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  • posted a message on Question on State-Based Sorceries Resolving
    Even if it did check on cast, a spell isn't cast until all of its costs are paid.
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  • posted a message on Modern Deck with Scroll Rack via Research
    If you're playing casually with friends, but you've established that you're playing with Modern-legal decks, you should ask for permission before planning to do this. In an actual tournament, wishes like Research can only pull cards from your sideboard, and your sideboard must meet the same restrictions as the rest of your deck.

    It may be that your friends would prefer you treat a wish in a casual game the same way it works in a tournament, in which case you wouldn't be able to pull arbitrary cards from your collection; you would need a Modern-legal sideboard to pull from.
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  • posted a message on Permanent card for Muldrotha
    Mindslaver lock time?
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  • posted a message on Masters 25 boxes not properly randomized?
    Quote from Avatar »
    "They" would be a group of opponents.
    Except when singular "they" is being used.

    Some examples from the Wikipedia page on the subject:
    • Somebody left their umbrella in the office. Would they please collect it?
    • The patient should be told at the outset how much they will be required to pay.
    • But a journalist should not be forced to reveal their sources.
    • When I tell somebody a joke, they laugh.
    • When I greet a friend, I hug them.
    • When somebody does not get a haircut, their hair grows long.
    • If my mobile phone runs out of power, a friend lets me borrow theirs.
    • A person can't help their birth.
    • Now nobody does anything well that they cannot help doing.
    • Nobody in their senses would give sixpence on the strength of a promissory note of the kind.
    "They" and variants are perfectly valid to use in English when referring to a single person of indeterminate gender.

    Quote from Negator_402 »
    even I think "they" is easier, if not grammatically correct.
    Yes, it is grammatically correct, and it has been for the past 700 years.
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  • posted a message on Walker Damage Redirect Rule in Dominaria
    Quote from illakunsaa »
    Monored might not be tier 1 in commander but monored is clearly not the worst (that cake belongs to boros).
    In Commander, Boros > mono-red > mono-white.

    Mono-white has trouble drawing cards, mono-red has trouble dealing with enchantments, and Boros lets the two colors cover each others' weaknesses.
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  • posted a message on Masters 25 boxes not properly randomized?
    Recently he uploaded a video criticizing the She or He change to They as unnecessary, while claiming that this kind of focus on those details is not what the game needs but a good gaming experiences.
    It's worth mentioning that several modern English language writing style guides advocate against "he or she" phrasing, and the singular "they" has been an acceptable part of English since the 1300s.
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  • posted a message on Commander Recommendation
    I'll advocate for Maelstrom Wanderer. He's a 3-turn clock, so he's a decent wincon on his own, he gives your entire board haste which makes any creature more threatening, he lets you vomit your deck onto the table, and people are afraid to kill him, because that just means you'll cast him again for more cascades.
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  • posted a message on Dominaria FAQ leak thread
    Quote from Formless_One »
    Hell, of the five "three for one" spells from Alpha, one is on the Power Nine list, Dark Ritual made turn one Necropotence possible, Bolt is Bolt, healing salve was the only one that was underpowered, and the only one that was perfectly balanced was giant growth. It turns out that three-for-one spells are quite difficult to balance properly for the value they offer.
    One could also consider Mana Vault to be the colorless card of the cycle, and it's considered one of the most broken mana sources in the game.
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  • posted a message on Masters 25 boxes not properly randomized?
    As a programmer (well, a wannabe programmer) I can testify that TRUE randomization is literally impossible to achieve.
    False. True random is impossible with software alone, but there are a lot of systems that use a specialized piece of hardware to generate truly random bits, or a truly random seed for a more traditional PRNG. uses atmospheric noise, for example, and uses fluctuations in a laser.
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  • posted a message on Permanent card for Muldrotha
    "Tribal" is a type. Most tribal permanents aren't going to send themselves to the graveyard, but a number of them are pretty good (Bitterblossom, especially). Lignify is normally worse than Darksteel Mutation/Song of the Dryads/Imprisoned in the Moon, but since it's tribal, you can cast it from your graveyard and still cast another enchantment. Thornbite Staff has combo applications, Eldrazi Conscription can help close out games, even if it is expensive to cast, and Diviner's Wand offers evasion and card draw.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Unreleased and New Card Discussion
    Quote from DirkGently »
    Quote from Spider_Waif »
    With this mindset, I'd certainly limit the number of cards that are basically unplayable without FS&SS on the field, e.g. Blessed Wine
    Blessed wine is totally playable w/o them - I mean it's obviously very unexciting but it cycles itself. I guess it's unplayable in the sense that I would never choose to put it in my deck without them, but it's mostly just (admittedly weak) air. If you have them on the board, it's great. If you don't, it's just a minor inconvenience.
    Blessed Wine is in my Foglio art tribal deck >.>
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  • posted a message on Coalition Victory
    Quote from Impossible »
    Quote from LouCypher »
    The argument "Dies to removal" holds no ground in any discussion. Being harder to remove/interact with is a strike against a card, for sure, but being easy to remove does not neccesarily make a card fair to play.
    Also, your second paragraph just contradicts itself within two sentences. First you say prevalence of interaction doesn't matter. Then you immediately follow it up with, and I'm paraphrasing here, "sometimes it matters, though, when things are hard to interact with".
    Lou didn't say "dies to removal doesn't matter, except sometimes it does". If you want to be reductionist about his post, it was "Dies to removal doesn't matter. Doesn't die to removal does matter."
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  • posted a message on Box mapping; where are the problem areas?
    Quote from AlecPyron »
    I believe after RTR or Theros, WotC started to get more serious about making boxes less vulnerable to mapping.
    I thought the cutoff was AVR
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  • posted a message on Aid for planeswalkers
    No. It's a completely unique effect.
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  • posted a message on Walker Damage Redirect Rule in Dominaria
    Quote from Wahey »
    Yes, there has been errata before, but never on a scale like this. Previously errata has also mostly concerned single cards, but now it affects a very basic and prominent feature of the game itself: direct damage to players.
    Also, previous errata were almost always solely focused on preserving the card's existing functionality as the rules change. This errata will introduce functional changes all over the place.
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