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Ravnica: The Living Guildpact
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  • posted a message on 2018 Spring Announcement Day Megathread
    Looks like it's finally time to update my Cube! (see sig)

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  • posted a message on The Morph Deck (Tasigur, the Golden Fang)

    I love morph. I've made many morph commander decks over the years, with many different generals like Animar, Brago, and Cromat. And while this Tasigur build isn't the most powerful, it's definitely my favorite. Specifically, I wanted to get away from any combo-style deck. The is the most fair morph deck, with the most morph specific supporting cards, that I've built so far.

    The Deck

    Why Tasigur?

    Tasigur is very close to my ideal morph commander. For me, morph gives you the ability to play mind games with your opponent like no other ability can. Mechanically, there's nothing like it. When playing with Tasigur, the goal is to keep your opponents guessing what the face-down creatures on the battlefield really are. And Tasigur creates many opportunities to play mind games when a creature with morph is returned to your hand from that point, it will always be a question whether or not the next face-down creature is that same creature that was returned.

    And then there's delve -- when combined with Timetwister, is the glue that holds the entire deck together.

    Is Timetwister necessary?

    Yes! It reshuffles every morph creature back into your library, keeping the next face-down creature you play a mystery. In reality, people count cards. And for every face-down creature that is turned face-up is another potential creature with morph that your opponents can scratch off their mental checklist -- until you Timetwister and then it begins again. And the longer the game goes on, the more cards Tasigur is exiling from your deck, and your remaining deck becomes an increasingly concentrated stack of creatures with morph, enablers, and high impact cards.

    There are 6 other support cards which are essential to the Tasigur/Timetwister engine: Demonic Tutor, Regrowth, Fact or Fiction, Rune-scarred Demon, Eternal Witness, and Sphinx of Uthuun. Note: Fact or Fiction fills your graveyard for Tasigur, and also can force your opponent to choose whether or not to put 1 or more creatures with morph into your hand. If they do, the next face-down creature you play may or may not be that same creature. (This is a theme!)

    Morph, Manifest, and Illusionary Mask

    Morph/Megamorph - 10 creatures might seem a little low, but with Tasigur & Timetwister, 10 creatures is plenty for what this deck is trying to accomplish. I think most of my inclusions are straight forward, but Liege of the Pit and Krosan Cloudscraper were the last additions. I think it's important to at least present the threat that any face-down creature may just kill them outright if they aren't blocked. Without that threat, it becomes very easy to your opponents to declare no blockers every time they're attacked. (The only thing Tasigur is missing is access to Akroma, Angel of Fury, Skirk Alarmist, and Mastery of the Unseen.)

    Manifest - Whisperwood Elemental, Wildcall, Ethereal Ambush, and Cloudform turn every card in your deck into a face-down creature. And with Brainstorm, Lim-dul's Vault, and Vampiric Tutor, it makes this mechanic very fun to play.

    Illusionary Mask - Illusionary Mask is a card with oracle text that is very different than what is actually printed on the card and it kind of does a lot of work in this deck. First, it lets you cheat out things like Phyrexian Dreadnought and Tempting Wurm. But it also lets you play creatures with morph at a discounted cost and then lets you turn them face-up for zero mana! Skinthinner and Hooded Hydra are happy to flip after being declared as attackers. But other cards like Willbender, Kheru Spellnatcher, Vesuvan Shapeshifter, and Stratus Dancer can be flipped on command with either Smuggler's Copter or Staff of Nin. (Creatures played face-down with Illusionary Mask automatically flip face-up whenever they are tapped or would receive damage.) Illusionary Mask is also the reason why Eladamri's Call, Mana Drain, and Black Market are in the deck. They all force mana into your mana pool at the beginning of your pre-combat main phase, and you always have the option of dumping all of it into the next creature you play with the mask. You have 15 charge counters on Black Market? You just tapped 1 island and used all 15 black mana to play a face-down creature with the mask? I wonder what could it be?

    Why Tempting Wurm?

    There is nothing I hate worse in commander than a static game state. Tempting Wurm forces the issue. Thematically, cards like Tempting Wurm, Gilded Drake, Living Death, Blatant Thievery, and Cylonic Rift, and Timetwister are constantly "morphing" the current game state. Have you ever cast Living Death with Tempting Wurm and Gilded Drake in your graveyard? With Ixidron in the graveyard? Have you ever cast Timetwister into Tempting Wurm just to see what would happen?

    The truth is that the moment Timetwister became a central card in the deck (and I washing punishing people with Nekusar or anything like that), this deck automatically became a little group-huggy in some ways.

    Anyway, this is my latest morph deck. I'll add more onto this thread later with card specific interactions. Very fun to play if you like playing with morph and have no interest in combo. Mana base is kind of basic right now. A lot of room for improvement. I'll also add a section for cards that didn't make the cut.

    Open to criticism/comments/suggestions.
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  • posted a message on Incite Insight

    You could play it as the only contraption assembler in the entire cube. And if you have a pre-assembled contraption deck, and ruled that whoever drafts Incite Insight, I think this is a legit card in a powered or unpowered cube.

    Sounds fun.
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  • posted a message on Most Silver Border Cards are now Legal in Commander until January 15th
    Thoughts on Sap Sucker in non-green decks?

    I like the idea of using 1 of every contraption instead of a custom contraption deck of 15.

    Would you allow me to play it in a non-green deck we played a game?
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  • posted a message on New Magic Logo -- Effective starting in Dominaria 2018
    Looks awful.

    But maybe I'm just old fashioned. I still miss the original frames (brown artifacts, etc.). And that will never come back.

    Not going to lose sleep over it. I'm shifted hard to other tabletop board games in the past 3 years. Lots of great games out there for a fraction of the cost I've dumped into MTG over the past 23 years.
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  • posted a message on Best precon Commander Decks, not modified.
    Which precon commander decks would you say are the best that play right out of the box, not altered? Definitely feels like they've gotten better at this over the years.

    I haven't played with them yet, but Cats & Vampires look great in 2017. Last year, I think the consensus is that Breya and Atraxa were the best of the bunch.

    I never really paid attention to the older decks, 2015 and back.

    Which other decks would you say are the best? (And I'm assuming that there has been at least one year where none of the decks were particularly good.) More importantly, they would have to be on equal power level with Cats, Vampires, Breya, and Atraxa. I'm planning on collecting a set and just treat them all like a board game. I have a handful of friends that I used to play MTG with in high school. They still know how to play, but they have no cards these days.

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  • posted a message on Tasigur + Kozilek
    Activate Tasigur, the Golden Fang and Kozilek, Butcher of Truth is one of the milled cards. Will a non land card of opponent's choice still be returned to my hand before the graveyard is shuffled back into the library?
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  • posted a message on Speculation, Wishes, and Hopes for the MMO
    Hundreds of planeswalkers would be kind of goofy. But I agree with the above; being able to visit different planes would be a huge selling point.

    Maybe a network of Planar Bridges? Maybe this was a long time in the making and the timing intentional to sync with the in-game lore.
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  • posted a message on UB non-artifact "regrowth" that doesn't exile?
    Archeomancer will work. Thanks.
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  • posted a message on UB non-artifact "regrowth" that doesn't exile?
    Very specific, but I can't think of a card off the top of my head.

    Is there a blue and/or black, non-artifact spell that will return 1 or more cards from your graveyard to your hand, that doesn't exile?

    I'm looking for the chance to loop Timetwister. Returning a sorcery would also work.
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  • posted a message on Sacred Cat Erin Campbell twitter
    Actual Almond Cat. Shocked
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  • posted a message on Mothership spoilers 4/3 - Hazoret + Mechanics article cards
    I love the theme and am really not feeling the mechanics of the set so far.

    Gods are just indestructible creatures now? That's kind of lame. The Theros gods had many things that defined them as Gods which I think worked mechanically and flavorfully. I was impressed that they were able to come up with a "God"-type without creating a brand new card type and not just making creatures with huge stats and dropping keywords on them.

    Amonkhet Gods? Just indestructible creatures.

    I guess that works too.

    (And personally, I was looking forward to making a Nicol Bolas EDH deck with the 6 color pips in the CMC adding to devotion to all the Amonkhet Gods.)
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  • posted a message on Word of Command + Diabolic Edict
    Oracle text for Word of Command:

    "Look at target opponent's hand and choose a card from it. You control that player until Word of Command finishes resolving. The player plays that card if able. While doing so, the player can activate mana abilities only if they're from lands he or she controls and only if mana they produce is spent to activate other mana abilities of lands he or she controls and/or play that card. If the chosen card is cast as a spell, you control the player while that spell is resolving."

    Do the bolded parts mean that there is an opportunity to activate other spells or abilities like Diabolic Edict and control the sacrifice decision as well?
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  • posted a message on Black Miracles (Amonkhet)
    I might be in the minority, but I've always liked the miracle mechanic. And it always bugged me that black never got any miracles.

    Yes, there are some feel bad and yes, it does force you to play the game mechanically different, but Hayne vs. Finkle in Pro Tour: Avacyn Restored is still one of my favorite Pro Tour matches:

    When the theme was Theros was unveiled, but yet to be spoiled, I thought that was a prime opportunity for miracles to return. Now with Amonkhet (and the return of Gods), I think there's another chance for them to return. Nicol Bolas gives a flavor reason for black miracles and with the masterpiece series, they wouldn't even need to make an additional set of miracles for all colors if they didn't want to. (I think Entreat the Angels, Temporal Mastery, Bonfire of the Damned, and Revenge of the Hunted would look amazing with the masterpiece treatment.)

    Baseless Speculation: New black miracles printed in Amonkhet and masterpiece reprints of Avacyn Restored miracles.
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  • posted a message on Gideon, Martial Paragon & Liliana, Death's Manipulator (not full)
    These are probably the overcosted, "bad" versions of the planes walkers, like Tezzeret, Master of Metal.
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