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  • posted a message on Strixhaven for Peasant
    Learn/Lesson seems like it's going to be a really fun mechanic for set draft, as a way to get value from picks beyond the ~23 that make your main deck. Hard to say how it will translate to cube, but looking forward to evaluating with the full set.

    Thunderous Orator is a secret "flyers" card, with some rare but fun upside beyond that and a reasonable floor even if you can't find triggers. Might be too narrow outside that deck however.

    Curate seems like the best version of the 2-mana instant cantrips if you're looking to support blue graveyard decks.
    Frost Trickster is just incredibly strong and looks to be one of our first staples from the set.

    Emergent Sequence I think is a really neat design and, as stated, compares pretty closely to Servant of the Conduit. Bonus +1/+1 counter synergies should give this a slight edge for cubes which support that.
    Symmetry Master I'm surprised isn't getting more attention, but this is effectively a 4-mana 4/4 reach, trample which is a statline we've never seen before and is just incredible on offense and on defense. Not to mention the incidental triggers you can pick up on your other creatures (Beanstalk Giant anyone?), I have this tagged as the other Peasant staple so far.

    Letter of Acceptance trades the repeatability of Bonder's Ornament for a much cheaper one-time activation, not sure which ends up being better on average.

    Lots of spicy gold cards with some new effects that are going to be difficult to evaluate. A few standouts so far look to be:
    Maelstrom Muse
    Quandrix Cultivator
    Reconstruct History
    Zimone, Quandrix Prodigy
    Decisive Rejection(?)

    Really excited to see what Orzhov Silverquill and Golgari Witherbloom have in store.
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  • posted a message on Kaldhiem Previews
    Thanks for the shoutout. I have seen a few people mention using a Equipment/Aura archetype in the Cubes and I was curious any specific cards you like for that deck. I have a bigger 512-card Cube with only 8 total pieces of equipment, although I have played a few more over the years. Also any specific non-Equipment support cards you recommend.

    I haven't gone too deep on the archetype yet, so it's mainly Boros beatdown decks that have enough ways to get extra mileage out of equipment that it becomes worth running a higher density. A couple of the better support cards have been mentioned: Danitha Capashen, Paragon, Reyav, Master Smith, Scrapper Champion.

    I'll plug Fireblade Charger again, whose floor as a Footlight Fiend is fine (still trades with X/2's), but with any decent-sized equipment on the battlefield it becomes insane. I really like of 1-drops that stay relevant later in the game, and the this one can be a legitimate threat. Also works with other types of incidental pump (battlecry, +1/+1 counters, etc).

    A few other cards that play well in the "equipment" deck:
    Faerie Guidemother
    Grim Initiate
    Sunhome Stalwart
    Ancestral Blade
    Gryff's Boon
    Nahiri, Storm of Stone - borderline on power-level but interesting
    Even Toggo, Goblin Weaponsmith could potentially provide some narrow equipment synergies (I really want to see a creature gain double-strike from a rock via Reyav).
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  • posted a message on Kaldhiem Previews
    Despite being heavy on snow and tribal elementals (two things that I don’t personally support), Kaldheim ended up providing a number of intriguing cards.

    I’m particularly interested in Foretell, as I like any mechanic that helps to mitigate mana variance. Being able to bank the cost of more expensive cards over multiple turns is a really powerful tool for helping decks that haven’t perfectly curved out or would otherwise have awkward mana sequencing. The facedown nature of it makes it somewhat unfriendly to those less familiar with the cube (similar to Morph), but I’ll have to see how that plays out in practice.

    Usher of the Fallen - Instant staple, not much else to say
    Clarion Spirit - Even one trigger is above rate, and in the right deck this can threaten multiple triggers pretty easily.
    Saw It Coming - Probably the second or third best Cancel+, this is a splashable hard-counter but it likely loses some value in an environment with less foretell cards.
    Behold the Multiverse - A better Glimmer of Genius and the perfect foretell to pair with Saw It Coming.
    Poison the Cup - It was only a matter of time before we got Murder with upside. Probably not knocking off Cast Down or Go for the Throat as the top tier black removal, but slots in perfectly for environments with depowered removal such as my own.
    Dwarven Hammer - I overlooked this on first pass so I’m glad this got brought up for discussion (credit to rancoredmalone). I’m definitely in the market for a “fixed” Loxodon Warhammer, and the 5-mana mode seems actually quite efficient considering what it leaves behind. Happy to give more support to the fledgling RW equipment archetype (quick shoutout to Fireblade Charger who has been overperforming here).
    Snakeskin Veil - Easy swap for Blossoming Defense if you’re trying to support the +1/+1 counter archetype.
    Sarulf's Packmate - I love seeing more efficient card draw being printed in green. This seems rather pushed for a common, and while it’s not quite Llanowar Visionary I suspect the Packmate is probably higher on power level than it’s getting credit for.
    Maja, Bretagard Protector - Somewhat vulnerable at three-toughness for five mana, but it seems like it would be difficult to lose a game where this sticks around on the battlefield. This has an immediate impact on the board in addition to providing a repeatable source of value.
    Kardur, Doomscourge - Two very unique and powerful effects on a solid body, I think this might play even better than it looks.
    Svella, Ice Shaper - Another fun and unique design, I like that this gives Gruul something interesting to do besides beat face.

    Kaya's Onslaught - Really powerful effect at just W if set-up with Foretell, but still has the same problems as all combat tricks.
    Giant's Amulet - The more I think about this card the more I like it. The 1-mana mode is almost never worth a card (maybe protecting Soul Herder?), but the creature mode is actually quite efficient compared to what blue gets at our rarity. A 4/5 hexproof* should stabilize the board very well in control, and you can always reequip after combat to your other blockers once you’re ready to start turning sideways. *Your creature never loses hexproof if you don’t want them to, and overall I don’t mind this type of hexproof as it leads to more interesting gameplay than the static version.
    Ravenform - Versatile removal, sorcery speed hurts but it’s nice for blue to have a permanent answer to the two most relevant card types in the format.
    Axgard Cavalry - I’ve been impressed enough with Goblin Motivator to want a second copy of the effect, and I like the card diversity of running this over Bloodlust Inciter.
    Crush the Weak - An interesting Pyroclasm variant, and I actually like the exile clause quite a bit to help counter Blood Artist type effects.
    Port of Karfell - I really like the design on this land cycle overall, but it ends up being really difficult for them to make the cut in a guild spell section (they would be slam dunks if they tapped for both colors). The Port is one of the only ones I’m likely to test due to trying to go deeper on Dimir reanimator.
    Firja, Judge of Valor - I’m always looking for interesting options in Orzhov and this actually seems like it has the potential to be really powerful.
    Moritte of the Frost/Littjara Mirrorlake - Glad to see more clone effects being printed at uncommon, and these seem like fun additions to Simic. I think it’s close between the two and I’ll probably end up testing both at one time or another, but my gut is actually leaning towards the Mirrorlake as taking the slot.
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  • posted a message on Kaldhiem Previews
    If I want to play a slower midrange build then there are generally better ways to spend my mana.

    Serious question, what are the better options in red? I'm specifically trying to support control style or "big mana" red decks in my cube, but at Peasant the options are really limited. It would be nice to have some payoffs other than big one-shot damage spells (Slice and Dice, Shower of Coals, Fight with Fire).

    I've been testing a few of the more recent high cmc red creatures: Akoum Warrior and Sanctuary Smasher have been fine but unexciting. Frenzied Saddlebrute and Dargo, the Shipwrecker haven't seen play yet, but I'll probably end up cutting Dargo to test Doomskar Titan.

    Maybe I should take another look at Rite of the Raging Storm.
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  • posted a message on Kaldhiem Previews
    I'd have to say I disagree on Clarion Spirit. Thinking back on my last several cube matches, double-spell turns happened pretty regularly each game, and that's without considering mechanic support with rebound, flashback, etc. I actually think one trigger is going to be closer to the average-case, with upside beyond that.

    Obviously Charging Monstrosaur is the undisputed champion for red 5+ drops, but beyond that the rankings get much more muddled. I personally like the Titan quite a bit more than Skizzik in anything slower than full-tilt aggro. I think Foretell will be very relevant to setting this up for an alpha strike, plus it helps provide archetype support for go-wide strategies.
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  • posted a message on Kaldhiem Previews
    A couple of cards that caught my eye so far which I haven't seen much discussion on:

    Clarion Spirit
    Getting even a single trigger makes this significantly above rate, and casting two spells in a turn is going to come up fairly regularly. Played off curve it's even possible to get a trigger immediately e.g. play this and then another 2-drop on four mana.

    Doomskar Titan
    Effectively a 5/4 haste with battlecry the turn it enters, this represents a ton of damage and has to be in the conversation with the other top-end red creatures. Foretell being able to get this out on 5-lands is a big bonus, even if you're paying slightly more total mana.

    Dual Strike
    An effect that's generally restricted to higher rarities, which might make this worth a second look. Could be an interesting option if you're pushing a spell-slinger archetype.

    Littjara Glade-Warden
    The Warden caught my eye as interesting value engine, which could be one of the more efficient +1/+1 counter generators we have access to. I'm trying to support both graveyard and +1/+1 strategies with my green section, so this would slot in as a kind-of anchor between archetypes. Probably one knob tuned too low on power-level though, sorcery-speed likely kills it.

    Lots of really interesting designs on the multicolor cards in this set between the sagas, legendaries, and spell-lands. I'll have to follow up for more thoughts once I can digest the whole set.
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  • posted a message on MTGS Average Peasant Cube 2020
    I had some time so I went ahead and created a clone of the CubeCobra list with tags added. Here is the link for anyone interested:


    There aren't quite enough colors to match the number of tags, so I had to group the three highest groupings together as one color. I also set the secondary sort to a default of "Tags" (rather than "Types-Multicolor"), which gives a nice visualization to the ranking of cards within each color.
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  • posted a message on MTGS Average Peasant Cube 2020
    Yeah, it appears that currently the only way to filter for tags is by manually typing them into the filter line. Filtering for multiple tags seems to be working for me though, for example: "tag:hybrid or tag:removal"

    One useful feature that CC does have is the ability to "sort" by tag, so for example you could primary sort by 'color category' and secondary sort by 'tag' to quickly see which are the most/least played cards in each color.
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  • posted a message on MTGS Average Peasant Cube 2020
    Thanks again for pulling this project together, the Average Peasant Cube list is a really useful tool and it's great to have access to all the raw data.
    Quote from calibretto »

    I color coded the list on CubeTutor. The filter function on that site is much easier to use in my experience. I didn't filter or categorize the cards on CubeCobra. In my experience that wasn't something I used on CubeCobra very much just due to the interface. If you are disappointed by this and want me to categorize CubeCobra as well, I certainly can.

    I know that I personally would gain some value from having the tags applied to the CubeCobra list. Primarily for the cube-to-cube comparison tool, where CC lets you filter for tags while comparing cubes and CT does not.

    CubeCobra appears to have a Mass Edit function to add tags, but I'm not sure how it compares to CubeTutor's interface.
    Quote from ArBoR4817 »

    Other things that stood out for me in the new list:
    - Duress was in less cubes than I thought.
    - No Kor Blademaster or other cheap double strikers in many cubes.
    - Peregrine Drake is not even on the list (7 cubes).
    - Fewer people tried Malefic Scythe or already removed it.
    - Oketra's Monument in a decent amount of cubes, but Whitemane Lion is not.

    - Duress seems to be one of those cards that plays much better in rare/powered cubes than it does in a creature-dominated format such as Peasant.
    - I have Peregrine Drake sticking around primarily as a compliment to Ghostly Flicker, but outside of the combo it's much harder to justify its spot these days.
    - I've been testing the Scythe since it has a unique design and I'm a big fan of colored artifacts, but it has definitely underperformed the few times it showed up and I expect will be on its way out soon.
    - Oketra's Monument is always just on the fringe of playable and sticks around mostly due to the lack of interesting non-creature spells in white. I tried Whitemane Lion, but it generally just felt like a worse Kor Skyfisher.
    Quote from FunkyDragon »
    After looking at the data, there are a few cards that surprise me with how low their popularity is. Is this the place to discuss them?

    Scale Up (5 cubes) - dropped 12 slots
    Reality Shift (6 cubes) - dropped 9 slots
    Vampire of the Dire Moon (6 cubes) - dropped 13 slots
    Goblin Oriflamme (7 cubes) - dropped 14 slots

    - I recently added Scale Up to test and so far I've been very impressed. Once you start looking for it, you soon realize that there are a LOT of board states where an overloaded Scale Up just ends the game, even some times when Overrun wouldn't. With it being easier to cast than Overrun and having a cheap emergency mode, I'm somewhat surprised to see that it has dropped in usage.
    - Reality Shift just doesn't stack up to the premium removal we have access to in other colors. Even in Simic, I think I would rather be running fight spells or sleep effects than giving my opponent a free 2/2 (or worse).
    - I imagine that Vampire of the Dire Moon was supplanted by Foulmire Knight in most lists, outside of those with dedicated lifegain archetypes.
    - Similarly, I added Goblin Oriflamme (good) when it first released but ended up cutting it for Bolt Hound (great). I could see running both in larger cubes.
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  • posted a message on MTGS Average Peasant Cube 2020 Planning Thread
    Thanks for taking on this project again!

    Strangely enough, I've actually been able to get quite a bit of cubing in this year so my list is fairly well-tuned at the moment:
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  • posted a message on Commander Legends Previews
    It's definitely a card that plays a lot better than it looks, and I'd recommend anyone supporting a graveyard-matters theme to test it out as it fits the bill of being both an enabler and a payoff for the archetype.

    Five toughness is massive, especially in black. Just because the Grub may start as a 2/5 or 3/5 doesn't mean it will stay that size. It blocks incredibly well until you're ready to turn the corner and by that time it has usually grown larger.

    And as for upside, mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger. In a handful of showings, I've seen it at five, six, seven, even eight power. And while this combo hasn't come together for our group yet, it's only a matter of time before... the dream.
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  • posted a message on Commander Legends Previews
    Been meaning to write-up another set review for a while and, wow, what a set we have here. WotC really allowed themselves to push the uncommons in Commander Legends both from a design and a power level standpoint, and Peasant cubers are a big beneficiary.

    Slaughter the Strong - Not the best white wrath we could have gotten, but it’s the best we’ve got right now. This seems like a slam dunk for every Peasant cube that is interested in supporting slower white decks, simply on the merit of being a completely unique effect. Currently there are very few ways to get punished for dumping an entire hand of creatures onto the battlefield, so I think having access to cards like Slaughter are generally good for a format.

    Merchant Raiders - I’m evaluating this (and similar pirate-triggering cards) assuming no bonus Pirate synergy and this one still seems really, really good. It is effectively Fairgrounds Warden (a comparison I look at favorably) in a color which has little access to creature removal, and the Raiders are even less susceptible to blowout situations (opponents don’t get ETBs, no shenanigans mid-combat). If you can get any incidental pirate triggers the card becomes nuts. A relevant body means additional tension in deciding if blocks are worth running into combat tricks and losing your 'snare'.

    Gilt-Leaf Winnower - As with others, I’ve trimmed out all removal with the “non-black” clause which has left somewhat of a dearth of Nekrataal-style cards. The Winnower won’t always answer the threat you need it to, but it shouldn’t be difficult to find something to target and make this a reliable 2-for-1. The base body is also very relevant and menace is just a great keyword.
    Feast of Succession - The card that is going to compel to me break from my aversion to Monarch, and it seems I'm not alone. I feel that Monarch is a fantastic mechanic in multiplayer, but for 1v1 it has two main issues 1) it completely warps the gameplay decisions from the point it’s played and 2) is the oft mentioned “snowballing” problem where the Monarch can completely dominate a player that has stumbled out the gate. All that being said, this type of game-warping effect is much more palatable on a 6-mana sorcery than on, say… a three mana removal spell *cough*. And since Feast has a spell effect that we have been desperately needing in Peasant, I’ll be running this until we finally get our Languish downshift.
    Quick shoutout to Carrion Grub, one of the few black creatures that survives Feast and has just generally been an solid performer. I don’t think it got enough love when M21 first rolled through.

    Toggo, Goblin Weaponsmith - In addition to being absolutely hilarious, this card looks like a ton of fun to play with. It’s not quite simple enough to say that this has “Landfall: draw 2: Shock” as the tap requirement is a real cost, but it’s pretty close to that. Fortunately, Toggo can sling rocks around himself so it’s a pretty reasonable base case to assume that’s what he’ll be doing on most turns. There are so many little interactions possible from just this one card, I kind of can’t believe this was printed at uncommon. Probably my favorite card from the set and I suspect I’ll be finding unique lines of play with Toggo for years to come.
    Breeches, Brazen Plunderer - Another effect I’m somewhat surprised, but very pleased, to see at uncommon. This has to be the best card-advantage-on-hit creature in red we have access to, especially considering it has built-in evasion. Spinning the wheel on an impulse draw is already exciting, but impulse draws from your opponent's deck sounds like a blast. There’s really no comparable effect that exists at 4-mana currently in red, so I expect Breeches to be a big addition in red midrange strategies.
    Volcanic Torrent - Speaking of red midrange, this card seems insane. I had to read it a couple times because I couldn’t believe it only affected your opponents stuff. A one-sided pyroclasm for 4R would already be decent, but tacking on cascade means this is going to represent a massive swing on most board states. I’m always looking for more playable sweepers, and this goes way beyond playable.

    Halana, Kessig Ranger - Much has been said since this was one of earliest spoiled cards, but I think it looks like a slam dunk. I am a big fan of main-deckable reach creatures to help shore up green’s biggest weakness. Halana has a very solid base body, and while the triggered ability is a little costly the fact that the fight is one-sided puts this over the top.

    Prava of the Steel Legion - An archetype card, but it’s an archetype that basically every cube runs which might push this higher in the rankings. Prava should make it into more decks than something like Intangible Virtue (strong but narrow), because it doesn’t require as much of a critical mass of tokens to justify a deck slot. I’m always a big fan of cards that are both an enabler and a payoff for a given archetype and this fits the bill.
    Alharu, Solemn Ritualist - Another archetype card, primarily for +1/+1 counters but also small cross synergies with tokens, flicker, and sacrifice. There’s enough going on for this to belong in the conversation with Elite Scaleguard / Basri's Acolyte (Relief Captain surprisingly being a step below Acolyte in my testing), and I should have room to test Alharu as well.

    Malcolm, Keen-Eyed Navigator - One of many Wind Drake+ variants that have been printed lately, and I think this one gets there. Plays well in any sort of U/x tempo deck, as well as UW fliers and UG ramp. We haven’t had access to this type of repeatable Treasure generation before, making it somewhat hard to evaluate, but thinking about how well Treasures should play alongside counterspells makes me like Malcolm even more.
    Daring Saboteur - Speaking of U/x tempo, here is a very welcome downshift. Seems like this checks enough boxes (good on curve, good on a stalled board, trades well in a pinch) to have a pretty solid average case, especially since blue two-drops aren’t exactly stacked.

    Coastline Marauders - I would have been much more excited about this card if we hadn’t just gotten Skyclave Geopede one set ago. They fill a similar role but function differently enough that I should have room to run both. Geopede can actually trade reasonably as a blocker, but the Marauders have higher upside and Encore is definitely relevant.
    Frenzied Saddlebrute - I wasn’t completely sold on this card until I heard it compared to Urabrask the Hidden. Yes, the opponents-creatures-enter-tapped clause is a very significant part of Urabrask, but the Saddlebrute is easier to cast, has one more power… and it’s an uncommon! As a curve-topper you’d clearly rather be casting Charging Monstrosaur, but if you aren't necessarily expecting the game to end when you land your 5-drop (R/G midrange, any R/x control shell) this represents a threat that must be dealt with.
    Dargo, the Shipwrecker - Obviously should play great in the sacrifice deck, but Dargo has enough small interactions going on that I expect him to be playable outside of the dedicated archetype. Seven power of trample will end the game fast, and the ability to cheat on mana should never be overlooked. Excited to run this in a deck with Kazuul's Fury.

    Juri, Master of the Revue - A very solid payoff to the Rakdos sacrifice archetype, with some obvious synergy going on between her two abilities and some less obvious ones as well (+1/+1 counters matter, other ways to modify power). Juri needs to reliably get at least one counter, as her floor is pretty poor, but in the right deck she can get out of control fast.
    Reyav, Master Smith - Probably the best aura/equipment matters payoff we’ve seen in Boros, and a fun way to spice up the guild beyond the more common go-wide archetype. Similar to Juri but with a better floor, if you can reliably get at least one double-strike trigger Reyav should have earned his keep, and beyond that he starts to look really impressive.
    Araumi of the Dead Tide - I dislike how much more text needed to be on this card to template it for multiplayer, but the effect is unique and certainly can be powerful in the right circumstances. It’s awkward that Araumi has great blocking stats but you have to use its tap ability on your turn, and most creatures without an ETB or death trigger are not going to be worth the mana investment. I’ll be testing this but my expectations are fairly muted.
    Thalisse, Reverent Medium - I seem to be higher on this card than most, which probably due to the fact that my Orzhov archetypes are among the least defined in my cube. I’ve been pushing support for tokens primarily in the Mardu colors, while trying to find ways to keep the Orzhov style of tokens distinct from Rakdos Sacrifice and Boros Go-Wide style. Thalisse helps push the idea of Orzhov as most of a value-oriented token strategy, with the goal to slow the game down and overwhelm with value from your token generators. I’m hoping a good comparison will be Tatyova, another understated gold 5-drop, but one that can generate an insane amount of value if it stays alive.

    Guildless Commons
    Interesting design. While it’s strictly worse than any given colored bounceland, it is much easier to break into a colorless cube slot than a guild cube slot. Plays very well with the recent addition of the excellent MDFC lands, and gives every color potential access to the fun trick of bouncing them back to your hand.

    Tormod, the Desecrator
    I've come down on this a lot from when it was initially spoiled. There’s too many things that need to go right and the upsides don’t make up for the fail cases. If the base body was better I think this could have found a home, but a 4/2 that you’re playing primarily for the triggered ability is effectively never going to get into combat and that’s not good enough for a 4-drop.
    Nadier, Agent of the Duskenel
    One of many cards that are sadly one mana too expensive. I can imagine some magical-christmas-land scenarios in an aristocrats deck, but at the end of the day it’s a 6-mana 3/3 with no immediate impact on the board.

    Rograkh, Son of Rohgahh
    Cute design, but needs too much support to reliably perform.

    Hamza, Guardian of Arashin
    So you’ve already jumped through the hoops of getting multiple creatures in play with +1/+1 counters, and the big payoff is… a discounted vanilla 5/5 which lets me flood the board with even more creatures? Mana reduction abilities are always worth looking at, but this just seems like the definition of “win more”.
    Imoti, Celebrant of Bounty
    Even the heaviest ramp decks are only going to be running a handful of 6CMC+ cards. Unless your format is exceptionally slow, this seem like a non-starter.
    Kangee, Sky Warden
    Azorius is already really tight, and I can’t see this beating out Migratory Route at 5CMC or Empyrean Eagle as a flyers support card.

    Honorable mentions
    Artifact support:
    Armix, Filigree Thrasher
    Ich-Tekik, Salvage Splicer
    Shimmer Myr

    Fall from Favor
    Not personally interested in this for my format, but if you are evaluating strictly on power-level this has to be mentioned.

    Woah that turned out to be a lot of words, so here's just a few more. Red midrange seems to be the biggest winner by far, but white and black get huge additions in the form of much needed sweepers. And while I initially discounted the idea of multiple pirate triggers, it's not too crazy to think that Malcolm and Breeches could be the beginning of a fun sub-archetype in Izzet. Overall a big win for Peasant cubes, both in the form of interesting / unique effects to play with but also a promising sign of what WotC is willing to print at lower rarities (even if we have to wait for supplemental sets for the splashiest effects).
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  • posted a message on Zendikar Rising for Peasant Cube
    Quote from ArBoR4817 »
    Don't get me wrong: I think quite a few of the MDFCs are probably cubeable in 450+ but I would argue that you should probably cube the cycling lands before them.

    I can't see an argument for that, unless you have a strict objection to DFCs. Even if I'm wrong about the raw power level of the MDFCs (seriously just test them, they play way better than they look), Blackbloom Rogue and friends are so much more interesting as game pieces from a cube design, drafting, and deckbuilding standpoint than something incredibly generic like Barren Moor.
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  • posted a message on Zendikar Rising for Peasant Cube
    Having played with the MDFCs a handful of times in ZNR sealed and in my Cube environment, I'm already really impressed. As great as cycling is as a mechanic, I might be convinced that the MDFCs are just better.

    The problem with the Secluded Steppe, as Leelue has pointed out, is that ~40% of the time you just cycle into another useless land. The MDFC spell sides are all overcosted, but represent 100% gas when you need them. On the other end of the spectrum if you are desperate for land drops early, a Striped Riverwinder in your hand only represents a land ~40% of the time.

    The reliability of having the exact card type you need at any point in the game has been extremely powerful, and that's not even mentioning the positive effect they have on mulligan decisions. I'm overtesting currently with 14 of the 20 uncommon MDFCs, but it's looking like the majority them are here to stay.
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