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  • posted a message on Worst Commander
    I don't agree with many of the professors opinions in that video. Some of the legendaries he commented on used to be playable before newer/better cards were printed (unspeakable and isao). Anthousa is a very playable commander for anti-sorcery speed removal boards, notably making an army out of coat of arms or beastmaster ascension, and is nearly immune to cyclonic rifts. Also, while rare, grandeur does work in edh and can be made into a very fun esper shell combo deck. Also more personally he pokes fun at two of my favorite commanders (rorix, who is a very playable voltron beater, and latulla who is an infinite mana win-con commander).

    My main point of disappointed in the video is due to the amount of time he spends advertising. 16 minutes is not a short video, and it doesn't actually start until 5 minutes in, and has another 60 seconds of outro. With the quality of information he talks about in the video it makes me wonder just how much research he invested. There are obviously better "worse" options as we've all talked about here. It feels like a generic video he needed to post just to keep his numbers going.

    My second main point of disappointment is the absolute lack of commentary on the potential of using sub-optimal commanders for a more fun environment and experience. A video like that can nudge a newer player into the "must play optimal 100% of the time" headspace, and limit experimental and more fun designs lest they become judged by peers.

    Another comment that needed to be made was the actual use of a commander to a decks function. One of my first competitive decks ran sivitri scarzam in a time sieve combo. The deck didn't need a commander, just a color identity, yet my playgroup still talks about how strong Sivitri can be. While not overly important, it is worth noting that a commander can be completely useless trash but a deck can still dominate.
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  • posted a message on Need some counterspells for a golgary deck
    I second the defense grid suggestion. If their answers are sorcery speed then sandbag until you have the mana to resolve everything in one turn when their shields are down. Cards like hall of gemstone are good at stopping interaction, and you can change a few cards in your deck to be more reactive so you can interfere with them (mind twist is fun, sadistic hypnotist may work with your tokens, withering boon and beast within/abrupt decay effects to keep them off balance).
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  • posted a message on Need some help building Maralen of the Mornsong
    Here is a video deck tech but it's about 3 years out of date.

    In short, outside of using her to tutor and just combo, you can use her as an odd punishment effect since she turns off anything that says draw cards (the real benefit of running her!). You do have to change your own decks normal card draw to put-to-hand effects like moonlight bargain.

    One of the ob nix is great with her out, and things like dark deal and teferi's puzzle box are good. Absolutely get a winding canyons to flash her out when possible so you benefit first.
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  • posted a message on Wich Ulamog is more powerful?
    I personally always prefer the infinite gyro and rarely stick the new one in decks. This is mainly due to the reshuffle effect and since the new one can be taken via reanimation from the opponents.

    The new one is absolutely playable in just about any deck capable of making the mana. Hard to counter exile 2x is valuable, even if he doesn't hit the table or attack before being exiled/bounced/elked/etc.

    But being honest, both are liabilities if opponents tend to play any sort of treachery/gilded drake/bribery effects. Because of this I rarely run even gyro any more.

    Semi-off topic, I also prefer gyro over the old kozilek because I value the indestructible effect over draw-4. Blanking specific removal is nice on something that mana-intensive to resolve.
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  • posted a message on Which Escape Commander is the best?
    Were you thinking of infinite combos with him outside of worldgorger? I know you can phyrexian reclamation him back to hand a bunch and get some colored mana out of phyrexian altar and pitiless plunderer, but I don't see infinite lines with fewer than 4 additional cards.

    If your going with graveyard combo loops in these colors then judith would be a little easier to win with. If you're thinking about using him as an occasional hand disruption tool for a fun deck that would be interesting.

    I think I mainly dislike Kroxas escape ability in edh specifically because it likely can't be used to get him back enough times to actually kill a table. You have to escape him 14x to kill an opponent at 40. That requires 70 cards in the graveyard and for the opponents to have nothing to discard. That's a fairly stringent setup.

    I'd be more likely to use him as an aggro reanimator commander to be a hipster against the new chained.
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  • posted a message on Which Escape Commander is the best?
    Kroxa is just another worldgorger dragon commander, now 4th rakdos legend to fit in the command zone (next to anje, xantcha, and my favorite Lyzolda). Of the 4 options in this color combination I think he's the worst.

    While I like all the abilities these cards have, I actually don't really like the idea of escape on a commander. I tend to fill my decks with good cards, and none of these commanders really leans me towards a deck where I'd even consider playing a delve card past cruise & dig. Sure we could stick altar of dementia to sac them with their first etb on the stack, but that's a bit awkward when their benefit is to be cast asap. Shame they don't naturally to help get the graveyard full to help the cause.

    In the Kroxa brew I've been working on I'm actually running torpor orb. It cancels his first beneficial etb but keeps him around.
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  • posted a message on Braids Cabal Minion Replacement
    With how quickly an decent Urza deck can tutor/transmute out a static/winter orb and protection it I'm really not sure why Braids is still banned.

    If you're sticking with 1v1 then Rankle, Master of Pranks is the best option. Good on offense and uses braids stabilizers like bitterblossom to good effect. Being able to control the choice is very good.

    Another option is a semi-pain commander in maralen of the mornsong using a few key lock parts like teferi's puzzle box. Upu do have to change a bunch if your deck by replacing card "draw" with stuff like dark bargain/bitter revelation/moonlight bargain/etc. I have an old outdated video about her here.

    One other option could be God-Eternal Bontu. I'm looking for the decklist I saw but someone was running it as a token swarm -> mass draw deck. Not very prisony but most of the same braids tech is there about flooding the board with a bunch of cantriping artifacts.
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  • posted a message on Help Needed - Karona, False God Commander Deck
    I've been running her as a thematic commander for a while now (old decklist video here).

    I don't actually like the idea of forcing a tribe on her. A very long time ago I ran her for tribal wurms but it just ended up being 5color good-stuff with 30ish generic creatures, and I lost interest very quickly. The thematic variant although has been one of my favorite decks to play for more than a year now.
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  • posted a message on Are gold-bordered cards cheating?
    There are square cut cards with a gold boarder on the back that do have a normal mtg backside, from two different products (collectors edition and international edition). These are alpha and beta cards, typically including power and dual lands.

    Then there are world champ cards that have a gold boarder on the front, but doesn't have a normal mtg backside. That's your force of will/monolith/gaea's cradle/etc. You need opaque sleeves to hide these moreso than the square collectors/international cards.

    If you're playing with friends then most ppl don't care, as long as you can't distinguish those cards from the rest of your deck.

    If you ever play edh at a constructed event then they most likely will not allow these cards, since they tend to bleed in to proxy rules.

    One issue that you will need to figure out with your playgroup is the likelihood of you owning the authentic card at any point. The few metas I play in all allow champ/collectors/international cards only if you plan to actually eventually own the card for that deck, or if you own a copy but don't have duplicates for multiple decks. We wouldn't allow a worlds gaea's cradle if you had zero intent on ever obtaining the real thing.
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  • posted a message on Run more interaction! Run more fast mana! Or: The death of interesting edh deckbuilding
    Reiterating that it's your deck and your choice of what to run again seems like wasted words - are you actively ignoring the fact that you get to control what you play? Are your friends pressuring you into sleeving up dual lands, mana crypts, mana drains and demonic tutors for every deck you show up with?

    If this is such an issue for you, have you talked to the people you play with about it? Chatting on forums is good for generic information but we have zero knowledge of your playgroup.

    Comparing competitive cards to deck function is really just a weak topic. I feel like a relatable scenario for this entire thread would be someone playing their modern deck in a legacy tournament and then immediately complaining about an opponent suggesting force of will to them when they're playing logic knot.

    If you feel like you're being expected to play more powerful cards, then do or don't. You can choose who and what you play.
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  • posted a message on Run more interaction! Run more fast mana! Or: The death of interesting edh deckbuilding
    If you're choosing to ignore synergistic cards for your purely optimal template, even when possible synergistic cards fit in to spots within that template (like previously mentioned draw/interaction/mana), then this issue is more about you and not an issue with the format.

    From your statements here (and from previous topics) it really sounds like you are choosing to make the format worse for yourself.
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  • posted a message on Run more interaction! Run more fast mana! Or: The death of interesting edh deckbuilding
    If your going for a purely optimal route of x= best mana rock, then sure you reduce possible inclusion spots for fun or thematic cards. But you yourself mentioned dockside, who while a mana effect is more along the lines of Bridiclad theme since it makes tokens.

    Outside of focused competitive builds (where I feel brudiclad is), your various interaction cards and mana cards can become thematic and helpful to the build. Dockside, curse of opulence and brass's bounty can all fall in to your mana category. Rite of replication and clone legion are heavy hitters for brudi but also easly slotted into interaction, since they tend to force a response from the opponents even without brudi in play. Supplant form/fated infatuation/cackling counterpart can all be used reactively. Spell swindle is usually considered hyper casual compared to mana drain but in brudi that's counter + army in a can. For brudiclad specifically even cards like pirate's pillage become better.

    Just because a card is intended to be used one way most of the time in most decks doesn't mean it has to be used that way in every deck. That's where the fun part of building variant non-tier commanders comes from.

    My experience with brudi came from a semi-competitive but not cedh meta. I just focused on tutoring up solemn, then cloning solemn as much as possible to run away with advantage. Eventually I would just theft/bribery something to clone with one of the 3x cackling counterpart spells and then have a pile of treasure tokens to attack with. Brass's bounty is the actual threat for that deck - you don't actually need more than 5 strong enablers for brudi to make the deck very good.
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  • posted a message on Would like Kestia advice
    I originally brewed around her as a political commander since I thought she could still draw cards if I bestowed her on an opponents creature, but then I actually read the card and ended up using her as a generic good-stuff bant commander for a few months. I tend to prefer Treva and ended up switching back to her.

    In any bant deck that has 24+ creatures to enchant, she is good as a non-threatening value commander, either buffing junk utility to get some early damage, ward off early aggression by making a junk utility creature a bit bigger to block, all while potentially drawing a few extra cards.

    Not the most powerful bant commander, and until the next theros set there isn't enough enchantment-creature utility to really push a focused deck, but when used as a good-stuff commander this she is pretty good.
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  • posted a message on Working on Rackdos deck and had a question.
    I honestly wouldn't bother with the conspiracy antics. This color combination is pretty hard to stick an expensive enabler (that won't 100% save you) and an expensive commander.

    How many opponents do you have?

    In 1v1, rakdos the defiler is amazing but can be tricky to interact with. You need thoughtseize and duress effects (removing opponents removal spells) before you can safely declare him to attack, and those are typically best used at earlier stages in the game. If the coast is clear to attack without your opponent removing him, then a temur battle rage or assault strobe on him should just end the game. Most of the deck should be control and removal, so hopefully the opponent just has lands. Doesn't hurt to sac half of yours when your opponents has to sac 3/4 of theirs.

    In multiplayer although rakdos the defiler becomes a defender until someone invokes your wrath, or until you get assault suit on him and various goad effects (bloodthirsty blade if you can somehow equip at instant speed)

    Either way, he is a little dangerous to play and if this is your first go into the color combination for edh, perhaps rakdos, the showstopper would be more enjoyable, or rakdos, lord of riots if you really want to play big demons.
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  • posted a message on My friend is addicted to playing blue
    From my experience, when a player leans on one color or strategy more than any other it's typically because they feel like it's their preference (comfort zone) or it's necessary for them to win.

    I would suggest paying closer attention to games win/loss ratios, including what decks (colors) are being played and who has what win%. In Christmas land, everyone in a 4-player game should have a 25% chance to win, but things change this (draw/compatibility/politics/etc). Eveyone wants to win - maybe your friend just feel like playing blue is what it takes for them to win. If this ends up being observable after a few sessions, then your problem is more about power level and deck compatibility.

    This won't always be the case btw - I prefer mono-red, rakdos, and then grixis in that order, and rarely deviate away from those colors. Out of my 30+ decks over half are either mono-red or rakdos. No one ever complains about this likely because my preferred color combinations are not known for being the most powerful in this format. I know my win% goes down every time I design a deck with a color restriction.
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