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  • posted a message on [The Crafters] are trapped in Limbo...
    Dear ladies, and gentlemen, Americans, and Dutchmen,

    I am leaving MTGS.
    I will be gone indefinitely.
    This will be my last post probably for a very long time.

    I would like to say that I have enjoyed and been proud to be a Crafter, even more so to be your official graphic designer.
    However, for personal reasons and for business, I am going to leave this place.

    I bid you all a fond farewell.

    (I will still be on Steam, though.)

    I am aware that leaving MTGS means that I might not be able to be a Crafter anymore, and I'm fine with that. The former clan members section of the front page will no longer be empty.

    That being said, expect me back in about 2 years, if I return at all, though after two years I probably will not return.

    I bid Wheat_Grinder good luck in the clan contest mafia, and I'm sorry that I couldn't stay for the whole thing.

    And without further ado, I shall leave this forum.

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  • posted a message on [The Crafters] are trapped in Limbo...
    You could have, instead of creature -> planeswalker, a card that's planeswalker -> creature. There have been instances where characters have given up their spark for something or other, like saving somebody else, in which case you could do something like:

    Jo Nameless X
    Planeswalker - Jo
    +X do something
    0 return target creature from a graveyard to the battlefield under your control. Transform ~ at the beginning of the next upkeep.
    -X do something better
    -XX do something amazing

    Jo Sparkless
    Legendary Creature - Human Soldier (or something)
    Some cool ability.

    I'm terrible at making custom cards, so if this is a viable idea, somebody else would probably be better than me at making something like it.
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  • posted a message on [The Crafters] are trapped in Limbo...
    Quote from Aurora Illumina
    Anyways, random attachment from my calendar.
    There is no 'e' Teach

    @Dictator avatars: Meh. I could pass on that one.
    @Clan mafia: The clanwide participation sounds really cool. I'll help in any way I can with the limited time I have Grin
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  • posted a message on [The Crafters] are trapped in Limbo...
    @Olympics: I have cable here, and have turned into a water polo and beach volleyball fan. Grin
    Not usually a sports guy, but the olympics have gotten me really excited about watching these sports. It's kind of scaring me but is also kind of cool.

    @Manders: Hey there! Welcome back!

    @Shark week: Ready for some seal om nom noms in 3 days!!
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  • posted a message on [The Crafters] are trapped in Limbo...
    Quote from vligerdragon
    I would like to request that August's title have something to do with sharks, since Shark Week starts on August 12, and Shark Week is (imo) the best week of the year. I have not thought of what this title might be, but I will think on it.

    So sad Comcast took away all the channels we weren't paying for! No more Shark Week for me... Crying
    Quote from pikachugundam
    Seems good to me! Now we just need someone to get us some art. Anyone seen jomafro?

    Uh... I don't do art, I just put it in the templates and make a digital render of the card itself.
    Quote from Kankennon

    Well, we want to at least make up a mock card and put something cool on it to look at, right?
    Shall we just start scouring the net for viable images instead?

    This is what I would suggest.
    But the ones that you scoured are too zoomed in to be viable card art. Plus, I don't like them very much, either. Slant
    I'll do some searching in my spare time today and see if I can find something matching GDW's description.
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  • posted a message on [The Crafters] are trapped in Limbo...
    Birthday toot
    Happy Birthday, Syphon!

    @Death Gate Cycle: Read it 3 times, personally enjoyed it very much. The character development is phenomenal (imo) and the characters themselves are just so cool, though some are a bit quirky.
    Just a good series overall, in my honest opinion.
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  • posted a message on [The Crafters] are trapped in Limbo...
    Quote from pikachugundam
    I build tribal decks... The only problem is that after taking apart Linvala to build Sigarda, it's no longer an angel themed EDH deck... I do however have Drana vampires, Olivia Vampires, Oona 'Faeries' (to some extent) and am debating building an elf EDH deck... Maybe Yeva or Ezuri... Possibly Glissa Sunseeker or Nath of the Gilf-Leaf

    Yay! Something I have a bit of experience in!

    Taking this next quote:
    Quote from pikachugundam
    I guess the bad thing about an elf EDH deck is that a single sweeper pretty much shuts the deck down...

    I would say of the things you listed, Ezuri is the most resistant to boardwipes, unless it says "cannot be regenerated." In that case, a trick I was taught is to use Cauldron of Souls in combination with Oran-Rief, the Vastwood. I personally can't do this in my deck, since all my elves have shroud, or else I would.
    I haven't had much use with Yeva, but it could hold promise if built right with lots of utility ETB effects and such. Glissa Sunseeker is a bunch of nothing if you're not playing against something that has artifacts. Definitely go in the deck, but not the commander (she's in my Eladamri deck).
    I've personally never used Nath before, but it could seem good in BG control. Probably be a lot trickier to construct a deck around him, but it would probably be more well-rounded then a lot of the elf swarm decks out there (though the mana curve would probably be a bit higher with the B in there).

    Quote from ThatRedwood
    There are some recovery options.

    Prowess of the Fair (next to Door of Destinies or Coat of Arms or something)
    Living Death
    Wirewood Herald (for Sylvan Messenger)
    Wren's Run Packmaster (or other Champions over the Messenger)
    No Rest for the Wicked (with Birchlore Rangers and Nettle Sentinel to vomit everyone out again)

    I'll add to this some cheap stuff that I've used or still use in mono-G as one-ofs:
    Nature's Spiral
    Praetor's Counsel (careful because of the intense mana, but if you have a lot of ramp, which elf decks often do, this can be a game-changer. I've often saved myself from a horrible loss by re-gaining a 20-card hand late-game after a disastrous boardwipe)
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  • posted a message on [The Crafters] are trapped in Limbo...
    @Ravnica: All I want is for them to reprint Birds of Paradise so I don't have a junky playset sitting around being useless.

    Speculation: I'm fairly sure that they will probably print lands with the two land types. Maybe not the shock lands, but lands with types. Reason: Arbor Elf. I think that they brought this guy back to be semi-useful once Ravnica hits again.
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  • posted a message on [The Crafters] are trapped in Limbo...
    Quote from Kankennon

    I need to voice our opinion as to whether we are cool with the Clan Mafia game being ran at the same time.

    Where did our resident Mafia players go?

    Wheat_Grinder? Are you up for representing [The Crafters] in this?
    Jomafro one time expressed interest, but where has he gone off to?

    Yeah, back from vacation now. Fun times at the beach.
    Ever since my two-month hiatus I haven't had time for mafia. Sorry. Frown

    @Pack EDH duel: good luck, guys! Smash that Pack of werewolves!
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  • posted a message on [The Crafters] are trapped in Limbo...
    Quote from DakmorQueen

    I have no one to make me signautres or banners, or avvatarts!

    *looks at sig*
    Might I remind you who made the banner for this thread? And it was before you started hanging around, but I've made avatars for every single one of y'all biscuitheads.

    @everything that's been going on: lol. We're such a strange clan. Pat and his wife, games, Doors that lead to nothing, etc.
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  • posted a message on [The Crafters] are trapped in Limbo...
    Quote from Syphon
    So, maybe you don't, maybe you do, but I'm somewhat of a story adept where Magic is concerned (and a lot of other games, I love the backgrounds)

    So it's no surprise that I enjoy talking to a certain someone who also enjoys talking about the background of Magic. We had a fun conversation where I went off on a tangent, mocking the people who come up with weird unsubstatianted ideas.

    (13:01:05) syphonides: I was almost
    (13:01:07) syphonides: going to take it too far
    (13:01:08) syphonides: and say
    (13:01:11) syphonides: something to the effect of

    (13:03:26) syphonides: And you know what? I bet Mishra is going to be appearing too. He survived the punishment meted out by Yawgmoth for failing and the destruction of Phyrexia and now he´s back to atone for his crimes to Dominaria.

    (13:05:01) syphonides: He pulled a spark out of his butt because that´s where neowalkers have their sparks and planeswalked straight to Ravnica because he knew, thanks to an ancient scroll hidden in Phyrexia talking about an old plane of a cityplane, that there may lie the answers to ridding the world of the threat of Phyrexia.

    (13:06:03) friend: it gets pretty bad at times

    (13:06:17) friend: I wish I could say that what you just posed was a stretch, but it really only barely is

    (13:07:31) syphonides: oh

    (13:07:33) syphonides: but there is more

    (13:08:20) syphonides: You see, once he found Ravnica, Mishra fought against Niv Mizzet and his Izzet because Mizzet was at war with Nicol Bolas, who is completely the same colours as Mishra.

    (13:09:01) syphonides: In an all out battle between every bleeping planeswalker we know, even Nissa, who appears only to planeswalk away when she sees she is on Ravnica again, Mishra is heavily wounded and flees.

    (13:09:55) syphonides: He ends up on a plane under control by Phyrexians and has to fight for his life the second he gets there. Since he is so wounded, he is barely a challenge for the Phyrexian Negators who have him locked up.

    (13:10:13) syphonides: He meets a woman there who he falls in love with because she reminds him of Kayla Bin-Kroog and together they have a baby.

    (13:11:00) syphonides: Even amongst all the Phyrexians, love can blossom, you see. At that point, the wife passes away and Mishra, distraught, leaves the plane and the baby behind since he is now fixed up again.

    (13:11:09) syphonides: That baby turns out to be Elspeth.

    (13:11:20) friend: I was wondering where time travel would come into play

    (13:11:23) syphonides: dude

    (13:11:27) syphonides: I haven´t even begun

    (13:11:28) syphonides: :p

    (13:11:37) friend: no, but I think you're done

    (13:11:37) syphonides: and I am totally going to post this in a spoiler.

    (13:11:40) syphonides: Nope!

    (13:12:16) syphonides: When Mishra planeswalks away, he ends up trapped between planes and is suddenly thrown back into time thanks to the vagaries of the blind eternities.

    (13:12:42) syphonides: At the directions of Nicol Bolas, he takes the guise of the Raven Man and forms Liliana to what she is.

    (13:13:10) syphonides: having accomplished this, he goes back in time again

    (13:13:14) syphonides: however

    (13:13:16) syphonides: ANOTHER ACCIDENT HAPPENS

    (13:13:32) friend: add spatial merging where he stops off in World of Warcraft

    (13:13:34) syphonides: he gets thrown farther in time and ends up near an Argivian archeological dig.

    (13:13:35) friend: because that totally happens

    (13:13:52) syphonides: at the dig,he talks to his younger self and convinces him not to be so jealous.

    (13:14:14) syphonides: The shattering of the Thran portal locking the Phyrexians in never happens, Urza and Mishra never go to war and stay friends.

    (13:14:20) syphonides: Thus rendering ALL OF THE STORYLINE MOOT!

    (13:14:58) syphonides: *throws mic on the floor as a diss*

    That is amazing. If Wizards does something like that I'm going to cry and then go and give them all a hi-five while still crying.
    When's the last time we've had a happy storyline? Before Kamigawa?
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  • posted a message on [The Crafters] are trapped in Limbo...
    I can't even imagine having that many cards (though I would want to). I'm just a low-budget player with a deck that has a bunch of Birds of Paradise. M13 is exciting, but it makes me sad because I'm going to have to ditch my plan of going modern UG control and trade away my entire deck and start something new.

    And I need advice: I'm getting away from GW humans. Once SOM and M12 cycle, what deck should I run?
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  • posted a message on [The Crafters] are trapped in Limbo...
    @Yeva: I needs for my Eladamri EDH. Cause then, in Syphon's words, "Then it will be lame on my turn as well as yours." Cool
    Basically I want all my elves to have flash. Which is actually kind of scary, plus I can tutor for it with Time of Need.
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  • posted a message on [The Crafters] are trapped in Limbo...
    Quote from Syphon
    I know I can't. Because I am who I am. Fat, nerd, vicious. People are scared of me.

    I could say the same thing, but for different reasons. Scrawny, nerd, withdrawn. People are scared of my powers. Link
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  • posted a message on [The Crafters] are trapped in Limbo...
    Quote from Syphon
    I am my own weapon. Specialisation breeds weakness. That's why my greatest weapon is my vast intellect. Not that I can bludgeon zombies with it, mind you (NOT YET!) but man, are brains dangerous.
    Vast intellect, eh? Do you have some proof of said intellect? Is that so?
    Quote from Kankennon
    I'm cool with something like that. Thoughts everyone?

    Puns, eh? Derf derf
    I see what you did there.
    I like the A/C one.
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