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    posted a message on Cards of equal mana cost but unequal power/toughness
    Quote from soleil19 »
    newer cards are stronger than older cards?
    In fact, Shock was first printed in Stronghold (March 1998), while Lightning Bolt was first printed in Alpha (August 1993)

    Quote from soleil19 »
    Why would anyone have it in a deck?
    One reason to have the weaker card in a deck is because the weaker card is legal in the format you're playing and the stronger one isn't. For example, Shock is currently legal in Standard format (most recently printed in a Standard-legal set in M20, released July 2019), while Lightning Bolt isn't (most recently printed in a Standard-legal set in M11, released July 2010).

    Or maybe you're playing in a Limited event, and the worse card of the two is in the set you're playing with while the better one isn't.

    Another reason to have the weaker card in a deck is because you already have 4 copies (or 1 copy in a singleton format like EDH/Commander) of the stronger card, and want more. If you have 4 Lightning Bolts in your deck, you aren't allowed to have a 5th. But you could add 4 Shocks, which, while not as good as Lightning Bolt, may be more useful to what your deck is trying to do than any other alternative.

    Sometimes, it is the case that a strictly-better card is printed, and you don't want 5-8 copies of the effect in a deck, so the worse card stops seeing play. That's okay. The game is nearly 27 years old, and there have always been cards that don't see competitive play, even without strictly better versions available. Time marches ever onwards, and things change. Without change, the game would become boring.

    Wizards does attempt to keep things in balance, but that doesn't mean keeping everything the same.
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    posted a message on Run more interaction! Run more fast mana! Or: The death of interesting edh deckbuilding
    Quote from Onering »
    Chronic misanthropic contrarian yells at cloud, the thread, part 27: "knowing how to build decks ruins the game" edition.
    Indeed. I feel like this thread should be exhibit A on adding downvotes to the forum.
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    posted a message on The command zone preview - Nyxbloom Ancient (the final mythic rare)
    Quote from FlossedBeaver »
    Under the right conditions that could be an obscene amount of mana
    The right conditions, like.. having it on the battlefield?
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    posted a message on Welding Jar
    Quote from willdice »
    The rules don't have a concept of "about to be destroyed".
    Actually, Equinox looks forward in time to see whether the targeted spell will destroy a land you control.
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    posted a message on Crazy Plays in EDH.
    Yesterday, I was playing my silver-bordered Happy Holiday deck, which I recently added the Ponies: the Galloping charity cards to.

    Princess Twilight Sparkle's activated ability wants you to "control" the rest of the Mane Six, not control "cards named" or "creatures named".

    Mishra's Toy Workshop requires using toys to represent the tokens created by a spell/ability cast/activated with its mana.

    I think you know where I'm going with this.

    I cast a kicked Rite of Replication with Toy Workshop mana, and started pulling a series of Pony toys out of my pocket; the table started laughing, since I hadn't used them at all earlier in the day (I had never drawn Rarity, and previous uses of Toy Workshop I had used a Barrel of Monkeys). I didn't also have the mana to activate Twilight's ability on the same turn, but the RoR had targeted an Ulvenwald Hydra, so it was a good play even if I got board-wiped.

    The goblin tribal player had a Sulfuric Vortex out, and was able to knock me down to 1 life on his turn. Of course, Twilight's ability can be activated in response to the Vortex upkeep trigger. Everypony wins! Grin

    (Side note: I have so far cast Nightmare Moon with this deck three times. Every single time, she dies before I even untap with her. Frown )
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    posted a message on Land Destruction Rule?
    It also makes the point of mass land destruction -- resource denial -- useless.

    So your suggestion ruins the strategy you're trying to make acceptable, opens up exploits you've acknowledged already exist, and likely gets tangentially related cards banned that are critical in other strategies, effectively cutting those strategies down to size, as well.

    Why would anyone want to implement this, again?
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    posted a message on Fists of Flame, or "why developing specifically for EDH is making the format worse"
    Quote from FunkyDragon »
    Quote from Carthage »
    to me, this card is so glaringly obviously designed exactly for zada and nothing else it annoys the crap out of me.
    Yep. Couldn't possibly have been designed for Feather, the Redeemed, which came out much closer to the release of Fists of Flame. It was for Zada and Zada alone, despite Zada having been printed four years earlier.
    Nor could it have possibly been designed to encourage storm decks, which often play a plethora of cheap cantrips, to use combat as a wincon.
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    posted a message on Diving Back In – Strategy
    While buying a box gets you a bunch of cards, it's really bad value for your money. Most of the cards you get aren't going to be very good, so if you want to build a strong deck (and especially if you want to have a shot in a tournament) it's going to be more expensive than you need.

    If you design (or copy) a deck and then buy cards (the route normally used when participating in tournaments, and even by some casual players), you can buy just the cards you need from the secondary market, and it will be much cheaper overall.

    When you're just getting back into the game, though, you probably don't know exactly the deck you want to play. In that case, it's often wise to buy preconstructed decks because you know the cards in the deck are all going to go together already.
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    posted a message on [ELD} Gilded Goose and Egg
    Quote from Mockingbird »
    Did... did Wizards of the Coast just consciously give Eggs strategy players... an actual egg?
    The name of the "eggs" archetype comes from Darkwater Egg, Mossfire Egg, Shadowblood Egg, Skycloud Egg, and Sungrass Egg.

    I wouldn't have expected it, but I wish they had gone with "Eat some food", because that would make Yule Ooze more hilarious.
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    posted a message on I hope Emminence comes back for C19. Roast me :D
    Quote from Drain Life »
    I haven't seen commander damage be the reason somebody lost in over 10 years.
    Whereas I see it weekly.
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