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  • posted a message on Power Dropoff Among Commons
    Quote from Aazadan »
    Basically, it's part of pushing draft. They use the common slots to build a limited environment, and use rares and mythics for constructed. Uncommons tend to occupy a little bit of space in both.
    This is also why Narcomoeba was upshifted from uncommon to rare for GRN. It's a pretty trash card for Limited, but a key card for certain Constructed format decks. By increasing its rarity, fewer people will see it in their Sealed or Draft pools, and they still increase the number available for people who want to build the decks that use it.
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  • posted a message on Etrata's Triple-Strike Finisher (Let's Brew!)
    Quote from DirkGently »
    three-strikes, but separate strikes, but maybe only two if you have strionic resonator, finisher.
    Strionic Resonator + Rings of Brighthearth lets you get there in a single hit, if you've got 4 mana open and they have at least 3 nontoken creatures.
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  • posted a message on Random Card of the Day: Ancient Ziggurat
    The Seal of X cycle aren't the best instances of their ability, but they're generally okay, if telegraphed. I would say Cleansing/Primordium (Disenchant/Naturalize) and Doom (Dark Banishing) are probably the best ones, since they strongly incentivize opponents to not play certain card types while they're on the board. Removal (Unsummon) and Fire (Shock) are weaker, since bounce doesn't get rid of a creature for long (and they still get any ETB triggers), and Fire is only 2 damage.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Unreleased and New Card Discussion
    Quote from Taleran »
    Yeah if I am going to run those effects it is gonna be Jester's Cap or Sadistic Sacrament or Bitter Ordeal
    Sure, those are better than Cranial Extraction in a vacuum. But the deck I run it in has a number of spiritcraft and splice onto arcane cards, so Cranial Extraction won out. (Also, the loop I use to turn it into a wincon recurs Extraction with Hana Kami.)
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  • posted a message on Generous Stray (Wizards Tumblr)
    Since we've had 2/1s for 1 mana, I'd expect if this had no card draw to be a G 1/2. And 2 mana is about what you'd expect to draw a single card. So I guess it's not bad.
    Well, Elvish Visionary costs 1G. So from that perspective you're getting +0/+1 and losing an extremely relevant creature type for 1.
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  • posted a message on Camaraderie
    Quote from leslak »
    I like the art more than i like the efect.
    I saw the name and immediately hoped for art reminiscent of Cooperation. I am disappoint.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Unreleased and New Card Discussion
    Quote from DirkGently »
    Can't see why anyone would play it in commander over cranial extraction et al. Or why anyone would play cranial extraction either.
    I've got a deck that's able to loop Cranial Extraction as a wincon. Most people scoop when their only nonlands left are the ones already in play. If you play with the same people regularly, even a single cast can often get a critical card out of their deck.
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  • posted a message on Worst Card-Reading Errors
    This past Sunday I tried to use Light of Sanction along with stealing my opponent's Ruric Thar to protect me from his trigger...
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  • posted a message on Random Card of the Day: Ancient Ziggurat
    Quote from schweinefett »
    It also probably has strange interactions with things like suspend cards.
    No. Cards with suspend only cared if they're exiled if they also have time counters on them. Release to the Wind doesn't put time counters on the exiled card, so suspend does nothing.

    Quote from schweinefett »
    can it permanently remove flip cards from the game? the flipped side doesn't have a casting cost, and therefore can't be cast, right?
    No. Unless otherwise specified, a card moving to a new zone ends up face-up (for a public zone like exile), unflipped (for Kamigawa flip cards), and with its front face showing (for DFCs).

    However, Release to the Wind says 'cast', not 'play', so if you targeted an Ormendahl, Profane Prince with it, it would be Westvale Abbey in exile and its owner wouldn't be able to re-play it.
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  • posted a message on Kindred boon interaction austere command
    However, another board wipe that hits all creatures and enchantments at once (eg, Planar Cleansing) would allow the creatures to survive, since it's a single action destroying them all, not two successive actions.
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  • posted a message on XX mana costs
    For spells with X in their casting cost, as part of the casting process, you choose a value for X. Then you fill in that value wherever X appears, and figure out how much mana to pay.

    For example, you put Hydradoodle on the stack, which has the printed cost xxGG. Then you choose the value of X to be 3. Then you fill in the values of X, and the cost becomes 33GG, or more simply 6GG. So you need to pay 8 mana total, two of which must be green.
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  • posted a message on Etrata, the Silencer - Command Zone preview
    Quote from Grenville »
    Double strike
    Is useless, because she shuffles away on the first strike damage and never gets the second hit in.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Unreleased and New Card Discussion
    Quote from Incanur »
    I'm excited about Chance at Glory. I was already planning to put Final Fortune in my Samut, Voice of Dissent deck. This seems a bit better unless you're using Isochron Scepter or something, which I'm not.
    Boros turns, here we come!

    Final Fortune, Last Stand, Warrior's Oath, Chance at Glory.

    Final Fortune fits on Isochron Scepter.

    Final Fortune and Chance at Glory can both be found by Sunforger.

    Sunforger can also get Tithe (for Mistveil Plains) as well as Angel's Grace (which both also fit on Isochron Scepter).

    Add in Sindial of the Infinite, some tutors, and some standard Boros Aggro and you've got yourself a deck!

    Also: Is Chance at Glory going to be the second card in the set with day-0 errata? The printed text doesn't give a duration for the indestructible. Or maybe they're assuming the 'lose at end of the extra turn' effect means that doesn't matter, in which case... [laughs in non-rotating format]
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  • posted a message on The most fun EDH Cards - Version 2
    Quote from Drain Life »
    Regarding Intuition and Gifts, I have mixed feelings.

    Commander is not a balanced format, so I would agree that it doesn't make sense to have one banned and not the other. I certainly miss using my Gifts, as it has been one of my favorite cards since it was printed. I do not know why it took other people so long to understand that it was essentially a demonic tutor for four cards for four mana. Even 2004 was a world with Yawg-will and other graveyard recursion.
    While Intuition is a strong card, Gifts is by far the stronger of the two. And the downside that was built into Gifts (the cards you get must have different names) simply doesn't exist in this format.
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  • posted a message on Crazy Plays in EDH.
    My relevant board:
    Also 18 lands in my graveyard, which I had sacrificed the previous turn to Squandered Resources, and some number of Plant tokens (from Avenger and Turntimber) and Elemental tokens (from Omnath).

    Untap, draw, return 18 lands to play. One of the lands was a fetchland, activate it in response to the Avenger triggers. Two of the lands were Karoos, float 6 mana from City of Traitors and Ancient Tomb (and Regal Behemoth triggers) then bounce them.

    Play City of Traitors, float an additional 3 mana, sacrifice to Squandered resources for a 4th. Play Ancient Tomb.

    Tap lands for 6 more mana, sacrifice 7 clues (1 floating).

    Play Mina and Denn, Wildborn, play 2 Forests. -3 Lord Windgrace to return fetchland and City of Traitors, fetch again.

    Cast Sylvan Awakening to turn all my lands into elementals.

    Finally, cast Pox. At this point I've got a total of 98 creatures, 32 of which are Omnath tokens. I have to sacrifice 33 creatures and 7 lands for 40 permanents total, and I can make all 40 permanents I sacrifice be elementals. For 40 Angry Omnath triggers, after makying each opponent lose 1/3 of their life rounded up. :3
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