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  • posted a message on [STX] Commands, Mystical Archive, and the first look at Commander 2021
    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    You know it accrued to me

    I wonder how the Ur-dragon made these 5 elder dragons personalities and is even involved

    My pet theory right now is that all these Strixhaven elder dragons are descendants of Ugin.

    Ugin's mere dragon tempests on Tarkir already birthed dragons that grew impressive enough to become elder dragons (e.g. Dragonlord Dromoka), so why can't Ugin be personally involved in another batch of non-Dominarian elder dragons? Maybe the teacherly tendencies are actually from their planeswalker dragon father....
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  • posted a message on [STX] Commands, Mystical Archive, and the first look at Commander 2021
    Quote from Flisch »
    Quote from soramaro »
    Quote from Flisch »
    As for the colleges, I feel liek Quandrix is the only one that works well. Fractals and math make sense as a "subject" (since that is what they appear to be going for). Lorehold also works somewhat but an archeology based organisation that's bound to one lcoation is really awkward. Prismari doesn't jive well for me in a Magic setting (what use is there for performance art? Unless the plane of Strixhaven is Ravnica-like). Silverquill appears to be closer to a "clique"-based grouping than a subject based one, similar to the houses in Harry Potter? And Witherbloom is literally just Golgari, lol.

    Also, Lorehold has the only good motto. What the hell is "Express yourself with the elements." supposed to be. That's an awful motto that means literally nothing.
    You sound like one of those people who think universities shouldn't teach art because it has "no value in the real world." :p

    I think Prismari works fine, there's no reason for a branch of a school to fill a super pressing societal need. And I reckon that when you're doing "art" with fireballs and blasts of ice, you can still hold yourself pretty well in a fight. I do agree on the motto though, it sucks.

    I mean, most Magic settings tend to be fairly survivalist to some degree with monsters and evil necromancers trying to kill everyone and stuff. Which is why I said that the Prismari only really make sense if the world of Strixhaven is a world with less conflict, a bit like Ravnica.

    Even then, it's odd to make an entire college not just about art but performance art? It's just so hyper specialized. If it was art only, I could be like "Okay maaaayyybe", though really why couldn't they have given each college a broader subject. Why is Prismari not about elemental summons in general with a leaning towards artistic applications but not exclusively? Silverquill could have similarly been the "philosophy/politics" college. It's just really weird to me to base the foundation of each college in a Magic School setting not on school things (Silverquill, Witherbloom) or narrow them down too much (like Prismari).

    What? Silverquill is language arts (more the elementary school type where they make you write short stories, though some elements of making you write articles and essays are still there) and Witherbloom is (rather blatantly Golgari) biology. Those are totally school subjects.

    It is a bit refreshing to see "magic school" primarily try to teach you mundane subjects, at least this once. Definitely distinguishes Strixhaven from those literary magic schools (or that X-Men school).
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  • posted a message on [STX] Commands, Mystical Archive, and the first look at Commander 2021
    Quote from signofzeta »
    What? No school based on gym class?

    And that's why the Kenrith twins went to Kylem to get their exercise. Wink

    I think at least one person in this thread made or implied an argument that Strixhaven is based on college/university, which has no mandatory gym class (at least in Canada). Heck, searching for "university phys ed course" on Google mainly gets me web pages on physical education courses that aim to disseminate information to teach to others (such as sports injury prevention) instead of provide constant exercise.
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  • posted a message on [STX] Commands, Mystical Archive, and the first look at Commander 2021
    Ingenious method of reprinting cards at a steady clip in a standard set without making them standard legal. Should provide a very helpful reprint method in the future both to help with much needed reprints and also to help boost the value of standard in-print sets, both of which have been issues of late.

    I remember the Amonkhet Masterpieces reception on this forum was primarily that we were tired of the Masterpieces reprint method and its happening for consecutive sets drained away its impact. The Amonkhet Masterpieces having an unclear, if any, overarching theme and being to the unreadable side didn't help.
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  • posted a message on [STX] Commands, Mystical Archive, and the first look at Commander 2021
    Quote from schnerbst »
    This set seems very fluffy and lighthearted, which is a nice contrast to the grim and harsh tones of Kkaldheim, but will get some getting used to. The art on the Lorehold Command and the Witherbloom Theme Booster could be straigh from Unsanctioned set art.

    Honestly, given the name Strixhaven, the association of the word Strix and related words with witches, and the flavour of existing MTG Strixes like Baleful Strix and Parasitic Strix, I was expecting this set to be more grimdark.
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  • posted a message on [Unverified LEAK] Strixhaven Blue Rare Dump
    With the official info out, the Excavationist flavour is rather Lorehold-aligned but the card is UW instead of RW. That and the lack of "mana value" instead of "converted mana cost" in the cards scream fake to me.
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  • posted a message on [STX] Commands, Mystical Archive, and the first look at Commander 2021
    Based on Will and Rowan Kenrith likely being on the art:
    "The first thing they told the Kenrith twins after they played too much sports in Kylem was to go back to school."
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  • posted a message on [Unverified LEAK] Strixhaven Blue Rare Dump
    Quote from Grixh »
    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    Quote from OKandrew »
    So... if that Jin is real, people are going to be having a bad time. This thing would make draw-go decks as cancerous as Vorinclex makes Superfriends decks.

    I know! Look at all the Vorinclex Superfriends Decks dominating multiple formats!!!

    wait not just edh?

    So thats why he isn't shrinking in price and growing again.

    I believe that was sarcastic. Vorinclex is in one popular standard deck as a one of. That deck is not a superfriends deck.

    Also, one more issue: isn't a prefect a student? 'Cause based on the Wiki, Kasmina probably isn't.

    Yeah, a prefect is a (high-profile) student. If the Harry Potter series is any indication, prefects are below Head Boy.

    I'd love the portion of The Art of Magic: the Gathering - War of the Spark that, according to the Wiki, says that Kasmina is a cabal leader and a forcible recruiter, though.
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  • posted a message on [Unverified LEAK] Strixhaven Blue Rare Dump
    Quote from JinxedIdol »
    I dunno.. spell half MDFC, a praetor, level up, wizards. Seems to me that these are the top speculations. Not disproving it of couse, but nothing leaked that is surprising or at least something not obvious to guess.

    Pics will make it more convincing. I mean is it not easier to post a pic than to type all these text? No access to camera? Really?

    Its a reddit post.

    The guy will slow-roll this as much as possible, to get as much attention as possible.

    Especially if the dude can repeat this over and over again, with a source to gather this leaks from.

    Theres no point to throw all out at once, if you can make a profit with these leaks (profit being, the attention it produces).

    Even a faker will slow-roll or "slow-roll" (read: never come up with the next installation) to also profit from the attention produced before nobody believes in them.

    Honestly, genuine leakers do tend to be faster, or at least that's my memory of everything from the MTG New Phyrexian Godbook leak/Commander Legends picture leaks to the Pokemon Sun and Moon shiny mon models leaks to the Kirby-series Kirby Star Allies leak from the demo, the Kirby: Planet Robobot leaked English game, and arguably their OST rippers.

    (Admittedly, there have been some leaks that read like they had one-shot, incomplete sources and therefore were more slow-rolled such as the Pokemon Sword and Shield Crown Tundra leaks.)
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  • posted a message on Innistrad booster box leak Japanese
    Well this is exciting!

    Of all the known, non-native planeswalkers to expect on Innistrad, I admittedly didn't expect Teferi and Wrenn.

    I can't immediately think of a time-related plot element associated with Innistrad right now, so here's my guess:

    • Teferi's mastery of time-magic will simply aid him in working to solve an Innistrad problem in a similar way that Kaya's ghostly magic was useful but central to Kaldheim's plot
    • And/or Teferi is there looking for solutions or managing problems well beyond Innistrad. Exiling ancient evil as opposed to destroying said evil is a common theme on the plane and maybe Teferi is researching phase and exile magic in an attempt to bring back Zhalfir and he gets caught up in local affairs?

    Wrenn could be on Innistrad in an attempt to heal the plane post-Emrakul perhaps? We know that there are dryads on Innistrad.

    I am glad that Arlinn is getting more emphasis in the story and maybe she or Wrenn will be recruited into the watch?

    Is nobody going to talk about how Oko is on the first box? Last I checked Innistrad vampires had rounded ears rather than pointed ones, and it would make sense for 4 walkers, 2+2, to be on the plane. The question is why is he there, besides being on the run from Garruk.

    Huh, I thought Oko would be better at shapeshifting than to mess up the ears.
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  • posted a message on [Unverified LEAK] Strixhaven Blue Rare Dump
    Man, the excerpt's phrasing between cards makes me think the cards are more likely to be fake (or, alternately, too early in the leak process to be final). The guy sounds full of himself and possibly not the type to verify the information they've been given...or they're trying to smooth-talk fakes past us. Kasmina and Jin-Gitaxias smack of fan cards in particular.

    Quote from Druki »
    If these are real, the card draw one seems a little weird. I imagine it'd use different wording, because its current syntax makes me think you could cast a sorcery on your opponent's turn with it.

    These seem believable, though.

    Cascade lets you cast sorcery-speed spells on your opponent's turn. For more recent cards, so does Electrodominance.
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  • posted a message on (Leak) Strixhaven confirmed to have commander 2021
    Why does the code starting with "WOTCC" look oddly straight, while everything else looks more realistically sloped? I know the image is altered, but it looks like the code - and therefore possibly the entire picture - looks "Photoshopped" on.
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  • posted a message on February 15, 2021 Banned and Restricted Announcement
    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    wait a min....

    OH COME ON!!

    I just realized Thassa's Oracle dodged the bullet...AGAIN

    ban it not the enablers

    Modern's Ad Nauseam-Angel's Grace decks prefer Lightning Storm and were just fine with Laboratory Maniac, so a Thassa's Oracle ban wouldn't really affect them. Modern Oops All Spells also cannot use Thassa's Oracle in their maindeck win con because it requires at least one more crucial mana. Honestly, Thassa's Oracle scrunching Legacy Doomsday's and Oops All Spells's deck slots seems like a good thing.
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  • posted a message on Innistrad booster box leak Japanese
    Quote from ZasZ234 »
    Are some of you not looking at all the available material? Because I see Innistrad in Katakana on three of those Booster Boxes and their corresponding boosters. Both top rows. It makes perfect sense to have the word in the logo only in English, too, considerring they use very particular fonts for those, but the second row from the top shows Innistrad in Katakana on "Set Booster", "Draft Booster" and "Collector Booster" boxes.

    The alternate version below almost certainly means these are different iterations of the design anyway, right?

    The Kanji also spell out "Midnight Hunt", so that theory is confirmed, this is all pertaining to the Werewolf set. It never seemed likely to me personally that Either of the two sets would totally eschew any of the other major tribes of the plane. It's probably just going to be a larger focus on a main tribe.

    I actually wouldn't mind seeing some characters getting two legendary cards across the two sets (you know, counting the main set, not just precon-deck versions/promos). Something that shows different aspects of a character the way Hustli changed across Ixalan. Maybe with a more memorable character/role than Huatli; they definitely got outshone by Vraska/Jace and even Angrath just not being another Human helped.

    I'm always happy to see supplemental set planeswalkers making their appearance in the main series.
    Quote from SpeedGrapher »
    Portal #2 !

    By now, that would be Portal #4.

    My apologies; I initially assumed there were no pictures beyond the bottom booster boxes and their respective boosters since those were the only ones that displayed on my iPad and the only ones that appeared in the link for me (even if the link versions were blurry as all get-out). Stuff not displaying on my iPad is kinda unusual for me since it displays pictures properly that my laptop refuses to display.
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  • posted a message on Innistrad booster box leak Japanese
    Quote from 5colors »
    Quote from Flisch »
    Why do both boxes/boosters have the same text? Shouldn't one say "Werewolves" (in japanese) and the other "Vampires"? Either this means its fake (which I honestly don't believe due to all the supplied art) or it's palceholder text. Still odd though.

    They cleared that up, the Innistrad "vampire" set (leaks saying its Innistrad: Crimson Vow) is the typical winter set (so Kaldheim this year, Theros 2 last year) moved from January/February to December for holiday spending. If real this all from the werewolf set (Innistrad: Midnight Hunt).

    If all these pictures are from the Werewolves set, and the Stromkirk-looking vampire on the throne-looking seat is Runo, then why wouldn't Runo be in the Vampires set instead? (Unless the picture is of a card like "Runo's ___"...)

    I also find it kinda suspicious that Innistrad is not spelled out in katakana in the logos, and as far as I can read, only the draft booster box spells out Innistrad in katakana anywhere.
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