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  • posted a message on FBB duals?
    I don't go for NM generally so maybe that's why my values are lower.

    eBay has sold seas for 350 consistently with only the best conditions/language reaching past 4--. again I know condition and language play a factor, but your prices seem excessive given what I have seen. I am working on two deals now for seas and both of those users agree that $350 is fair value. I have seen nm German revised seas for that much in dealer cases and on eBay buy it nows but they never seem to sell. to me the value is what they sell for.
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  • posted a message on FBB duals?
    Quote from Umezete
    Patience, motl, and ebay are your friends.

    You can pick them off the vendor for a premium if you need them soon, that is about your only option then as they are VERY hard to find.

    yeah like every other bonehead I am trying to BB my vintage deck in time for champs but I procrastinated too long I fear ...

    luckily there have been a few bites so far (they're not that rare, just rare at correct prices I've found lately), AND some people are coming out of woodworks willing to move their previously unlisted fbb duals - which honestly 75% of my hoping this thread would do.

    cheers to everyone who chimed in already, and thanks in advance to those who haven't yet or have PMd me.

    just to help this along and add some more content... the prices I've seen that look pretty standard to me are (obv language and condition dependent) - if I am off, please let me know (but these are recent eBay and MOTL pricing mostly):
    Sea ~ $325-375, volc ~$300-350, trop ~ $275-325

    thanks again to all
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  • posted a message on FBB duals?
    Hi all -

    I am looking to acquire some FBB duals, and not wanting to buy from dealers at inflated prices I was wondering if anyone had some insight on best way to do so?

    I can buy some (but am not made of money) and trade towards others. really looking for 3x sea, trop, and volc - since I play mostly vintage and edh.

    I tried searching here and MOTL but actual searches return no results since people are not utilizing the tags, etc. ones I do come across are higher priced than should be and user won't come down.

    I was shown MKM - the German site - which held promise however my fluency in Deutsch is nearly non existent. I mean I was able to search the cards by English name and the. filter to users speaking English, but hit a wall there as most users w scans and best prices spoke German, French or a Scandinavian language rendering communication difficult at best.

    I was hoping someone could point me towards some other avenue I had not previously found or considered.

    any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
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  • posted a message on The [NY Giants] defeat the Patriots again!!! We are the champions!!! AHHHHHHH...
    past in flames will be glad to meet this guy.

    In fact I'll marry them together in my modern deck, once legal.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] [Developing] Heartless Summoning variants
    any reason why people in GB or BUG are choosing sphere of suns over rampant growth?

    they both enter tapped, so tempo isn't the issue. I see how you're stuck with a single color on rampant, but you're not limited to only three activations like sphere. you also don't open yourself up to splash arti-hate. it also fetches a land out from your deck reducing a later dead draw. just seems like the better play if you're in GB.

    plus in my sb I am testing 4x small pox, and this helps defray some collateral damage.

    just some thoughts as we head towards the 2011s.
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  • posted a message on A trade dilema
    if addresses were exchanged it warrants a BTR thread.

    id let user x know you're disappointed and want to resolve the original trade - but Aldo let him know you'll open a BTR if he can't/won't hold up his end. I mean it's a smaller trade valuewise, but a deal is a deal. depends on how far you want to take it...

    if user x values his itrader rep he'll try to make it up to you in some way.

    godd luck.
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  • posted a message on worth picking up COMM at MSRP for resale?
    just trying to be helpful:

    if you have the target visa card, you get 5% off ALL purchases at the register. does that help reduce your cost and up profit? seems like $1.5 off per COMM box prob helps if you buy and sell in bulk amounts...
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  • posted a message on How to Trade for a Mox?
    depends on the duals. if theyre BB, then absolutely. if not, usually only blue duals can trade up to duals, as can fow, goyfs, drains, and old lands. then pimp foils, etc.

    as a power trader myself, I can say having extra duals is better. I've had an 'extra' sapphire for almost a year ( in trying to pick up a recall to complete my set), that's sat around waiting, while my duals move in and out of binders all the time - especially more now that the value has risen.

    some speculate that eventually the legacy bubble will pop, especially if wotc moves ahead with the modern format in rumors, but even so duals will always be a solid investment - if only for the dying eternal formats AND edh players.

    <snip> Do not post trade requests in MSC.
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  • posted a message on Wizards Ban Jace, the Mindsculptor and Stoneforge Mystic From Standard
    and to think a few months ago LaPille was soooo sure:
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  • posted a message on [COMM] All Decklists With All Available Card Texts
    Quote from ivanpei
    Nope, It's pretty much worse than spell pierce.

    actually flusterstorm IS a legacy staple - as all its stormed counters counter all their stormed tendrils or ETW less they pay 1 more for each to resolve. elegantly designed. I like it - screws up the combo players' all-in-math. nicely done wotc.
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  • posted a message on Apathyhouse membership?
    someone want to hook me up? puhlease?
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  • posted a message on Foil Grim Monolith trade
    Quote from Metalwalker

    I feel that the trade was even despite various sources showing that a foil grim monolith is worth about $10-$15 than my pile. Regardless, I was sure that I wouldn't do the trade if a foil Grim Monolith was worth $10-$15 more than my pile, but I would like some feedback as to why Foil Monoliths are this high. It's not like it sees play in Vintage, and neither does it see much play in Legacy outside of Meandeck MUD. Is EDH the prime cost-driving factor here?

    sees play in vintage. turbo tezz runs 2 grim monoliths. just saying.
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  • posted a message on [NYC Dark Knights] The clan that never sleeps.
    Quote from god of cyanide

    i have some clan business to discuss:
    i'm going to be moderately inactive for the next few months, as the side gig has gotten super hot for me of late. i'd like to at least get a new clan thread up and running ASAP before i get too busy to really be around here.

    so let's get suggesting with the titles, gents. Grin

    Welcome to Frowntown, home of the [NYC Dark Knights]
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  • posted a message on Clan Member of the year: 2010!!! Take 2...
    go go goc!

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