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  • posted a message on Legends and Planeswalkers of Modern Horizon 2
    Wizards finally revealed more about Grist in their MH2 Odds and Ends article in https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/making-magic/odds-ends-modern-horizons-2-part-1-2021-06-21:

    Quote from Aaron Forsythe »

    Grist was a request of one of our creative directors that went something like, "we have this new character we want to introduce, but she's very weird, so her card will probably be weird, so maybe Modern Horizons 2 is the right place to do it." Sold!

    Grist is that one planeswalking insect queen confirmed?

    ...Might Grist be going to Innistrad with Wrenn (and possibly Seven) if we trust the Wrenn leaks in this year's Innistrad set packaging?
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  • posted a message on Bubble Hulk
    Quote from urweak »
    So what does this deck look like with the new MH2 stuff?

    I think 4 Unmarked Grave is a new staple, and now we can go down to 2 Protean Hulk and give up on the discard pile in favour of sweet 1-mana blue cantrips. Profane Tutor is great at tutoring for Footsteps of the Goryo but not Unmarked Grave.

    Hulk Footsteps apparently has zero MTGO published results so far, though - not even in leagues or preliminaries - so we apparently have a bunch of bad match-ups somewhere.
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  • posted a message on Death's Shadow Jund
    Quote from GolgariMage »

    Dragon's Rage Channeler

    Perhaps we can recover a "Delirium matters" deck strategy....

    Quote from GolgariMage »

    also interesting playing the Death's Shadow and the Scourge of the Skyclaves

    and chances to use Unholy Heat also...

    I think I've already seen all of these gang up with each other in MTGO Modern decks so far. (Granted, I've also seen Dragon's Rage Channeler and Unholy Heat in UR decks.)
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  • posted a message on Legends and Planeswalkers of Modern Horizon 2
    I'm actually impressed by how Wizards revealed basically nothing new about Grist in today's article that we couldn't infer from all card arts combined and Grist's rules text. (All Wizards revealed, as far as I can tell, is that other insects willingly follow Grist - and we could already infer that from the art.)

    I guess I'm still buying the fanon theory that Grist is a very powerful planeswalking insect (influence- and maybe size-wise, think a planeswalking Zygarde Core), but Wizards has neither confirmed nor denied this.
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  • posted a message on [AFR] Flumph and Tasha's Hideous Laughter — DragonTalk Live previews
    Does Tasha's Hideous Laughter get a better rate on average than 14 cards or Mind Funeral? Say we get to test against Modern UR Prowess, Heliod Ballista, and the doom scenarios Green Tron and Blue Cascade Living End....
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  • posted a message on Legends and Planeswalkers of Modern Horizon 2
    I thought the most surprising part about today's article is that Piru and Chromium have children (e.g. Crosis). I guess that might have almost been expected, but based on what I've read about Chromium's personality, I thought Chromium would be the type to not want to have children.

    I'm also a bit baffled about what Chromium sees in Piru. Maybe it's the complete lack of evidence that Piru has ever eaten humans?
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  • posted a message on [MH2] [AFR] Full-Art fetches, reprint slot, and the first look at the Adventures in the Forgotten Realms— Weekly MTG previews
    Quote from HighHolder »
    So I finally played the set tonight. Urza's saga is a huge bomb and I was totally off on it. The thing I missed, and that's because this style of card has never been done before, is that you get to make 2! Huge artifact guys and not just one, since the land allows you to make a second one on its last turn. Fetching some 1 cost bauble is just gravy after that. The real power is 2 giant creatures in early for dirt cheap.

    In my Modern games, my Urza's Saga Constructs typically end up fairly tiny (e.g. 2/2, 1/1) unless I'm on Colossal Hammer Time (and they come reliably as 3/3's or larger there and I often can try to put a tutored-for Hammer on them). Heck, in Tron, I often can't make any Constructs early-game and can only make one Construct late-game because I'm too busy going big.

    A lot of Urza's Saga's power in Modern is its uncounterability, its inability to be targeted discarded, and its ability to increase deck consistency (and dodge Void Mirror for Tron), I find.
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  • posted a message on [MH2] Loading Ready Run previews: Glimmer Bairn , Fury (red Incarnation)
    Yeah, the more I think about Fury's creature side, the more I think it's a more expensive Flametongue Kavu on crack. You can't rely on it as a finisher because it dies to Bolt, but dang does it provide value when it ETB.

    Don't count on Fury killing more than one creature with Prowess, though. Odds are good that your opponent sandbagged an instant just to save it as emergency pump.
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  • posted a message on [MH2] Danny Jolles -- Tavern Scoundrel
    So you can sacrifice permanents that are getting targeted by removal to this guy? Sweet.

    This guy's eyes don't look human, though....
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  • posted a message on [MH2] Kaleidoscorch— Travis Sowers preview
    It's worse Firebolt going in and probably better Firebolt coming out.
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  • posted a message on [MH2] Break the Ice— Masters of Modern preview
    That's the sound of everyone getting off snow-covered basics who was using them just because.

    2-mana anti-Tron Sinkhole should see sideboard play, and if games against any Tron deck go long enough, Tron should be finished after you Overload Break the Ice if they don't have an overwhelming board presence.
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  • posted a message on [MH2] Mothership 06/01— Sisay, Weatherlight Captain and 9 Commons from the Card Image Gallery
    Might Hard Evidence become the go-to secondary Indomitable Creativity enabler for providing 2 Creativity targets - one a noncreature - slow-cantripping if you need gas, and providing a blocker?
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  • posted a message on [MH2] Murktide Regent— StarCityGames preview
    Oh boy, Modern UR Prowess might want Murktide Regent. Bedlam Reveler always felt too expensive there for me, but that's because it doesn't count binned lands. With Expressive Iteration and Light Up the Stage as cheap Draw 2 spells there, UR Prowess has enough gas for this Regent.
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  • posted a message on [MH2] Mothership 05/31— Bloodbraid Marauder and Ethersworn Sphinx
    Quote from pigsterling »
    Quote from seilaoque »
    Bloodbraid Marauder doesn't seem very good....

    I mean, it's really hard to setup it quickly for Cascade, and almost impossible without 1CMC cards.
    so, it will just get some value there.

    and the floor of a 3/1 can't block for 2 is really, really low.

    alongside the fact that you're going to need a couple 1 CMC spells to set it up or else it would simply be better to just run the 3 CMC cascade stuff we usually do to hit the "no casting cost" stuff, I'm guessing this just will not see that much play.

    maybe there's some way to run it in a deck with 2CMC and up hoping to throw stuff in the graveyard with Cathartic Reunion and friends to use Gaea's Will on turn 4 or something like that.
    but it just seems really, really clunky.

    the Sphinx in the other hand seems ABSOLUTELY CRAZY.
    I mean.... specially in Legacy because Brainstorm is a card.
    this thing will cheat real large things into the battlefield very early.

    You're totally missing the point on why low cost cards with cascades are strong. It's because it is much easier to manipulate your deck into cascading into lower costed cards. The probability of what cards you will get is a lot more predictable. Now, it all comes to deck building in how you want it to work (in a predictable manner).

    Normally, low-cmc cards with Cascade are powerful because you can manipulate your deck to cast any 0-cmc spell you want on command with them. However, I agree with seilaoque that Bloodbraid Marauder's Delirium requirement for Cascade prevents such deck manipulation from being viable. Dumping enough instants, sorceries, creatures, artifacts, enchantments, and/or planeswalkers in the graveyard by Turn 4 without putting a single 1-cmc card (or 0-cmc non-payoff card) in your deck is going to be hard. And then what payoffs fit in that Delirium shell? Ancestral Vision? Quite possibly suboptimal Glimpse of Tomorrow?

    Bloodbraid Marauder will play a lot more like Bloodbraid Elf, IMO - a value Cascade dude that you need to spin the wheel for but that you always appreciate the results from.
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