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  • posted a message on Your top pick ups from the new Guilds of Ravnica set
    Too many too count. Already pre-ordered a complete set and I plan on picking up the masterpiece planeswalkers.

    (Can't wait to update my cube.)

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  • posted a message on (GRN) Guilds of Ravnica General Discussion
    I've skimmed through the 9 pages in this thread... and I'm usually just casually into lore... but I didn't see this discussed:

    Elspeth's return?

    Since Elspeth is included in the masterpiece planeswalker series for Guilds of Ravnica, that means her escape from the Underworld on Theros will be a side story? (She's still stuck in the Underworld, right?)

    I mean, that was the natural launching point for Return to Theros block.

    I guess they're skipping that altogether?
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  • posted a message on [360][Themed] Ravnica Complete
    ***5 YEAR NECRO-BUMP***

    Apologies for the necro bump, but with Guilds of Ravnica about to be released, I just wanted to post some early thoughts before the first set in this 3rd Ravnica Block is released:

    1. Mentor - This is going to be the 5th Ravnica mechanic featuring +1/+1 counters, following Bloodthirst, Graft, Scavenge, and Evolve. Plenty of supporting cards between the previous 2 Ravnica Blocks that support +1/+1 counter strategies, including Doubling Season.
    2. Guildgates - Extremely happy with continued guildgate support in Guilds of Ravnica. My current cube has 4x of every guildgate (and zero shocklands). I see no reason to change this set up when my updated cube is complete. And I will probably add 4x Gateway Plaza as an 11th 4x gate.
    3. Masterpiece Planeswalkers - I'm ready to go all-in on the new mythic/masterpiece planeswalkers that have been announced and will be released in early October. And when I say all-in that on the new walkers, this includes letting the old walkers go. Jace, Architect of Thought, Vraska the Unseen, Domri Rade, Gideon, Champion of Justice, and Ral Zarek are all fine cards, but none of them are essential to the cube, mechanically speaking. I like the idea of having consistent full-art masterpiece walkers and if 8 more walkers are introduced in the next set, I'll be looking to make some cuts anyway. Love the masterpieces for this cube.
    4. Token Clone - I hope they print another card somewhere in the block that has a similar effect to Followed Footsteps, Stolen Identity, and Progenitor Mimic where a creature clone token is created. This effect is very fun with paired with the Populate Selesnya mechanic. Add in Doubling Season for double the fun.

    Speculation: Given that Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas and Daretti, Ingenious Iconoclast are part of the set, I'm speculating that artifacts will be a major theme in the 3rd Guilds of Ravnica set. Possibly a return of colored artifacts.

    Anyway, I'll post updates to this thread as the new sets are released. (And I'll update the images that are no longer loading in the OP.) I'm really happy Wizards of the Coast decided to return to return to Ravnica. I already have a complete set of Guilds of Ravnica pre-ordered and will buy a set of masterpiece walkers day 1. Please click link in my signature if you want to test draft my current Ravnica + Return to Ravnica Cube.

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  • posted a message on Risk Factor (R&D Twitch stream preview)
    Hm... undecided.

    I always want to like these cards, but never do.
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  • posted a message on Citywide Bust (First Strike Podcast preview)
    Isn't this more Azorius than Boros?

    This seems more law enforcement than warfare.
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  • posted a message on The most fun EDH Cards - Version 2

    • Big impact on the state of the game.
    • Breaks up a possible stale board state.
    • Catch-up mechanic for anyone feeling out of the game and was losing interest.
    • Group hug friendly.
    • Chaos friendly.
    • Anti-graveyard side effect to break up combos.
    • The only Power 9 card legal in Commander.
    • Very expensive card.

    I like playing with rare, old, and expensive cards. Timetwister fits all 3 categories.
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  • posted a message on New Aurelia
    Translation, please.

    edit: Combos well with Aurelia, the Warleader.
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  • posted a message on Nullhide Ferox
    Great card.

    First 3 lines of text have interesting interactions.
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  • posted a message on Gateway Plaza
    Very cool.

    Nice they kept it at common.

    (A lot to update in my Ravnica cube.)
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  • posted a message on Hypothesizzle
    Quote from desruprot ยป
    oddly specific on the discard requirement, this is new I think they got it from hearthstone. as an instant to draw 2 can be good, or its net 1 card and burn something.

    Even the name sounds like a Hearthstone card.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] General Discussion of the Official Multiplayer Banlist
    After a quick Google search, I know this comes up every few months/years, but can we un-ban Library of Alexandria?

    In commander, in the right deck, it's at the same relative power level as Mishra's Workshop, Bazaar of Baghdad, or The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale.

    (I like old cards.)
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  • posted a message on Planeswalker Masterpieces
    Hm... more walkers for the cube.

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  • posted a message on Decklists Up
    As a lover of Miracles, I'm failing to see anything that sounds like additional black miracle cards:

    Other (17)
    1 Varina, Lich Queen
    1 Yennett, Cryptic Sovereign
    1 Boreas Charger
    1 Magus of the Balance
    1 Aminatou's Augury
    1 Primordial Mist
    1 Entreat the Dead
    1 Night Incarnate
    1 Skull Storm
    1 Sower of Discord
    1 Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow
    1 Isolated Watchtower
    1 Aethermage's Touch
    1 Loyal Unicorn
    1 Loyal Subordinate
    1 Geode Golem
    1 Forge of Heroes

    Just Entreat the Dead?

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  • posted a message on 2018 Spring Announcement Day Megathread
    Looks like it's finally time to update my Cube! (see sig)

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  • posted a message on The Morph Deck (Tasigur, the Golden Fang)

    I love morph. I've made many morph commander decks over the years, with many different generals like Animar, Brago, and Cromat. And while this Tasigur build isn't the most powerful, it's definitely my favorite. Specifically, I wanted to get away from any combo-style deck. The is the most fair morph deck, with the most morph specific supporting cards, that I've built so far.

    The Deck

    Why Tasigur?

    Tasigur is very close to my ideal morph commander. For me, morph gives you the ability to play mind games with your opponent like no other ability can. Mechanically, there's nothing like it. When playing with Tasigur, the goal is to keep your opponents guessing what the face-down creatures on the battlefield really are. And Tasigur creates many opportunities to play mind games when a creature with morph is returned to your hand from that point, it will always be a question whether or not the next face-down creature is that same creature that was returned.

    And then there's delve -- when combined with Timetwister, is the glue that holds the entire deck together.

    Is Timetwister necessary?

    Yes! It reshuffles every morph creature back into your library, keeping the next face-down creature you play a mystery. In reality, people count cards. And for every face-down creature that is turned face-up is another potential creature with morph that your opponents can scratch off their mental checklist -- until you Timetwister and then it begins again. And the longer the game goes on, the more cards Tasigur is exiling from your deck, and your remaining deck becomes an increasingly concentrated stack of creatures with morph, enablers, and high impact cards.

    There are 6 other support cards which are essential to the Tasigur/Timetwister engine: Demonic Tutor, Regrowth, Fact or Fiction, Rune-scarred Demon, Eternal Witness, and Sphinx of Uthuun. Note: Fact or Fiction fills your graveyard for Tasigur, and also can force your opponent to choose whether or not to put 1 or more creatures with morph into your hand. If they do, the next face-down creature you play may or may not be that same creature. (This is a theme!)

    Morph, Manifest, and Illusionary Mask

    Morph/Megamorph - 10 creatures might seem a little low, but with Tasigur & Timetwister, 10 creatures is plenty for what this deck is trying to accomplish. I think most of my inclusions are straight forward, but Liege of the Pit and Krosan Cloudscraper were the last additions. I think it's important to at least present the threat that any face-down creature may just kill them outright if they aren't blocked. Without that threat, it becomes very easy to your opponents to declare no blockers every time they're attacked. (The only thing Tasigur is missing is access to Akroma, Angel of Fury, Skirk Alarmist, and Mastery of the Unseen.)

    Manifest - Whisperwood Elemental, Wildcall, Ethereal Ambush, and Cloudform turn every card in your deck into a face-down creature. And with Brainstorm, Lim-dul's Vault, and Vampiric Tutor, it makes this mechanic very fun to play.

    Illusionary Mask - Illusionary Mask is a card with oracle text that is very different than what is actually printed on the card and it kind of does a lot of work in this deck. First, it lets you cheat out things like Phyrexian Dreadnought and Tempting Wurm. But it also lets you play creatures with morph at a discounted cost and then lets you turn them face-up for zero mana! Skinthinner and Hooded Hydra are happy to flip after being declared as attackers. But other cards like Willbender, Kheru Spellnatcher, Vesuvan Shapeshifter, and Stratus Dancer can be flipped on command with either Smuggler's Copter or Staff of Nin. (Creatures played face-down with Illusionary Mask automatically flip face-up whenever they are tapped or would receive damage.) Illusionary Mask is also the reason why Eladamri's Call, Mana Drain, and Black Market are in the deck. They all force mana into your mana pool at the beginning of your pre-combat main phase, and you always have the option of dumping all of it into the next creature you play with the mask. You have 15 charge counters on Black Market? You just tapped 1 island and used all 15 black mana to play a face-down creature with the mask? I wonder what could it be?

    Why Tempting Wurm?

    There is nothing I hate worse in commander than a static game state. Tempting Wurm forces the issue. Thematically, cards like Tempting Wurm, Gilded Drake, Living Death, Blatant Thievery, and Cylonic Rift, and Timetwister are constantly "morphing" the current game state. Have you ever cast Living Death with Tempting Wurm and Gilded Drake in your graveyard? With Ixidron in the graveyard? Have you ever cast Timetwister into Tempting Wurm just to see what would happen?

    The truth is that the moment Timetwister became a central card in the deck (and I washing punishing people with Nekusar or anything like that), this deck automatically became a little group-huggy in some ways.

    Anyway, this is my latest morph deck. I'll add more onto this thread later with card specific interactions. Very fun to play if you like playing with morph and have no interest in combo. Mana base is kind of basic right now. A lot of room for improvement. I'll also add a section for cards that didn't make the cut.

    Open to criticism/comments/suggestions.
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