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  • posted a message on [[THS]] Fleecemane Lion (MTG-JP)
    Quote from Honor Basquiat
    Am I missing something or are people over hyping this guy. He's a slightly better Watchwolf, but honestly, is it worth sinking in 5 mana to give Watchwolf a +1/+1 counter? Yeah, he gets hexproof and doesn't die, but it's probably going to be later in the game anyway. Think of all the other things I can do with 5 mana, I could play much better beaters, I can keep the mana open for spells to use against my opponents, etc. This could have been an uncommon.

    well for one we can make a creature monstrous at instant speed so why not keep ur mana open and if they do have targeted removal make him monstrous in resp. two hes a 4.4. on turn 5 which isnt bad at all especially if hes swinging in early in the game at all. and finally turn 5 isnt that late in a game hence how thragtusk saw play out the wazoo and then thats not even counting that this creature loses a power from thragtusk that goes to his toughness so now he can not only survive a rakdos keyrune or a lightning strile/searing spear and since thats really all that need be done, because hes indestructable and hexproof he beats smiter in the mirror match but yes there are ways to get around him but post rotation there arent nearly as many and thats not taking into account all the other amazing cards in GW decks which include advent, call, voice, ooze, smiter... need i continue. but anyways wg decks are going to be exceptionally potent and thats not including whats going to happen when people dip into third colors including naya which is going to be pretty ridiculous on the powerscale next to jund fantastic that aristocrats is gone now though
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  • posted a message on [[M14]] DailyMTG Previews 7/4: Imposing Sovereign; Lifebane Zombie; Dismiss into Dream
    Dismiss into dream - Decent finisher
    white dude - blind obedience with a body, not quite as good imo
    new zombie - wizards answer to loxodon smiter, but it's still a 3/1 fear for 3 plus essentially discard, I can believe it'll see play. anything else. not bad.
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  • posted a message on Miraculous Recovery Signatures - All Guilds welcome.
    okay, i'm not so much looking for a signature, as much as i'm looking for a banner for a primer I plan on doing, if anybodies up for it. (i'm aware i'm not in the right place but i'm not sure where else to go.) Just pm me if your interested or willing. of coarse you'll be given credit in the primer.
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  • posted a message on [[M14]] Garruk, Caller of Beasts
    Quote from sonofstev
    That alt-art.

    Now trying to call in favors to have someone pick me up a set of those at the SDCC Hasbro booth. They will be HOT.

    Also, the new Garruk seems pretty awesome. Sure, expensive. Can't protect himself with his plus ability. But that minus ability, holy crap. And that ultimate is very nice too.

    Not sure about the plus ability as you will generally end up with a handful of creatures that you can't cast that turn. Possibly good at eight mana with bloodrush?

    Typical play is going to be to go to 1, play huge green creature to protect him, then start ticking up the turn after and filling your hand with creatures.

    He shouldn't have to protect himself, it's turn 6... -_- and secondly it's green green ALWAYS, has some sort of mana ramp and there's plenty of that in standard as is. Lastly this guy is awesome +1 to fetch something, which green doesn't have that often I.E. survival of the fittest best example, and his second ability is just fantastic, I doubt this guy won't see play, in mono green stompy, he's a beast. And plus R&D team has to playtest the cards if they weren't playable they wouldn't have that be their final draft, so there it is if you don't like it get over it, it's green, green is an aggressive color, and if you're a control player oh well? hopefully Chandra will actually make red playable Smile
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  • posted a message on [Promo] [FNM] September - Experiment One
    Quote from RichardHaro
    That doesn't look very human to me

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  • posted a message on [[FTV]] From the Vault: Twenty
    What mom is going to look like.
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  • posted a message on [[M14]] Duress, Darksteel Forge, Millstone
    Quote from Wrathberry
    darksteel forge in m14? oO

    sorry but even if you are a mod, i cant believe that.

    why the hell would they reprint darksteel forge without any artifacts, you could use with it.

    also wasnt duress ruled out by the number crunch?

    the only card i could see in m14 is the millstone.

    First off, there are plenty of artifacts to use with the forge secondly theres only 162 cards out of 249 which makes your entire first argument invalid, secondly duress has been reprinted in basically every core set since M10 so hows it that hard to believe
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  • posted a message on [Deck/Primer] NeoFinnity... An Affinity Control Build
    Quote from Tom Mee
    i like the idea... first why 4x mox opal?? legendary and no way to sac them...

    other than the possibility of board wipers of artifact hating folk.. why not glimmervoid > city of brass??? save some life...

    zero spot removal??

    and with 16 land and 7 mana artifacts... and a hard cc average of somewhere around 2.4-3.2 thats pretty out there...

    and idk not fast not slow... needs more cowbell i think...

    actually, that is now a good thing with the new legend rule update, now he can mox opal tap to add a mana play the other sac the tapped one and keep ramping. soo yeah, thanks wizards -_- not to mention dealing with geist of St. Traft is going to be a pain too, again thanks wizards.
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  • posted a message on Koth of the Hammer in Legacy?
    I disagree, yes too many bloodmoon effects but the deck might be a thing if constructed corectly, but no he cant go off on turn 2 being you can't use his +1 turn one if you plan on ancient tombing turn one due to not having mountains to animate but i like the idea, secondly i think it would be a nice mix up for Legacy i'd drop kargan to use something a little more efficient for the deck like grim lavamancer for example. but yes proliferate just won't cut it in legacy, ie lightning bolt, shock, etc. but anyway it is a cool idea
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  • posted a message on [[MM]] GP Las Vegas 2013 Playmat
    Quote from Crepes
    That's a very nice looking sword of war and peace with the white part painted blue

    .... except that's Sword of Fire and Ice?
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  • posted a message on YMTC 22: Arbiter of Moments
    Quote from bluTopper
    I am absolutely in love with the complexity of this card. Awesome YMTC.

    Honestly I think it's quite the contrary, I think it's quite simplistic. another Lodestone Golem slows you're opponents spells all down by a turn and still has a usable body.
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  • posted a message on [Official] Cockatrice Thread
    Having trouble, i'm using the woogerworks server, i'm attempting to update oracle but i'm having difficulties being they don't just tell you the download set info link or anything like that so with that said it'd be extremely helpful for someone to post a how to or inform me on how to do that. thanks
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  • posted a message on Modern and Vintage Banned List update
    again i make my statement , eggs isn't dead as long as faiths reward is still around. it will just be a lot harder to pull off due to faiths reward costing 1 more.
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  • posted a message on Modern and Vintage Banned List update
    and don't let me discourage you from playing legacy either i myself have a couple decks i love to play with im just saying that the staples in decks you see are basically in every version of that deck, as for modern. i wish they'd stop going crazy with the ban hammer people need to use their sideboard more wisely and accomodate it when you know your going to face a tough deck
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  • posted a message on Modern and Vintage Banned List update
    Quote from Roidh
    Lands has blue in it and plays neither of those cards. Oh, and its a control deck that plays none of the cards you mentioned.

    yes thats because its using academy ruins soo it can return artifacts etc. but its also just because it can because prismatic omen etc. and it doesnt need counterspells because you cant counter lands and mind you it has blue in it doesnt mean its blue furthermore lands are colorless >_>
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