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  • posted a message on hangerback walker and heartless summoning
    Hangarback Walker
    What you choose is a value for X (that must be a non-negative integer). This value is then used to calculate the base cost of the spell, which is in turn reduced by Summoning's effect.
    If you choose X = 0, the spell's base cost is 0 (0 + 0), which reduced by 2 is still 0, and the Walker enters the battlefield as a -1/-1 (base 0/0, no +1/+1 counter, and -1/-1 from the Summoning) It then immediately dies and you get no Thopter.
    If you choose X = 1, the spell's base cost is 2 (1 + 1), which reduced by 2 is 0, and the Walker enters the battlefield as a 0/0 (base 0/0, one +1/+1 counter, and -1/-1 from the Summoning) It then immediately dies and you create 1 Thopter (which also immediately dies).
    If you choose X = 2, the spell's base cost is 4 (2 + 2), which reduced by 2 is 2, and the Walker enters the battlefield as a 1/1 (base 0/0, two +1/+1 counters, and -1/-1 from the Summoning)
    And so on...
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  • posted a message on Remembering triggered abilities and the word "may"
    They are not treated exactly the same at Competitive REL either. If, for whatever reason (Punishing Fire for instance) your opponent wants you to gain the life, they can do it for Warden but not for Attendant (since they can force Warden's trigger on the stack if they catch it in time, and you won't get the option to ignore it when it resolves).
    Also, while intentionally missing a "may" trigger is just a shortcut, doing the same with a mandatory trigger (even if it's not "usually considered detrimental") can be cheating (if you know you are not allowed to and you get any advantage out of it) and can net you a disqualification.
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  • posted a message on Odd vehicle question
    Note than you can even use an already crewed Vehicule to crew itself again, if you want to.
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  • posted a message on Two cards with ability if i discard a card
    Both are costs you need to pay to get an effect (Noose Constrictor has an activated ability and you need to discard a card to activate it and get its effect, Furyblade Vampire has a triggered ability that let you discard one card when it resolves to get an effect.)
    For the same reason you cannot purchase two 1$ items with a single 1$ bill, you cannot discard only a single card to get both effects.

    Note that this is different for triggered abilities that trigger on you discarding a card (or a card being put into your graveyard from anywhere), those will trigger when the card is discarded for paying the cost of another ability. For example, if you control Midnight Oil and you activate Noose Constrictor's ability, Midnight Oil's last ability will trigger and you will lose 1 life.
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  • posted a message on Ulrich of the krallenhorde
    Raised by wolves. Please, use card tags.

    As you have been told multiple times, "fight" and "attack" are very different things in Magic, you shouldn't use them interchangeably.

    You have to choose a target for Ulrich "fight" ability as soon as it is put on the stack (which happens right after whatever caused it to transform finishes resolving, and before the active player gets priority) so you can't do anything between the moment it triggers and the moment you have to choose its target.
    You can, however act between the moment it's put on the stack and the moment it resolves, but only with "instant speed" things (instant spells, spells with flash, activated abilities without an "only when you could cast a sorcery" limitation, and some special actions). So no, you can't normally enchant Ulrich with Raised by wolves in response to his ability (unless you also control something that let you do so, such as Vedalken Orrery) and you can't equip it either (again, unless you control something as Leonin Shikari), but instants like Giant Growth are fair game.

    Deathtouch applies to all damage a source with deathtouch deals. If Ulrich fights a creature with both deathtouch and a power of 1 or more, he will bites the dust.
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  • posted a message on CMC of XX
    It doesn't matter what you paid. What matters is the value you chose for X when casting the spell (the final cost you paid might have been modified by additional costs and/or cost reducers).
    On the stack, each X in the mana cost of a spell adds the value chosen for X to its CMC.
    So, if you chose X=1 when casting Chalice of the Void, it has a CMC of 2 as long as it is on the stack. If you chose X=2, it has a CMC of 4, and so forth.
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  • posted a message on Whenever you gain life
    To be technical, it's in fact a single life gain event.
    However, "Whenever you gain life, ..." triggers are misleading, because what they really mean is "Whenever a source causes you to gain life, ...":
    Quote from CompRules »
    118.9. Some triggered abilities are written, “Whenever [a player] gains life, . . . .” Such abilities are treated as though they are written, “Whenever a source causes [a player] to gain life, . . . .” If a player gains 0 life, no life gain event has occurred, and these abilities won’t trigger.
    So yes, it triggers once per creature, and your opponent loses 4 life.
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  • posted a message on When must you choose to play or draw?
    One or the other, it doesn't matter:
    Quote from MTR »
    After each game in a match, the loser of that game decides whether to play first in the next game. They may wait until after sideboarding to make the decision. If the previous game was a draw, the player who decided to play or draw at the beginning of the drawn game chooses.
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  • posted a message on Hellhole flailer question
    Quote from proterran98 »
    So if Hellhole flailer is enchanted with heart of light using his ability deals zero damage?
    No. It deals damage as normal.

    Quote from proterran98 »
    if hellhole flailer does deals damage, how is this different than being enchanted with phyresis
    Phyresis is changing the Flailer characteristics by giving it an ability. Heart of light doesn't change the Flailer characteristics.

    Quote from proterran98 »
    lastly, I have hellhole equipped with bonesplitter and use his ability does he do 5 damage? (I didn't unleash him)
    Yes. Flailer's ability uses the power it has when it left the battlefield to determine how much damage is dealt.
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  • posted a message on Parallax tide/imprisoned in the moon?
    There is no interaction between Parallax Tide and Imprisoned in the Moon that would not require a third card to be involved, since IitM cannot enchant PT (because its neither a land, nor a creature, nor a planeswalker).

    Now, IitM and SofD do work in similar ways: they both turn the enchanted permanent into a land (making it lose all other card types in the process), render it colorless, make it lose all its previous abilities (explicitely for IitM, and by granting it a basic land type for SotD) and grant it a mana ability (again, IitM does it explicitely, and SotD does it through a basic land type.) The only differences are what they can enchant in the first place, the type of mana the enchanted permanents will be able to produce, and the land types it will end up having ("forest" only with SotD, and whatever land types it may have had before with IitM.)

    So, if a Parallax Tide that has already been used to exile some lands gets enchanted with SotD, it loses its 3 abilities (fading, its activated ability, and its leaves-the-battlefield trigger). If it then leaves the battlefield (for any reason), the lands won't get returned. If SotD gets detached from it it will get all its abilities back, and if it then leaves the battlefield the lands will come back.
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  • posted a message on Crew on a non-Vehicle
    Quote from hatredlord »
    Unless I'm misreading Crew, my Kruphix would also stop being an enchantment
    You are indeed misreading Crew ;). You missed the invisible "in addition to its types" that comes with making a permanent an artifact creature:
    Quote from CompRules »
    205.1b Some effects change an object’s card type, supertype, or subtype but specify that the object retains a prior card type, supertype, or subtype. In such cases, all the object’s prior card types, supertypes, and subtypes are retained. This rule applies to effects that use the phrase “in addition to its types” or that state that something is “still a [type, supertype, or subtype].” Some effects state that an object becomes an “artifact creature”; these effects also allow the object to retain all of its prior card types and subtypes.

    Quote from hatredlord »
    I can't really tell whether he'd be legendary and/or a god.
    There is no reason for it to stop being legendary. I'm not sure about the God thing, so I'll sit this one out.

    Quote from hatredlord »
    Those are interesting, of course, but the real question is, of course, what are its power and thoughness?
    4/7. Crew only makes the permanent a creature, it doesn't change or set its P/T.

    Quote from hatredlord »
    does my Kruphix die as a state-based action?
    If you control other legendary permanents named Kruphix, God of Horizons, you have to kill all but one of them, yes. The legend rule no longer cares about permanents that other players control.
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  • posted a message on Stack and un target-able.
    Quote from justin041 »
    If not what is the sense of this card if every time I go to play it I get hit with an in-response kill the "un target able" creature. Besides the +4 +4

    Think of the reverse scenario: if they target your creature with some removal, you can cast Vine in response to make their removal fizzle and save your creature.
    Legality of targets is checked both when the spell is cast and when it resolves. If, when a spell would resolve, all its targets are illegal, this spell is countered by the rules.
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  • posted a message on Sacrifice rules
    As you quoted, the creature to sacrifice is only chosen when the spell resolves, and is then immediately sacrificed. Nobody gets priority in between the moment you choose the creature and the moment it is sacrificed.

    Your opponent can, as usual, respond to the spell itself. If they manage to remove all your creatures before Victimize resolves, it will resolve (a spell is only countered upon resolution if all its targets are illegal) but will do nothing, because you can't sacrifice a creature (since you control none), and the rest of the spell's effect is dependent upon you sacrificing a creature (because of the "if you do" clause).

    As a side note, even if Victimize had the sacrifice as an additionnal cost, you would still be unable to return the sacrificed creature. While casting a spell, targets are chosen before the spell's cost is determined, let alone paid (see Comprehensive Rules 601.2c-h).
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  • posted a message on Roon of the Hidden Realm, Angel of Serenity and Sundial of the Infinite.
    It works that way, but you can also make it work without Sundial.

    All you have to do is Activate Roon's ability while the Angel's etb trigger is still on the stack. This way, the Angel's ltb trigger will be put on the stack above its etb trigger and will resolve first, returning nothing to the player's hands. Then, the etb trigger will resolve and permanently exile the three targets.
    Then, at the beginning of your end step, the Angel comes back and exiles 3 more targets.
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  • posted a message on Panharmonicon Question
    Quote from Lord_Tulwar »
    So, is Panharmonicon's ability no trigger?
    It's not a trigger, it's a static ability. You can tell because it doesn't begin with the words "When", "Whenever" or "At" as all triggered abilities do:
    Quote from CompRules »
    603.1. Triggered abilities have a trigger condition and an effect. They are written as “[Trigger condition], [effect],” and begin with the word “when,” “whenever,” or “at.” They can also be expressed as “[When/Whenever/At] [trigger event], [effect].”
    Note that this ability doesn't define a replacement effect either (since it doesn't fit the pattern for replacement effects.) It's simply a static ability that changes the rules of the game.
    As such, it doesn't use the stack and can't be interacted with (but the additionnal trigger it creates can be interacted with as normal, of course.)
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