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  • posted a message on I think I just broke Bolas' Citadel (Storm)
    The deck has a big big problem against dovins en cryptic. If you don't win before turn 4 it's often 3 turns later at which point UW control has at least drawn a new counterspell. The MU is really not great.
    I think the dodge yard list is a lot slower and less consistent in getting a citadel on the board. I would not see GY hate as a problem, but more: do I get to go off before I am dead, before my opponent can play interaction.

    In that respect, my Dodge Yard Hate build is indeed not likely to pierce through Uxy Control's counter wall as long as the first Citadel is countered. I'm not completely convinced any other build wins much more often against Uxy Control, though--the Eggs builds combo off on Turn 3 more often, but countering Faith's Reward is quite punishing, and countering Reshape also bites.
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  • posted a message on I think I just broke Bolas' Citadel (Storm)
    So I tested the list against UW and a home brew dredge deck yesterday, testing Goblin Engineer.

    Engineer is amazing in the deck, but still doesn't make the deck very good :p

    It was amazing to play goblin T2 and then T3 Trash into citadel. Also with the goblins you have a few more shuffle effects for when you hit land.

    I liked it but still the list is super vulnerable to counters and misses the consistency to go off turn 3 all the time.

    I find that my Bolas's Citadel Dodge Yard Hate deck is more resilient to counterspells. Even if my first Citadel gets Remanded and I lose my mana ramp rocks to it, my deck is generally consistent enough to reach a point where it can cast Citadel again. I've noticed that my deck can race Remand-using blue-based combo decks.
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  • posted a message on 5C Midrange Niv-Mizzet Reborn
    Quote from SnowCrow »
    Could Oath of Kaya be a potential B/W card for this deck? This deck can fit quite a many Planeswalkers already. Also the new Wrenn and Six could be amazing for this deck since there's so few playable RG cards. T1 fetch, T2 Wrenn and get your fetch back and get another shockland.

    I think Oath of Kaya is too redundant with Lightning Helix. If I want a third BW card, I'd rather go with Castigate because this deck doesn't quite have enough hand disruption.

    From my preliminary testing with Wrenn and Six, I think Wrenn requires you to warp your mana base to have 8+ fetches. This deck does need the colour fixing, reliable land drops, and removal, but it might not want the pain.
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  • posted a message on Concept: Grixis "-and" Destruction
    I think you need some sorceries that make creatures in order for your threat density to be high enough. I think Hordeling Outburst and Invade the City are some of the best ones.
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  • posted a message on Kiln Fiend Deck Wins
    In a deck this land-light, Pillar of Flame does a better job of both exiling Arclight Phoenix and doming opponents' heads. It does a 3-mana Red Sun's Zenith's job for 1 mana.

    I also don't think that there are enough creature decks in Modern to justify 4 Flame Slash, especially in an aggro spellslinger deck like this one that wants to reliably cast spells. I play 1 Flame Slash in UR Phoenix, and it's been useless several times. I'd rather play more burn spells, Light Up the Stage, or even Crash Through.

    Also, from my testing with 8 cantrip lands (e.g. Fiery Islet) in Mono-Red Phoenix, this deck really wants 8 cantrip lands. The extra gas you get from cannibalizing your mana base is insanely good in aggro spellslinger decks like this one, 8 really is more consistent gas than 4, and I don't mind delaying the Flashback on Lava Dart for cantrip lands.
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  • posted a message on Modern Horizons Discussion Thread
    Tested Wrenn and Six in Jund last night. (Yeah, I know, not the best place for her/them, but in terms of synergy with Liliana of the Veil, Wrenn seems rather like the Punishing Grove combo.) Wrenn wasn't that bad, but I felt like I could do better (e.g. Seasoned Pyromancer, 3rd Scavenging Ooze). Wrenn's most common mode was Crucible of Worlds recurring fetchlands, and while making my first 6+ land drops may feel good, making land drops actually doesn't win that many games. Pinging stuff for 1 damage was good against decks that present removal targets but too mediocre to use otherwise. Shame Wrenn ults so slowly (and kinda wants to survive ulting)--giving all of Jund's instants and sorceries Retrace felt quite broken. Overall, Wrenn and Six feels a lot like Crucible of Worlds: The Planeswalker, and despite having benefits over Crucible (is a 2-drop and can therefore actually rescue a low-land opening hand, can kill X/1's and low-loyalty walkers, prevents some walkers from ulting for a few turns, has an ult that generates a great endgame that doesn't involve lands that pop themselves for value, lets you cycle cycling lands and Transmute with Tolaria West every turn, is an ersatz Life from the Loam, feeds Liliana of the Veil, can deal the final points of damage), being attackable is a fairly big con. Right now, I only expect Wrenn and Six to be about as popular as Crucible of Worlds. The benefits are enough to make Crucible sweat, though.

    In the meantime, Scrapyard Recombiner was quite good in Hardened Scales Robots. Despite costing 3 mana in a deck that often tops out at 2 mana, the tutoring for most creatures in the deck (especially Walking Ballista and additional copies of itself) was pretty swell, especially when I can ditch mana rocks instead of creatures to it (compare to Evolutionary Leap). Being findable with Ancient Stirrings helps. Even better, Recombiner's Modular 2 close to ensures that it pumps something, even if it's killed immediately. And saccing Recombiner to itself and putting the +1/+1 counters on Ballista wins games. I started with 1 and went up to 2--Recombiner is that much better with an additional copy in the back. Some decks still have a stronger endgame than Recombiner, though (e.g. Uxy Control).

    Also, in any deck that can support its Deathtouch (I'd say enough fetches and snow basics will do the trick, but you'd better be willing to fetch for basics), Ice-Fang Coatl feels soooo much more broken than Baleful Strix simply because of the Flash. If you want to use your Deathtouch cantrip flier as a removal spell, now you really can.

    Might Pillage become a respected sideboard card? Worse colours and castability than Fulminator Mage sucks, but hitting artifacts is great, and ignoring Welding Jar is even better.
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  • posted a message on Modern Horizons Discussion Thread
    With Lesser Masticore, Hardened Scales Robots gets another infinite combo, this time one that Ancient Stirrings can find all 3 pieces for:

    Infinitely large Ravager! Just name Masticore with the Mimic! The infinite Persist on the Masticore will take care of the rest!

    But Lesser Masticore sucks so much that I don't know whether I even want this combo. Seriously, I need to discard a card to cast this guy, and all I get is the world's lamest Walking Ballista when I don't have the combo?
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  • posted a message on Modern Horizons Discussion Thread
    Battle Screech got reprinted. Might BW Tokens want it as a way to swarm the board?

    Farmstead Gleaner gets infinite +1/+1 counters with Grand Architect, but given the ungodly number of blockers and removal in Modern, this might not be good enough...

    Might there be a deck that wants Genesis?

    Wrenn and Six is kinda giving me Liliana, the Last Hope vibes, complete with pinging X/1's. If Deathrite Shaman taught me anything, it's that there's a fetchland in my graveyard consistently enough by Turn 2 if I run 8 of them, but how good is hitting all your land drops for the first 5+ turns of the game really? The more nuts things to do involve LD lands, cycling lands, and cantrip lands. The ult is pretty sweet, though.
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  • posted a message on Modern Horizons Discussion Thread
    Winds of Abandon is sorcery-speed Path to Exile that hits only opposing creatures for 1W with Overload for 4WW. With an upside that swings board states this much, might this be the premier PtE 5+? Or will people mainly play this as 6-mana exiling Plague Wind with downsides?

    Plague Engineer is Engineered Plague on a Deathtouch 2/2, complete with the same mana cost. I have to admit that part of the appeal of Engineered Plague is its resilience against spot removal...but will Plague Engineer see play anyway? Collected Company and Traverse the Ulvenwald decks may want this card...

    "Hexdrinker" is a 2/1 for G, Level Up for 1, is a 4/4 with Protection from instants at Levels 3-7, and is a 6/6 with Protection from everything at Levels 8 and up. It dies to removal but certainly strains removal suites, although LOL Teferi, Time Raveler hurts it quite a bit before Level 8. Especially with new toys that can tutor for it like Ranger-Captain of Eos, might it see play?

    For hilarity's sake, King of the Pride is a 2/1 Cat lord for 2W that pumps +2/+1.

    Interesting which Walkers did you replace in UW and UWR to play Splicer. Cause I don't know a constant token generator seems pretty good with Walkers for protecting when you don't have a wipe or want to save spot removal. Against little Teferi they cannot counter at all and to a lesser extent big Teferi helps you get mana to keep splicing.

    Now on Force of Negation I agree the main use seems to be saying nope to their Walkers.

    Turns out that I tested by ditching Secure the Wastes in UWR Control and some flex slot in UW Control (in fact, I updated my UW Control deck for War of the Spark, so the number of planeswalkers in that deck went up after sticking Splicer's Skill in). Planeswalkers are the closest you get to win con spells in UW Control, though.
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  • posted a message on BUG Wilderness Teachings Turns
    Quote from basky450 »
    Can anybody convince me as to why this deck is better in anyway to traditional control? I enjoy combo control decks and am currently playing BTL Scapeshift. BTL Scapeshift is really nice because if you have BTL in hand you just win usually by turn 6, but Sultai Reclamation does not have an "I Win" card like BTL Scapeshift. It also seems nearly impossible to win if Wilderness Reclamation gets thoughseized and surgicaled, as opposed to BTL Scapeshift which can side in a creature package and Madcap expecting the surgical. I am interested in this deck because it seems a lot more consistent to hit your Cryptics than BTL Scapeshift, but that is about it. Any insight would be very appreciated.

    I've generally found that this deck has a faster clock than UWx Control; the ability to spam Nexus of Fate (by chaining Mystical Teachings) and dig down to the bottom of your deck for infinite turns helps. It also dodges Blood Moon easier than UWR Control does because you can afford to fetch basics more often.

    This deck also generally kicks rival Uxy Control decks' butts, although I've yet to test how much of a beating Teferi, Time Raveler is against this deck.

    Against slow enough decks, this deck is very capable of winning without Wilderness Reclamation (or Nexus of Fate, for that matter); you just turn into BUG Teachings Control and win the hard way.
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  • posted a message on Modern Horizons Discussion Thread
    Tested Splicer's Skill in UW Control and UWR Control tonight. It was quite good as a win con--even a lone 3/3 mattered a couple of times, and landing 2-3 Golems often let me stabilize or put a good clock on my opponent. Splicer's Skill does compete with planeswalkers, but I often can't tap out for a walker. Sometimes, I wanted to hardcast Splicer's Skill.

    Perhaps the best part of Splicer's Skill is that the token-making machine is close to impossible to interrupt once you have the mana to fuel it, unlike Young Pyromancer or Saheeli, Sublime Artificer--your opponent can't just aim spot removal at the token maker or attack it, and they can counter one Spliced instant/sorcery but they can't counter them all. Your opponent pretty much needs to targeted discard or Vendilion Clique Splicer's Skill. It is for that reason that I believe Splicer's Skill is likely to see play as an alt win con in combo sideboards.

    In the meantime, Force of Negation was underrated against Gx Tron--turns out that a counterspell I can cast after desperately trying to Snapcaster Mage into Opt on 3 lands is quite good. Force of Negation still feels like it has all the unable-to-deal-with-creatures weaknesses of Negate, though, so I don't think it'll push out counterspells that can counter creatures.

    Prohibit was fine. On the one hand, a cheap hard counter feels so good. On the other hand, I often couldn't counter a 3-4-mana card with it because I couldn't kick Prohibit on 2-3 lands.
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  • posted a message on Goatnap and Cloudshredder Sliver
    Quote from gamar »
    Quote from 5colors »
    Sky terror sliver is scary.

    Goatnap is funny af and will be fun to steal changelings.

    That's no Sky Terror, it's a Sky Knight

    Weirdly enough, although there are lots of monored creatures with Flying and Haste, the Skyknight is the only creature with exactly Red+White as its colors and exactly those keywords

    That Sliver even has a Skyknight Legionnaire-like pose and coloration!
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  • posted a message on Modern Horizons Discussion Thread
    Holy moly, will you look at Splicer's Skill! It's got Splice onto instant or sorcery for 3W, and it makes a 3/3 colourless Golem artifact creature token. On its own, it's a sorcery that costs 2W. UWx Control tends to be a spellslinger nowadays, so Splicer's Skill might fit there as long as you like expensive cantrips, removal, and counterspells. It also makes late-game targeted discard better if you feel like this in Junk Midrange. Yes, the token is produced after the Terminus this is spliced to tucks all creatures. And yes, this is nuts Spliced onto Storm and Replicate spells before they copy themselves.

    In the meantime, I suppose Generous Gift, the white Beast Within, might get useful somewhere.
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  • posted a message on Dredge
    Time to ignite a debate: how many "canopy lands" should Dredge run? The colour fixing isn't the best with these lands, but man does popping one for a Dredge feel so good. Legacy does the equivalent of play 4 (with Cephalid Coliseum), complete with the colour un-fixing.
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  • posted a message on Modern Horizons Discussion Thread
    Quote from Taleran »
    Is there a loam deck that can make use of this in interesting ways I like this design.

    Also Empty the Bears of your Neoform/Combo wins

    I think that, even if Life from the Loam decks use Ayula's Influence in boring ways, that's still making 6 power's worth of creatures every turn. That wins games fast.

    I think Neoform Grishoalbrand will stick with win cons that win that turn and can be cast with only Simian Spirit Guides and one Manamorphose, though...unless they give us Elvish Spirit Guide, but that would be nuts.
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