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  • posted a message on [PR] Beacon Green
    Thanks for the advice, but I guess I should give a little background info. See, in my playgroup, one guy has a goblin deck that is pretty speedy (he's got all the big little guys: Warchief , Piledriver , and Sharpshooter . What really grinds my teeth is that people insist upon trading two Piledrivers for something about 1/15th their value to him.) It's kinda the deck to beat around here, and if your kill card requires 8 mana, even really good acceleration isn't going to be fast enough. If I was going to play with Rude Awakening (assuming I could get my hands on some; the Trolls are going to be hard enough), I'd have to build so I could Giant Growth my Sakura-Tribe Elders or something, since the Piledrivers need to die when blocked if you are not making an immediate and massive counter-attack.
    So yeah, I don't know how fast competitive Extended matches go, but between us the game should be over by the time I hit six land, preferably five. All cards outside the Beacons and Overruns are for if the Goblins get slowed down and the game starts dragging on. My lone copy of Kamahl will probably get tossed in for our big multiplayer games, but for these games, no.
    Now that I remember the Sharpshooters, I think I might need Blasting Station back in the deck after all. Those snipers could be major trouble; I just haven't seen them in a while. I might try playing without Moment's Peace and put the stations in; I never see the Peaces in time anyway.
    I'm sorry if that's a bit convoluted; I don't have much practice at organizing my thoughts on Magic.
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  • posted a message on [PR] Beacon Green
    Hello all. Don't post much, and I play competitive Magic even less, so I figured this should go into the Casual forum. I've been thinking about building a green deck (going back to the good ol' days, sans Ancient Silverbacks and Thorn Elementals); more specifically, one using Beacon of Creation. I am by no means an expert deckbuilder, which is why I am asking for your, the people's, help. Anyway, here's what I have so far:

    You may laugh at the Traproot Kamis, but I loves them so. Also, if anybody thinks the Ascetics can be cut, tell me so. I do not have much monies, which is why stuff like Jittes are out of the question. I'm having enough trouble with the Beacons themselves! But anyways, before I spend what little money I have, I request, nay, DEMAND advice.
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  • posted a message on [RAV] Color Pairs
    Y'know, I'm kinda surprised no one brought this part of the article up (leastways, not that I know of):
    Yellow (harkening to gold I guess) was supposed to visually tell the players, “Hey, look at me I can produce more than one color of mana”. I bring this up, one, because it's a neat factoid, and two, I'm not supposed to say but just the fact that I can't say anything says something.
    What if this means the background for the guild mana cards is going to be yellow? Or maybe the guild mana symbols are yellow, and the textbox says what you can pay them with?
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  • posted a message on New Megrim Art!
    S'fine by me, although I remember hearing that Wizards doesn't like that sort of thing. Then again, when has that ever stopped anyone?
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  • posted a message on New Megrim Art!
    Only not really. I made a painting that looks quite like Megrim. You can click for a larger version (1.2 Mb).

    Hey, I've got the same name as the real artist! Only not Bollinger.
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  • posted a message on Art contest - June
    Here's a sketchy-doo, since I felt like trying my hand at this. I might apply color to this later. But probably not. Anyway, you can click to see a colored concept, but be warned: the sensation you experience may be similar to knives. In the eyes.

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  • posted a message on The Official Word Alchemy Game

    mister bloody minded
    likes difficult words.
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  • posted a message on [9th] Probable (large) Art for Serra Angel
    Now that they mentioned Adam Rex in the Arcana, I think he might be the artist. Take a look at Aether Burst, Akroma's Blessing, Angelic Shield, Decree of Justice, Seedborn Muse, Shield Wall, etc. Seedborn Muse's face and scarf look very similar, while Shield Wall's and the Decree's weaponry have similar shines.
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  • posted a message on [9th] Probable (large) Art for Serra Angel
    Oh come on now.
    The Inquest art looks like some sort of airbrushed model from those magazines that you see in grocery stores. The armored one isn't perfect (see eyeshadow), but it's a helluva lot better fit for a Magic card. These angels are supposed to attack, you know, not say "TAP: Target male opponent drools on cards. Remove wet cards from the game.". I just don't quite see a pinup using that lovely little gilded sword to stab some sort of vicious beast.
    EDIT: And I just noticed the sword's handle. It has SPIKES all over it. The hey? How's she supposed to grip that thing? What are the spikes for? Last I checked, the grip is not what you whale on people with.
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  • posted a message on The Official Word Alchemy Game

    Whew, that was difficult. I just took a guess in Word on stuped, and whaddaya know. Okay, how about:

    gravy train ride
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  • posted a message on [9th] Probable (large) Art for Serra Angel
    I think this is by far the best art for Serra Angel (if that is what it's for). I mean, as soon as we say that angels aren't indestructible, they're going to need armor like everyone else, not a dress or a metal bikini. Plus, look at all that shiny metal! The technical aspect of the art is great (see shiny metal. And the feathers! Oh, the feathers!), and I like the style of it, too. Kinda like something you'd see in a cathedral, only Magicked up. I'd say the only part of it I don't like is the eye shadow.
    EDIT: Don't wanna double post, but I think Greg Staples is a good guess (from previous page, can't remember who suggested it). The feathers and the background look like something Kev Walker might do, but I've never seen anything very detailed by him. The girl's face on Phyrexian Librarian looks a bit similar, though. See also: Knight of the Hokey Pokey.
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