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  • posted a message on Kamigawa neon dynasty Theme Boosters
    Quote from gupp7 »
    Quote from Flamebuster »
    It would most likely be a Turtle Ninja but yeah that'd be cool.


    is that... a kappa? but Shell of the last kappa made me think they were all gone

    Kamigawa is cyberpunk now and is implied to have been cyberpunk for a while. I bet they cloned the last kappa from genetic material from that Shell.
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  • posted a message on Kamigawa neon dynasty bundle box leak
    Quote from buffntuff »
    I still think it's pretty funny that all this is over a motorcycle, a vehicle invented something like 135 years ago. It's probably the least futuristic thing in this set full of skyscrapers and robots and such.

    I get that it's about how you feel about technology rather than anything rational and you can feel like the weird robots are sorta magicky but you saw a motorcycle the other week and it's lame to see a real life thing in your fantasy card game, but it's still very funny. Next up, some outrage over a gramaphone card.

    If New Capenna has gramophones (and I think it will), I bet the outrage will start all over again regardless of how much of the forum is against it.
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  • posted a message on D&D unannounced miniatures from kamigawa leaked (there’s one name in particular)
    Please let Raiyuu (I presume they're the one with the lightning sword based on their name) be an Afro Samurai reference, because right now they look like they and/or their ancestors came from another plane - not Kamigawa (I was struck by their resemblance to Kaya).
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  • posted a message on NEO- Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty
    Quote from Ryperior74 »


    I think we just found who kaito might be protecting the kami from

    You see jin gitaxias as a name for a figure along with some kamigawa ones

    Also notable names there: Shigeki, Jukai Visionary, Kotose, Light-Paws, Raiyuu, and Isshin.

    Fun time: the Wanderer is still called that in the figurines.
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  • posted a message on KAMIGawa neon dynasty spoiler
    We already have a thread for that leak in https://www.mtgsalvation.com/forums/magic-fundamentals/the-rumor-mill/speculation/824785-potential-leaked-cards-for-kamigawa-neon-dynasty.

    That leak is looking more likely to be fully accurate since they nailed the set symbol and Kaito booster pack pose in advance of them being officially revealed, but treat them with a grain of salt as usual, I'd say.
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  • posted a message on Beadles and grimms platinum and silver edition information (potential goofed and revealed something in the set)
    Quote from 5colors »
    Quote from AGReed »
    Are keyword counters not evergreen now? I figured they would just use them when they made sense all the time.

    They are deciduous.

    For context;

    Evergreen= a mechanic/ability they do every set or nearly every set (flying, scry, ect)

    Deciduous= a mechanic/ability they can use in any set but not as much and more often as a tool to make the card/set work better (hybrid mana, keyword counters, curses, treasure token)

    Honestly, I thought keyword counters returning lost all their hype when Kaldheim's Ascendant Spirit was revealed to use them - to nearly no fanfare.
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  • posted a message on [NEO] Kaito, Atsushi, Hidetsugu, and Ukiyo-e basics— Weekly MTG previews
    Quote from Dontrike »
    With that said the playability of the cards looks pretty good. Kaito seems pretty fair and not overwhelming like past 3 cmc walkers. Atsushi and Hidetsugu look very playable in Standard at least and in the case of the dragon you can even play another copy to get extra draws.

    Tried Kaito in Modern in that Ephemerate Reanimator deck (in Cockatrice against myself). He was fairly good there - this is one of those rare decks where looting really matters, and he often can get in at least a Ninja and a loot/card before going down, partially thanks to his initial phasing out letting him dodge getting attacked for a turn. He should be great against UW Control, but I need to test against that deck (I mainly tested against midrange, which wasn't that kind to him).

    Honestly, card draw/looting and token-making on the same 3-cmc walker looks nigh-unprecedented.
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  • posted a message on NEO- Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty
    Quote from Caranthir »
    So, after reading Kaito's story, and presuming that the emperor and the Wanderer are the same person, and with the hints dropping about the Emperor having a special bond with Kyodai and Kamigawa itself, we can almost safely assume who the Emperor/Wanderer is.

    Michiko Konda, Truth Seeker

    More precisely, what became of her.

    Nah, my personal bet is that the Wanderer/emperor is only a descendant of Michiko Konda, especially since all the references to Kyodai's temple and Kyodai's voice imply that Kyodai and Michiko have been separated for some time (possibly by Michiko's natural death). Perhaps Michiko's bloodline keeps that special bond, though....
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  • posted a message on Kamigawa neon dynasty sneak previews tomorrow
    Stream already started, previewed cards include "Kaito Shizuki", "Hidestugu, Devouring Chaos", and "Atsushi, the Blazing Sky" (Ryusei's successor).

    Art was also apparently previewed, even an Emrakul pic might have been sighted? Too bad I started viewing the stream too late.
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  • posted a message on NEO- Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty
    Regarding the story, too:

    The story preview notably starts with this:
    Quote from Wizards »

    Kaito Shizuki watched his best friend disappear before his eyes.

    The story itself says this:
    Quote from Wizards »

    It had been only a year since the emperor went missing. Twelve months since Kaito chased the mysterious stranger out of Kyodai's temple.


    All he could think about was his friend.

    Kaito would save his celebrating for the day the emperor came home.


    If it meant finding the emperor's assailant, Kaito would suffer a loyalty tattoo and stay in the Undercity for as long as it took. It was a small price to pay to bring his friend home.


    Everything Kaito did was an effort to bring the emperor home. She was Kaito's best friend--and she was worth every risk, no matter the odds.

    I was a fan of the Tezzeret-is-emperor theory, but all these point to the other front-runner for emperor: The Wanderer.

    Wow, Kaito has friends in high places. How come no one respects that?
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  • posted a message on Kamigawa neon dynasty art and a origin story
    So we get previews that conveniently neither confirm nor deny any of the leaks? It would have been awesome to get the set symbol, as the most important example.
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  • posted a message on Kamigawa neon dynasty bundle box leak
    Quote from user-11102155 »
    ewww... that motor bike ... now that i see it, i think thats not something the magic world needed

    i was up for new changes and kaladesh managed to give us a more "modern" magic world... but this. not a fan Frown

    i mean kamigawa was already a pretty unique plane... so why, just why ?

    oh and btw... did u see the arm of the rat ?
    tezzeret seems likely to me with this look. its kinda esperish.

    The Nezumi's artifical arm does seem kinda Esperish to me, too - it seems plausible for a rigging-together of Esper style with whatever spare parts they could get - although Toski, Bearer of Secrets has shown us that you can have artificial arms without Esper or Tezzeret (or, heck, Phyrexia) involved at all.

    In the meantime, I'm fairly certain the exact illustration style of that booster box is not representative of standard Neon Kamigawa Dynasty card art as a whole (alt-frame series art, though? Maybe). I'm somewhat certain we'll react more positively to a more standard, CGI-style version of the nezumi-on-a-motorcycle art (e.g. Kieryluk).
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  • posted a message on Kamigawa neon dynasty Commander deck names leaks
    Quote from Magiqmaster »
    Motorcycles.....WotC has reaaaly lost it's soul.

    What's next, sports cars?


    They already had racecars in Kaladesh, complete with them being vehicles; I wouldn't think sports cars would look out of place in New Capenna.
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  • posted a message on Kamigawa neon dynasty bundle box leak
    I can imagine the Wanderer with an experimental drive from Kamigawa up her back, making her planeswalking involuntary (or possibly being the source of her planeswalking ability Brandon Sanderson-style?).
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  • posted a message on 8 off Discussion
    Since the new mulligan system where you always draw 7 cards and then ship an increasing number of them back, I've actually felt that I mulligan into a 8-of often enough (e.g. I had a sizeable beef with Bogles's ability to mulligan before the new system, now I don't have that beef any more - note that I'm happy with a mull to 5 with both systems).

    Also, I actually don't generally feel like there's a night-and-day difference between games I start with a mana dork vs. games where I start with a 2-drop, or games where I start with targeted discard and games where I start with a 2-drop instead, or even games with small UR where I start with a 1-drop and games where I don't (and often hold up Counterspell on Turn 2). Decks that 100% need the Turn 1 play such as Burn and Zoo and don't have redundancy issues like Bogles often completely glut with 12 or more of their 1-mana effect, anyway. (Note that I strongly trend towards 10 or more 1-mana plays in Dredge, but then Dredge is one of the few decks where I'm happy with a mull to 4.)
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