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  • posted a message on Pirate's Pillage
    I've tested it in various decks, from artifact good-stuff to combo to storm.

    It has only remained in a mono-red storm deck I'm been tinkering with because it needs a high volume of looting effects, and it does tend to copy spells.
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  • posted a message on Playing against Alesha + constant exile permanent effects
    Im not saying a durdle ramp deck is the end-all answer to your alesha build, but it is a potential option.

    A good uninterrupted ramp deck should be working with 5ish mana around turn 3. What would an alesha deck do if something like sigarda, host of herons or a bellower into disruption or landfall baloth + fetch land came out at the same time Alesha was ready to attack? Even something as generic as sun/grave/frost/inferno titan being ramped out at the time alesha is resolving two 2cmc attackers seems bad for the alesha player.

    Adding that the alesha player might get lucky and draw or tutor for a silver bullet also seems like you are over-defending alesha. It is also entirly possible for the ramp deck to get a lucky card or find a tutor. I've only been suggesting fair 6cmc threats but things like survival of the fittest, natural order, and bullets against alesha could also be found.

    Unless you have an anger in the 'yard, leviathan loops would probably just end the game. Doesn't matter if the ramp deck is gaining small value every turn with generic etb junk if it prevents the opponents deck from functioning the way it should. Sure the alesha deck could get some good etb value too, but I'm not sure it would compete with the inevitability from ramp or draw from a generic green/x deck.

    It really depends on the speed of each deck. Does Alesha come out swinging on or before turn-3 after setting up an entomb, or did it have interaction to stall the ramp deck, or did the ramp deck curve adequately into a relevant threat.

    Tldr - more than just graveyard hate and hard permission can be good against alesha.
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  • posted a message on Playing against Alesha + constant exile permanent effects
    This reply may be too late. I read that one of your options is storm. What is your primary deck?

    If this is still a persistent issue then you could consider a deck that doesn't get phased by targeted exile too easily. Something like a green/x ramp deck, but make sure you have a nice compliment of generic removal spells beast within/putrify/assassin's trophy/etc) so the quick master of cruelties doesn't get you.

    Focus on land ramp over mana-dorks, but run the obvious turn-1 birds/elves and maybe cobra and Sylvan Caryatid, and spend the first few turns building up mana to cast hard-to-deal with threats. If you ramp up to a turn-4 sigarda or boundless realms, or chain-value effects like woodland bellower into whatever, then targeted exile isn't going to really hurt you as much.

    The weakness to dega is the reliance on artifact ramp, or low-cmc effects that can be outclassed by higher cmc threats you can deploy. If the alesha deck runs a high volume of mana rocks then you can punish them with bane of progress/reclamation sage/acidic slime effects, or just mass-bounce.

    Green/blue is my most hated color combination because of this, but it is effective against most fair decks. If you focus on etb-ramp and spell land-ramp you can then plug in devastation tide/crush of tentacles to go with the obvious cyclonic rift. If your ramp is strong enough you can also just Kederekt Leviathan them and if the fat fish survives then you can clone lock till they find an exile spell, all while you just get more etb value off whatever you're bouncing.

    I've recently been running an Arixmethes, Slumbering Isle deck, which is basically exactly this. Yes I know I'm a hypocrite, and I doubt the deck will last much longer. I treat Arix as an explosive vegetation in the command zone, and only use him when I can get some undeniable value or try to combo off with pemmin's aura. Arix is very good at pushing me into the late game unless my opponents happen upon a strip mine.
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  • posted a message on Use any legendary as a commander?
    I've used unscythe, killer of kings before, and my group allowed an irregular rule that any creature that dealt damage to an opponent was also doing 3 commander damage.

    The deck was more of a 2/2 zombie token deck and not really designed to abuse the scythe.

    It was fun and absolutely fair, but I'm not very fond of bending the rules so the deck came apart pretty quickly.
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  • posted a message on Best Casual Mono B general?
    Personally my favorite casual mono-black commander has been Kuon, Ogre Ascendant. He is good in devotion builds for nykthos, even better now that we have 4x fleshbag marauders, great at deflecting early aggro, and an excellent distraction from the command zone.
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  • posted a message on Your Worst Deck
    Performance wise the worst deck I've ever made would have been an old rakdos, the defiler deck themed around threaten effects, sac outlets, and bazaar trader antics.

    The deck was actually fine, but i didn't know that at same time two of my three main friends had retooled their main decks up to a sacrifice/attrition style of deck and the 3rd always played control without creatures.

    The theory was there but due to random circumstances the deck was never given an opportunity to perform.

    Power-level wise it would be one of the many watermark restricted decks I've built. Mono-red phyrexian watermark only (video here), is now the absolute weakest since my all-Russian izzet watermark deck is getting a power boost very soon.
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  • posted a message on Grixis Superfriends
    The effort and volume of cards to make this work seems too much. Just use the chain veil combo with tezzeret the seeker + manarocks.

    I have a 3+ year old video here of a grixis super friends deck, that may help. There are 3 years of newer tech to run tho.

    It's much easier to run the veil+tezzeret combo and rely on mana rocks (which are already a basic part of a grixis edh deck), and fill your deck with control/tutors/recursion/draw instead of a high variance of irreplaceable combo parts that require such precision to just potentially work
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Unreleased and New Card Discussion
    Ahhh man, I just caught that avatar of growth puts them in untapped. Makes for more obnoxious deadeye navigator plays.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Unreleased and New Card Discussion
    Probably the value of hexproof and blue mana symbols over what the spider has to offer. Each has upsides and downsides.

    I do like the new avatar. A possible 3 mana ranger's path on a 4/4 trample isn't too bad. It will easily go in the hug-decks since it helps but also can defend the caster.
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  • posted a message on Random Card of the Day: Kentaro, the Smiling Cat
    I do enjoy the flavor of the card, but don't see much point in casting it.

    My second favorite grixis commander is Crosis, the Purger, who is frequently sleeved up as a commander when I'm between grixis deck themes. His hit is a 1-mana less persecute, and his colors allow for meaner plays like cyclonic rift in response to his on-hit trigger. In very early versions of Crosis I tried double-strike tricks too like psychotic fury or equipment, but more control based spells are better.

    But using his ability as a single 1-shot card like actual persecute seems pretty bad. It may work in 1v1 casual kitchen table magic where the friends tune their decks to hate each other. I'm sure people still do that.
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  • posted a message on Suggestions for a Rakdos general?
    So here is my opinion, based off of a strong but not "cedh" level group. As a massive rakdos fan I've tried almost every black+red legend, including barktooth warbeard and rohgahh of kher keep. I've even tried Boris Devilboon in a a paradox engine deck. From all my experiance there has always been one major fact that from all commander options; there are none that are pushed or over-the-top powerful enough to compete with what other color combinations have.

    This is not to dissuade anyone away from rakdos, just to educate how poor the color combination is. Currently I have 5 active rakdos decks; 2 storm, 1 reanimator, 1 combo, and 1 voltron soon to be xantcha combo. All of these decks could be far stronger if only I'd just change the color combination, but my fanaticism for rakdos has me loyal.

    Now some of the black+red legendary creatures are very strong, but they all easily fail to any common answer in this format, by either not being impactful enough, costing too much, or having zero protection (which is on theme I guess).

    The most impactful legendary in these colors is likely rakdos the defiler, which is only "ok" in 1v1 commander. He requires a deck full of duress,
    thoughtseize, and psychotic fury effects before you can even consider attacking with him. Because of his suicidal drawback he is basically stuffed in the 99 of decks that can abuse him by skipping his attack trigger (alesha). In multiplayer, he either king-makes or you have a 6cmc flying defender. There are gimmicks but nothing consistent or strong.

    IMO the second most impactful commander in these colors would be kaervek the merciless. He can be very game warping, but he is a 7cmc commander in terrible ramp colors. Displaying him in the command zone is the issue, so by the time you cast your 7-mana commander the net outcome is typically a gut shot from everyone saving up their path to exile/swords to plowshares/rapid hybridization/pongify. Then you get to pay 9 mana for another possible gut shot. Sure you can try to play political games, but with kaervek it just won't work. Not against smart opponents.

    There are many lower cmc commanders that all appear strong, but they don't compete with what other color combinations offer. Some are durable like mogis, god of slaughter or the scorpion god, but a small punishment effects or a non-evasive beater won't get too far without a pile of support. And surely your support won't get blown out.

    There are now two infinite mana win-con commanders in lyzolda, the blood with and xantcha, sleeper agent. I'm not sure if these fall in the original posters category as indirect win-con, but they exist. But infinite mana generation is a little awkward in this color combination. You can tutor the parts but you can hardly protect them. Lyzolda basically requires worldgorger dragon (this is my current rakdos combo deck). Any xantcha chatter is speculative at the early point in her life, but so far, in my group, she seems to be removal bate.

    As a massive rakdos fan, it's rough to say, but if you've gone over every option for a legendary rakdos general, and none of them really stand out to you as a desirable build-around, then it's best to wait till one does. It's not easy to recommend any specific one.

    Please just keep in mind that my group is full of fairly strong opponents. My fanaticism for the guild has me stuck on the color combination. I know 5x of my decks would have a much higher win% if I just changed the commander to a non-rakdos color legendary. In a less competitive area then rakdos does offer tutors, wheels, removal, and good reanimator cards. It's very easy to make a strong good-stuff rakdos deck. Being that the original poster wanted a non-good stuff suggestion then I'd have to suggest probably Olivia voldaren. With edgar markov being the ideal vamp commander, if you can't afford the 3-color manabase or have a dislike of white, then Olivia vamps can be fun. But Olivia voldaren is also a very good control finisher for a big-mana style of deck. She is also a 4cmc flying commander, which makes for a good voltron attacker since she is very easy to ramp out on turn-3 with the high number of 2-cmc mana rocks from turn-2.

    So yea, try Olivia Smile
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  • posted a message on Random Card of the Day: Kentaro, the Smiling Cat
    Being a 3drop mana double is always on my radar for random combo decks that need fast mana. If you have 6 lands in play then it pays for itself, but is ideally cast off mana rocks.

    It has other 3cmc versions in heartbeat of spring and overabundance
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  • posted a message on Spellseeker, how good is it, and which decks do you play it in?
    I think the most common play will be it picking up a cyclonic rift.

    Showing an opponent that you've tutored for mana drain can really warp the opponent(s) plays. This was a common tactic I used in my control deck with merchant scroll. Even without a big mana payoff from a giant mana drain, just the threat of it can really discourage some plays by your opponents.

    Being an etb trigger also makes it good with some blink decks, since it can go get momentary blink.
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  • posted a message on How to win the game as a lich?
    Those ideas sound fun!

    The grandeur route (and all the small life gain junk) was ideally being used as a draw spell once a lich hits the table. 4cmc draw 20 seems good.

    I will need to post my test list soon, but it is currently focused around zombie infestation using things like confessor and soul warden effects to fuel, or a big life gain swing for laboratory maniac.

    What issues I'm working on currently are the speed of mana production to get this machine going, and fitting counter/protection in to the deck. All of the combo parts except for the lichs are fairly cheap mana-cost, but the high density of black in their cost does make this a challenge.

    Varina is really sweet with this setup, but I do need to consider other things to do if zombie infestation becomes inaccessible.
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  • posted a message on Partner
    I know partner is some people's jam, but I'm not very interested in the mechanic. I was pretty annoyed seeing more design space used up in battlebond revisiting the mechanic, even if it was a 2hg focused format.

    Personally the only interesting thing I find out of partners is if there is theme. Ludevic + Kraum is the only partner deck I've ever built, and I have zero desires to go build another.

    If they had made thematic partners (like in battlebond) from the onset then I may have more interest. Specifically if they had made partners with already established stories that explain why the two creature cards would be partnered together.

    I do have a very minor desire for some sort of partner rule to be created if the two creatures share a very unique theme or story. Like running the same commander but a timeshifted/universe variant like dragonlord kolaghan and kolaghan, the storm's fury, or both braids, both akromas, jeska, warrior adept and phage the untouchable, etc.

    But that desire is very small. In general I'm 2% for theme-specific partners, and 98% against partners. I just don't like building 98 cards and two commanders. It doesn't feel right with me.
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