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  • posted a message on Demonic Pact Control
    I've been testing Crush of Tentacles as a potential answer to Demonic Pact and a threat generator in of itself that kind of matches the turn 7 sorcery speed removal you need for a turn 4 pact. It's been working interesting at the moment, current list is below.

    I'm still trying to get it all working together and it's pretty janky, but I feel that it's about as janky as pure Demonic Pact decks and Crush of Tentacles adds in a definite speed factor if they can't remove the 8/8. The Ojutai's Breath is there to be an instant speed spell with rebound that helps meet surge for Crush of Tentacles, with the 4 1 mana discard spells and the Dark Petition serving similar roles to help meet surge.

    I've been very impressed with Thought-Knot Seer, the card is quite powerful and has a relevant body. However it does not pass the Languish test and is one of the main reasons why I'm not playing it in the deck. However, I do feel that Thought-Knot Seer by itself is stronger than the green, especially with Crush of Tentacles.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] G/W/x Hexproof Auras (formerly Bant Enchant)
    Illinest after reading your post I am inclined to agree with your argument in that aqueous form fits the hexproof enchantment style better than then red or black splash. In addition I feel that the blue adds in more noninteractivity into the build rather than black or red which ends up being more of an all-in aggressive style through the inclusion of simic charm / spell rupture / negate. I believe the g/w core itself has enough power and tools in order to push through in the aggression and power with ethreal armor and unflinching courage.

    However one card I am not 100% sold on for the deck is sylvan carytid. It's not a replacement for avacyn's pilgrim since the timing in which it comes down is poor when placed in the low curve of the deck. It doesn't ramp into any breaking 4 drops on 3 like pilgrim did for geist on 2 and by itself it doesn't serve to add any aggression or pressure due to being defender.
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  • posted a message on Commander Campaign
    First game finished, it went pretty well overall although overall EXP gain was lower than expected, about 40-50 per game, and although we may have done a few things wrong it seems like a good amount of EXP was actually coming from getting to achievements, which ends up making them kind of pillar milestones that each deck wants to accomplish, which is something I am not sure if it is a good or bad thing. I was the only player defeated actually, so my score is going to be lower and the player who killed me is going to be higher. After the game we ended up tweaking the EXP costs of cards (7exp for uncommon, 20 for rares) due to the actual EXP gain being about half of what I was expecting. In addition, killing a player will probably be reduced to just 30exp with the other changes, but for this one since it was essentially 'first blood' we kept it at this rate.

    Results and buylist-

    Bane Allye Broker - 23 exp gained
    Demonic Tutor - 7
    Propaganda -7
    Exanguinate -7
    2 remaining

    Shardless Agent - 53 exp gained
    sensei's diving top -7
    Eternal Witness -7
    Mystical Tutor -7
    Regrowth -7
    Oblivion Stone -20
    5 remaining

    Nightscape Battlemage -31 exp gained
    Demonic Tutor - 7
    Clone - 20
    4 remaining

    Immerwolf - 41 exp gained
    Artisan of Kozilek - 7
    Ulvenweld Mystics - 7
    Wolfir Avenger - 7
    Full Moon Rise - 7
    Afflicted Deserter - 7
    Howl of the Nightpack - 7
    Overrun -7
    woah crap he did his math wrong, I need to call him and figure out what exactly he wants to do.
    Objectives - Remnant of the Golgothian Sylex

    Sludge Strider - 54 exp gained
    Mistmeadow Witch -7
    Swords to Plowshares -7
    conjurer's Closet -7
    Sphinx of the steel wind -7

    Ana Battlemage - 89 exp gained
    demonic tutor -7
    Damnation -20
    Rune Scarred Demon -20
    Decree of Pain - 20
    Liliana of the Veil -20
    Ruins from the Brother's War

    List of Changes -

    2 Exp gained for casting your commander, +1 exp for each instance of the tax applied. (We forgot about the 1exp for cmc and just did 1exp, the prior way would have been to much so something in between is right.0

    Spells and affects which affect multiple opponents will reward EXP only for a single opponent chosen by the player. (Mostly due to extort and windfall/wheel affects.)

    The maximum EXP any single spell or effect can reward is 5 exp. (same reason as above, also memory jar, etc)

    1 exp for each card not owned by you being placed in the graveyard, exile, command zone, library, or hand by a spell or effect you control. (We wanted bounce effects to be included here too)

    Some achievements reworded so that they only worked for the first player in the game to meet the requirements. Objectives in general were too difficult to meet and so were not given much actual thought unless they unlocked themselves.

    I really like the ideas presented in that link you gave me and I'm thinking about incorporating them in as a form of either character advancement or game objective. It would be interesting if some objectives could have the ability to grant abilities which fundamentally change how your deck needs to be build. If they were character advancement abilities, they would require costs and possibly even build trees attached to them and at the moment I am not sure exactly on how to balance them out, however if made as objectives there would be a lot less control for players in going for what they want.

    The ones in the Abe Sargent posts I were really interested in were -

    Druid - For each point of Druid you take you get a point that can be used to draw a basic land from your deck. Keep track of your points each game. For example if you have two points of Druid begin the game with a die set to 2. Then whenever you go to draw a card you may instead search your library for a basic land reveal it put it into your hand then shuffle. Move your die down one. This is great skill at making sure that you are not mana-hosed because it does work with your opening hand. As you draw cards for your first grip you may use Druid immediately. It also works well with land destruction or to recover from an opponent's sweeping land removal like Obliterate.
    (If taken to a specific level, this could allow a player to play a deck with a critically low level of lands and a high level of low CMC spells, and then use this ability to power out the lands needed. I like this idea because the multiplayer nature of the format lends itself exceptionally to one style of global control and value deck and other types of decks could be interesting.)

    Prismatic Mage - You may play any card for BUGWR. Just your basic Fist of Suns here.
    (This seems like the kind of insane enabler needed for this format)

    Prestidigitation - As an instant once a turn you may take a card from your hand and remove it from the game face down. During your upkeep you may return one card removed this way back to your hand. This is one a turn and just one card returned to prevent you from breaking it too much. It still plays well with a lot of cards but prevents you from popping a Magus of the Jar for seven cards tossing all seven in the hole and then getting them back the following upkeep.
    (With the current rules how they are, this ends up being an exp powerhouse by itself in addition with all the utility it brings. Not overpowered yet still useful.)
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  • posted a message on Commander Campaign

    Deck lists can only be changed in between games. Any cards purchased by EXP will be made available to be added to deck lists for future games. That is why EXP can only be spent in between games. There is no mechanism in place which would allow for a person to change cards in their deck in the middle of the game at current time.


    Objective cards for the first game which is themed around the Brother's War. These are untested but are basically what I had in mind. We'll see how it works on thursday.

    I should consider making a locked token to place over objectives to mark them.

    In addition I'll be placing in Dragon Engine and Urza's Avenger as setting based global "commanders" that can be cast from their zone by any player, with the same commander tax and state change rules as a normal commander. If there is any interaction which would impede their move to the command zone (such as a tuck effect), the card is lost forever. Since this is pauper, I feel like both of these creatures could make a large impact, but the general power level of the cards themselves are low enough so that I do not feel like it will be a big deal. Neither of these cards will count as actual commanders and I kind of need to come up with what to call them. I'm not sure if this is an idea I'll keep, but I do like the concept of each game having a mild "plane" effect such as these global commanders or some low impact effect.

    So far I've made a worksheet of sorts for postgame where you write down the exp you had coming into the game saved up, the exp you had coming out the game and anything you wished to purchase before your next game. Kind of like a requisition form so to speak, that way people don't require "character sheets" (extra life would be marked by heart stickers on the toploaders) and is an effective way to track the purchases and inventories of each player from game to game.
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  • posted a message on Commander Campaign
    Yeah, I agree that there are vast differences between card power that far overreaches the common-uncommon-rare system, especially after mythic rarity was introduced. However, the actual card power within this format is difficult to grade and within the rarities themselves are huge differences. Demonic tutor is the same EXP cost as diabolic tutor, Malignos is the same EXP cost as Tooth and Nail, so on and so forth. The EXP values will most likely change after seeing just exactly how much EXP is being gained, but I probably won't introduce a difference between Rare and Mythic due to the eternal nature of the format.

    That being said, I'm currently preparing for the first "session" to happen on Thursday. The theme for the game will be the post-apocalyptic Dominaria after the Brother's War.

    Current generals - Bane Alley Broker, Ana Battlemage, Shardless Agent, Immerwolf, Nightscape Battlemage, and one other RG that I'm not currently sure of.
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  • posted a message on Commander Campaign
    I considered that, however USD is based on the power of cards seen in non EDH formats, with many extremely powerful multiplayer EDH staples (consecrated sphinx, primordials, etc) to be far less in cost as to their actual impact on the game. It doesn't make sense for thoughtseize to cost 70 to 140 times the exp price of sylvan primordial. In addition cost prices value greatly from time to time based on how much a card sees play and so there will be situations where players will want to purchase cards at certain times due to the market flux. Yes the current system is biased towards certain cards but having a general umbrella cost helps keep the system easier and more effecient.
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  • posted a message on Commander Campaign
    I feel like the rares should be locked in for what they are once the purchase is made. Neither scenario should allow for a rare to be switched out. The reasoning behind this is that it will force people to plan ahead and stick with their purchases, to plan out what exactly you wish to add to your deck at what time in response to what you feel like you need and what the other players are using. All EXP expenditures are publicly known and so if a theme is starting to show then hosers and other cards can be brought in. In addition, it would be a neat idea to allow players to "trade" cards they have purchased with exp for their deck with each other.
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  • posted a message on Commander Campaign
    Well my current playgroup is pretty steady at the moment, but that is a good point. In RPG systems, normally they just have new players join up and give them enough exp to be just slightly less than the average of the group. I've also considered having a bounty system wherein whenever higher exp players die, the exp they lose is then split among the other players with lower exp.
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  • posted a message on Commander Campaign
    I'm testing a system with my current playgroup to lay out something of a narrative and continuous campaign for our commander games, a system where our multiplayer commander games will have continuations from prior games and where there are other objectives and conditions than being the last man standing. What I've come up with is pretty simple and will probably see changes in the future.


    Each player chooses a legal Pauper Commander and builds a legal pauper deck around that commander. Each player starts off with 30 health and an opening and maximum hand size of 7.

    During the game, a player earns EXP based on actions done. Some EXP gains are persistent, meaning that the EXP reward can be claimed any number of times during a game. Other EXP rewards are achievements, meaning that they can only be claimed once per game. Whenever a player meets a requirement to gain EXP, they must declare it and record it themselves or else the opportunity is missed. If a new player joins, then that player is given the same amount of EXP as the player with the lowest current EXP total.

    EXP can be used to upgrade your deck or to purchase other personal abilities such as increasing your life total. Uncommons and rares which are not banned on the standard multiplayer may be purchased with EXP. Commons are always accessible without EXP. EXP may only be spent in the time in between games. EXP expenditures are non-refundable.

    In addition to the normal rules for a multiplayer commander game, the campaign system contains alternate objectives. Each objective has a condition required in order to unlock the objective (sacrifice 4 creatures, pay 10 life, etc). Once an objective is unlocked, it may be attacked like an enemy player by any creatures on the board. The controller of the next creature to deal any combat damage to the objective can claim the objective. Objectives can range to cards made available to add to decks to special player abilities similar to vanguard cards.

    Some games will also have global commanders, usually a type of artifact or colorless creature which can be cast by anyone from its own command zone with the same commander tax and state change rules as a normal commander. If there is any interaction which would impede their move to the command zone (such as a tuck effect), the card is lost forever. This creature does not count as a commander for the purposes of commander damage, EXP gain, or objective requirements.

    Each player has the option of starting to Planeswalk away. During the end of their upkeep, a player may declare that he is planeswalking away. As long as the player casts no spells and attacks with no creatures until the end of their next upkeep, that player leaves the game as if the player was defeated but keeps any objectives and EXP earned during the game. If a player is defeated, then that player loses 50% of all stored (not spent) EXP as well as losing any objectives to the player which caused the killing blow. If no enemy player caused the killing blow, the objectives are simply lost.

    After 350 total exp is gained, the player may upgrade their general to a legendary creature as per normal multiplayer commander banlist and rules. Once a legendary Commander is chose, that creature is locked and cannot be changed. There is no restriction to the color differences between the starting pauper commander and the ending commander, however the only noncommon cards available for deck construction are the ones purchased with EXP. Any player may declare that they are changing their pauper commander at the end of the game.


    Persistent EXP gains -
    1 exp for each point of life loss caused to another player.
    1 exp for each card placed in a player's hand beyond the first card drawn in the player's draw phase.
    1 exp for each land other than the normal allotted land drop.
    1 exp for each 2 points of life gained.
    1 exp for controlling the spell of effect which causes a card the player does not own to be placed in the graveyard, exile zone, hand or command zone.
    2 exp for casting your commander + 1 exp for each application of the commander tax.
    30 exp for controlling the spell or effect which causes the death of an enemy player.

    Persistent EXP gains only trigger off of a single opponent for those which would affect multiple opponents. The maximum amount of Persistent EXP any single spell or effect can grant other than killing a player is 5 exp.

    Achievement EXP gains -
    5 exp for placing an enemy commander in that owner's library.
    5 exp for killing an enemy general with combat damage from your general.
    5 exp for being the first player to cause life loss to another player in the game.
    5 exp for destroying a Sensei's Divining Top in play.
    10 exp for the first player to play the fourth spell on a stack.
    10 exp for being the first player to resolve the second version of a creature already in play.
    10 exp for being the first player to play their 12th land.
    10 exp for being the first player to have 6 or more creatures in play.
    10 exp for being the first player to have 6 or more artifacts in play.
    10 exp for being the first player to have 6 or more enchantments in play.

    EXP costs -
    7 exp - Uncommon
    21 exp - Rare or Mythic Rare
    3 exp - Filter/Tap/Scar/Pain/etc Land
    5 exp - Shock land
    10exp - Fetch land
    15exp - Dual land
    50 exp - 5 extra total player health (up to a maximum of +30 extra health)
    200 exp - 1 extra card in the starting and maximum hand size. (Up to a a maximum of + 3 cards)

    Objectives -

    Game 1 Objectives - Aftermath of the Brother's War Themed

    Right now I'm mostly looking into different style of planeswalker abilities could be introduced. last game the Remnant of the Golgthian Sylex was obtained by Immerwolf, so we'll see next game if the ability is overpowered or not. Other ideas are being considered, especially ones which will allow a variable type of deck construction much like commanders already do.
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  • posted a message on Amazing Female Commander (Female Tribal) Help building
    I second Drana. Mono black is very fun if you can get the mana doublers.
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  • posted a message on Playing With Custom-Art Generals
    You should definitely have an actual copy of the card when you play with proxies like that not only because people may complain that they don't know what your generals do but also because there may be times where you need to shuffle your general into your library and only very good proxies don't show up when shuffled in like that.

    On the other hand having a foil full art proxied general is the only way to play Commander in my opinion.
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  • posted a message on Share Your Playgroup Thread
    I play as a part of an ongoing commander league at the local store. We are currently on the 4th iteration of Commander League. I've been going there for a few years now and although we don't have a lot of multiplayer games anymore, I've gotten to know everyone's personality pretty well. The current iteration of the league is based around 1v1 commander games rather than multiplayer ones. We have a much more open banlist and the game meta is more competitive than not. It's basically "Legacy EDH" where the cards are powerful and the idea is for decks to operate like a well tuned machine.

    1)Sam using Edric, Spymaster of Trest. (Aggro Control) It's ironic that at the start of the league everyone was deathly afraid of what Edric was capable of but as the league got underway this deck was the one who under performed the most due to the amount of hate people had prepared for it. Sam is definitely an aggro player with the mindset of lower curves and heavy beats. I feel like he has the most fun when he curves perfectly and counters the sweeper before ending the game.

    2)Thomas using Mimeoplasm. (Attrition Control) Thomas is the most experienced person of the playgroup and the winner of commander league 1 and 3 with Child of Alara dream halls combo and Damia with the same basic deck he has now. He's the guy to beat essentially and prefers card advantage over anything else. You'll most likely scoop vs him by turn 6, but he won't actually kill you the deck for the next half an hour if you keep playing it out. I feel like he has the most fun when he fateseals with Jace and lets them keep the card when it would have been their only out because he has the answer for it anyways and doesn't care if they have it.

    3)Josh using Maelstrom Wanderer. (Ramp) Josh is the friendly Timmy style player of the group. He is the winner of commander league 3 with Riku of Two Reflections. He loves playing big spells and he loves loves loves clone effects. He's also the kind of player who creates a lot of fun style decks and who spends the most amount of time of people in the group playing with the lesser experienced people outside it. I feel like he has the most fun when Wild Ricochets a Time Stretch or drops 20+ power with haste on the board in a single turn.

    4)Mantham using Linvala, Keeper of Silence. (Stax) Mantham is (in)famous around the store as the person who said things like "I would rather stick my ___ into a meat grinder" and "I am going to ___-punch a baby". He was relatively inexperienced at first but now has one of the strongest decks in the meta at the moment. He tried a lot of stuff in play style but he seems to have fit into the stax style of deck quite well. I feel like he has the most fun when he gets a major spell with mana tithe or resolves a fast tangle wire.

    5)Kevin using Kaalia of the Vast. (Reanimator) Kevin is the newest member of the group but he's been able to fit in quite well. Because of being a newer player, he picked up Kaalia who was used by Sam last league and moved it from the aggro style that Sam had into the more reanimator style that the deck is in currently. I feel like he has the most fun when he plays reoccurring nightmare between Yosei and Angel of Despair.

    6)Webb using Rafiq of the Many. (Mid-range) Webb is what I would say is the closest thing to your standard mtg player. He's friendly, great to play with, and is knowledgeable of the game itself. I don't really know what his preferred style is though as although I've spent a good amount of time with him, most of it was not mtg related.

    7)Nate using Karador, Ghost Chieftain. (Dredge) Nate used to play at the store all the time, but lately we only rarely see him because of the increase of his schoolwork along with his job. I've seen Nate play a good number of decks but I don't think he's really found the kind of play style that really fits him.

    8)Duncan using Merieke Ri Berit. (Aggro Control) Duncan is a great player but not someone who I've really gotten a real for just yet on what deck style is best for him. He started the league off with Esper good stuff, but since then he's kind of tuned his deck to be much more aggro orientated since his general can keep the board pretty clear of blockers. I haven't had enough experience playing with him in other formats and with other decks to get a proper read on what style fits best for him.

    9)Tommy using Teysa Orzhov Scion. (Tokens) Tommy is definitely the more direct aggro player with him using Brion Stoutarm last league. Unfortunately I haven't seen him in some time due to a new job and a new girlfriend and due to that he's all but dropped out of the current league. A great guy to play with but I don't know if he has the time to play mtg at the moment.

    10)Me using Jhoira of the Ghitu. (Combo Control) Started playing around Urza's Saga and still consider that block to be my favorite, so it's not a big wonder that I ended up being the combo player of the group. I like efficiently and consistently winning the game which puts me at more spike that johnny. Jhoira started off in league 2 as you suspend giant monster style deck, but after evolving it over time it became much more control orientated with combo as the win-con. I enjoy winning the game through stiff competition by resolving a well-timed silver bullet such as Bribery, Ruination, or Volcanic Fallout. (Or playing Jhoira and suspending Emrakul on turn 3)
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  • posted a message on Fun stuff that has been said at your EDH matches.
    Guy - "Woah, that's a lot of big dudes."
    Player A - "You're a lot of big dudes."
    Guy - "What are you saying I'm fat?"
    Player A - "Uh... yeah. Yeah I am."

    "Man I feel Jin Gitaxis coming down any minute now"

    "Screw this, I'm going to go home and beat my wife."

    "What is that? Island? Yeah that card really needs to be banned."

    "Cards in hand?" (always happens right before a mind twist)
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] Jenara - The ETB Bant Army
    I'm not sure if this massive oversight in the primer has been addressed so far in this thread or not but...

    Stoneforge Mystic is a she.

    That is all.
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  • posted a message on Fitting general for an artifact based R/U deck?
    Jhoira of the Ghitu is the original mage-artificer from Tolaria. You could have Teferi and Kharn the Silver Golem come with to form the original gang. What Jhoira can do for an artifact deck is ramp more artifacts out. In addition there's a specific set of mechanics related to suspend that you could take advantage of (although it's not really specific to an artifact theme)
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