instant discard is always desirable in a casual deck running phage the untouchable against an opponent playing rise of the dark realms.

    I am a little sad that the beautiful boarder of some of these new cards didn't translate to any legendary creature. The cast-for-discount to exile thing would have been interesting for a commander.

    Also the fetchable non-basics like witch's cottage are all very good for decks that can take advantage of their etb. The red blue and black one will be very strong in decks with fetch lands as they can act as random answers/blocker or unexpected recursion.
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  • posted a message on Rakdos, the Showstopper - help me find a direction (aside from tribal)
    Really he is just a great commander for any sort of combo deck that needs disruption from the command zone. I have a dedicated deck to each of the 6 legendaries from the rakdos guild, and showstopper ended up best just piloting a storm deck,

    I think it's best to not focus on his etb, and instead use him when you need to clean up the board a little or apply pressure in the air. He's one of the better "generically good" black+red legendaries available, mainly for how players react to you not casting him when you could and potentially causing them to hold back valuable creatures. I think adding something like vedalken orrery would be ideal just so you can lord him over opponents heads a bit longer.
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  • posted a message on Advice for Ultimate ANTI-Combo/expensive players
    How many opponents do you face? If your edh group is just 1v1 then a deck full if counterspell will get you the long game state you're describing.

    The problem with stax style cards is that if you yourself are not actively trying to win by some sort of combo or quick interaction, then yes you may slow one quick combo player down but you've also slowed everyone down. They will eventually start working against you.

    Another very common possibility is that one of your opponents may not be affected by the stax effects and take an easy win, since everyone else won't be able to interact as they normally would.
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  • posted a message on What Are you using for a Deck Box?
    Ultimate Guard 100 boulders fit double sleeved decks assuming your sleeves are not too thick. I have a massive stash of 6+ year old kmc mats that were originally in a pile of binders and have been using them, but they happen to be just slightly too thick. Dragon shields fit but are very tight. Most newer modern sleeves fit just fine.

    The fun part about boulders is that they fit in other ultimate guard products. I have a few of the 2x 100 card tower things that came with pull out shelves and the boulders in place of the shelves. Adds another layer and helps keep more expensive decks away from the masses when playing in public areas. 4 boulders also fit in that long ultimate guard product that becomes a singular case, which is the lot I typically take out with me on edh nights when I don't need vint/leg/modern stuff.

    I do have 12x older edh decks that are all triple sleeved. I've found the best way to store these are in these antique wooden candle boxes with sliding lids. I had one from my childhood that I think was some kind of holdiay specialty nut gift box thing. Over the years I've been able to find 3 duplicates on Ebay by searching for "wood candle box" and scrolling to infinite. These are ideal for long term storage since I can control the pressure on the cards, the humidity in and near them, and they are fairly water tight around the base. They are absolutely terrible for casual play tho since it's like pulling slippery thick sleeves strait out of a fatpack.
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  • posted a message on Beating a dead horse: Tutors in commander
    You seem to keep missing specific points and cherry-picking what to reply to. If you're to the point of bringing up ancestral in this argument then I'm thinking this is just a waste if time.

    Honestly when someone gets this defensive over a topic of comparison, it immediately makes me assume that they are just wanting to ban something specific you personally dislike. Especially when they simply refuse to acknowledge a comparison. Your replies just makes it sound like you hate loosing to someone running DT but can't handle the idea of banning land-ramp.

    My main table has had this conversation years ago and our outcome was, as I reiterated above, that it boils down to cmc and competitive nature of the deck. We have all agreed that green tends to get forgotten in these conversation.

    If you want to ban vampiric tutor, then go ahead and ban mystical tutor and enlightened tutor, but you still need to ban crop rotation and green suns zenith. If you want to ban demonic tutor that's fine, but you would need to ban all the 2cmc farseeks and sylvan scrying. If you want to ban cruel tutor and fabricate then it's only fair to ban cultivate. If you really think diabolic tutor is ban-worthy then you need to ban explosive vegetation.

    It doesn't really matter what I think. If DT gets to you so much then just talk to your own friends about it and develop house rules that are agreed upon all of your friends. Above all, you need to be able to compromise with your friends.
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  • posted a message on Beating a dead horse: Tutors in commander
    I'm very curious about what everyone's meta is like, specifically in regards to deck power and average victory turns.

    The very first sentence I said in this topic was how if people complain about demonic tutor to the point of banning it, then this is complaining about is the color pie. Strict tutoring has been a black effect since alpha. If you want to ban something that is a part of a color identity then you probably just need to make personal house rules for your friends to decide.

    My consistent referance to rampant growth/farseek/into the north/nature's lore/three visits has been due to the similarity of mana cost with demonic tutor.

    I never mentioned cultivate because I feel it is weaker. In my meta something that costs 3cmc has to be very relevant. Perhaps this is different for all of you.

    There is only one demonic tutor. But as listed, there are many rampant growths. If you want to expand the complaint of demonic tutor variants to include all strict tutors like vampiric tutor, that's fine. There will always be more green land-ramp tutors that cheat hard-to-deal with permenants strait into play.

    People here seem to be complaining about consistent games due to just a small pool of tutors. Are people complaining about someone fetching a combo part just to end the game?

    In terms of just an average table there are less than 5 playable and efficient strict demonic tutor effects. There may be a few highly specific off-color tutors to help like mystical tutor/fabricate/gamble/etc. IMO a stronger deck will run just the efficient tutors, which is likely less than 8 cards total. In that same meta there are easily 10+ relevant land ramp spells, all 3cmc or below, that are also tutoring permenants strait into the battlefield.

    Do you all actually believe that decks using land-ramp tutors are less consistent than a deck running fewer demonic tutor effects or color-restricted highly specific tutors like enlightened tutor?

    Maybe that's how all of your tables play out. That's not at all how any of my tables work. If we are not playing near-cedh then green/blue/x ramp+value decks will always outperform everything else. If combo decks are not included then most games are decided as soon as someone reveals a green/blue/x legendary, unless people actively team up and aggro them.

    Maybe you all just love ramping. I know at the core of this format everyone loves to ramp and cast big spells. So if you somehow got offended by me pointing out that land-|amp tutors make decks more consistent than demonic tutors, sorry. But my opinion stays - if you want to ban an effect that one color is known for, then you're just unbalancing the game and showing other color(s) favoritism. That should stay at your own table as a house rule.
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