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  • posted a message on [DOM] Dominaria spoiler discussion for Modern
    Phyrexian Scriptures looks decent to me. Despite virtually having Suspend 1 for a 4-mana Wrath that is countered by Maelstrom Pulse and fails to kill artifact creatures (this awkwardly includes Hollow One), it's often a one-sided Wrath.

    I've seen someone else mention pairing it with Hex Parasite. A nigh-Wrath every turn that spares your Parasite and one of your other guys sounds truly evil.
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  • posted a message on [DOM] Dominaria spoiler discussion for Modern
    Quote from tronix »
    you can still bolt planeswalkers, they are just cleaning up the rules to get rid of weird situations where the opponent has hexproof so you cant redirect to their walkers.

    the tribal wizard cards are just a little short of being playable imo. if you were allowed to reveal a wizard or have one on the field, then it might be worth considering.

    also sphere will never be a main deck card unless you can make the taxing effect one sided, or you are running it as a 1-of in a artifact/whir of invention shell.

    I agree with your first 2 paragraphs. Wizards cards-wise, yes, you do get a Bolt and a Counterspell, except they're uncastable on Turn 2 too often. And the early turns are often the most crucial.

    Responding to your 3rd paragraph, it's fairly easy to make Damping Sphere one-sided--just cast one spell per turn. (OK, Cascade, Tiago, and cantrip spam make that a bit of a stretch.) I predict it'll be more maindeckable than Thorn of Amethyst in Modern--think Thorn-in-Legacy levels of playability.
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  • posted a message on [DOM] Dominaria spoiler discussion for Modern
    Quote from izzetmage »
    Big leak, so this post is gonna be long.
    Karn doesn't seem that good. The good 4-mana walkers have the same template: 1 ability for CA, 1 ability to defend itself. Karn doesn't have the latter.

    Dauntless Bodyguard may have use as a Chordable Selfless Spirit. Those decks could play a split of Spirit (vs wraths), Burrenton Forge-Tender (vs Bolt, Anger of the Gods), and Bodyguard (vs spot removal).

    Healing Grace is a marked improvement over Chaplain's Blessing. That said, it's still mostly a dumb lifegain card. Could see limited SB play against Burn.

    History of Benalia feels like a 3-mana Gideon, Ally of Zendikar. Getting two 2/2s for 3 mana is a pretty good deal, even if it's over 2 turns. The III is icing on the cake.

    Damping Sphere is a great SB card. It nonbos with Snapcaster Mage and the recently-unbanned Bloodbraid Elf, but it'll hurt your opponents more than you.

    Goblin Chainwhirler ironically does not chain into itself since it costs RRR instead of 1RR. Cost reduction is only good if you're playing multiple spells per turn (like in Storm), otherwise you could play a mana rock instead. Unfortunately, Modern lacks the Goblin Matron/Goblin Ringleader engine which would be allow Chainwhirler's full potential to be realized.

    Seal Away seems like good removal. It can get attacking creatures before they deal combat damage, as well as mana dorks. Path will still be the #1 option in white due to its mana cost and ability to hit anything, but this is a close contender for #2.

    Mox Amber doesn't seem breakable with the current card pool. There are a lot more 0/1-mana artifacts than legendary creatures. There are some pretty nutty starts you can get (e..g T1 Isamaru + Kytheon), but Affinity does all of those better, I think.

    Precognition Field has combo potential (Future Sight sure did). The cards that made Future Sight work aren't in Modern though, and Modern is a lot faster that I wouldn't be sure it would still work even if they were.

    Steel Leaf Champion is a 3-mana 5/4 that can't be chump blocked by tokens. Plus, it's an Elf. Good to play off T1 mana dork, good to hit off Collected Company, and unlike Elves-matter cards it doesn't get worse in postboard games where you side out Elves for interaction.

    Wizard's Retort is like Silumgar's Scorn, but with Wizards instead of Dragons. Ideally you'll want lots of 1-mana Wizards so you can start Counterspelling as early as turn 2. Grim Lavamancer has proven its worth. Delver of Secrets is a Wizard, but the flip side is not (although you can next-level them and not reveal). Sage of Epityr looks like a joke, but he can put a Wizard's Retort on top of your library. Although it must be said that playing Counterspell is a pretty miserable payoff if the cost is putting Sage of Epityr in your deck. Laughing
    So far the best card seems like Damping Sphere, though I also like Seal Away, History of Benalia and Steel Leaf Champion.

    Karn is pretty good. He can protect himself with his -2. That token is a 1/1 at worst (unless shenanigans that remove artifact typings from permanents happen).

    IMO, Karn, Scion of Urza is pretty close to being a colorless Jace TMS...that draws worse but might actually protect himself better. Jace TMS is better overall, but not every deck can play enough blue to support him.
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  • posted a message on Karn, Scion of Urza
    I'm really excited about Karn S, too. He only costs 4 mana, for starters!

    He's arguably a worse draw engine than Coercive Portal in 1-vs-1 formats, but unlike that rock, he can hand you a card immediately and he can protect himself with tokens.

    Jace, the Mind Sculptor is still a better draw engine than him, which stings for Karn S's playability in Modern (my favourite format), but I think Karn S is quite close to being a colorless Jace TMS.
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  • posted a message on Which Jace, the Mind Sculptor shell is the most powerful?
    Quote from Stille_Nacht »
    There's a suggestion in an article I read. Basically you only play tarmo, bloodbraid, pyro, and snap, then a bunch of burn.

    Not sure if it's actually any good haha.

    That suggestion sounds a bit like the latest BBE Tribal Zoo lists I've seen, which are only Tarmo, Bloodbraid, dumb meat, lands, and burn maindeck. You read that right: no Path to Exile maindeck. Admittedly, 4 of the dumb meat cards are Mantis Rider, which have Haste, Flying, 3 power, and 3 cmc, so they provide pretty good reach.

    Those Zoo lists are probably some good, as they consistently end up in the 5-0 MTGO Modern Leagues, and I've seen them in the Top 32s of Modern Challenges.
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  • posted a message on Location of Competitive Modern League Results?
    Look here for lists:

    Then get only the Competitive Modern Constructed League lists.

    If you like some kind of proportional high-ish-level representation instead of diversity representation, keep an eye out for the weekly Modern Challenges. They have Top 32s.

    If the Modern league results don't show up, make sure to press "See More Archives" until you see the Modern results you want.

    Some websites, such as, may store redundant copies of Competitive Modern League results. Perhaps you may find them easier to analyze.
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  • posted a message on Changing how the forums are structured - Looking for community feedback
    Quote from DrPepper836 »
    We could do option 2, and instead of trying to cull the "established" decks to <= 25, we could group them by greater archetype in a kind of tree. So you could have Established -> Tron Decks -> Eldrazi Tron, Gx Tron, Mono U Tron; Established -> B(G)x Rock Decks -> Jund, Abzan, GB Rock, Jund Death Shadow, Grixis Death Shadow; Established -> UWx -> UW Control, UWR Control, UWR Midrange, Esper Control; etc. With a little creativity you could probably get the number of established "nodes" to 25 or less. And some decks like burn or whatever will just be threads in the established section itself, and that's fine.

    I already disagree with a few of your node selections. Given its high blue cantrip density, I find that Grixis Death's Shadow plays a lot more like Delver decks or that newfangled UR Young Pyromancer Thing in the Ice Field of Ruin midrange deck than any of those B(G)x Rock decks. I'd therefore remove Grixis Death's Shadow from the B(G)x Rock node. And then I find that UB Control and Grixis Midrange/Control play enough like those UWx Midrange/Control decks that I'd lump those in and rename the category Ux Midrange-to-Control.
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  • posted a message on Which Jace, the Mind Sculptor shell is the most powerful?
    Quote from spellcheck »
    I think Jace fits better in decks with prison elements, be it Blood Moon, Ensnaring Bridge or chaining extra turns. This doesn't mean they're the best decks with Jace you could be playing in Modern.

    Wait, Jace TMS doesn't sound good with Ensnaring Bridge. He stuffs your hand too full for Bridge on average. And the deck that's the least likely to +0 him, Lantern Control, is too busy Pithing Needleing Jace TMS because he draws opponents out of the Lantern-mill-rock lock.
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  • posted a message on Changing how the forums are structured - Looking for community feedback
    Quote from idSurge »
    I think SCG data is to be used, but there is still an issue of a deck showing up once, especially out of an SCG event, and then being in 'Established' or whatever when maybe it shouldnt be.

    I believe we're using a lot of data. Last time I checked, was one of the websites involved but nowhere close to the only one.
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  • posted a message on How to official stall games and not be punished?
    The section that talks about using the rocks the Lantern player has on the board to do things reminds me of an anecdote I read where someone dragged a game to time while avoiding Slow Play simply by attacking with Creeping Tar Pit every turn, forcing the opponent to kill it because it would hit for lethal otherwise, then replaying the Tar Pit that turn (I forget how; I even forget which format the game was in). Bonus points for forcing the opponent to regenerate the Tar Pit killer every turn, too.

    I tend to play games until I have no outs, so I'm sure I'd fall prey to the Lantern players who follow that guide--and I may not be able to tell who would be following the guide or even mind their behaviour (kind of like them, I will guess what deck the opponent plays the moment I see enough opposing cards).
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  • posted a message on Which Jace, the Mind Sculptor shell is the most powerful?
    Quote from idSurge »
    I'm not seeing Cryptics in these lists, its normally ramp (Noble) into threats, into BBE or Jace and then just an avalanche of advantage.

    I'm still wondering what those killer RUG lists are like. If they're like the one in the last Modern Challenge with no counterspells and 3 hate bears maindeck, then combo decks run over them pre-board. If they have enough counterspells to stave them off (like my test list), then BBE Jund is beating it around half the time pre-board (according to my testing). BBE Jund often targeted discards the haymakers, destroys the meat, and takes advantage of tempo loss generated by holding up counterspell mana.
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  • posted a message on Narset in Dominaria?
    Quote from leslak »
    I would say it is Narset indeed, maybe she is in Tolaria to learn diferent types of spells...

    She has a very Tarkir-ish clothing. Also her hilt-colar is very similar in the one in Learn from the past.

    Not much evidence that it is Narset, but much less that it isn't.

    Also this does not rule out Linessa.

    And don't let is be a second "there will be no emrakul in eldrish moon"

    The clothing looks kinda Tarkiri...but it looks like it's most likely from Abzan/maybe Dromoka, not Ojutai. The diamonds are the biggest tip-off there. Unless Narset went on a huge clothing borrowing spree, that's one of the reasons why I DON'T think that person's Narset.
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  • posted a message on GP Lyon Discussion
    It should be notable that this is the last Modern GP in the foreseeable future where Jace TMS and Bloodbraid Elf are still banned.
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  • posted a message on Narset in Dominaria?
    The face doesn't look like Narset to me, and the clothes look too many parts Abzan to be Ojutai (Narset's clan). I don't think that's Narset.
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  • posted a message on Jace The Mind Sculptor
    I'm trying him in Ux Midrange/Control builds (UWR, UR, Foretold End, Grixis and RUG some day, maybe even Scapeshift some day) and one of my older midrange brews, Bring to Light Madcap Emperion. (Thank goodness I could finally rip out the low-impact See Beyond from that deck.)

    JTMS seems to improve my match-ups, produce good CA, and get run over or force me to throw meat shields in his way to protect him. He doesn't tend to win the game by himself, though.

    He generally gets run over by Bloodbraid Elf decks. I haven't tried Jund or RG Titanshift with BBE against him yet, but he hated RG Ponza and Copycat with BBE.

    Gx Tron also seems to have a field day with JTMS, as they have 8 or more ways to get rid of him immediately, and they often go over the top of his CA.
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