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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 26/11/2018)
    SV is more consistent than Looting. Looting is a high-variance card - the only card you really want to discard is Griselbrand, maybe Borborygmos (Borb is almost always worse to reanimate than Griselbrand, and holding it in hand means you can pitch it to Shoal if you don't draw Wurm). When your plan ends up being Through the Breach (something that you might not know at the moment you Loot), Looting makes it harder to get there because it's negative CA and Breach is a solid 5 mana. They have to run Night's Whisper just to make up for the negative CA on Looting (sort of like Bedlam Reveler in Mardu or some Phoenix builds).

    When you play SV, you don't have to worry about "am I gonna draw something to pitch, or is this gonna be an effective mulligan?" You draw your card, examine your hand, ask yourself "what am I missing, a land? engine?" and scry based on that. Even if your scry is completely useless, you're not down any cards.

    In general most Looting decks are high variance, but some of that variance goes down if they have lots of cards that they actively want to discard to Looting (Bloodghast, Vengevine, Fiery Temper, either Phoenix) or other loot effects (Burning Inquiry, Chart a Course)*. Think of looting+stuff to ditch as an A+B combo deck - if you have more copies of A or B, you're naturally more consistent, and if you can play SV on top of that, it looks even rosier. Just that your A+B only generates scads of value instead of auto-winning the game.

    There is some hope for Grishoalbrand, though. 11-4 is a good result, and you get to play a Guilds card even. The guy who tweeted that posts here under the same username.

    The actual problem with Cheeri0s' is that it has too much air (20 equipment) compared to Grishoalbrand (4 Shoals and 2 Borb). That's a huge disadvantage that not even SV can overcome, and one that's frequently overlooked. Bubble Hulk is another deck that suffers from the same problem.

    *Sometimes mill effects can count towards loot too (Thought Scour, Stitcher's Supplier), but you can't have a deck that's all mill and no loot because you'll draw hands containing 2 Bloodghasts and have no way to get them into the graveyard.
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  • posted a message on Hazoret Belcher
    Another video by a lesser-known streamer, from reddit:

    Comedy level in these videos remains high.
    First League, 3-2
    R1 vs UR Phoenix
    G1, T4 Belcher win off a no-land, 1 Lotus mull to 5 (topdecked land T1...)
    G2, yielded and failed to block a lethal Awoken Horror
    G3, T4 Belcher win facing lethal next turn

    R2 vs UW
    G1, baited Cryptic Command with a Belcher, then slammed Blood Moon turning all lands into Mountains, won a few turns later
    G2, baited Cryptic with Moon, then slammed Belcher and won

    R3 vs U Tron
    G1, T1 Blood Moon into T3 6 Goblins. Unfortunately the opponent ramped into Wurmcoil Engine, then Chalice of the Void on 2 and won Frown
    G2, mulliganed to death Frown

    R4 vs 8Rack
    G1, burned a ritual on Blood Moon (against basic Swamp.dec) and died
    G2, made 4 Goblins on T3, then drew a useless Blood Moon and died

    R5 vs 8Rack again
    G1, made 6 Goblins on T4, lost the only land to Smallpox...but made it all the way LOLOLOL Awesomer!!
    G2, made 6 Goblins on T1(!), faded Illness in the Ranks, blew up Ensnaring Bridge and won

    Second League, 4-1
    R1 vs Dredge
    G1, kept a no-land 2 Bloom 7, making 30 Goblins on turn 4...but crumbled under 1 Narcomoeba, 3 Bloodghast, 4 Prized Amalgam and 4 Creeping Chill
    G2, T4 Belcher (with unnecessary Tormod's Crypt)
    G3, kept an all-mana 7, drew into T2 Crypt (unused for the entire game, opp was hardcasting creatures the entire time), made 12 Goblins on T5. Opp timed out Laughing

    R2 vs UR Kiki
    G1, landed T1 Moon. Made 8 Goblins T5, got Angered, Belched T8 for lethal
    G2, kept a no-land 1 Bloom 6, durdled till T7 making 14 Goblins, got Angered, died to beats
    G3, made 4 Goblins T4 and Blood Moon T5, got Staticastered, durdled a bit more into T9 Fury > rituals > Belcher from hand with Guttural Response backup > T10 Belch

    R3 vs RG Ponza
    G1, T4 Belcher
    G2, got smashed by artifact removal
    G3, opp blew Engineered Explosives on Vessel of Volatility. Instant regret when 10 Goblins came down T4. (Nonlethal) Belcher followed on T6, Goblins finished the job.

    R4 vs Burn
    G1, T2 Belcher into T3 activation for the kill (sneaking past T2 Eidolon of the Great Revel)
    G2, lost to T2 Eidolon
    G3, kept a risky 1-land 7, drew SSG T3 into 8 Goblins. Beat opp's 0-creature draw.

    R5 vs Bant Spirits
    G1, kept a 0-land 1 Bloom 6, SSGed into Map T2 and made 12 Goblins T4, but fell short
    G2, Gut Shot opp's T1 Mausoleum Wanderer, landed T3 Moon, catching opp without Noble Hierarch or Aether Vial. T5 Fury > Empty sealed the game.
    G3, mulled a 0-land 2 Bloom 7 into 0-land 1 Bloom SSG+Map 6. Landed T3 Moon, but opp had 2 Hierarchs and some attackers by then. Spell Queller secured the win for opp.
    A few thoughts on the deck, having seen the above videos:
    • If I had to compare this deck to a more well-known one, it would be Titanshift, not Storm. That's quite a shocker - are you seriously saying a 6 land deck is close to a 27 land one? Well, you need to hit 6 (Fury/Primeval Titan) or 7 (Belcher/Scapeshift) mana for your wincons. Summoner's Pact even has the Fury-like effect of tying up your mana for the next turn. Neither this deck nor Titanshift have much in the way of card selection. Mulligans are also tough to recover from since you need that critical mass of mana (but as we have seen, sometimes luck just smiles on you and hands you wins off mulls to 5). Don't put Faithless Looting in this deck; casting it is basically mulliganing, and there are no graveyard synergies.
    • While Titanshift relies on ramp spells to get there, this deck uses rituals and mana storage instead. The rituals can power out faster wins, since you get to use the mana immediately, unlike Titanshift's ramp spells which put lands onto the battlefield tapped. On the other hand, lands provide mana every turn, while rituals and mana storage are one-time resources.
    • Turn 4 is about the average win turn for this deck. But really, any Lotus Bloom deck can expect that. Sometimes you win a little faster (virtually or otherwise) with ritualed Moons, Empties or Belchers.
    • I think the old 2 Traveler's Amulet/Wanderer's Twig is correct. They are slow, but sometimes you need that to win the race, not a Skirk Prospector that makes mana once and dies. I would probably play 2 Amulet/3 Moon/1 Prospector now.
    • I thought the blue decks would be bad matchups, but they're surprisingly winnable. The deck won every single match against UR and UW opponents. Dispel can't counter your mana storage or wincons. Soft counters can be paid for, they basically trade 1-for-1 with mana storage. You have enough wincons to continually present threats that they have to answer or die to: 3 mana Moons, 4 mana Empties, 4 mana Belchers. Blood Moon is another card that exceeded expectations - I thought it would suck against the basic-heavy UW or partially-red UR, but it effectively trades for Cryptic Command since they either have to counter it, or let it resolve and be locked out of UUU.
    • The UR decks are generally tougher than UW since they have cheaper board wipes.
      3 Guttural Response should be enough for the SB against blue decks, leaving you more slots for other matchups.
    • Street Wraith is a bad SB card. SB cards should let you beat opposing hate, not just draw more of your deck, leaving its composition unchanged. Seriously, just play Bolts over it, those kill hatebears and beaters, and you can aim those at your opponent if nothing else.
    • I still don't see why you would play Ingot Chewer over Shattering Spree. Spree can wipe out multiple artifacts and beat Welding Jar. That's worth more than getting an extra 3/3 if you reveal your artifact removal off Fury.
    • Stony Silence is quite a beating, shutting off half your mana and half your wincons. There's no way to deal with it in mono-red, so just hope to avoid it.
    • You're probably wondering if there's any Guilds card that could make the list. Unfortunately I don't see any.
    • Arclight Phoenix requires you to play Looting, and if you draw one without the other, you've basically mulliganed. Not to mention, this deck isn't as heavy on instants/sorceries.
      Experimental Frenzy is more of a grindy CA engine than a combo engine, contrary to its predecessor (Future Sight). Your topdecks basically have to be perfect (rituals into rituals into wincons) since you can't play cards from your hand. You also can't exile SSG from the library for mana, nor suspend Lotus Bloom (which, even if you wouldn't last 3 more turns, would dig you one card deeper).
      Legion Warboss is an alternate wincon, but this deck had no business playing Goblin Rabblemaster before and I doubt a slightly different Rabblemaster changes that. Though you can try SBing into red Moon prison with 4 Rabblemaster+4 Warboss if you think it'll work.
      Runaway Steam-Kin doesn't trigger off artifacts. Some of your wins involve very low starting storm counts, such as Bloom/Vessel into Fury/Belcher, meaning Steam-Kin is liable to contributing nothing at all.
    One final thing I'd like to say: thanks, to all the streamers (well, two) who've played this deck. It's been very entertaining to watch. SPBKASO, if you're reading this, it has Blood Moon in it, so you're contractually obligated to play it Smile .
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 26/11/2018)
    Thopter Sword was in a Dark Depths and Chrome Mox deck.

    Vial Goblins was also a Chrome Mox deck, on top of having 8 better Buglers that aren't in the Modern card pool. The better Buglers not only let you fight through removal, but also overcome the negative CA from Mox.

    Affinity...well, I don't think I need to explain...
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 26/11/2018)
    Quote from ktkenshinx »
    14 are on Izzet Phoenix with 3 on Mono R Phoenix.
    SV > non SV

    The Jund deck in T8 is very hateful towards graveyards. 2 Ooze, 1 Kalitas and 3 Nihil Spellbomb maindeck.

    On the GP side, Cheeri0s makes an appearance, with SV, of course. We can track the trial winners' decks to their records and end up with:
    Hollow One at 7-1
    Dredge at 7-1
    Bridgevine at 7-1
    Jund at 6-2
    Cheeri0s at 6-2
    Mono-red Phoenix at 7-1
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 26/11/2018)
    Quote from Shmanka »
    It's quotes like these that really make me laugh. I don't understand the lack in large part of the community simply understanding how degenerate "free" really is.
    What's "free" about Punishing Fire? It costs mana to cast, and costs mana to trigger. You need to dedicate enough slots in your deck for both halves, and while one half is a land, there's some decks which do not want it - low curve aggro decks (which seldom get above 3 lands in play, and cannot afford to draw Grove but not Fire) are one example. There are more below which you mistakenly think can just slam Grove into.
    We currently are having decks shove Arclight Phoenix into their decks where it may not even belong.
    Do you have an actual example of this? Arclight Phoenix has spawned its own archetype and aside from that, the only deck (not decks) I know of that tried it is Mardu. There are more Mardu decklists out there without Phoenix than there are with Phoenix.
    I would run Punishing Fire into Hollow One, Phoenix Decks, Mardu, Ponza, Dredge, Jeskai, etc.
    Good luck shoehorning Punishing Fire into Hollow One. They need their fetchlands for Bloodghast and delve creatures, and the only land that isn't a fetch or a fetch target is Blackcleave Cliffs. So you can choose between making your Bloodghasts and delve creatures less consistent, or switching to RG and having a SB that can't beat combo.

    Ponza cannot run Punishing Fire. It needs lots of Forests to enchant with Utopia Sprawl and untap with Arbor Elf. This is why you don't see Copperline Gorge in Kird Ape decks or Rootbound Crag in Valakut decks: because the basic land type matters, more than it being able to produce both green and red. On top of that, Ponza is a Blood Moon deck (as is Mardu, incidentally).

    As for Jeskai...lol, you want to play 3-4 lands that tap for red and no other colors that you can use, in a deck that already has a ton of burn spells and Snapcaster Mage to cast them again?
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  • posted a message on Help with mana base for Abzan deck
    Two simple rules for you:
    1) Don't play ETB tapped lands (so no Temples or Canopy Vista)
    2) All your lands should be able to produce green for your Elves (so no basic Plains or Shefet Dunes)

    Fetchlands can be used to search for shocklands (Temple Garden or Overgrown Tomb), that's why they're used in so many decks. Fetching for an untapped shock costs you as much life as tapping Mana Confluence three times, so if you'll end up tapping a land for mana three or more times, fetch + shock is the better choice.

    When fetchlands say "Forest", it doesn't have to be a basic Forest. Don't use Evolving Wilds as a substitute, since Wilds can't get shocklands, and breaks rule #1.

    Woodland Cemetery gets worse when you have lots of lands without basic land types. If your hand is Temple Garden + Woodland Cemetery, you can lead with Garden on T1 and Cemetery untapped on T2. If your hand is Razorverge Thicket + Woodland Cemetery instead, that Cemetery is ETBing tapped. If you need a BG land, use Overgrown Tomb, Blooming Marsh or Gilt-Leaf Palace.

    Always play 1 Pendelhaven in Elves, it's a freeroll.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 26/11/2018)
    Quote from ktkenshinx »

    I don't think that's doomsaying or absurd and negative in any way. It's a little reactionary but it's mostly based on sound theory. We know cantrips and dig cards are some of the best things you can be doing in Modern. That's why I've been championing SV in the Cheeri0s thread for 1-2 years now. It's why izzetmage always blasts people for not playing enough cantrips. It's why GDS was good in the first place and why Looting and Phoenix decks are good in Modern and Modern/Standard respectively. Building decks around card velocity is often good Magic, so in that sense, you're just saying that Modern decks are aligning with good deckbuilding trends, which is a natural observation.
    Can attest that I love cantrips and wholeheartedly recommend them in combo decks. I'm proud to say that I was a proponent of playing cantrips in Cheeri0s when other people were using stuff like Spoils of the Vault or Muddle the Mixture. The most recent tech is Artificer's Assistant, and needless to say, I'm not convinced it's better than Serum Visions (though it's hard to tell either way since the deck puts up so few results).

    Take a guess as to whether I think UR Arclight Phoenix is better than mono-red...

    I also agree that playing cantrips in your deck is just good deckbuilding. Don't read too much into it. It's a bit like playing fetch+shock mana bases, or burn spells in aggro decks, or blue in control decks...it's just what has been shown to work, and people will play what works. And it's not like there is no variation in the types of decks with cantrips that you can play.
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  • posted a message on Runed Halo. Does it deserve a sideboard slot still?
    It's pretty weak hate against combo decks. Usually you name their wincon because that's the only thing that can target you, but that doesn't stop them from comboing out: drawing their library, finding removal for Halo, then killing you with the wincon that you named.

    Some combo decks may have multiple wincons, and worse yet, those wincons may make tokens (e.g. Empty the Warrens, Sai, Master Thopterist). You can't name Goblin or Thopter with Runed Halo.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 26/11/2018)
    Another day, another announcement where SFM is not unbanned.

    Also, #banlistlogic was telling me that DTT would be unbanned because it was printed in UMA. Oh and GGT should have been unbanned too, for the same reason.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 01/10/2018)
    Quote from ktkenshinx »

    As izzetmage likes to remind us, SFM got issued as the GP promo in 2016 and everyone thought this meant an SFM unban had to be coming. Fast forward to 2018 and she's still banned. See also Twin in Modern Masters prior to its banning. I would not read too much into the connection between a reprint and banlist decisions. JTMS is the only example I know where Wizards even officially connected the two in an announcement.
    Ah yes, #banlistlogic, the only logic you will ever need.

    #banlistlogic is very simple and can be described in just 2 sentences:
    1) If a card is currently banned and has a reprint in a supplemental set, it will be unbanned. E.g. our boi SFM
    2) If a card is currently not banned and does not have a reprint, it will be banned. E.g. Serum Visions in 2015

    Now it's Dig Through Time's turn. Frankly, I can't treat anyone who thinks DTT or TC is safe to unban seriously. Those cards have broken Modern, Legacy and Vintage, which is quite the hat-trick. None of the cards that enable DTT/TC are exclusive to Vintage - this isn't like the lock artifacts which gain a huge boost in Vintage because of Mishra's Workshop, or Monastery Mentor with lots of Moxen to ramp it out. Fetchlands, Thought Scour and cantrips are all available in Modern to help feed DTT/TC.

    In the interest of providing a balanced argument, there is one card which is no longer available to enable DTT/TC, and that's Gitaxian Probe. In all 3 formats, their respective Probe bans happened after their Dig/TC bans, which may fool some into thinking "well, maybe they aren't so bad as long as Probe isn't in the same format..." To that I counter:
    1) Delve spells continue to see play even without Probe. Hollow One has its Gurmag Anglers. Infect, still with Become Immense from Probe days, T8ed the most recent GP, along with GP Prague a few months back. The other BI+Probe favorite, Death's Shadow, changed colors and lost its aggressive 1-drops, but it's still casting delve spells and T8ing GPs (Las Vegas, Barcelona) without Probe. Only that the delve spell is Gurmag Angler instead of Become Immense.
    2) A Probe-less DTT Scapeshift list T8ed GP Madrid 2014.
    DTT without Probe is far from a wet noodle.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 01/10/2018)
    Does anyone still play Lantern now that we have Jace to screw your opponent out of drawing his good cards?
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  • posted a message on Sins of the past
    Sins of the Past -> Enter the Infinite -> 3 Simian Spirit Guide and Lightning Storm

    It's inferior to Ad Nauseam + Angel's Grace as you need an additional card to dump Enter the Infinite into the graveyard, and you can't use extra copies of Enter the Infinite to Fog your opponent.

    Sins used to be played in TEPS in Extended as spare copies of Mind's Desire, but that doesn't really work in Modern because 1) the rituals are red and 2) the Modern version of Mind's Desire doesn't let you cast 6s.

    Also worth pointing out that if your target is an instant, Torrential Gearhulk can be used to cast it.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 01/10/2018)
    I always see this "they should unban cards" mentality whenever deck X performs too well. I wish I could share this idealism, but Dredge does not strike me as a deck that, if it turns out to be a problem, can be fixed simply by unbanning cards. Banning cards, yes, printing better grave hate, maybe (see 2 paragraphs down), but unbanning cards...I just don't see it. DRS? That's what I'd call cutting off your nose to spite your face, given that it has proven too much for even Legacy to handle. SFM? Sure, it gives white decks a better G1, but am I to believe that all the non-white decks (you know, those that don't have Rest in Peace) do not need any help against Dredge? Or that they do, and the answer comes from another card on the banlist, and unleashing that deluge of unbans upon the format is going to make it right again?

    No unban in Modern has ever been in response to a deck being too good - it has always been in response to another deck not being good enough (in some cases literally nonexistent), so they decide to throw it a bone.

    I also always hear "people will play more hate in their SBs and life will go on as usual", except that in Dredge's case, GGT was banned precisely because it "pushed the format too far toward a battle of sideboards". That is not reassuring to hear for Dredge players. Dredge has actually acquired another tool in the battle of SBs: Assassin's Trophy. Prior to Trophy you had stuff like Nature's Claim (misses Scavenging Ooze and gives the opponent a life buffer) and Abrupt Decay (misses Leyline of the Void) - all good SB cards which still see play in Dredge, but only Assassin's Trophy gives perfect coverage against permanents at 2 mana.

    There is this stigma of banning cards, but I believe it's totally justified when it comes to a deck like Dredge. It has that combination of speed and resilience - speed from all the free payoff spells, resilience from dead creatures coming back from the graveyard, triggered abilities dodging all but the most specialized counters, and the dredge mechanic itself gradually rebuilding the Dredge player's resources far faster than the 1-card-per-turn "topdeck phase" that most other aggro decks find themselves in. The deck is just really hard to interact with, and that's why it places so much strain on other players being prepared for it with their SBs.

    Finally, I want to address the point that Dredge could just be a flash in the pan or flavor of the month deck. This is easy to refute: Dredge has been quietly T8ing GPs after GGT was banned, but before Chill was printed. The deck is here to stay until it gets banned.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 01/10/2018)
    Two years ago I made a post about what I thought was the proper card to ban from Dredge, back when it still had Golgari Grave-Troll. They banned GGT and not Bloodghast, which haunts me to this day, but I still believe in two points I made in that post:

    1) Dredge is not a busted mechanic, it's actually
    2) Stuff that you can cast, trigger or activate from your graveyard for free are busted

    What's happened since GGT got banned?
    - GGT-less Dredge continues to T8 GPs (Brisbane, Kobe, Copenhagen, Oklahoma City, and a win at Barcelona).
    - Hollow One and Bridgevine became real decks. Both decks use Bloodghast (and Faithless Looting, but that's a topic for another time). Both decks are capable of creating insurmountable board states on turn 1-2. Neither deck has dredge cards other than occasional Darkblasts in Bridgevine's SB. (Side note, I made a mention of the Bridge from Below + Greater Gargadon + Bloodghast engine in my 2016 post, and as it turns out, Bridgevine plays all three cards. Though I am aware that Bridgevine can't recur lands, so Gravecrawler instead of Bloodghast as the third card and paying mana to recur Crawler ends up being more stable.)
    - Creeping Chill has been printed and has put Dredge in the forefront again. Like all of Dredge's greatest hits (Bloodghast, Narcomoeba, Prized Amalgam), it doesn't cost mana to trigger.
    - Dredge plays 4x dredge 5 (Stinkweed Imp), but not a full playset of the next highest dredger (Golgari Thug at 4). 4x dredge 5, 2x dredge 4, 4x dredge 3 (Life from the Loam/Darkblast) is closer to the truth. This can be quite a shocker for people who assume that "dredge is a busted mechanic", ergo, building Dredge starts with simply applying the greedy algorithm to all dredge cards in the format.
    Why does Dredge play dredge 3s over dredge 4s? Bloodghast, of course. Those lands in your graveyard aren't going to put themselves back into your hand without Loam, other than Dakmor Salvage.

    I believe Bloodghast was a mistake and Golgari Grave-Troll died for its sins, in line with points 1 and 2 above (much like Bloodbraid Elf and Deathrite Shaman, which I'm glad to see has been corrected). The synergy between Bloodghast and Faithless Looting is extremely strong, even without dredgers - Bloodghast gives you the opportunity to turn Looting's discard into a positive, which at least three distinct decks have sought to abuse. It warps UW into playing 4 Terminus because that's the cleanest answer to it before reaching for Rest in Peace from the SB - cheap enough to cast before getting overrun (with some luck or library manipulation), and puts it into the library instead of the graveyard so it can't be revived.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 01/10/2018)

    With the benefit of hindsight, SFM is not coming off while UW is a tier 1 deck. It's like, here is a deck whose strength lies in the lategame, now let's give it a tool to make its early-game better, so it can be good at all stages of the game, also keep in mind this deck is already tier 1 now...I just don't see the sense in that.

    GSZ is another one I don't understand why people love so much. The issue with Chord/Company decks is that their best starts are off a T1 mana dork, but those same mana dorks are horrible topdecks in the late-game. Putting GSZ in those decks means you can have 8 mana dorks for turn 1 and only 4 dead draws late-game. There are some consistency issues it introduces (drawing your Dryad Arbor, not being hittable off Company - but GSZ is replacing a dork, and flipping a dork off Company is not great either), but I don't believe those outweigh the flexibility of GSZ.

    One card that I think could come off is Punishing Fire.
    1) Humans needs another check
    2) Jund is not great even after BBE (we'll have to see how much Assassin's Trophy helps it)
    3) Tron has moved to mono-G (though it could move back to RG, not dismissing that possibility immediately. Anything other than mono-green is weaker to Field of Ruin though.)
    4) Loam (currently a tier 5 deck) benefits from it. Definitely don't think it'll break Loam, it's reliant on the graveyard and not a fast deck, so you have more time to draw into your RIP or whatever.
    5) The other two slow CA engines (Bitterblossom and Sword of the Meek) have been unbanned and have not broken the format.

    KCI has Grove already, but I don't think they'll play Fire, given they already maindeck 3 Stirrable board wipes that double as combo pieces.

    The biggest question mark is 2). If Jund continues to underperform and Humans remains dominant, Punishing Fire could be reintroduced. I certainly feel it's a safer anti-aggro card than SFM when UW is still tier 1.
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