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    posted a message on Ever Changing Seasons Mafia - April Tempests love Scum Remnants Mafia Victory
    I'm so glad this game is finally over.

    Thank you fulcrum, dkings, Rhand for being great teammates.

    Everyone in the town was also excellent to play with. Believe me, I wanted to replace into a town slot.

    I'll write more about this game later, but I have a bunch of HW due because I wasted a lot of time today writing up those cases Slant
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    posted a message on Ever Changing Seasons Mafia - April Tempests love Scum Remnants Mafia Victory
    Vote: Killjoy

    May the better side prevail.
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    posted a message on Mafia Hosting Sign-Ups & Hosting Rules
    Because Bur asked me to add something to the Mini queue:

    Game Name: Modern Mafia
    Size: 12 players
    Complexity: Medium

    The Modern format is fast, brutal, and unforgiving to mistakes. Will the good, fun decks of the Modern format prevail, or will the format degenerate into un-interactive combos and non-games of Magic?

    Coming soon to a Mini queue near you.
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    posted a message on Friends and Enemies Mafia - game over - friendship is magic
    Congratulations Vaimes for finally winning a game on MTGS :p
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    posted a message on Arkham Horror Mafia - A peaceful town - Town Win
    as much as was thinking of pressuring lurkers etc i was thinking about sort of giving a day 1 pass for any new MALers (Gwendolly/DisplayName/yurkin) given that they are new to the site and lynching them day 1 would leave a bad taste in my mouth, since they're still getting used to the site/meta + being lynched in your first game in a new site sucks, personally speaking

    for anyone not in the know: Shinichi/Lastwhisper/dawningbluesky/Gwendolly/DisplayName/yurkin come from MyAnimeList, the land of WEEBS, where the games are much shorter and less analytical than MTGS. i kind of started playing on the site two years ago because i wanted to play on a site without meta + playing on new sites is fun for me. and i inadvertently invited some cross culture pollination here. just to give people a heads up as to why there are a lot of newer players in this game
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    posted a message on 2017 MTGS Mafia Awards - Winners Announced!
    Still, I think this is a reasonable discussion that we, as a community, should talk about.

    Why have there been so many mafia wins this year? How can we balance it out next year so that the ratio remains more 50/50?

    There have been only two non-micro town wins this year, and that was Revolution Mafia and Disinheritance. That is frankly pretty surprising to me.
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    posted a message on 2016 MTGS Mafia Awards
    *ahem* Many months later:

    Best Town Performance (Individual):
    Silvercrys, Bare Bones Mafia - IIIII
    Iso, ZDS's Normal - I
    Iso, 2016 MTGS Mafia Invitational - I
    Wheat_Grinder, Ace Attorney - I

    Best Mafia Performance (Individual):
    Ecophagy, 2016 MTGS Mafia Invitational - I
    Ghosting, Neighbor Mafia - IIIII
    Huntzilla, THH - I

    Best SK Performance (Individual):
    Cythare, Star Trek - II
    Vaimes, Ace Attorney - IIII
    Xyre, Shia - I

    Best Non-SK Neutral Performance (Individual):
    Prophylaxis, THH - IIII
    Ghosting, THH - IIIII
    D_V, Courtly Intrigue - I

    Best Town Performance (Group):
    Bare Bones - I
    ZDS's Normal - II
    GoldenEye - II
    MTGS Mafia Invitational 2016 - I

    Best Mafia Performance (Group):
    Big Red Button - IIIIII
    Twinborn Mafia - I

    Worst Town Performance (Group):
    TF2 Mafia - I
    Twinborn - IIIII
    Mind Screw Salvation - I

    Worst Mafia Performance (Group):
    2016 MTGS Mafia Invitational - IIIIII
    ZDS's Normal - I

    Best (False?) Role Claim (Individual):
    Tordeck, Janken - II
    GJ/tomsloger, GoldenEye - II
    tomsloger, Mind Screw - II
    Prophylaxis, Twinborn - I

    Funniest (False?) Role Claim (Individual):
    tomsloger - I
    Seppel, GoldenEye - I
    Iso, ZDS - I
    Fable, STMU - IIII
    Nachomamma8, 3LP - I

    Best Town Player:
    Silvercrys - II
    Iso - IIIII

    Best Mafia Player:
    Huntzilla - III
    Ghosting - II
    tomsloger - I
    Seppel - I

    Best Overall Player:
    Iso - I
    Ghosting - I
    Vaimes - I
    Ecophagy - I
    Azrael - I

    Best Newcomer:
    Silvercrys - IIIIIII
    Mindreaver - I

    Most Entertaining Player:
    tomsloger - IIIIII
    Vaimes - I
    Seppel - I
    D_V - I

    Most Improved Player:
    shadowlancerx - I
    Huntzilla - I
    tomsloger - III

    Mod Awards:

    Most Creative:
    Janken - I
    Ace Attorney - III
    Mind Screw Salvation - II

    Best Flavor:
    Stargate - I
    STMU4 - II
    ZDS's Normal - I
    GoldenEye - I
    Ace Attorney - I

    Most Interesting Role:
    Nylarlathotep, Faustian Serial Killer - II
    Ema Skye - II
    Maya Fey - I
    Silversmith/Blacksmith - I

    Best Read:
    Mind Screw Mafia - I
    Barebones - III

    Game of the Year:
    Ace Attorney - IIII
    Mafia Classic - I
    Barebones - I

    Congratulations to everyone who was nominated, and double congratulations to those who won their categories. Thanks for a great last year, everyone. Let's make this one even better.
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    posted a message on Disinheritance - Endgame
    Quote from Azrael »
    Proph, who nailed Iso and most of the rest of the scum team without even being in the main thread.

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    posted a message on Mistborn Mafia - Signups!
    Mistborn Mafia

    Sometimes, I worry that I’m not the hero everyone thinks I am.

    The philosophers assure me that this is the time, that the signs have been met. But I still wonder if they have the wrong man. So many people depend on me. They say I will hold the future of the entire world on my arms.

    What would they think if they knew that their champion--the Hero of Ages, their savior--doubted himself? Perhaps they wouldn't be shocked at all. In a way, this is what worries me most. Maybe, in their hearts, they wonder--just as I do.

    When they see me, do they see a liar?

    Welcome to Mistborn Mafia, a Normal game for 16 players!

    This game is based on the popular Mistborn fantasy novel series by Brandon Sanderson. You may recall Twinborn Mafia, which was hosted by Gentleman Johnny around a year ago. Both of our games rely on the same source material, but this game mainly focuses on the first three books (the original trilogy) rather than the Wax and Wayne series. This game will contain spoilers for the first book and minor spoilers for the books thereafter. Knowledge of the source material is unlikely to provide an edge, but it will make you enjoy this game a whole lot more.

    This game contains no neutrals, and there are confirmed to be twelve town and four mafia.

    Mistborn Mafia was reviewed by Ecophagy. For the game's complexity, I would expect some slightly unconventional roles, but nothing that would be too unusual in a Normal.

    Before signing up, it's important to note that mafia games require an extended time commitment. Please only sign-up if you foresee yourself being able to participate for the next several months, and being able to post during that period, on average, at least once every 72 hours, without many absences of four or more days. Due to the way the game works, I will be very aggressive on deadlines, so keep this in mind.

    To join, type /in
    To replace, type /replace
    To spectate, type /spectate

    I recognize that we might not have the playerbase to sustain a bunch of games going on at once, so if this doesn't garner interest in a reasonable amount of time (say, 1-2 weeks), I will bow out until a large game ends and we can run another Mini or something.

    This game features:
    - Aggressive deadlines.
    - A no-nonsense, Normal game. If you don't like the mountains of neutrals that have won games in the past year then this game is for you.
    - A fairly flavorful game. I will try my best to write flavor for this game,
    - Very responsive mod times. I will provide vote counts every day and respond to things quickly, or at least that's the hope. The trains will run on time.

    Lurking in Luthadel (/in)
    1. Grapefruit21
    2. LogicoftheVI
    3. shadowlancerx
    4. Bur
    5. Mindreaver
    6. Apocado
    7. Gruffinchops
    8. Cantripmancer
    9. TheRealStinkyJoeTerry
    10. Cyan
    11. Cythare
    12. Huntzilla
    13. Rhand
    14. AtheistGod
    15. Kitbits
    16. Gentleman Johnny

    Near the Well of Ascension (/replace)
    1. Vaimes
    2. Wheat_Grinder
    3. Voxxicus
    4. Newcomb
    5. killjoy

    Preservation (/spectate)
    1. Silvercrys3467
    2. osieorb18
    3. Ophidia
    4. tomsloger
    5. Megiddo
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    posted a message on 2016 MTGS Mafia Invitational (Hearthstone Mafia) - Game Over
    Mod Notes

    First, the setup. I enjoy low-powered setups and I hate cops, plus I wanted to use masons in an invitational-tier game because they are sweet roles to play as - plus, having a confirmed town buddy who is competent at the game is a huge boon. Masons didn't leave a lot of room for anything else, so I picked the bodyguard because they're one of the weaker protective roles and they're not as feels-bad as a doctor is. I was worried about the situation where the scum try to NK the masons and run into the bodyguard, but seeing as they still get a kill, I considered it an acceptable tradeoff.

    I gave the scum a rolecop because there's literally nothing to roleblock in this setup (plus, roleblockers are not all that fun). Rewards skill, since it gives them directions to go in with the nightkill and serves as a good check to the masons. More than that, I wanted a setup that was /simple/. One thing I took full advantage in last year's invitational as scum was the paranoia about there possibly being 2 scum/1 SK in the setup since the players had no idea what to expect from Ged. I wanted a setup that was a traditional, low-powered basic, and I think this setup fit the bill rather nicely.

    Given that Eco and Iso were able to figure out the setup so easily based off of my widespread design proclivities, however, I think it raises some questions. I like being pretty public about design theory because I enjoy talking about how mafia games are designed, and I feel like there's not enough literature on the topic. Will I ever get too predictable/modgameable as a mafia game designer if I keep posting my views on setup theory out in the open? I'm really just following mafia design principles I've learned over the years by talking to a lot of people on the subject/developing my own personal views, and I think these principles lead to fair and fun games, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

    Onto the gameplay.

    I predicted the game would be a pretty overwhelming town victory no matter what the randomization was, because the playerbase was incredibly top tier and it would be an incredibly difficult game for any scum team to win. That said, I was a little hopeful when the randomization came out as Eco/GJ/Cyan, as I've seen all of these players carry teams on their backs before (Eco: Cyan's Impossible Mafia, GJ: Star Trek 3, Cyan: The Wall/Archer), so I thought the scumteam could perform pretty well.

    Then Eco was pretty much flashwagoned based off of a couple of stray RVS posts, and then his scumbuddies couldn't really do anything but watch it happen. Then Iso kind of nailed the entire scumteam in the first 100 posts and never let go, and the rest is kind of history? The town probably would have won even if Iso wasn't even in the game, since GJ/Cyan weren't playing super strongly. Newcomb said that it's kind of a chicken-and-egg scenario where if Iso didn't just completely nail the scumteam in the first 100 posts of the game, or Eco wasn't run up in the first page, then the scum would have probably played miles better than they did here. It's just that these situations happened, as as a result the scum's morale was pretty much dampened for the entire game.

    Not to detract from the rest of the town's performance - the town played excellently this game, and they are fully deserving of this victory. Vaimes, Voxxicus, Newcomb, Seppel, and Nacho pretty much towned it up to avoid being mislynched, but part of me wonders that with a stronger scum performance the more mildly suspicious players like tom/Nacho/Seppel could have been taken advantage of and been mislynched. Basically put, the town gained a whole ton of momentum from the early Eco wagon. Even though Eco successfully avoided being lynched, the other two scum members - Cyan and GJ - were put in a bad spot due to it, and as a result just didn't Town it up while the rest of the town was coalescing and Towning it up throughout Day 1. The masons, plus the large number of behaviorally townie players, could allow a townie in this game to clear 5-6 players - and from there, solving the game isn't the hardest.

    I feel like if the scum shifted the momentum on late-Day 1 and had Iso lynched instead of GJ, that could have totally changed the game and provided the scum with a chance to get back into the game. However, the calm, rational townies (Vaimes/Voxxicus/Chris/Newcomb) analyzed the gamestate and determined that GJ was more likely scum than Iso, and as a result switched their votes. That led to, basically, the scum falling over like dominos.

    Giving Newcomb and Iso co-Town MVPs in this game. Newcomb for succeeding at the two pillars of Being Town (He was obvious town, engaged with the game, and convinced everyone to lynch GJ near end of Day 1) and Iso for, of course, being correct with every single facet of the entire game, even if he had a difficult time convincing others of his world view on Day 1.

    I've already given my thoughts on the trust tell stuff in the Council, but I didn't really want to modkill Iso over it because it's technically not in the rules and I didn't really want to disrupt the gamestate - a common trend in my modding is to flip the table as little as possible. Still, Iso attempting to use his claiming of vanilla town to clear himself, yet not directly addressing it, really isn't something that should be permissible in any community, and it was definitely very angleshooty.

    A tangent here, but I feel like there wasn't anything meaningful I could have done to make the game more memorable or fun. As Newcomb put it:

    Quote from Newcomb »
    Let's say you're right and that's exactly the scumteam and we chain lynch them. That would feel like a pretty hollow victory to me. It would kinda feel like you just divined the role randomization, had that info the whole time, and kind of lazily / perfunctorily pushed the world without ever explaining it in a way that made sense to the rest of us. Which, yeah. Would be a win I guess, and good on ya, but man. I wouldn't count it as one of the most fun games I've ever played.

    Bolded the last sentence for emphasis.

    I believe that memories and experiences are important with a game like Mafia. We play mafia to have fun, of course, but I also think that experiences are important. Just compare this game to the most recently ended basic, Bare Bones. Bare Bones was incredibly exciting and passionate, with the mafia having a strong lead early until Silver and Vaimes literally teamed up to solve the game and chain lynch all three of the scum in a row. That was exciting. That was memorable. That was fun! I had a great time talking to Eco and Newcomb about that game after it ended.

    With this game, the overwhelming narrative that comes out of it is Iso's slam dunk impressive performance, but I'm pretty sure most of you guys would say that this game wasn't especially fun or super-memorable. And I think that's fine - the most I can do as a game mod is to give a game the chance to become great, and if it doesn't, then c'est la vie. I'm honestly just wondering if there was anything I could have done to make this game /better/, since I feel like most of what happened this game was outside of my control. I could have definitely worked more on the flavor - I was really running on fumes with the flavor at the end there, and I think I'm just going to start pre-writing the flavor scenes from now on since people like to see flips fast.

    But yeah, those are my thoughts on the game, and hopefully they provide a good jumping off point for further discussion. Let me know what you guys think; I spent a fair amount of reading and thinking about this game, and it kind of just ended up being pretty flat and a wet towel. I'm just wondering if there was anything I could have done to change that.
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