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  • posted a message on Creepiest Cards
    Sensory Deprivation, by a long shot.

    Claustrophobia has that odd nose that makes me laugh every time I see it.
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  • posted a message on Kitsunes; mythical and stunning - A set of black/white cards
    An Ichibi is basically a young Kitsune. The number of tails followed by the suffix -bi can indicate the various "stages" of Kitsunes.
    As for your comments:
    Would it perhaps be better to make her ultimate a -1, and conjure up a proper ultimate for her? Because I agree it does seem weak now.
    Rao's trample stems from the idea that she is pretty much an ultimate beast - yet with intelligence beyond that of most humans. Therefore, using her more beast like side she would be able to trample. It makes more sense flavorwise then colour wise, yes.
    I'll edit the Shogun's mana cost.
    2 life or 2 mana...which one would be a steeper price to pay for the card?
    I'll pump up 10th tail.
    I'll make the neccesary edits too, thanks.
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  • posted a message on [ISD] Moment of Heroism, Armored Skaab, and others (9/16)
    Quote from Duke_Shambles
    I definitely don't get the hype for desperate ravings. How is:

    Draw four, then Hymn to Tourach yourself.

    that good when it requires a color that has better draw available to it? I mean, I guess if you build around it, it could work. But I'd rather just draw 2 and NOT random discard things I may possibly need in my hand. Think Twice is much better than this.

    Might be because Red doesn't really have any drawpower going for it?
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  • posted a message on Kitsunes; mythical and stunning - A set of black/white cards
    Alright, I went with Foxes after all, all of them are edited.
    Shogun has been altered too, sorta like Flickering Spirit but a bit different. The lorekeeper has been altered as per your suggestion as well.
    I also altered Rao in order to make her replenish your hand for every Fox you cast. Now that the Ichibis have defender, the Kitsunes can't use them to pull a powerful attack anymore with boosting stuff.
    As far as Conscript goes, well, since he's versatile with mana I figured I'd stick to 2/1. It'd probably not be used, true enough.
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  • posted a message on [ISD] Another Batch: Parallel Lives, One-Eyed Scarecrow, et al
    Waitaminute, YOU have hexproof, that means you can't get, say, the 1 damage from Chandra? Or any other card that says "Target player..."?
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  • posted a message on [ISD] MTGCast Preview: Kessig Cagebreakers
    Kessig Wolf Run would probably be a nifty inclusion too. You can run Birds of Paradise and Llanowar to bump up your mana count, as well as providing an easy resource for your graveyard by letting them chumpblock. Green/Red doesn't seem too farfetched to me, using this guy as a finisher.
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  • posted a message on [ISD] DailyMTG Previews 9/12: Cellar Door, Brimstone Volley
    Chandra's Phoenix + Mortarpod + Brimstone Volley perhaps? Seems nasty enough to me.
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  • posted a message on Kitsunes; mythical and stunning - A set of black/white cards
    Thank you both for the fixes.
    Certain parts were done mostly out of flavor perspective rather then sticking fully to the color pie. They will keep the Kitsune subtype, simply because of the specific references. Just like the Shroud, this has been done out of flavor, it fits the Kitsune more then Hexproof would.
    That said, all of your comments will be used in the fixes. I'll give the Ichibi tokens Defender, so that Glorious Anthem and friends will not break the Ichibis. They are meant to be fuel for Rao as well as extra defenses rather then ever going on the attack.

    A few more specific comments:
    Rao Tsuneki is meant to be the gamefinisher for the Kitsunes. The obvious combo with Rao the Ascended meant it could play in both black, white, and hybrids, without worrying for its mana cost.
    Lorekeeper - I felt the Kitsune deck needed a little form of drawpower, else it just felt too weak. I see where you're coming from with the color pie, do you recon there is a better way to make it work?
    Conscript - I figured giving both Black AND White a Bear wouldn't really fit well, specifically for Color Pie issues. Hence I made the common version a bit less tough.
    Cycle of Spirits - Perhaps I'm wrong on the rules here, but wouldn't a Rao's Attendant + Cycle allow for two tokens instead of one, going from both triggers?

    That said, the cards will be fixed per both of your comments. Thank you again for the fixing.
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  • posted a message on Kitsunes; mythical and stunning - A set of black/white cards
    I regret not playing when Kamigawa was around, simply because I absolutely adore Kitsunes. They are by far my favorite mythical creatures (Well, along with Hydras, but they get enough love anyway). So, I figured, why not make a set of cards that involves the Kitsunes? And so, I ended up here.

    This set includes a Planeswalker, a set of creatures, some equipment, land...basically, it'll have everything that a creature type would need as far as I know.
    My knowledge of the game may not be vast, but I'm a creative mind. However my graphical skills are jank, so text spoilers only.
    Also, if the wording is not correct, PLEASE correct me. I love criticism, as long as it's done properly - that's to say, building up, not tearing down.
    Furthermore, my English isn't perfect, so there might be some glaring errors left or right. Any aid there is also appreciated.

    Rao the Ascended :3mana::symbw:
    Planeswalker - Rao
    +2: Put a 0/1 Black and White Ichibi Token with Defender into play.
    -1: Sacrifice x number of Ichibi Tokens you have in play. Search your library for any Fox with converted mana cost of X mana and put it on the battlefield. Shuffle your library.

    Rao Tsuneki :4mana::symw::symb::symwb::symwb::symwb:
    Legendary Creature - Fox Monk (M)
    Trample, Haste, Vigilance.
    Rao Tsuneki enters the battlefield with a +1/+1 counter for every Fox you control.\
    Whenever a Fox enters the battlefield under your control, you may pay :3mana:. If you do, search your deck for a Fox creature and put it into your hand.
    Rao does not favor either clan of Kitsune. Her belief is that they should all unite for the greater good.

    Rao's Attendant :symwb::symwb:
    Creature - Fox Monk (U)
    Whenever a Fox you control dies, put a 0/1 Ichibi token on the battlefield.
    Helping Rao unite the clans, one kitsune at a time.

    Mischievous Renegade W/B mana
    Creature - Fox Rogue (C)
    :1mana:, :symtap:, Untap target Fox.
    The Rogues who do not want to team up with either of the clans are considered outcasts by many, but conscripts for a few.

    Kitsune Guardian :1mana::symw:
    Creature -Fox Monk (U)
    :symw:, :symtap:, Prevent the next 3 damage that would be dealt to target player or Fox.
    An army is nothing without someone to keep that army in proper shape, as Rao was quick to understand.

    Kitsune Striker :1mana::symb:
    Creature - Fox Warrior (U)
    :symb:, :symtap:, Target Fox gains Deathtouch until the end of your turn.
    Kitsune are not known for their battle prowess. Their trickery, however, knows no bounds.

    Kitsune Shogun :2mana::symw::symb:
    Creature: Fox Warrior (R)
    :2mana::symbw: Exile Kitsune Shogun from the battlefield. At the beginning of the End Step, return Kitsune Shogun to the battlefield.
    Other Fox creatures you control get +0/+2
    Unlike most Shogun, the Kitsune Shogun found himself reinforcing the defences rather then going for an all-out offensive approach.

    Ichibi Trainer :symwb::symwb:
    Creature: Fox Monk (U)
    :1mana::symw::symb:, Put a 0/1 Black and White Ichibi token with Defender onto the battlefield.
    Ichibi appear to be such helpless little beings. Yet their mischievousness is renowned even amongst elderly Kitsune.

    Elder Navnik :4mana::symb::symb:
    Legendary Creature: Fox Warrior (R)
    When Elder Navnik enters the battlefield, put two 0/1 Black and White Ichibi with Defender tokens onto the battlefield.
    :2mana::symb:, Target Fox has deathtouch until the end of turn.
    One of Rao's closest allies, Navnik is known for being more ruthless then most Kitsune.

    Elder Amon :4mana::symw::symw:
    Legendary Creature: Fox Monk (R)
    When Elder Amon enters the battlefield, put two Black and White 0/1 Ichibi tokens with Defender onto the battlefield.
    :2mana::symw:, You gain life equal to target Fox other then Elder Amon's toughness.
    What Amon lacks in strength, he makes up for in resilence.

    Kitsune Fledgeling W/B mana
    Creature: Fox Warrior (U)
    :symw:, Kitsune Fledgeling gains first strike until the end of your turn.
    :symb:, Kitsune Fledgeling gains deathtouch until the end of your turn.
    Quick, nimble, fickle and possibly lethal.

    Kitsune Lorekeeper :1mana::symw::symb:
    Creature: Fox Monk (R)
    Whenever a nontoken Fox creature enters the battlefield under your control, you may pay :2mana:. If you do, draw a card.
    Remembering all the tales of the kitsune, and then some.

    Spirited Kitsune :2mana::symbw:
    Creature: Fox Warrior (C)
    :3mana:, Shuffle Spirited Kitsune into your library.
    Getting out of harm's way is just another one of the Kitsune's many tricks. Sometimes though, it can get rather annoying for it's allies.

    Kitsune Conscript :symwb::symwb:
    Creature: Fox Warrior (C)
    Even the Kitsune use conscripts.

    Temple of the Fox
    Land (R)
    As an additional cost to play Temple of the Fox, sacrifice either a Plains or a Swamp.
    :symtap:, Add white mana or black mana mana to your mana pool, and put one 0/1 Black and White Ichibi Token with Defender on the battlefield.
    A Sanctuary, Temple and Training Grounds all in one.

    10th Tail 4 mana
    Artifact - Equipment (R)
    Equipped creature gets +2/+3. If the equipped creature is a Fox, Equipped creature gains deathtouch and vigilance.
    Equip 2 mana
    Kitsune can only have nine tails, yes. So an artificial improvement was found, much akin to how humans improve themselves.

    Cycle of Kitsune Spirits :2mana::symwb::symwb:
    Sorcery - Enchantment (U)
    Whenever a Fox you control dies, you may exile it instead and put a 0/1 Black and White Ichibi token with Defender onto the battlefield.
    Does a Kitsune ever truly die?

    Rao's Salvation :xmana::symw::symb:
    Sorcery (U)
    Choose one Fox with converted mana cost of X or less in your graveyard and put it onto the battlefield. Gain life equal to that Fox's toughness.
    Without distinguishing between the clans, Rao offers a form of salvation to each and every Kitsune.

    Power of Tails :2mana::symw::symb:
    Sorcery - Enchantment Aura (U)
    Whenever the enchanted player taps a land for mana, if that player controls at least one Fox, that land adds one additional white mana or black mana mana into their mana pool. Use this mana only to cast Fox spells.
    Unknown to them, Rao used the Kitsunes to draw power from.

    Basic Kitsune Trickery :2mana::symwb:
    Instant (U)
    As an additional cost to cast Basic Kitsune Trickery, reveal one Fox from your hand and shuffle it into your library. Draw two cards.
    A Kitsune spends a great deal of its life in hiding, not because they fear for their lives, but to prepare the perfect trick.

    And there we have it. Any comments are greatly appreciated.
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  • posted a message on I'm sick of the reactions for new cards
    Here's a fun approach to reading those types of comments;
    Grab yourself a bucket of popcorn
    Apply butter and salt or sugar to your hearts content
    Crack open a can of your favorite soda
    Sit back
    Press F5 repeatedly
    And enjoy.
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  • posted a message on [ISD] PureMTGO.com Preview Angelic Overseer
    Usually, I really don't like Blue. Or White.
    But for this angel, I might make an exception. I absolutely love it. Might not be the best card around but I will find a way to make a fun deck with it. Blue/White Humans looks to be really fun to me. Can't say I've found any combos other then those already mentioned just yet though, but keeping 2 magic around just to guard your angel with the threat of Snapcaster is...mean.
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  • posted a message on Mono-Green Diet
    Again, thanks for the comments made. I can't really add Zendikar-block or M11 cards to this as I am not really inclined to make any form of investments on cards that will only be in the format for another...what, 20 days? So I'll have to pass on those. I haven't really found proper token enablers in the Scars/M12 block so far just yet, so that's a bit of a nuisance.

    Mimic Vat is an interesting card indeed...I'll be nabbing a set of those. The reason I play Gladecover was that the original intent was to be Hexproof - Enchantments - Overrun, but I just didn't know which enchantments to use quite yet, so it shaped up into, well, what you see now.

    Made updates.
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  • posted a message on Mono-Green Diet
    Thank you both. I'll be making a trip to my local card shop somewhere in the next few days and see what I can pick up. If I'm gonna keep the Archdruid tho, I think I'll keep the Gladecovers simply for the mana and the fact that once enchanted, they ain't easy to get rid of. The Wolves will be the first to go though. I do hope they got Dungroves.
    Thank you both again for the help.
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  • posted a message on Mono-Green Diet
    Mmhmm, this is my Mono-Green deck. It's simple, yes, but it does its job.
    Now I do have some funds to improve it, however access to the cards themselves (I'm very squeamish when it comes to online ordering - long story) might make the really big ones a bit hard to find for me.

    So here's the deck.

    The basic idea is rather simple - Spam a bunch of creatures and win via Overrun or by sheer might. Naturally there are a few routes to go:
    Hexproof weenies, with Gladecover Scout and Sacred Wolf. Opponent running a lot of targetting spells? Just spam those.
    Token Spam with Jade Mage, always handy if I end up drawing dead.
    Doubling Chant the Weenies - Always fun to get 4 Llanowar's on the field.
    There are probably a few better cards to go with, and I'm really considering Lure and Autumn's Veil, Lure would help with Acidic Slime shenanigans, and Autumn's Veil helps against counters that can fizzle my Overrun.
    Any tips and ideas are greatly appreciated. I'm also open to a restyling - as long as the budget is kept reasonable.
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  • posted a message on Since its fashionable
    So yeah, thought I'd post an introductionary topic too.

    I'm Dutch, known how to play the game for years but I figured now with this Innistrad business would be a nice time to start playing somewhat competitive. 25 years young, and uhm...yeah, that's about it.

    I'm bad at these topics.
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