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  • posted a message on Jeska gaining deathtouch from Falthis
    Hello all - question regarding a rule confirmation on how deathtouch works. A quick google check said that deathtouch works as follows;

    "Deathtouch (Any amount of damage this deals to a creature is enough to destroy it."

    I also noticed that Falthis, Shadowcat Familiar grants deathtouch but doesn't specify that it has to be granted to a creature.

    So in regards to a planeswalker commander that does non-combat damage such as Jeska, Thrice Reborn, would that enable her -x ability to deal deathtouch pinging damage?
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  • posted a message on Ghen, Arcanum Weaver and red enchantments
    There have been two cycles of mono-colored enchantments printed in urza's saga/destiny that have a retun-to-hand effect most frequently known via rancor. In red specifically you get sluggishness and fiery mantle.

    I grew up playing a bunch of those so while they may not be game breaking today the auto-recurison may be helpful since your commander requires a sacrifice of an enchantment. The white cards from the same cyclea are cessation and brilliant halo, and the black cards are despondency and sleeper's guile.

    While not a cycle there is also a similar return effect found on undying rage.
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  • posted a message on Group Slug Wincons?
    Are your games going long to the point where players are hitting 10 mana? If so then Treacherous Terrain is a randomly good finisher if you have any damage doubling effect out. fiery emancipation is also pretty good.
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  • posted a message on Bigbrain Blim, Comedic Genius Brewing thread
    Hello all! I'm excited for many new cards already spoiled but Blim, Comedic Genius immediately caught my attention. I'm a rakdos fanboy with dedicated decks for each of the 6 legendary rakdos guild members, and while Blim doesn't have an actual watermark on his card, the art and flavor are kinda clear where it originates from.

    I've seen some comments on spoiler sites & redit and whatnot where it is being compared to Zedruu the Greathearted but just a bit more naughty in effect. Other than the ability to donate although I think that Blim here is a completely different sort of commander. Zedruu's colors and full ability allow the pilot to draw deeper and aids in a bit of resilience, while Blim requires to connect in combat to donate once per hit, and will typically be card disadvantage (granted the idea is mutual disadvantage).

    To me this makes Blim a very difficult commander to build a consistent engine out of. I've played many mass discard sort of decks before, and my main experience with those decks is that while it's easy to make everyone mutually hellbent, without a strong card advantage engine in place already then whomever has a better engine/recursive deck or commander will simply take over the game.

    Soooo.. with that fault in mind, my idea with Blim is a little different. I think instead of trying to focus on a hand-dump or donating punishing effects, it would be best to spread the strategy over 3 donate options;
    1 - auras that do not change effect depending on who "owns" them
    2 - theft'd creatures via Act of Treason style effects (since combat is relevant for the deck)
    3 - a handful of the best donatable punishing effects.

    I'm a big fan of word of seizing/grab the reins/act of aggression due to instant speed antics. The main trick with these would be to be more aggressive in combat and then annoy someone by giving a theft'd creature to a different opponent. Blim is similar to bazaar trader in that his ability will override an end-of-turn act of treason effect (confirmed here), so it may be fun to use Blim to just take player A's commander and give it to Player B for whatever reason.

    While I love act of treason effects although, this strategy crumbles when there simply isn't any creatures to theft.

    So now I'm looking for what cards would work well with Blim in this regard. I've done a bit of research and will list below, but am looking for more options I've missed!

    AurasMagic OnlineOCTGN2ApprenticeBuy These Cards
    "Good" auras on Blim:
    1x Oni Possession
    1x Inner Demon
    1x Gift of Doom
    1x Fists of the Demigod
    1x Demonic Embrace

    "Bad" auras for opponents:
    1x Melancholy
    1x Fractured Loyalty
    1x Curse of Shallow Graves
    1x Curse of BLoodletting
    1x Cruel Reality

    Returning Auras: x
    1x Fiery Mantle
    1x Despondency
    1x Fallen Ideal
    1x Undying Rage
    1x Sluggishness
    1x Sleeper's Guile
    1x Infectious Rage

    Theft Permanents: x
    1x Treasure Nabber
    1x Zealous Conscripts
    1x The Akroan War
    1x Smelt-Ward Ignus
    1x Puppeteer Clique
    1x Opportunistic Dragon
    1x Olivia Voldaren
    1x Molten Primordial
    1x Jeering Instigator
    1x Frenzied Fugue
    1x Conquering Manticore
    1x Captivating Crew
    1x Angrath, the Flame-Chained

    Theft Spells: x
    1x Insurrection
    1x Mob Rule
    1x Mass Mutiny
    1x Metallic Mastery
    1x Word of Seizing
    1x Grab the Reins
    1x Act of Aggression
    1x Besmirch
    1x Harness by Force
    1x Claim the Firstborn
    1x Wrangle
    1x Kari Zev's Expertise
    1x Unwilling Recruit
    1x Turn Against
    1x Traitorous Blood
    1x Song-Mad Treachery
    1x Ritual of the Machine
    1x Gruesome Encore
    1x Treacherous Urge
    1x Macabre Mockery

    Punishment: x
    1x Witch Hunt
    1x Form of the Dragon
    1x Avarice Totem
    1x Torpor Orb
    1x Crown of Doom
    1x Forsaken Wastes
    1x Custody Battle
    1x Goldnight Castigator
    1x Pyromancer's Swath
    1x Jinxed Choker
    1x Steel Golem
    1x Aggressive Mining
    1x Brand of Ill Omen

    Other Stuff;
    1x Bazaar Trader
    1x Assault Suit
    1x Brand
    1x Homeward Path
    1x Harmless Offering
    1x Humble Defector
    1x Lich
    1x Nefarious Lich
    1x Lich's Mastery
    1x Wishclaw Talisman
    1x Pendant of Prosperity
    1x Xantcha, Sleeper Agent
    1x Thieving Amalgam

    There are a bunch of auras that won't work with Blim (like Demonic Appetite) since they will fall off of Blim if I donate control of the aura to an opponent.

    I'm thinking that about 10x theft effects, 10x aura effects, and 6x punishment effects would be a rough estimate to start building around, leaving 24x card slots for other generic deck stuff like draw/recursion/removal/etc. I do think some doublestrike effects like Temur Battle Rage may be good to double up on Blims trigger.

    What cards have you all considered?

    *Note - I do know how "fun" Blim would be with scrambleverse/thieves' auction stuff, but being that I play over spelltable/zoom currently this level of chaos isn't really something I can build towards Wink

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  • posted a message on Blim, Comedic Genius and Act of Treason effects - what happens at EOT?
    While I'm in my brewhouse considering how to make Blim, Comedic Genius work in my meta, I wanted to double check how his donate ability worked with cards like act of treason.

    If Blim is not currently linked correctly, his textbox reads;
    "Whenever Blim deals combat damage to a player, that player gains control of target permanent you control. Then each player loses life and discards cards equal to the number of permanents they control but don't own."

    So for my question here, in a theorietical game I temporarily theft a creature with one of many act of treason effects, deal combat damage with with Blim, and then donate the stolen creature.

    At end of turn, would the donated creature return to its actual owner? Or is this more along the lines of Bazaar trader antics where Blims ability overwrites the EOT effect of the act of treason, and the person I donated the creature to gets to keep it?
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    My main group had a conversation about these and a fun "they should have" idea popped up. Along the lines of making them alternate reprints of other cards like the Godzilla cards (since most standard equipment is unplayable outside of draft) instead of characters from the show they should have just made equipment (negans bat, michonnes sword, Rick's hatchet, Daryl's crossbow, Morgans staff, etc).

    It would have evaded the direct character representation and the artwork wouldn't have been too human. Even reprinting Tenza, Godo's Maul could mechanically feel flavorful to negans bat Lucile, since the scenes from the show where rick or negan carry it always and up more intense (the legendary creature boost)

    Was a fun idea, hopefully in an alternate universe that happened.
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    I'm not really seeing the volume of complaints that most of the official and various media "response" messages are directed. Sure some people are complaining, but did I miss some massive complaint wave that got swept?

    I honestly don't care about the cards. Mechanically negan is interesting and rick seems fun for humans in constructed. But nothing really pulls my attention on them. If anything the flavor on negan is pretty good with his entire "people are a resource" goal, or it could be viewed as his trend of killing someone upon first meeting their group.

    What does have me curious is where all this hate for branching ips is coming from. Nobody seemed to care about Grimlock, My Little Pony or Godzilla edh decks, but somehow these are worse?
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  • posted a message on Rules committee narrow minded?
    One of the biggest problems with making any sort of power scale is the concept of a decks "budget-ness" being considered.

    Budget decks can be extremely powerful. A mildly degenerate commander piloting a deck full of less-than-$1 can be built optimally and can still stand against most non-budget casual decks. Also a non-budget $20k decks can be vanity casual projects.

    It's a shame that this game has such an exploitable financial market associated with it. Many problems would vanish if some cards like mana crypt/mana drain/ancient tomb/etc were reprinted to death and cost nothing.
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  • posted a message on What is the biggest, scariest creature you can think of?
    Imo the scariest are typically the enablers that limit interaction. For example a Master Transmuter is terrifying if it doesn't have summoning sickness and the opponent has multiple cards in hand.

    What you're describing although would likely fall in a category of hard-to-deal with threats. Old Eldrazi titans are typical, indestructible + trample on blightsteel colossus are good for surviving various removal, void winnower is good at stopping half(ish) of the board wipes and removal. If your grabbing multiple creatures with one spell (like with mass polymorph/indomitable creativity) then haste enablers like dragonlord kolaghan are good.
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  • posted a message on Karametra question with other creatures etb
    Yes - as soon as your permenants add up to enough devotion she will be known as a creature. A god becoming or losing its "creature" doesn't use the stack.

    The End-Raze Forerunners have an etb (enter the battlefield) trigger that will go on to the stack, and (assuming nobody responds to this etb) it will see karametra as a creature.

    You may want to try the forum dedicated for rules interactions for a better explanation. Also card tags are helpful so people can see the cards in question.
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  • posted a message on Best Mardu commander?
    Just to confirm - is the manabase an upgrade to the precons manabase? If so then how did you upgrade it?

    Do keep in mind that while Kaalia is one of the best in her colors, the point of running her is to cheat big stuff out early and quick, so if you're wanting to build mardu off of owning the manabase then make sure it's good enough to guarentee all 3 colors untapped around turn 3 or 4.

    There are a tremendous pile of 2-cmc mana rocks that are nice turn-2 plays to allow a turn-3 kaalia, but if your manabase has a compliment of tap-lands and it slows down your ability to push Kaalia out early, then it kinda defeats the point of running Kaalia.

    She also benefits from cards like Hall of the Bandit lord which tends to stress on more budget manabase as a colorless source.

    So without knowing your exact situation, I'd say if you can consistently see all 3 colors around turn-3 or 4, then anything listed above, but if all colors are not available by then then maybe not kaalia.
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  • posted a message on Will Partner be the End of EDH / Commander?
    My original opinion on the partner mechanic was very negative since I was so accustomed to a 99card deck format. The idea of adding options and multiple commander taxes still bugs me. But for one exception the partners just haven't impacted the format enough.

    That one exception is obviously Thrasios. His mana cost and ability are too obnoxious. He either needed to tap per activation, or require colored mana to activate.

    It's rare for a card to do as much as Thrasios did to the format. Some people like it, some like myself don't.

    But again, past Thrasios, I'm fine with partners now. I'm even running Silvos&Trynn since they, to me, appear to be some of the worst mythic partners ever made, thus beckoning the hipster in me to give them a try.
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  • posted a message on Cards that are surprisingly effective
    The most recent card that's pulled some randomly good weight has been Heartwarming Redemption. I'm using it in a dega primevals' glorious rebirth deck, and it's been pretty good at all stages of the game.

    It helps fill the yard early, it helps with random instant speed life-gain when the game is nearing an end and you're opponents are considering final combat math, and in my deck specifically it's a great tool to use when an opponent cyclonic rifts everything back, giving me more junk to toss while looking for a key card.
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  • posted a message on Directions for Obuun?
    I really wish they gave Obuun any sort of key word, like trample, so it could make itself it's own threat. But 4cmc is a nice commander cost for a utility commander.

    The first card I'd suggest would be Kamahl, Fist of Krosa as a sort of emergency backup commander to sandbag in hand if Obuun is ever permenatly answered, that way you can still animate lands previously counter'ed up.

    Cards like Life from the Loam, Terra Eternal and Sacred Ground will likely be good. Maybe some self-mill antics and Planar Birth/Splended Reclamation antics.

    I haven't seen the card used in years but primeval bounty may also help load up a land while also supplying extra utility.
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  • posted a message on Rules committee narrow minded?
    Quote from Narvuntien »
    It worked though... *points at the popularity of the format*

    Idk about their involvement helping the formats popularity. Looking back over the past 8+ years my interest has grown mainly due to the loss of extended, the gradual decay of modern, the lack of legacy support, and a personal hatred for standard.

    Many content creators have voiced a similar situation, where edh has kinda just defaulted to being popular since wotc has repeatedly made it clear that older formats are not how they make money.

    On top of that, while I love the core flavor and concepts of edh, every time a needlessly random rule change or ban occurs, I just want the RC to stop tampering with the format.

    It's understandable for those who control the banlist and rules for major formats like standard to tune and ban frequently, since they have event results, mtgo data, arena data, and access to hundreds of employees that can understand the dynamics of a format at any given time.

    But a handful of people deciding rules for an entire format based on very little data and personal opinion is just bad.
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