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  • posted a message on The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Ikoria
    Hey guys, just want to preface by stating that I do not profit in any way, shape or form off of this, I write for a site called The Grand Geek Gathering and just put up my first MtG related article putting my thoughts together on the newest set. From what I liked to what I didn't like and what is going to look really bad looking back on it in the future. Check it out:

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  • posted a message on Banned and restricted announcement (offical announcement)
    Quote from Patch8700 »
    Either starting with one less card or skipping your first draw step seem like reasonable fixes for companion. Maybe even skipping your next draw step after casting your companion. Anything to take away the "8th card advantage".

    I don't think that's enough of a drawback at all. The main issue with Companion is just how powerful having guaranteed access to a specific card actually is.

    This is something the mechanic already went through when it was originally tested 20 years ago when Maro first found out that this ***** is busted and not good for the game, as he detailed in an article he posted five years ago. Then he said "fug it" and did it anyways for Ikoria. And look what happened...
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  • posted a message on New Reliquary Tower and Hangarback Walker promos announced!
    Quote from Xcric »
    i appreciate that they're doing something to help out the lgs right now, however i feel this is another one of those things in the long list of things that sound good but aren't actually that great.

    lets break it down for a minute. you buy a qualifying product and you get a reliquary tower promo, that in itself is cool. how many are stores actually getting though? if its a limited quantity, people will rush out to buy product but not for very long. if its a print to abundance promo then its worthless and theres no incentive to go buy.

    then there's that new godzilla that comes with a box. that's cool. its not the highest value thing in the world and isn't useable in standard but its still a good card and a godzilla... except that hype has already begun to dwindle. on top of that, that's more boxes cracked, so everything else in the set will continue to dwindle in value

    but lets also not forget that big box stores are still open and selling. so now the lgs has to go out of its way to let people know they're open while trying to push sealed product, while also not necessarily having events or allowing people inside, if that lgs is even open... while a big box store keeps selling.

    they also announced this after many people ran out to the big box stores, and ordered on amazon, because the local store was closed. meaning people already got their packs and boxes and whatever, so is there a demand to run out and buy more? not as much as their could have been, plus its established that stores generally don't make a killing on boxes.

    after all of that, to me it seems like a half measure that looks good but actually does very little to support the local store. i think it'll also help contribute to the continued decline of value in packs too, and a certain point people stop buying because the contents are worthless.

    its something, and i appreciate seeing the effort... but i still feel they could do so much more. when the lgs dies the game dies.

    but cool, neat promos

    Edit: ive also been told by multiple store owners they only found out about this promo through social media, and not through official communication. So uh... good job asshats.

    Edit2: i've also been told by various sources they won't even be available until june. so we've gotten pretty much a full month of sales through big box stores, pre-orders are done, demand dwindles, players don't wait. so will these promos actually be a driver of sales at all at that point? we'll see, but the effect seems negligible.

    You apparently missed the fact that these are for any box and not just boxes of Ikoria.

    As for the Hangarback vs Walking Ballista thing, eh...given that I actually run Hangarback in my main deck and Ballista in..nothing, I am much happier with the decision for it to be Walker.
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  • posted a message on New Reliquary Tower and Hangarback Walker promos announced!
    Any word on when stores will be getting these?

    Not sure. Asked my buddy that owns a shop about them (I REALLY want that Hangarback for Breya) and he said he would see about talking to WotC about it today.
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  • posted a message on New Reliquary Tower and Hangarback Walker promos announced!
    The towers will be available for making any Magic purchase at your LGS while the nifty new Mechagodzilla styled Hangarback Walkers will be giving out for buying a booster box of any set.

    Saw this on the MtG Facebook page:

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  • posted a message on Ban and Restricted announcement on 18th May 2020
    Quote from Mimeofacture »
    Things don't get to be banned in Vintage unless they totally whack-out the game. The "at least three feet" cards involve physical dexterity, Shaharazaad involves playing an entire game-within-a-game just to determine half of someone's life total, and the ante cards turn it into irl gambling. The only card that one could imagine being banned in Vintage, but isn't, is Goblin Game. (Not saying it should be—it essentially says "secretly pick a number"—I'm just giving an example of what I mean by "whacked-out.")

    No amount of overpoweredness, unweildliness, or liability to break the meta in half, has ever gotten a card banned in Vintage. That only happens if a card turns a game of Magic itself into more than just a game of cards.

    Lurrus is certainly OP, but so is the Power 9, and the deckbuilding peculiarities that Companions bring to the table have certainly never stopped things like Wishes from being Vintage-legal, either. Every card that would be banned anywhere else, is simply restricted in Vintage. That's kind of the whole point of the format.

    They specifically released a statement basically saying that if they needed to ban something in Vintage, they could.

    They then went on to announce that there would be an update to the banned/restricted list for Vintage, Legacy and Brawl (the statements may have been the other way around in order, but result is the same). They wouldn't have done that if a ban was not on the table.
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  • posted a message on Ban and Restricted announcement on 18th May 2020
    Quote from NGW »
    The important takeaway from this:
    Cards that are banned in Vintage are not legal in Commander.

    I don't understand - where did you get that takeaway?

    "All cards banned in Vintage are banned in Commander" is not part of the rules or ban list. All cards currently banned in Vintage are also banned in Commander, as far as I know, but (other than the ante cards) they are all banned on an individual basis. https://magic.wizards.com/en/content/commander-format

    I haven't seen anything from the Rules Committee suggesting that they would auto-ban anything that got banned in Vintage, either.

    It wouldn't be banned in Commander, it simply would not be legal. Commander uses the Vintage card pool, if a card is banned in Vintage it would simply not be legal in commander.
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  • posted a message on Breya's Toybox
    Post-Ikoria update.

    Have swapped Emry out for Lurrus (for long as she remains legal). Trying out the triomes I can run, don't run other ETB tapped lands (besides Bog) and the cycling and fetchability won me over. Also cut Ingot (which is fine, especially with Tezz able to make it a creature) to try out the new Narset. The plus is sorta mana rocky, and the life gain isn't bad to have. The ability to draw and then the discard being a may (and removal) won me over. That ultimate is entirely decent as well.
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  • posted a message on Godzilla, King of the Monsters
    Updated post Ikoria release. Have made a few adjustments and refinements and am overall happy with how the deck has been testing. Have the cards I didn't already have or pulled from Ikoria on the way now.
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  • posted a message on Japanese Exclusives not Included in EN and FR Collector Boosters
    The fact that they come in normal Japanese boosters but not English (or other) is already bull, I cannot begin to tell you how much that pisses me off as a lifelong Godzilla fan.
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  • posted a message on Cards were out of order in the packs in my box of Ikoria?
    Ah ok, that explains it then. It really threw me off. Also made my box a little annoying to open since I had to set the top few cards aside (and if there was a foil I saw the rare first anyways).
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  • posted a message on Cards were out of order in the packs in my box of Ikoria?
    So I cracked open my box on Wednesday, had a pretty good box for once too (I have historically had abysmal luck with boxes), so this is certainly not a complaint about that.

    But I did notice something odd as I was opening it.

    First, I didn't hit any of my mythics until basically the end of the box. I pulled a foil Narset about halfway through, but nothing in the actual rare/mythic slot until the last like..6 packs maybe? I mean, it happens sure and I still pulled an average number of mythics so eh just used to seeing a few earlier on I guess.

    The thing I noticed that was really odd was the way my cards were actually set within the packs. They were all, basically, in the wrong order. It went token, land, foil (if there was one), rare and then uncommons and commons. I was kind of annoyed as I was opening them because I like the rare being last because, obviously. I haven't bought a ton of sealed recently (wasn't big into a lot of the sets) so I thought maybe it was just a new thing I missed out on, but watching online box openings and the packs in those are all normal.

    So what's the deal?

    Like I said, it was a good box, opened a lot of stuff I wanted, some good value, I couldn't be more pleased really (well, maybe a tiny but but that's being greedy). Has anyone else noticed this, is it just me, does it mean anything?
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  • posted a message on Ban and Restricted announcement on 18th May 2020
    Quote from Marl Karx »
    I wonder if they ever considered making the Companions start in the Command Zone. Then, if they got to be a problem in a given format you could just say that the Command Zone couldn't be utilized in that format.

    Problem with that is that emblems exist in the command zone, would have to be an entirely new zone.
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  • posted a message on Gonna be interesting watching the upcoming ban list update next week (reminder: vintage bans = illegal in EDH)
    Quote from Macabre »
    It would be so much easier to just remove the companion mechanic from edh. Unban the otter and permit the legendary creatures to be used as commanders or in the 99 only. Clean and simple.

    Agreed. It was a bad move to try and force it to work in the format. They had to alter the rules and ban a card that a lot of people would have loved as a commander or as part of their 99 all to appease WotC and showcase their (terrible) new mechanic?

    I slipped Lurrus into Breya so hopefully they find a way to make things work. I mean, I can always put Emry back if I have to, but I rather not.
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  • posted a message on Gonna be interesting watching the upcoming ban list update next week (reminder: vintage bans = illegal in EDH)
    Quote from Kryptnyt »
    It's hard to wrap my head around a card printed for standard getting banned in Vintage, rather than restricted, but here we are. It doesn't mean anything really in commander because it's not an ante or dexterity card, I think.

    It does though. The EDH card pool is "vintage legal" with an added banlist. That's why cards like the ante cards, conspiracies, etc. are not actually banned in EDH, they're simply not legal because they are not vintage legal.
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