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  • posted a message on [Deck] Jund
    Quote from fandangle316 »
    What was the issue with infect? I ask as i play against it frequently

    I don't have any issues with Infect. I find it to be a favored match-up so long as they don't have the nuts. We have 8 to 10 removal spells and they only run 12 creatures we care about and 4 can be Wastelanded (save Wasteland for Inkmoth Nexus).

    One counterintuitive thing to do is kill their creatures at the end of their turn or during your main phase. It's weird since you want to kill them in combat, but they will use their protection/pump spells and get more infect. If you do it main phase, you get them to waste their protection/pump without it infecting you for more.

    Quote from Anarky87 »
    What's everyone's thoughts on the new creatures for DnT?

    I haven't played or tested against it yet, but I think the new Chalice guy will make the match-up more annoying. I feel like we're still favored (especially after siding in our -X/-X effects), but putting him on 2 is pretty crappy for us since it turns off most of our removal.

    We'll have to wait and see what the new DnT list looks like. I don't think it will run 4 copies of the new guy.
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  • posted a message on Has anyone opened a mythic rare in Walmart booster packs?
    I've not only pulled mythics, but foil mythic planeswalkers so I wouldn't worry.
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  • posted a message on EMN Mythics Are All In Packs With The Same Art
    Quote from KnickM »
    It seems that people are misunderstanding the premise, which further muddies the (already confusing) waters. The initial claim was that packs WITH THE SAME FLOW WRAP (aka pack wrapper) in one box have all the mythics. Not just in one column. So do you remember what the wrapper was for each pack that had a mythic? That's the relevant bit, not whether or not they were stacked on the left, center, or right.

    Caveat: I have opened exactly four packs of EMN (and they weren't mine), so I have zero first-hand knowledge of this issue.

    I think you misunderstood my post. I specifically wrote the art for each wrapper (i.e. Smoldering Werewolf, Tamiyo, and Liliana). Like many, I separated my box into three columns, one for each pack art and then opened all of one art at once. This is not the standard box mapping of left, middle, and right although I can understand calling them "columns" can be confusing.

    Long story short, I followed the same methodology as the video from Delirium and mine (and others) boxes seem to be inconsistent with the claim.
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  • posted a message on EMN Mythics Are All In Packs With The Same Art
    I was originally going to post in here that this was true, but then I opened my last column and it did not hold true. Here were the results (and yes my box was insane with 8 mythics):

    Ulrich of the Krallenhorde
    Gisela, the Broken Blade
    Liliana, the Last Hope
    Deploy the Gatewatch
    Tree of Perdition
    Gisa and Geralf

    After the first column, I had opened six mythics (two are flip and apparently don't count for this). I basically thought that was it based on the reddit post and videos and sure enough for the second column there were no mythics (Tamiyo).

    However, on the last column (Liliana) I got:
    Tamiyo, Field Researcher
    Liliana, the Last Hope

    I obviously was very pleased with the pulls, but it does seem to put some questions into this theory. Maybe it's the time they were printed? Maybe only a subset of boxes?
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  • posted a message on SDCC 2016 promos
    Quote from bfrie »
    Anyoneknow what time they drop at the hasbro booth, and also if they are limited supply or if one could jist drop by at any time and reliably pick these up?

    I'm not attending this Comic-Con, but in the past ones I've attended the Hasbro booth has an allocation per day. One way to guarantee it is by waiting in line really early in the morning (like before 6 AM) and then being the first to get a ticket to the Hasbro booth. This ticket will have a time for you to come back and get your stuff. These go really fast and immediately after the doors open.

    The second is not guaranteed, but how I've gotten it every year. Usually there is a line by one of the walls that is an "overflow" line where after they've dealt with all the ticket holders, they will let this line come through and buy stuff (usually in the early afternoon). I've been able to snag the cards every year this way, but you still have to wait (albeit not early in the morning). This is also assuming they will still have stock (which they did in the past).

    The thing is, word is now out that these go for more than MSRP on eBay so basically everyone buys them even if they are not interested. This goes for all the limited edition toys too. This always irked me since every time I've just gone and bought the cards and that's it since I have no interest in buying something I'm just going to pawn off. Especially when I know others actually want it. If only that were the case here. I'm pretty sure a lot of people buy stuff at the Hasbro booth and almost immediately post it on eBay and then sell and ship it at the UPS store in the convention center before the con is even over.
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  • posted a message on New in Madison, WI. Where are the Modern (or any) players at?
    You're correct about the Madison scene. It's quite big and healthy. As for locations, I'm not sure where you're looking, but Mox Mania does at least one MTG event every day and some times two (FNM and Saturdays). I used to live in Madison and that was my favorite store. The competition is pretty good and the prices and prize support are also generous.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Jund
    Your thought process mirrors a lot of the reasons I run the list I run. I run 4 Punishing Fire because it is the best card in the deck (maybe Sylvan could be better) and I want to ensure I draw it against every fair deck. It singlehandedly beats most of them. I get the Lightning Bolts since they let you kill T1 Delver, Deathrite, and Mom, but I've done fine without them the last 3+ years since the decks that tend to make that T1 play are decks we're favored against (i.e. Ux Delver and DnT).

    I think 4 Confidant is always the right answer in Jund. It is a must answer card. Even if it eats a STP that means your Goyf might stick. We're all about card advantage and he's just another engine.

    As for Sylvan, I think you should keep the 2nd. As you said, it lets you dig deeper for answers and in some situations you get to draw three cards and refuel.

    The 4 Thoughtseize is pretty standard. I get the IoK is better against Burn, but there are so many 4 CMC cards that beat us.

    Anyway, congrats.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Jund
    Quote from pzbw7z »
    Quote from KoDiamonds »
    Hey everyone,

    I am a modern Jund player and my friend is trying to get me into legacy. He said it should be a good transition to play jund in legacy since I only need the manabase, which can be proxied for now. However, I have my doubts and have a couple questions.

    Do also ask yourself if it's worthwhile to spend something like $600 to make the transition. You could probably build Legacy Burn or Legacy Affinity from scratch for less than it costs to convert Modern Jund to Legacy Jund. I'd almost say both, but that might be going to far. It'd certainly be vastly cheaper to convert both of those Modern decks than Jund alone.

    Outside of the manabase, there are still a few cards - even excluding Chains of Mephistopheles - that cost meaningful money, but the lands are staggeringly expensive from the point of view of a Modern player.

    This is true, but I feel like Affinity is basically dead in Legacy and Burn is not as interactive or fun to learn Legacy with. Jund is obviously a more difficult deck, but it gets you started in other decks since you have Bayous, fetches, Wastelands, Goyfs, and Confidants. It sounds like the poster already has those from Modern, but I think it's an easy way to transition into Legacy with something he's already somewhat familiar with and starts adding to his Legacy staples. Worst case, if he or she hates it, the stuff they bought is relatively easy to trade or sell (i.e. duals, etc.).
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Jund
    Quote from Mad Mat »
    I'm not a fan or Arlinn Kord at all. I'd much prefer Garruk Relentless or Xenagos, the Reveler, because these can spawn tokens indefinitely. I can see the rationale for walkers instead of elf, but keep in mind that walkers are much more vulnerable to cards like spell pierce and counterspell, which do see quite some play in midrange decks these days. Also, all of the token-producing walkers we have access to are vulnerable to bolt. That makes me consider whether it's not worth it to splash white for Sorin, Lord of Innistrad if you want to go the walker route.

    I think he chose Arlinn Kord since she is very versatile with "5" abilities. The pumps are relevant on Goyf for big damage and the Bolt every other turn is nice too. However, you're right that Xenagos and Garruk can basically make more tokens and do it more consistently. I think it comes down to that vs. Versatility.

    However, I had not considered that this opens us up to more counter spells and disruption, which we are usually good at avoiding. Talking to Blue players it seems like most of our deck is basically equivalent in threat-density, which is why they take out their Force of Wills, but playing a PW like this would give them an obvious target.

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  • posted a message on [Deck] Jund
    Speaking of which, I'm currently debating on a few changes to my Jund list (in my signature):

    1) As many of you know, I absolutely love Sylvan Library since it provides both card quality and card advantage (i.e. pay life). So much that I run 2 copies while most people run 1. However, now that I have gotten 2 Chains of Mephistopheles, I am debating if it's worth playing these main deck and taking out the Libraries entirely. The obvious negative is we lose this filtering ability and live off our top decks. Furthermore, there are decks it's dead against, specifically Death and Taxes and other non-cantrip decks. However, the positive is it helps our main deck combo match-up since a resolved Chains is pretty backbreaking for them while also having the nice bonus of making fair Blue decks even easier. I'm pretty sure most would be taken by surprise with this in the main.

    2) I'm also considering taking out 1 Bloodbraid Elf, adding 2 Arlinn Kord, and going up to 61 cards (I just can't cut the Maelstrom Pulse since it's gotten me out of trouble so many times). My friend recently did well at the last SCG and he was running a "strange" Jund brew with both the main deck chains and 4 token generating Planeswalkers:


    I've talked to him and it seems pretty nice to have creatures (or ways to make creatures) that are resilient against Terminus. Way I see it, a resolved Arlinn or Garruk is pretty much game over for a mid-range or Control deck.

    Now I obviously disagree with him on no Punishing Fires (the engine is too good), but I still think adding the Planeswalkers might be a good idea.

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  • posted a message on [Deck] Jund
    Quote from KoDiamonds »
    Hey everyone,

    I am a modern Jund player and my friend is trying to get me into legacy. He said it should be a good transition to play jund in legacy since I only need the manabase, which can be proxied for now. However, I have my doubts and have a couple questions.

    He's correct, but I will note that the playstyle is different than Modern Jund solely because we have access to Punishing Fire. This is the key reason to play the deck since it's recurrable removal and a late-game win condition. In short, it provides a non-Blue deck with continuous card advantage. Something non-Blue decks tend to not have.

    Quote from KoDiamonds »
    A) How viable is Jund in legacy? Every response I have gotten is "Jund is a worse Shardless. Just play Shardless. Jund folds to combo". I dont want to spend time and energy and money into a legacy deck that just doesnt have the proper tools to win.

    People saying that are misinformed. Jund is well-positioned in any meta that is blue-heavy. Specifically fair blue decks. Currently the most popular deck is Miracles (you've probably heard of it, even if you don't play Legacy) and Jund tears it apart. Jund is designed to beat fair Blue decks and in most metas, that is most of the room since players like relying on cards like Brainstorm and Ponder to smooth out their draws and access to Force of Will is a nice bonus too. Add to the fact we also tend to beat Elves and Death and Taxes (also top tier decks) because of Punishing Fire.

    It is correct that Jund's worst match-ups are combos, but they are not unwinnable. We run 7 pieces of disruption main deck (4 if you count Liliana) and you can tailor your sideboard to help you game 2/3. To name a few, I play Slaughter Games, which pretty much wins me many combo games upon resolution by naming their only win condition. You can opt for more disruption (Duress), Chokes, and more.

    The irony of the statement is that we actually crush Shardless BUG. Shardless and Miracles are literally my two favorite and easiest match-ups and they are two of the three most popular decks right now. Yes they have Force of Will to help their combo match-up, but any competent combo player can win when the other player only has Force of Will. If you know you're facing a Blue deck (that is generally slow) you are just patient and Duress them or something equivalent before you combo off. A Force of Will is not going to get it done.

    Long story short, there is no "best" deck in Legacy. Every deck (even Shardless) has bad match-ups. You can shore them up with your SB, but there are some games you are not favored and you have to rely on your SB, your skill, etc. This is the format where even Tier 3 decks can win an Open. Look at Goblins winning one earlier this year.

    Quote from KoDiamonds »
    B) What does a common stock sideboard look like and what matchups are these cards brought in? I have played a couple games on cockatrice and sideboarding is super difficult.

    A stock sideboard in Legacy almost always starts with at least 3 pieces of GY-hate. That goes for almost any Legacy deck and Jund is no exception. After that I'd say you should dedicate at least 3 or more slots to your worst match-ups like Combo. I choose Choke, Slaughter Games and Chains, but you could also include REBs or Pyroblasts. I don't know if it's considered "stock" now, but I've been running multiple -1/-1 effects for years now. They destroy Death and Taxes and Elves and get those pesky True-Name Nemesis. Then again, you already do fairly well against DnT and Elves so maybe it's excessive.

    As for SB'ing, assuming I win game 1 against fair blue decks I side out my disruption (they are on the play and Thoughtseize isn't as good then) and side in my hate cards like Choke, Chains, etc. Game 3 is a bit harder to SB since the Thoughtseizes and Hymns are live again.

    If it's combo it's pretty easy. You take out removal and any high CMC cards and side in your hate cards, which should be plentiful from the SB. However, be careful since some combo players are now siding in things like Dark Confidant or Young Pyromancer since they know you're taking out removal. I tend to leave 1 or 2 Punishing Fires since they can still do damage even if there are no creatures. Usually Abrupt Decay and one or two Bloodbraid Elves are the first to go out for me.

    Creature/swarm decks side in Golgari Charms and Toxic Deluges and possibly take out your disruption.

    Quote from KoDiamonds »
    C) How important is Chains of Mephistopheles? I dont like knowing there is a $300 price barrier on one card that might be very important to Junds success.

    It's nice, but not required. I've been playing Punishing Jund for over five years with a pretty high success rate at the local and medium-tier tournaments and I did so without any Chains. The irony is I now have two copies in my SB, but I have not had a chance to test them out in the local meta. I predict it will help my combo match-ups and further skew my fair Blue match-ups, but the latter seems like overkill since I already beat them about 80% of the time. In short, I can't say for sure how much better it will make my deck, but my previous success without it would indicate they aren't absolutely required. I got away without them for five years.

    This is kind of lecturing, but the thing about Legacy is that it (and Vintage) reward player knowledge and skill far more than Standard or Modern where you might just have a bad match-up or have an unbeatable seven. Legacy rewards knowing the meta, knowing other people's decks, etc. It's why I play other decks even though Jund is my pet deck. It helps me learn what their outs are, what is a typical hand, etc. Same goes with playing my own deck for years. You start learning all the intricacies, your outs, your percentages, your favored match-ups, their typical game plan, etc. Legacy more than any other format really rewards this so my advice is to start playing and even if you lose, just learn from it. Legacy can be really rewarding and honestly, it's even more rewarding playing a non-Blue deck when everyone tells you that's stupid (i.e. why not play Brainstorm). In short, there are very few games that feel unwinnable and I love that the meta is always so diverse. You'll notice Wizards takes a relatively "hands off" approach to Legacy and that is a boon since it leads to diversity and players "figuring it out" rather than bans all the time.

    My current deck list is in my signature although I am currently making revisions (which is funny since I hadn't touched my list in a long time). Hope my list and my answers help.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] OmniTell
    Quote from Deurge »
    P.S. I would really just name S&T

    I hadn't thought about them revealing Omniscience so thanks for that.

    with that said, I've thought about naming Show and Tell, but the problem there is they can still cast Omniscience using Dream Halls. It's obviously significantly slower, but it's still doable with sol lands. I guess the unfortunate thing for me is there is no single card (like Tendrils of Agony although if they're smart they have an Empty the Warrens too) that you can name against OmniTell. Don't get me wrong, I name Omniscience the game usually goes my way since they can't cast Emrakul then and take an additional turn and have to go with a Dream Halls win via Enter the Infinite (i.e. more combo pieces to assemble and requires discarding cards).

    Anyway thanks!
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  • posted a message on [Primer] OmniTell
    I don't actually play this deck, but had a question for those that do. I play Punishing Jund and run Slaughter Games in the sideboard. Assuming my opponent runs Release the Ants/Emrakul as their win condition, am I correct that naming Emrakul with Slaughter Games means they can't win? Up until now I've been naming Omniscience since there it's the only way they can "cast" Emrakul, but they can still win via Show and Tell into Emrakul.

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  • posted a message on MaRo and Urza's Saga
    Quote from sealteamfive »
    Quote from EbonPraetor »

    It was a horrible period when the game was dominated by combos that could consistently win the game on turn one.

    taking it one step further, people quit the game in droves. as mentioned above, many games were quite literally decided on who won the coin flip.

    You'd be correct there. That's when I quit Magic (after playing since Revised) because "games" were just so silly. You either played Combo and won the coin flip or you lost. I only came back five years ago around New Phyrexia.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Jund
    Quote from chaos021 »
    As far as Mother of Runes, so you generally sit and wait instead of firing off any piece of removal when she hits the board (if possible)? That seems a bit weird.

    Oh if i can kill her without them being able to untap and use her, then of course I kill her since it only requires one spell. However, if she sticks and can protect herself (or something else), then I am just patient. If your only kill spell to get her (before untap) is Abrupt Decay, I think you still do it, but there is a reasonable argument to hold the Decay since it's valuable later on (equipment, Avenger, Aether vial, etc.).

    Quote from chaos021 »
    Also, what do you board out for these cards you bring in? It seems like a lot of cards that you're suggesting to bring in.

    Game 2 is easier to sideboard for (if you won and are on the draw). I usually take out some discard since it's not as good on the draw. You could debate on Liliana since she isn't incredibly useful against them and they usually 1) have Thalia (making it hard to cast), 2) Flickerwisp your counters back to default, or 3) Pithing Needle/Revoker it, which is the most common case since they run 4 revokers. Actually typing that out, Liliana doesn't seem too good here so maybe side her out. I think I side in 7 cards against them meaning 7 need to go out. Long story short, keep all of your removal and add more with the Deluge/Charms.
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