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  • posted a message on What stories have stayed with you over the test of time?
    A few years ago I made a Jeleva, Nephalia's Scourge budget burn deck. The idea was funny but really bad. When the deck was fairly new and I was bringing it around to one of my tables, one of my buddies kept talking about how bad the idea was and how it was never going to work. First game, a completely average start by ramping fire diamond on turn-2 to a turn-3 Jeleva with Sorin's Vengeance under it. Everyone wonders why I don't attack on turn-4 and just pass, but when the last opponent ends their turn I flash out dictate of the twin gods, go to my turn and cast furnace of rath and proceed to poke the trash-talking friend for 40 on turn-5 Smile He even showed that he could have killed Jeleva on their previous turn had they thought it was actually a threat, but instead wanted to ramp.

    While silly and bizarre, the story won't stop resurfacing whenever this guy tries to tell someone they have a "bad idea."

    Another common story that has turned into a bit of a local meme, involved a night where I was hanging with three buddies, two which were brothers. The younger brother tends to get trolled very easily, especially by his older brother, so when everyone at the table saw that the younger brother had basically won if he could just count his combat math correctly, the trolling kicks in pretty hard. He actually ends up getting so confused that he doesn't think he can take more than one person out, and the confusion turns to anger as he realized he is being trolled. While still processing the math (which he was verbally counting over and over), the rest of us end up sending seseme street Count von Count memes over the facebook group chat. Now every time he shows hesitancy when counting anything it's almost automatic that someone chimes in with the Count von Count reference "one ah-ha-ha..." etc.
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  • posted a message on Best Designed Commander (Not Decks)
    I always find the most joy in playing older legendary creatures that were never intended to be used as a commander. I find something as obsolete as my latulla, keldon overseer deck (which has nearly strictly better options like Kumano, Master Yamabushi), is more interesting to build and pilot.

    A legendary that sort of dictates exactly what the deck is going to do is pretty boring. I'll still build something like generic-voltron-blah every now and then, but those decks don't last very long.
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  • posted a message on Neheb, Dreadhorde General vs Etali, Primal Storm
    Etali tends to be insta-killed in my group due to a hyper aggressive list I ran a few months ago. Ritualing and hastings him out asap has made a bit of a lasting impression on my friends to the point that, even when he whiffs horribly, he still gets excessive hate.

    Neheb seems more tame and less explosive than etali. The mana can be scary, but multiple free cards seems to be scarier.

    Using him as a commander means there will be little consistancy to really utilize him to his fullest potential. He probably fits best in a multicolored casual reanimator deck so they can have a mid-to-early game play that still helps the deck function.

    I will although still test him in my Chandra storm deck. The deck is fun and chaotic, but hardly consistent. Having a pseudo frantic search variant in the command zone can help the deck fill the 'yard for mizzix's mastery and past in flames lines.
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  • posted a message on O-Kagachi Rattlesnake
    Two very fun cards with your commander are savage summoning and scout's warning. Flashing the dragon out makes for fun and unexpected retaliation plays.
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  • posted a message on Can PoK return after a few years in exile?
    If prophet only had the land-untap ability then she wouldn't be an issue, more of an annoyance like seedborn muse.

    The part that pushes her over the top is the flash to all creatures. This basically means if she isn't killed before passing turn the owner basically gets to time walk after ever opponent tries to end their turn. Her flash extends to the command zone, so untapping with any green/blue/x creature style general (prime speaker zegana/Momir/Thrasios/ -enormous list here- ) means that the player will get value even if prophet is killed a turn late. Those decks can also just cast clone style effects or whatever other common protection option they have to keep PoK around.

    The common argument my friend used to make was that he could just play seedborn muse and teferi, mage of zhalfir, so why not unban PoK. Stuffing those two cards on one body that can be grabbed with chord/green sun's zenith is my tables typical reply.
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  • posted a message on Can PoK return after a few years in exile?
    One of my local friends used to comment about every other week about his desires for us to allow an unban of PoK. Then spoilers started for RA and we saw Prime Speaker Vannifar. He hasn't asked or commented about PoK since.
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  • posted a message on Cards Most Needing a C19 Reprint
    I'd really like to see a new Sakashima the Impostor reprint, maybe with some fancy new rk post artwork and the new legendary boarder. At the time of this post, non-foil Sakashima is $35 at scg, foil @ $80, all out of stock.

    Tribal clones has always been a somewhat normal deck to expect at casual tables, and I'm really surprised that none of the developed pre-con's have ever focus on the easy theme. A few of the most powerful clone effects (sakashima, phantasmal image and vesuva) are fairly expensive and their inclusion would help justify the growing cost of the pre-cons.
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  • posted a message on If you were to house ban the best tutors, which would you ban?
    I'd vote for banning farseek and all those green tutors that cheat permenants and lands into play, because ramping is such broken consistancy.
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  • posted a message on Spectacle in EDH
    Exactly what JWK said.

    Just like the unleashed mechanics, there isn't enough high impact spectacle cards to really focus on them. I may run light up the stage in a mono-red storm deck I have, and rix maadi reveler in my lyzolda worldgorger dragon list, but these are fairly uncommon and unusual decks.

    I think spawn of mayhem may see the most play in various black/whatever aggro builds.
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  • posted a message on Wincons for Rakdos?
    I would recommend making the deck appear to be the typical rakdos deck (described above) but include a combo that somewhat compliments the deck (meaning it includes cards that are already good for your deck).

    An example I run in my Lyzolda worldgorger dragon deck is to run kiki-jiki, mirror breaker+zealous conscripts, along with goblin fanatic + necrotic ooze + buried alive to combo with kiki (necrotic explosions bypass situations you can't attack), and also the heatshimmer+twin flame and dualcaster mage. All of these cards are generically good on their own with typical rakdos creature strategies that use some reanimation.
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  • posted a message on What SCG Con Taught Sheldon About Commander And Its Players
    After reading the article, really I'm just curious who his target audience is at this point.

    Someone that is fairly dedicated to the format with some history/experiance can easily see how disconnected he is. People like us, posting in a forum here, won't take the article very seriously.

    What worries me are those players that are newer to the game or format and don't know any better. They may read that article as gospel, and when they see someone playing edh in any way Sheldon doesn't agree with, how are they going to react?

    This is the same reason I can't tolerate a few edh related podcasts. I used to follow a massive # of channels and people but recently I've been just questioning who everyones' target audience is.

    There really is a bunch of bad I formation out there, and people not giving enough of an emphasis that edh is, for the most part, friends and play-group specific.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Unreleased and New Card Discussion
    While I've been maintaining both of my rakdos storm decks (typical aetherflux/tendrils/ignite piloted by rakdos the defiler and empty/haze of rage piloted by dragonlord kolaghan), the new Judith has me a bit annoyed.

    The biggest issue I've had with these decks is that there isn't a very good spell-slinger style rakdos legendary. Judith would have been perfect for my empty the warrens deck had she not said non-token.

    I may still give her a try. I could rework the deck to run some repeated graveyard shenanigans (gravecrawler/deathmantle/etc) and trade our the volcanic awakening and haze of rage stuff for bitter ordeal.

    I'm not really sure how I feel about this. I think I'm like 90% disappointed and 10% marginally interested.

    The new beat-stick rakdos although will be in with my original rakdos the defiler as a secondary commander, maybe for when I use the deck against multiple opponents instead of 1v1.
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  • posted a message on Pirate's Pillage
    I've tested it in various decks, from artifact good-stuff to combo to storm.

    It has only remained in a mono-red storm deck I'm been tinkering with because it needs a high volume of looting effects, and it does tend to copy spells.
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  • posted a message on Playing against Alesha + constant exile permanent effects
    Im not saying a durdle ramp deck is the end-all answer to your alesha build, but it is a potential option.

    A good uninterrupted ramp deck should be working with 5ish mana around turn 3. What would an alesha deck do if something like sigarda, host of herons or a bellower into disruption or landfall baloth + fetch land came out at the same time Alesha was ready to attack? Even something as generic as sun/grave/frost/inferno titan being ramped out at the time alesha is resolving two 2cmc attackers seems bad for the alesha player.

    Adding that the alesha player might get lucky and draw or tutor for a silver bullet also seems like you are over-defending alesha. It is also entirly possible for the ramp deck to get a lucky card or find a tutor. I've only been suggesting fair 6cmc threats but things like survival of the fittest, natural order, and bullets against alesha could also be found.

    Unless you have an anger in the 'yard, leviathan loops would probably just end the game. Doesn't matter if the ramp deck is gaining small value every turn with generic etb junk if it prevents the opponents deck from functioning the way it should. Sure the alesha deck could get some good etb value too, but I'm not sure it would compete with the inevitability from ramp or draw from a generic green/x deck.

    It really depends on the speed of each deck. Does Alesha come out swinging on or before turn-3 after setting up an entomb, or did it have interaction to stall the ramp deck, or did the ramp deck curve adequately into a relevant threat.

    Tldr - more than just graveyard hate and hard permission can be good against alesha.
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  • posted a message on Playing against Alesha + constant exile permanent effects
    This reply may be too late. I read that one of your options is storm. What is your primary deck?

    If this is still a persistent issue then you could consider a deck that doesn't get phased by targeted exile too easily. Something like a green/x ramp deck, but make sure you have a nice compliment of generic removal spells beast within/putrify/assassin's trophy/etc) so the quick master of cruelties doesn't get you.

    Focus on land ramp over mana-dorks, but run the obvious turn-1 birds/elves and maybe cobra and Sylvan Caryatid, and spend the first few turns building up mana to cast hard-to-deal with threats. If you ramp up to a turn-4 sigarda or boundless realms, or chain-value effects like woodland bellower into whatever, then targeted exile isn't going to really hurt you as much.

    The weakness to dega is the reliance on artifact ramp, or low-cmc effects that can be outclassed by higher cmc threats you can deploy. If the alesha deck runs a high volume of mana rocks then you can punish them with bane of progress/reclamation sage/acidic slime effects, or just mass-bounce.

    Green/blue is my most hated color combination because of this, but it is effective against most fair decks. If you focus on etb-ramp and spell land-ramp you can then plug in devastation tide/crush of tentacles to go with the obvious cyclonic rift. If your ramp is strong enough you can also just Kederekt Leviathan them and if the fat fish survives then you can clone lock till they find an exile spell, all while you just get more etb value off whatever you're bouncing.

    I've recently been running an Arixmethes, Slumbering Isle deck, which is basically exactly this. Yes I know I'm a hypocrite, and I doubt the deck will last much longer. I treat Arix as an explosive vegetation in the command zone, and only use him when I can get some undeniable value or try to combo off with pemmin's aura. Arix is very good at pushing me into the late game unless my opponents happen upon a strip mine.
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