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  • posted a message on [Primer] UW Spirits/Flash
    Quote from axman »
    Quote from Bronson11 »
    Mind posting your list Axman? and any thoughts you have about sideboarding, I'm new to the deck too and am interested in others thoughts.

    Below is my deck list. I top 8ed the PPTQ with a 3-1-1 record. I lost only to the mirror in Swiss
    (beating RW humans, Grixis Emerge, and BW Delerium).

    My loss in the mirror was partially my fault. I +Gideon when I should have emblem. My opponent went double emblem and I couldn't catch up.

    In round 1 of top 8 I had to replay the RW player. Was on the play and won easier than during swiss.

    In the semi-finals I had to play against BR Aggro. Lost in three very close games. Game 3 my opponent had 12 points of burn spells... and I didn't have enough gas. Kept a somewhat questionable hand (spell queller + 2 Avacyn, + land) and my first five draws were land... land... fragmatize... land ... selfless spirit

    To make it worse - my opponent had 12 damage worth of burn spells in hand. Making my two avacyns relatively worthless. Prob should have mulled.

    Have you considered running 2x Thalia, Heretic Cather and removing an Avacyn or two? I have found her to be very beneficial to aggro decks, and some mirror matches. She almost always gets nabbed by a kill spell and which leaves less spells for some of our more precious card drops.

    I also run Linvala in the side board against aggro to get me a few more life, and field presence.

    Just seems like your sideboard might be better suited for aggro, as you had the toughest time with them.
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  • posted a message on [Creation Stage] U/B Tezz 2.0
    As the title suggests, I am looking for ideas on finishing the deck.
    I am at a stage where I am on the edge about certain cards, and of those cards how many.
    I am looking for input from those that have played this deck and know how well it runs with such cards.

    With that said, I am on the egde about several cards, such as Getaxian Probe instead of Ponder, I have also considered Sword of F&F.
    Among the list cards I plan to include are at least 3 Phyrexian Metamorphs, and 2 Solemn Simulacrum, I also had been considering Phantasmal Images as well, but the whole cannot target me makes me weary of him, and I think there are bettter 2 drops them that.
    Dissipate also seems like a much better counter then cancel....
    I also considered Grand Archetect but was unsure about how good he would be in the deck. I have been thinking on ichor wellspring or mycosyth wellspring and sphere of the suns as possible additions as well.
    I know Dismember will be included and go for the throat should be included but I have not bothered to consider it since my creature base is worrying me because I am not sure if I want an artifact or control based deck.

    I am looking for some solid pointers on where to go with this deck to best suit the up coming meta now that the cards have been spoiled and released. This is a standard format deck.
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  • posted a message on Draw Go/Permission
    Alright, so then that leads me to my secondary deck type, my tap out.
    So, I am mainly looking to make this deck into a huge board control beast.
    Any cards I should take out or add to do so?
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  • posted a message on Draw Go/Permission
    Alright, I got ya.
    So basically I would use lots of larger guys. A plenty of counter/removal.
    I would rely more on my Sun Titans and Frosty to do the work.
    Are there any other creatures you would suggest or suggest removing for other cards?
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  • posted a message on Draw Go/Permission
    Hence why I have posted in the "Help" section of this forum.
    I needs work. I would like it to be a mixture.
    It is more Tap then anything, but I would like to make it a Permission build as well.
    I am used to making infect, where you just ramp your creatures for a 1 turn kill.
    So, this type of deck is new to me.
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  • posted a message on Draw Go/Permission

    I want this deck to be highly competitive against other top decks. Currently at my shop I am losing to Infect and Tezzeret decks.
    I need this deck to be efficient and as to set up quick as possible, but I also do not want it to set-up too quick, get stuck in a draw and then fizzle out, you know?
    My main goal is to either remove, tap or destroy their creatures. Then counter any large threats that could arrive in the mean time.
    I would like all suggestions made to keep post ban in mind. I don't feel like spending cash on a card I can only use for around 2 months.

    Anyway, I am open to all suggestions. Thanks.
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  • posted a message on Draw Go-Archtype X)
    Here it is, my main goal is to tap their creatures or remove them using either Karn, DoJ or Journey (Which will soon be O-Ring when I can get them) then counter control them with Mana Leaks/Counters.
    Are there any other strategies I should incorporate in this deck?
    My mana base is not there but for the time being I did it that way just to because that is how the deck is made at the moment.
    I understand I need 4 of each Dual lands. Which other fetchs should I use, if any?

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